Hello Mary Lou

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Young Teen has a crush on friend’s mom and ends up with friend’s little sister.

(Under age sex between teen boy and younger girl.)

It was pretty fucking incredible. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? It was like I had Mary Menson’s pussy tightly wrapping around my stiff cock. Actually, I was at my buddy’s house, taking a piss in their downstairs bath, the one built as part of the laundry room. Mary, to me, was the hot mom years before the idea of “Hot Mom” or “MILF” hit the internet.

I had spent the last thirty minutes staring at Mary’s nice round ass right there in their kitchen. And, at the camel toe her plump little pussy made in her light green short shorts that was visible when she faced us. How did this not seem strange to her husband or her four kids? I mean it was right there! HELLO PUSSY SLIT!

Well, it was killing me. I walked kind of bent over and sideways to the bathroom door and closed it silently behind me. I had to wait for my hardon to go down enough so I could piss. Then as I finished I saw them. Mary’s underwear in the clothes hamper, crotch up, beside the washing machine. Leaving my dick out I went over to take a look.

It was like getting a look at heaven. I poked at the light colored crust with the damp spot in the center. Jesus! Stuff from Mary stuck to her panties. I picked them up and inhaled a deep breath. My heart raced a hundred miles an hour. She either ran around wet and aroused or the old man had recently fucked her. Comparing it to what I knew of my own cum it looked like Mary ran around hot and wet on her own.

I gently picked the panties up and rubbed them on my again hard fifteen year old cock. Shit! That felt good. I smeared the dampness around on my shaft. That quickly turned into my hand wrapped around my cock and my friend’s Mom’s panties. I was jacking off like a son of a bitch. Probably didn’t last a minutes until I sprayed my cum across the lavatory and onto the lower part of the mirror.

My experience at jacking off had been going on for years. Usually with Mary Menson as the object of my desires I’d unload my balls into whatever ever was handy to contain the mess. But, this! This was real. Or, as real as I could imagine. I cleaned myself up to go back into the kitchen. I looked at Mary’s panties with thoughts of somehow getting them out of the house. The fear of getting caught caused me to carefully place them back in the clothes hamper like I had found them. I sat down in the kitchen thinking everyone knew what I had done.

“Can you stay for supper with us?” Mary offered.

“No, thanks, I have chores to when I get home.”

I had gotten off the bus at Ron’s house on the pretext of helping him with his chores before we played a little catch with the baseball in his yard. Instead, the chores went fast and we never got out of the kitchen to play outdoors. Given the choice I’d rather sneak a glance at Mary Menson than play catch any day.

Ron and I didn’t know each other until the bus route changed. He was a year younger than me. He went unnoticed by me until the route change. Ron had a lot of cash to spend from his allowance his dad gave him. I didn’t notice this until we were in town getting candy. Ron whipped out his money and paid for mine, too. I usually didn’t have any cash unless I skipped my lunch at school. So, I either wouldn’t be able to get candy unless I missed a meal or just sneaked around and stole it when the old couple that owned the grocery store in town weren’t watching.

Either way the contrast in our lives was remarkable. My father worked construction and we had a very small farm. My old man had no idea what an allowance was, except some rich city kids got one for doing nothing.

Ron’s dad was a farmer. A well-to-do farmer that inherited the family farm. They had all kinds of cool shit. Even a gas furnace for winter heat while my old man had me chopping wood for the cast iron stove.

So, I’d go to Ron’s a lot and help get his chores done so we could play with his shit. They had go carts, a dirt bike, basketball goal and his dad even built them a backstop for baseball. All I had to play with was an old dog that would run first thing to piss on my pillow if my sister let him in the house.

And, they had Mary Menson. I went on about her ass and crotch, but there was sure nothing wrong with her tits. Further sneaking around in the hamper revealed 34 C-Cup bras that must have spilled over considerably considering the milkers on Mary.. She was pretty much a strict little bitch with her kids. Always made sure things were done and everything in its place.

If I was at their place a lot, it even got worse after the panty crotch adventure. Normally, being guys we’d piss in the yard against a bush or head for the back of the barn. But, after that I’d hold it until we were inside. The next day I was in their bathroom. I could take a leak later. I looked into the laundry hamper. There were those green short shorts she had been wearing forever. I looked them over. In fact they looked about ready for the rag bag. Panties were twisted in the legs like she took them both off at once.

The panty crotch was just like the day before. Crusty center where he pussy would be and a spot still slightly damp inside of that. I held them up and took a deep breath through my nose. Holy fuck! It was like I had my nose against Mary’s hot pussy. I got them away from the short shorts and wrapped the gooey part around my dick and began to stroke.

That was my routine for weeks after that. Most weeks three or four times, and when not at Mary’s I’d be home jacking off thinking about her. Matter of fact, Mary was the first woman I ever jacked off to in my life. Most young guys would pick a girl from school or a teacher. Or, maybe their own mom or sister. Not for me. My mom was a large woman and my sister made the dog look handsome.

I would have been eleven or twelve when I learned was masturbating was about. Guys joked about it, but I was stroking my cock thinking about Mary Menson when I felt kid of funny. Then this sticky stuff ran out the end of my pecker. God, why didn’t someone tell me about this?

So, I had been shooting cum while thinking about Mary for about four years when this bathroom idea came up. Actually, the dad had just recently added the second bath and laundry that summer. That making life easier for Mary and heaven for me. After the first week or so I’d put my tongue on the panty crotch to taste how a woman would taste before beating off with them wrapped around my shaft. Mary Menson tasted great!

Mary had her kids one after another. Ron was fourteen. He had two brothers thirteen and twelve, and a sister Lou that was eleven at the time I was having my love affair with their Mom’s underwear.

Ron’s brothers seemed to have a world of their own and Lou was just Lou, the girl the dad wanted so badly. Sometimes Lou would try to hang around with us until we would say something mean to her to get her to go away. There wasn’t much to Lou, a skinny kid with a penchant for wearing her hair in pigtails. Not that she was ugly. Matter a fact she looked a lot like her mother. You know how I felt about her mother.

Then one day I was into my routine in the bathroom after helping the boys tease Lou about getting a training bra. I looked at her. I couldn’t tell much about the bra and didn’t see anything to put in one. I considered it a rite of passage. Afterwards Lou sat watching TV with us. She kept looking at me funny, then started unbraiding her hair. She combed it out and put it into a ponytail.

“What do you think?” I realized Lou was looking straight at me.

“Uh … okay I guess. What’s with losing the pigtails?” I was caught off guard.

“Well, if I have to wear this training bra I need to look more mature.”

Everyone laughed at what she said. Except me. I didn’t see a problem or anything funny about either situation.

Later she kind of cut me from the herd, so to speak. Ron got up to do something else. When I looked around it was just me and Lou on the sofa.

“I saw what you did in the bathroom.” She smirked and gave me a look.

“What?” Thinking my life as I knew it was over.

“I saw you in the bathroom with Mom’s panties. The door doesn’t always close all the way.”

Suddenly she was up in my face locking her eyes into mine. My glance went to her hair. She waited a moment. Then with a smile she kissed me on the lips.

“If a girl kisses you aren’t you supposed to kiss her back? She teased.

When she leaned in to kiss me again I kissed her back as best I knew how. Hell, I didn’t know anything about kissing a girl.

“That’s better. Almost like you might like me.”

“Like you? Yes, I like you, but shit Lou, you are only eleven years old!”

“I’m twelve now.” She asserted. “You were at my birthday party.”

Things were silent for a few moments. We could hear Ron starting back to the room.

“I’m not going to tell Mom.”


“I’m not going to tell Mom about you and her panties and what you did. But, you owe me.”

She tossed herself back on the couch as Ron came back in the room oblivious to anything that happened..

He handed me a can of coke and open his as he sat down.

“Hey, I might have wanted a coke, too.” Lou protested.

“Here, you can have mine.” I offered. “Don’t say I owe you anything.”

Lou stuck her tongue out at me. For a twelve year old it was kind of sexy.

The whole deal fucked my up for the bathroom thing. I couldn’t just stop using the bathroom at their house, but I didn’t dare let Lou catch me again. Almost like a drunk tempted into falling off the wagon I’d look towards the hamper. Finally there was a pair of Mary’s panties right on top with the crotch exposed with a nice glob showing. I decided against it. It would be a lot safer to jack off when I got home.

Turning towards the sink to wash my hands I noticed the door had come open a crack. Thinking the worst I nudged it open to find Lou there with an accusing look on her face.

“What? I didn’t do a God Damned thing!”

“Yes, I know. Good for you.”

Then she pushed me back in and closed the door. Turns out that everyone else was out in the yard. We could see them out the bathroom window.

“Did you like kissing me?” She asked.

“Yes, I did. It was nice.”

“Why haven’t you tried since?”

“Didn’t have a chance.”

That was mostly to cover the fact I hadn’t gotten over her being my best friend’s sister and the fact she was eleven, make that twelve years old.

“Well, we have the chance now.”

She had been looking hotter to me in a dangerous sort of way. The ponytail made a lot of difference. She pressed her little chest against me and stretched on her tiptoes for a kiss. With me at almost six foot I hadn’t noticed that she had to be a couple of inches below five feet tall. Lou needed a serious growth spurt, but as I bent down our lips met.

I started kissing her and really didn’t want to quit. She really made it nice. After a minute or so Lou swirled her tongue against mine. I caught on and returned the favor. So we kissed maybe two minutes, maybe ten. I don’t know.

“Wow! It was different sitting down before.” I was gasping for breath.

“We always aren’t going to be sitting down. You better get used to it.”

“Oh, there is going to be more?” I teased.

“Oh, there will be more. You can’t run fast enough to get away from me.”

“I bet I could.”

“We better get out of here before someone comes looking for one of us.”

“Hey, where did you learn to kiss like that?”

“I read about it in a book. Some books, actually. Fuck books. They were in a box in the attic. Up on a shelf. The box said Mary’s Fuck Books on the top flap. And, don’t look at me like that. I might just be twelve, but I know what fuck means.”

“Damn. What’s in the books that teaches you how to kiss like that?”

“Not so much kissing. They are about women who fuck a lot of people. You know, like slut wives, women fucking around on their husbands. Women that can’t get fucked enough in their marriage. I think that’s why Mom always has soggy panties. Not the fucking a lot, but thinking about it.”

“Jesus Christ! Does you dad know?”

“It was his handwriting on the lid of the box. I’ve got a couple of books hidden in my bedroom now. You want to read them before I put them back?”

Lou really caught me off guard. The last ten minutes with her really opened my eyes about little sisters.

“I just can’t walk out past everybody with you dirty books in my hand.”

“I didn’t say dirty books. I said fuck books. Remember? Twelve years old. Knows what fuck means. I’ll drop them down in the weeds past the mailbox if you want them.”

Then she gave me another kiss with some tongue and walked away. That’s when I noticed she was getting a cute, round little ass on her. She must have known I was watching as she put a little wiggle in it and turned around and stuck that tongue out again. I don’t know when she put them there, but when I left the books were in the weeds with a note.

“Enjoy! I Love You!”

Hopefully the “I Love You” part was just teasing, although I was beginning to like the little shit with the kissing and the sex talk. Having her say “Fuck” blew my mind.

The books were fuck books alright. One was about a high school girl that couldn’t get fucked enough by the boys in school and the school principal. The other was about a hot wife and how her husband took her out to bar scenes where his wife got fucked by various guys. I must have jacked off twenty times in the three days it took me to read them. No wonder the little cunt knew so much more about sex that I had ever thought about knowing.

Visits to the Menson’s got a little more self-conscious. Lou kept giving me this impish grin and trying to get into poses that accented her tight little ass. Then when watching TV if Ron went to use the toilet. Lou jumped up from her seat and straddled my thighs with her little pussy right against my cock. She put both arms behind my neck and gave me one hell of a hot kiss for a kid.

My pecker came up so hard they was know way she could miss it. While we intertwined our tongues for about a minute she had to know how hard I was as she hunched her young cunt right at it. Lou looked flushed as we looked at each other eye to eye,

“Wow! That was hot.” Lou whispered. “Look, dummy. You’ve got to start coming to see me instead of my stupid brother. Can you sneak out at night without your parents knowing?”

So, here I am almost sixteen with a twelve year old asking me if I could sneak out at night.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“You know my brothers sleep upstairs. My parents are in the back downstairs. My bedroom is in the front. They changed it from an old den when they had to make room for a girl. With the bushes at the windows no one can see you. Just tap on the glass and I’ll raise the window.”

After waiting for my parents to go to bed I slipped off into the night. The Mensons lived a mile and a quarter away down our country road, then around the corner. I peddled my bike hard to get there as quickly as possible all the while wondering if Lou was just bullshitting me. I was afraid I’d appear at her window and she would laugh at me.

I shoved my bike into the weeds in the field across from their home and serpentined from bush to tree to bush to get to the corner of the house with Lou’s bedroom. The light was off. I figured she was just fucking with my mind. On my knees behind the bushes I got up enough nerve to peck on the glass. A voice came from behind me.

“You did show up. You do like me, don’t you?” She giggled.

“You scared the shit out of me. I thought you were going to be your old man.”

Lou had been in the bushes waiting to see if I’d show up. She kissed me with her arms around my neck again. I figured I put my hands on her waist and try to sneak a feel of her ass. There was enough light from the security light at the barn that I could see she was wearing some kind of a little nightgown that fell just below her butt. Before I got that far she pushed back from me.

“Do you think I kiss like my old man?”

“Certainly not! But don’t make me find out.”

We both laughed quietly. She reached out to me with something in her hand.

“Here, I want you to have these before I chicken out.”

She put a pair of panties in my hand. They were too small to be Mary’s, but I had no idea twelve year olds wore bikini underwear,

“They’re mine, you doofus. You don’t think I’d had you a pair of Mom’s panties, do you? I know you like them sticky so I put a little something in them for you.”

I raised them up into the light enough to see the crotch glisten. I looked back at Lou with an amazed look on my face.

“What is it?”

“It’s me silly. I made them gooey for you. When I rub my little button it makes me wet, then I cum, and well there you go. I made myself cum twice before waiting out here to see if you would show up.”

“The little button?”

“You know the little button. My clit … right at the top of my pussy. I rub my nipples with my other hand. I feel really hot and tingly and then I cum.”

I held the fabric in my had, still staring.

“You’ve tasted the stuff on my mom’s underwear, haven’t you?”

I just nodded.

“Are you going to taste mine?” She urged. “Go ahead. I bet you like it.”

It was like I was trapped in a dream. I was in the Menson’s yard, in the dark, with a twelve year old trying to get me to taste her pussy juices from where she had cum in her panties. I tapped my finger in the goo and touched it to my tongue.

“Like it?”

Again I just nodded. It was good. The whole idea had given me a tremendous boner.

“Go ahead. Lick it off. Eat my cum off my panties.”

“Wait! Are you out here without any panties?” My head was swimming.

“No, see … ” She lifted her gown to show me a pair of pink panties. “Now lick it off and I’ll give you the ones I am wearing to take home with you.”

It wouldn’t end well if I didn’t do as she said. I wanted to anyway. I sucked the whole wet spot into my mouth. Her juices came off in my mouth. I rolled it around and swallowed.

“Now kiss me.” She ordered.

Her tongue went immediately into my mouth. The kiss was hotter that ever before. She melted into me. My cock was hard against her stomach. I got my hands on her ass, the inside her panties and onto her bare ass. She didn’t stop me.

We never broke the kiss. Lou was grinding her tummy against my rigid tool. I moved my hands up her back to pull her tighter to me. Hitting bare skin I realized the training bra was gone. She seemed to know what I was thinking.

“I have to wear it during the day so my nipples don’t poke my blouse. There is no way I am sleeping in it. Besides I’m starting to grow a bit. Mom says she needs to take me to town to get a regular padded bra. Double A is supposed to be good, except in a bra size it’s kind of humiliting.”

“You do look like you are starting to blossom.”

“Don’t say blossom. If you want damp panties you better keep kissing.”

She caught me off balance and knocked me on my back in the grass leaving us in a little more light. She rolled right with me ending up straddling my waist as we resumed kissing. Once again my cock was pushing right against her slit. She ground against me, picking up the pace and circling her slit around over my dick. Then she stopped and went over to her window.

“It’s starting to get late.”

She opened the window and crawled inside giving me a great view of her panty clad ass. I thought she was turning to close the window. Instead she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

“Don’t make a sound. Just stand and watch.”

She laid on her back on her bed. One hand went down the front of her panties and started moving around in a circular rubbing motion.

“This is the little button I told you about that makes me cum. Mmph. God, it’s so different with you watching me.”

She started to rub a little faster and seemed to be pushing down harder. Then her other hand went up under her gown to rub around on her chest. I knew I had a raging hardon, but all I could do was watch what Lou was doing to herself on the bed. Lou was wiggling around, her face flushed red. She was breathing like she couldn’t get enough air. She brought her knees up and flopped her legs wide open as she lifted her ass off the bed.

Lou had been staring at the ceiling during the whole time. Now her eyes turned towards me. They were looking, but did not seem to be focused on me as they would roll around and look back up in her head. The little twelve year old’s ass began to shake in the air as her tummy looked all convulsed and twisted. A little noise came out of her throat almost like a creak and gurgle. I was about to run get her mom as I was afraid it was some kind of seizure when she fell back flat on the bed. The look on her face turned to a beaming smile. Her hand was slowly circle on her mound. The hand on her tits came down to her flat stomach.

“You must be good for me. I must have done that a hundred times, but it’s never been like that. If you like soaked panties you’re going to love these when I hand them to you.”

With that she planted her feet, raised her ass off the bed, and took the panties off. She took them off one leg at a time affording me an open view of her little cunt. The lips were flat along the slit. Something I would later learn was an “innie pussy” and totally devoid of any hair whatsoever. I could see her wetness in her slit. She took a few seconds for her to put the other leg down giving me a great view of her budding womanhood.

“I can tell by the look on your face that was the first time you saw a real pussy. Did you like what you saw?”

“Sure did. Ummm, thanks.” I whispered.

She got up from the bed and stood in front of me.

“It seems only fair. I’ve seen yours a few times if you remember.”

She handed me the panties she had just taken off.

“Here. That’s for you. Now will you leave my mom’s panties alone.”

Lou put her arms around my neck again, pulling me down for a kiss. I was all flustered knowing that I was kissing a girl that wasn’t wearing a thing but a gown over her nakedness. As she stood on her toes I put my hands on her waist. Moving them down and around I found that her gown no longer covered her ass. I ran my hands over smooth roundness of it.

She broke the kiss and shooed me out the window into the bushes.

“You better go before we both do something we would be glad we did.” She giggled at what she said and closed the window.

I walked away with a hardon needing to find my bike in the weeds while carry my sticky little prize. I didn’t get more than a hundred yards down the road before I was smelling Lou’s juices and jacking off for all I was worth. I didn’t last long and it was a hell of mess. Then when I got home I was at it again before I sneaked back to my room.

I always got on the bus before the Menson’s. Next morning Lou was a little late getting out of the house. Her brothers were already seated before she came off the porch. I watched her hurry across the lawn to the road. I found myself getting hard just at the sight of her and the thought of what she did the night before with me watching.

As she walked by me on the bus she gave me a wink. The driver waited for her to be seated. Suddenly she was back poking Ron to move over.

“All the seats are triple up, Ron. Move over. I’m sitting with you guys.”

“I’m not sitting by you.” Ron sneered.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake. Take my seat by the window. I’m not afraid of your little sister.”

“Maybe you should be.” She grinned and punched me on my arm.

With a shuffle Ron stepped into the aisle to let me out, then took my window seat, made a grumbling sound, and stared out the window. When I sat down Lou plastered herself up next to me on the pretense the seat was narrow for the three of us.

All I could think about was that bald little pussy nestled in her panties. God … if she was even wearing panties! Then I became aware of her chest and got a desire to see the boobs on the little twelve year old. I could smell the soap from her bath and the shampoo on her hair. I remembered how the crotch of her panties tasted. Damn, I could be killed by her parents and probably mine if they had any idea what we had done. I wanted to do it again. To taste her sweet kiss and the flavor of the nectar from between he legs.

The bus bounced a little causing Lou to brush up again me tighter. I looked down and she was smiling up at me with those blue eyes sparking. She said something softly. I bent over to hear what she said.

“Are you going to come see me tonight? I’ll miss you if you don’t.”

“It might rain.”

“So, will you be there?”

“Yes, damn the rain.”

She bent over to say something to Ron. Whatever it was I missed because as she leaned over she put her right hand on mine and leaned her chest into arm. There wasn’t much there, but I liked the way it felt pressing against me. I swear I could feel her nipple harden through the fabric.

When we stood up to get off the she was in the aisle waiting for the kids in the seats ahead of us. A fat kid with a tuba had trouble getting it from out beside the seat. Lou pushed her back to me. She had to feel my hard cock. I felt my dick twinge and so did Lou. She giggled and rubbed against it. I was hoping no one could notice.

School was fine. Lou was in 6th grade in the adjoining building to mine. With all the Junior and Senior high babes in my building my brain still couldn’t think of anything else but Lou with that sweet little cunt. On the bus going home she took a seat with some friends while Ron and I sat in the back with me watching every move she made and thinking about getting out to see her after dark.

I went to Ron’s house and helped until after the chores were done. We played catch with the baseball. Lou kept her distance since we didn’t want to appear to be pals. Mary spoke to me a couple of times. She liked getting my reaction to her body. She had no idea my affections were now directed at her daughter. I went home for supper and faked going to bed early. With my dad in construction and hers farming luckily both families went to bed early.

By 9:30 I was out of the house and on my bike headed to Lou. The predicted rain hadn’t come yet. Lightning was flashing in the distance. Lou was standing outside her window when I sneaked up.

“What took you so long?” She laughed.

We started to kiss. Her little nipples felt hard against my chest. I moved one hand down from her waist to cup her ass when I hit bare flesh. Lou broke our kiss.

“I’m not wearing anything under my gown tonight.”

If I wasn’t hard enough already the idea of her hairless pussy naked in the night air finished the trick. As we resumed kissing I put both hands on her bare ass and caressed it gently. The kiss got hotter. I moved my hand around between us to touch what there was of her mound. After getting a finger to rub into her little crevice she took my hand and moved it back to her butt.

After several more minutes of kissing Lou stopped and turned around against me with her back to my chest. I realized that left her entire front open for exploration whether that was her intentions, or not. I kissed her hair, her ear, and then her neck. She let out a soft moan when I licked her neck with my tongue.

“Oh, fuck. You are going to make my little bottom really gooey if you keep that up.”

So, I did. I had one hand rubbing over her tummy. I didn’t know whether to try to go up or down. She didn’t get mad before when I touched her pussy so I gave it a try. I kept my finger out of her slit which was really all there was to it anyway. I rubbed over the smoothness if the soft skin that was totally devoid of any hair.

She probably was more comfortable with me fondling her cunt than seeing her boobs. Still my other hand had ideas about exploring her chest bumps as I worked up under her gown. When my fingers were right below her chest she stopped me with her hand.

“I’m not sure I want you messing with my chest.”

“I don’t expect a lot from someone twelve.” My voice seemed like it was coming from somewhere in the distance. “I feel your hard nipples against me when we hug and they feel great.”

“Well, nipples are about all that’s there.”

I continued stroking over her cunt. Lou shift her feet apart to give me a little more access. I wished I knew how to find that “Button” she had talked about. Deciding to chance it again I moved my hand upwards under her gown. My flat palm hit both nipples at once. I carefully rubbed across them and felt them stiffen. I didn’t really feel much boob, but her nipples were like pencil erasers.

“Oh, fuck. You don’t give up, do you? I can’t believe I’m letting you do that.” Lou sighed as she turn her neck to look back at me. “I does feel good. Better than when I do it.”

“I think you are terrific. I love your little boobs.”

I kissed her neck some more and explored her chest one tit at a time. They were just getting started to grow. They were a flat, yet conical shape with the hard little nipple on the end. One was bigger than the other. I tried not to act like I hadn’t noticed, all the while keeping the other hand busy at her crotch.

“We need to stop. You are going to make me cum.” She wiggled and groaned.

“I thought you liked to cum.”

“Well, not now. Not outside. It’s about to rain. Besides I like to get all worked up. It makes me crazy the way I feel right before an orgasm hits. And, we haven’t done anything with you.”

“Anything with me?”

“Except a couple of peeks in the bathroom you’ve never had your cock out for me to see.”

Lou grabbed at the zipper on my shorts. My cock was hard as stone and poking down my left leg.

“Come on. Get it out. Show me.”

“You want to see it, you get it out.” I challenged, smiling at her.

There was no hesitation. With great resolve Lou’s little hand snaked inside and grabbed by throbbing boner. I imagined what it would be like explaining to my mom the mess in my pants from the load I was about to lose. She quickly had it freed and out into the night air.

“Wow, it’s bigger than I thought. I don’t know how that thing can ever fit in my little cunt.”

Lou dropped to her knees and was slowly stroking it, not realizing how close I was to splattering her face with cum.

“I’m sure it won’t be a problem for you when the time is right.”

“What I meant was … well, fuck, I don’t know what I meant. I’ve seen my brothers with a hardon and even walked in on Mom and Dad once when she was giving him a blow job. I’m mean you’re even bigger than Dad.

“Yeah, well right now you’re about to get covered in sperm.”

“No, I’m not. I want to see you cum, but not yet.”

Lou quit pumping and took her hand off my pecker, just letting it bounce up and down in front of me.

“Oh, God. That’s mean!”

“Then you finish it. I did myself in front of you.”

“You mean just shoot it out in the air?”

“Yeah, I want to see what it looks like when a guy cums. Go on!” Lou urged.

It seemed only fair, but I didn’t want to lose it too fast. I stroked slowly, trying to look out into the night.

Man that girl had the life for someone just turned twelve. All the dirty words she used freely with me. Seeing her brothers with a hardon, catching her Mom sucking her Dad’s cock. It was like I didn’t know shit. And, I guess I didn’t. Then I looked down at Lou, still on her knees, but carefully off to one side.

“Come on, I want to see it. Tell you what, if you shoot for me I’ll kiss it right on the end for you when you are done.”

“That wasn’t fair.” I whispered back.

I felt my balls contract and my seed rush up the length of my shaft. There was no stopping it. Lou’s face lit up when she saw the effect of what she said had on me. My first spurt left the end. Lou’s eyes got big and her mouth came open. With the push from inside and the motion of my hand the first shot went about two feet while she moved her head to watch it rope from the end of my dick. Another spurt and I slowed down to where it was just flowing out of me and onto the ground.

“Wow, just like in Mom’s fuck books. Even better in person. Probably even better shooting if it was up inside me.”

My hand left my cock and was quickly replaced by Lou’s. She pumped it a couple of times and true to her word kissed the end at the slit where cum was still seeping from the head. Some stuck to her lips causing her to pause a few seconds while she decided to wipe it off or lick it off. Her tongue came for a taste. The look on her face was not good.

“Unnhh … I thought it would taste more like my pussy.” She scowled. “But, it’s not really that bad.”

With that she kissed it again and opened her lips to take part of the head into her mouth, then backed off and tasted again, only to again to take some of the tip in her mouth. I could cum have three times more. She looked up at me with a little of my sperm on her lower lip.

“The stuff just keeps leaking out. When does it stop?”

“That should be about it.”

Pleased with my answer she took the entire head into her mouth and swirled her tongue along the backside of its crown, sucking gently to get the last of it. Curiosity caused her to force her mouth onto it until it hit the back of her young, yet eager throat. After gagging a little she popped off it and onto her feet.

“How did I do?” She tilted her head and smiled.

“Excellent! I answered. “A few more seconds and you would have been dealing with another full load.”

Still beaming she kissed me on the mouth and gave my tongue the same treatment her tongue had given my cock. I wasn’t too excited about the taste of my own cum, but who could complain?” We kissed and made out for several minutes as the weather threatened. Hearing the storm coming across the cornfields we we quickly got inside her bedroom and closed the window to the rain.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me for a while. You can’t go home in this storm. If Mom comes to my door you better be ready to duck beside the bed.”

Lou pushed the blankets to one side and laid on the sheet, propping herself up on one elbow and she laid on her side facing me. Her gown was up around her waist exposing her hip and the the upper part of her crotch. As I watched she slid her foot up to the other knee, exposing her little pussy to me, leaving herself in that position.

“Why don’t you come lay with me?” She patted the bed.

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I joined, kissing her, still tasting my cum in her mouth. Not forgetting how she like the ear and neck kissing I started kissing there, moving on down to her shoulder, hoping to get another chance at those little tits.

“Stop a second.”

“Oh, fuck. Busted.” I thought to myself.

“Let me get this gown out of the way.” She said, tossing it over her head and smoothing in down over the other pillow. “If Mom comes by I’ll need to get it back on really fast.” She explained.

Lou had her arms outstretched for me to get back to her now naked body. Apparently I had her convinced there was nothing wrong with her budding boobs as they were now in full view in the light from beside her bed. I went right for them, kissing, licking, sucking at free will. Little moans were coming from her throat. She held my face to her chest and brushed over my hair with both hands as I gently worked from nipple to nipple.

Not that I had forgotten seeing her work over her pussy earlier. I plotted my way down there, realizing my best approach may be the direct approach. I started kissing towards her stomach. Lou’s hands not only followed, but seemed to be pressing my face lower. When I got to her belly button it was obvious a leg was going to be in my way. I had gotten a little sideways with my left hand trying to fondle her slit while I still licked and kissed her navel. Lou was getting pretty aroused. My fondling which was more like fumbling got the best of her.

“What is it you are trying to do?” She scolded.

“Trying to find that little button down there you keep talking about.” I confessed.

“Your never going to find it that way. Give me a second.” She ordered.

I raised up and leaned away from her. Lou was flat on her back, then she splayed her legs wide open.

“Now come up from the bottom between my legs.”

I followed her command. My face was a remarkable foot from her slit. I could see the moisture already forming in the center, and although I didn’t know what they were, her inner lips were slightly protruding.

“This is it here.” She pointed with her finger. “Do you see it there? It’s not very big.”

True, once I looked where she pointed, it was not even as big as a BB. I made move towards it with my tongue extended.

“No, you were up her at my navel. Come back to my navel and work your way down. No shortcuts for you.”

There wasn’t any reason to argue with that. I was back to kissing around her navel and licking with my tongue down into it. Her thighs were squeezing against my shoulders so I worked my arms under her ass. That in turn put her tummy and pussy mound closer to my mouth. Not a bad move for such a backward farm kid.

Making me go back to her navel was a wonderful idea as I kissed and slurped my way down. I had to find that little button again. Right below the crest of her pussy mound I started searching with my tongue. Even if I had not felt the little bump at the top of her slit the reaction from Lou and the low moan she emitted from her throat told me I was there. I spanked it with my tongue and sucked it between my lips. Lou exploded, leaving me with lots to clean up and swallowing to do.

I was ready and able to go another round eating her sweet cunt. Lou, on the other hand, tossed my clothes at me and began to usher me to the window.

“Save some for another night, Romeo. You need to get home and to bed. Maybe if you are lucky I’ll let you in again tomorrow night if you promise to take care of my little pussy and do a rerun of tonight.”

“Okay. Kiss me goodnight and I’ll be on my way.”

Common sense prevailed enabling her to get my ass out the window and into the night. The window slid closed behind me making me realize I had better grab my bicycle from the weeds and get home and to bed.

The next morning on the bus was as tough as always after a night with Lou. Watching the young girl in shorts and a T-shirt get on board made me think of her panties hugging her crotch and how my face had been down there just hours before. Probably no one else on the bus gave the slim twelve year old a sexual thought, except probably Howard, the bus driver.

She gave me a sly grin as she walked by me in the aisle, her brother already on board had dropped past me into the window seat. Soon she was back.

“Excuse me. I guess I’ll sit with you again. Becky had some friends for a sleep over and the bus is a little crowded.”

“Fat Larry is sitting all by himself.” I teased. Larry, all two hundred pounds of him had a crush on Lou.

“Get over or I’ll take out your teeth.” She mock threatened me with a fist balled up and drawn back to strike.

I guess that was the problem with being the last ones on the bus route. Lou and I bounced along hip to hip for the 5 mile trip to the school with me thinking every moment about he snug body and the way she tasted down there. Almost to the school she tried to say something to me I did not hear with the noise on the bus. I leaned down to hear better. She spoke wetly into my ear.

“If I have your cock in my mouth can you still cum?”

I gave her a look not quite sure what she had said. Leaning down again she first kissed my ear and then whispered so I could hear.

“After you left last night I decided I like the taste of your sperm. If you cum in my mouth I think I can swallow your whole load.”

Man, talk about an instant hardon.

“Thanks, Lou. Now I have to walk off the bus with a boner.”

I gave her neck a little nip as I moved away. Even though the seat was high enough to block the view a third grader behind us yelled out.

“Hey, no kissing.”

Lou stood up and spun around.

“Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Shut your face.”

God, she’s got her Mom’s mouth on her was my thought. The bus arrived at school we stood up in the aisle, Lou in front of me. She kept nudging back into me. Then she looked back at my face and laughed. I must have spent half my classes with an erection.

Darkness couldn’t fall fast enough for me that night. I was out of the house and on the road as soon as I heard my old man snore. Rushing up to Lou’s window I was looking to see if she was out in the bushes waiting for me. She wasn’t there as I looked around for her. The window was open. Lou looked out and told me to get inside.

“Be quiet and get you clothes off. I’m already naked.”

“You are?” I stammered in shock.

“Yes, get in here.” She scolded.

I could make out her figure in the dim light of the plug in wall nightlight. I couldn’t see a stitch of clothes on her body. It didn’t take long for me to strip off mine. I got in an embrace with her on the bed, our hands all over each other.

“I want to do that thing I told you on the bus, but you have to do me first.”

“Yeah, about on the bus. Thanks for hardon that seemed like it would never go away.”

“You mean I can make you hard whenever or wherever I want? Don’t forget it!”

Lou flipped over on her back, spreading her legs obscenely wide. She patted the smooth area at her little slit.

“Come on. Get to work down there. I’m already wet. My little cunny needs your lovin’ now.”

I jumped so quickly at her little gash she almost squealed out loud. My face hit right into in her hot little slit. I licked up the center and then tried to suck both of her pussy lips into my mouth. That’s when I realized how wet she was. She was gooey all over. I looked up at her in surprise.

“My God, Lou. You aren’t just wet, you are soaked.”

“Hey, guys get hard, girls get wet. That’s what we do. It works out well, don’t you think?”

I kept at the task before me, every time I’d get a little moan from Lou I knew I was in the right place, doing the right thing. Lou had a lot of right places and I was doing a lot of right things. I never really caught up with her existing wetness. The little fuck kept a steady flow going onto my tongue and into my mouth. After what must have been a half hour she had cum several times with little orgasms before grabbing my hair and trying to shove my whole face inside her little pussy. I let her rest. Then …

“So, I guess I can make you wet and cum whenever I want.”

“Sure … in your dreams.” She retorted.

I left her crotch and moved up to kiss her erect little nipples. I secretly wished she could stay this perfect little twelve year old, with her budding titties and bald pussy forever. Although I was aware of my hard dick rubbing against her slit I suddenly realized the head of it was actually in the groove for entry.

“Oh, God, but I wish I could just let you shove that big thing up inside me.”

“Really? What could it hurt?” My voice sounded like the village idiot was making a statement.

“Unless you want to be a Dad, my Mom told me that a woman has a fertile time right before her first period. Which makes sense, she said, since the period is shedding an unfertilized egg. So, I don’t want a cum in me during a time that could make me have a baby. Could you imagine me fucking up my life with a kid?”

I was still holding my cock in the groove, really wanting to push on in and fuck the living daylights out of her. I rolled off her and onto by back. She followed me over, ending up between my legs. She was kissing my cum drenched mouth.

“Hey, I taste pretty good, don’t I? You got in deep where I hide the good stuff.”


Okay. She just stared at me. The village idiot still had a lot to learn about girls and seemed to have found just the girl to teach him. She slid down and started pumping my cock, giving it little kisses on the tip as she looked up at me. Next she had her mouth over it and was still pumping in a rhythm like there was a song stuck in her head.

“I’m not going to last very long with you doing that?”

Her reaction was to drop her thumb and forefinger to the base and try to get as much as she could in her mouth. I has about seven inches at the time. I always wished it was about a foot long, but never had seen anyone naked in the shower or any other state of undress that looked like they had more.

Lou was trying to get more in by getting it down her throat. All to no avail as my balls contracted and sperm started spurting out of my dick into her sucking mouth. She gagged a little at first, gasping for air she kept swallowing as she got more than she bargained for. All in the space of about sixty seconds.

“That was easy.” Said Lou, still gulping sperm left in her mouth. “You should have waited. I was trying to get you down my throat like the women in Mom’s fuck books.

I just grinned at her sheepishly. I read the books she gave me. I thought it was bullshit from some writer. I had no idea that women could really do that.

“Okay, now. My turn again.”

Lou moved up my chest and put her pussy right on my face. I wasn’t getting enough air and she knew it. She had gotten even wetter while sucking me off. Her slit flowed into my mouth as I sucked her juices out of her cunt. Suddenly she came really hard, drowning me in her fluids, then finally letting me up for air.

“See, I can cum fast, too, when I want.”

The view was great. Right up her flat tummy, those little boobs, and onto her face. Lou had an evil grin. She was still on one knee, but the other foot was now on the bed. I had some room to breathe. It gave me a great view of her open little snatch. Then as if on cue she lowered her crotch right back on my mouth.

“Lick me. Make me feel good.”

She never let me up. She would cum a little and raise up, then sit right back on my face again. Not that I minded. This probably went on for an hour, not that time mattered that much. Then I heard her door knob rattle.

“Lou, you have your door locked.”

Busted by her mother. Lou pushed me on the floor by the window and threw her covers over me.

“Just a minute.” She was struggling to get her gown on.

Lou opened the door and her Mom stepped into the room.

“Why do you have your door locked?

“Well, even with the air conditioning on my room stays hot because it’s up front. I was trying sleeping in the nude, and you know I have pesky brothers. So, I locked the door.”

“Hmmm. Okay, I guess. Is does seem a little warm in here. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t sneaking a man into your room.” Mary joked to her daughter.

“Mother! I’m only twelve years old.”

“I know, Honey. I know.”

“Yeah, a least wait until I’m fourteen.” Lou joked.

“Not funny, Lou. Not funny.” Her Mom grumbled and shut the door. I heard Lou lock it back again.

“Coast is clear.”

Lou pulled the blanket from me with a big grin on her face. She whipped the gown up over her head and tossed it by the door.

“Come on. Get back where you were.”

“Are you kidding me” Your Mom just almost caught us. I was about to shit myself under your blanket.”

“Don’t be a big baby. She won’t be back, and besides, now I’ve got myself an excuse to have the door locked. I’m so hot over almost getting caught you better be ready to swallow fast.”

After a couple of minutes with her feeding me her pussy I forgot all about the fucking door and her Mom. True to her word, in about five minutes she hit the big one and nearly drowned me.

“Let’s get you another turn and get you out of here.”

The was no argument from me. It was my turn to lay on the bed. Lou worked her greedy mouth around my already record hard cock. It felt like it would split at the seams, if it had seams. After a few more pumps she had my cock back in her mouth.

This time I made it last for several minutes. Then she tried to get it down her throat again. I could feel it start to go down when I lost it, causing her to choke badly on my spurting seed. After some gulping and gasping she was finally able to speak.

“Almost got you that time. If your cock wasn’t so big I could have deep throated it. But, I’ll do it maybe next time.”

“I didn’t think that was a real thing.”

“Oh, it will be a real thing alright.”

It was the following week before we could get together again. Tuesday, actually. She was waiting, leaning out the window with her elbows on the sill.

“It seemed like forever for you to get to see me this time. I need my little pussy munched. But, first get in here and let me at that cock of yours. I’m getting the damned thing down my throat this time.”

I about fractured my dick crawling in through the window. Nothing like a girl telling you that your cock was going down her throat to give the boner of all boners. She was already naked. I got my clothes off and joined her on the bed, flat on my back, cock in the air.

“I’ll bet that thing is loaded with cum for me.”

“Not really. I thought of you and jacked off every night.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t keep my fingers off myself either.” She giggled.

Lou pumped my pecker a couple of times, put the head in her mouth, then slid her face down to where half my cock was in her mouth. It was obvious that she was determined to swallow it as she gagged a little, but kept right on forcing me deeper against her throat.

“Do you have to get so hard? It’s like trying to swallow a stick.”

She didn’t get it before I lost it in her mouth. Her eyes bulged as she tried not to let any spill out. Finally after several spurts and her swallowing several times she looked up at me and smiled before showing that she still had quite a mouthful still to swallow. With her mouth again closed I could hear her tongue sloshing around in my sperm. That went on with her opening and closing her mouth to show me she still hadn’t swallowed for several minutes.

By then I was almost hard again. Finally she swallowed it down, then rubbed her tummy and grinned.

“I guess you don’t mind the taste so much now.” I taunted.

“As much as I want it deep in my pussy that will just have to do for now.”

“You know, I could ride my bike to the next town where they don’t know me and buy some rubbers so we could actually fuck.” I offered.

“That still wouldn’t be cum up inside me. All the stories I’ve read prefer what they call bareback. I couldn’t feel you squirt with a condom or feel your seed inside me. We just need to wait until I get my first period.”

“I’m not ready to be a dad, that’s for sure and I couldn’t imagine what your mom would do if you turned up pregnant.”

“God, look at you! Are you hard again after I just got done with the last of your cum in my mouth?”

I just nodded and grinned. Lou started sucking my cock again, then paused.

“It’s pretty obvious that my little throat isn’t going to be able to handle your big cock, at least not now. So, I’m going to suck you dry, then it will me my turn to have you do me.”

I was pretty proud, not just that she said the words, “my big cock” but, I was able to last about fifteen minutes or so before she coaxed my next load out of me. And, you know, as much as I liked her on my cock and all, I almost couldn’t wait to suck out the juicy mess I knew she would have waiting for me in her tight little cunt.

And, when it was my turn it was great. She now preferred to lower her snatch right over my face while I licked the juices from her. I preferred it way as well. Lou must have cum a dozen times in the next hour as she rose up from my face and then forced her cunt down on me again and again.

“Wow, we still have to get up and go to school tomorrow. I’ll get all wet down there seeing you on the bus.”

“Too bad busses don’t have dark corners.” I replied.

“Anyway, it’s the last week of the school year. Do you remember my cousin being here for a month last year? Skinny kid, a blond ten year old?”

“Yeah, kinda … I think.”

“Well, she’s eleven now and was bragging to me on the phone about how she is starting to fill out. Claiming to have hair starting on her coochie and all. I don’t want you getting interested in her. Do you understand? Her mother will be bringing her here the first full week after school.”

“I don’t see that as a problem with a sweet young thing like you keeping my attention.” I answered her.

“This time she spends a week here and I go to Colorado with her and her mom. Then after three weeks my mom goes to Colorado and spends a week with us before bringing me home. We won’t be getting a lot of chances so you better not be forgetting that you are my boyfriend.”

We would have Wednesday and Thursday, then the next week with her cousin arriving with her aunt on Sunday.

Wednesday morning got me worked up from what Lou said about getting wet from seeing me on the bus. I really wanted to shout to everyone that she was my girl. That and fuck her right where she sat in the bus seat.

That evening I didn’t get a chance to hang out with Ron at their house because my mom had extra chores for me. Upon arriving at Lou’s in the dark she hustled me in through the window and laid, already naked on her back on her bed. As I undressed she opened her legs.

“I want you to get me really hot. Then I want you to fuck me.”

Lou was taking this further and faster than I would ever had expected.

“I thought we were worried about getting you pregnant.”

“You’re going to have to pull out when you get ready to cum. I can’t have you cum me, so when we do it you had better be ready to pull out.”

By then I was thinking with my dick. Don’t guys always think with their dick? I dropped between her thighs and started by looking for her clit. She was already soaked, so it wasn’t going to take much for her to be ready.

“Why the sudden rush for sex? I thought we were okay with what we have been doing.”

I was trying to understand my good fortune.

“We are, but I was talking to my cousin on the phone tonight. She told me she was going to let her boyfriend fuck her before she comes her to visit on the theory if he fucks her he won’t look at anyone else while she is gone.”

“So, what’s the big deal. Let her if that’s what she wants.”

“It’s a big deal. I hate being the one to have to listen to her stories.”

“You couldn’t tell her about us even if we did it.”

“I know, but I’d know we did it. I want to lose my cherry before she loses hers.”

I thought Lou was going to cry. I buried my face and started working her wet gash again. She wiggled and moaned from what I was doing to her. I made her cum. Then started thinking again about her wanting me to fuck her.

“What if I can’t hold it?” She was staring down at me as I asked.

“Just get up here and put it in me. When you get it in just hold it there for a while, then start pumping.”

“What if it hurts?”

“I hear it hurts just once. Come on. Fuck me!”

My dick was doing all the thinking again. I crawled up to her and poked at her slit. I wasn’t exactly finding the right opening as the head of it smeared around in her goo. Then I was lined up with her soft little vagina. The outer lips were around the tip.

“Push, damn it. Fuck me.”

I’d never given any thought before now to actually ever getting to fuck a girl. Now Lou was mine for the taking. I pushed. The head started in. I could feel her pussy start to close around the head. I froze right there, fearing I might cum right then.

“Okay, we can hold it right there a minute. God, it feels so good.” She coached.

Lou was breathing fast, then wiggled her hips. A little more of me slid in. She did a couple of lunges at me by raising her pelvis towards me.

“I like that! Are you okay? If you feel you are cumming just pull out.”

I was feeling pretty good myself. My cock was inside Lou Mensen. I was fucking a girl. I did a couple of strokes into her on my own. Lou kissed me frantically. Almost causing me to lose it. I could feel that I was up against her maidenhead, worrying about what would happen when I broke it. I held it there.

“Unless you want me to pull out now we need to hold real still for a little bit.”

“Okay, I’d like that. I like it that you are inside me.”

“Maybe it would help if we talked about something else. What kind of name is Lou, anyway?”

“Now? Well, if you have to know Lou stands for Louise. I’m named after my mother Mary and Dad’s mother Louise.”

“Mary Louise, huh?”

“Yeah. Are you here with your dick in me and making fun of my name?”

“No, I like it. I think I’ll call you May Lou.”

“You mean like in ‘Hello, Mary Lou, goodbye heart.” She giggled.

“Something like that.”

“Oh, God! I love you so much.”

“You’re just saying that because I’ve got my cock in you.”

“I’d love you even if you didn’t have you cock in me. Your cock in me. Your cock in me. I like saying that.”

I gave her pussy a little nudge inward. She held still and we kissing heavily for a moment.

“What you just did down there … do it a little harder.”


“Yes, burst my little cherry. Fuck me!”

She was tight as hell. Even as wet as she was I wasn’t sure it was going any deeper. I pushed. She grunted. A couple more inches went in. My Mary Lou sucked in her breath.

“Well, that’s over. How much more do you have left?”

I didn’t know so she reached down between us a wrapped fingers over what was still sticking out.

“Oh, my! We’ve got a lot to go.”

She rocked up into me. I pushed into her. More of my cock went in and much to my surprise I hadn’t lost it and filled her with my sperm. We rocked and shook the bed for several minutes. I made her cum. But, with all her writhing around getting hers I felt mine start to pulse up out of my balls. I jerked out and shot my seed on her belly.

Looking really blissful Mary Lou ran her fingers around in my puddles of cum on her tummy and then licked her fingers.

“Wow! I almost had that inside of me.”

“With her in my arms I watched her naked body move with each breath. I could she where her little cunt was leaking juices out and onto her smooth thighs. How did that much cock go inside that beautiful little twelve year old? I watched her doze off into a deep slumber as I held her. Soon I fell asleep myself, both of us naked with her soft body pressed against me.

Mary Lou woke me up. It was almost 3 o’clock in the morning.

“Fuck! What happened to us? I can’t believe we went to sleep. You had better get home. There’s still school in the morning.”

I started pulling on my pants. Mary Lou gave me the open crotch view again. I moved towards her on the bed.

“Want to taste a little sample before you go?”

I ran my tongue deep inside her, hungrily lapping her juices. I hadn’t cum in her so I knew it was all Mary Lou. I even licked her drippings from the insides of her thighs. As I went back to her little cunt she started to cum violently, grasping my head and pulling it hard into her. I licked and sucked until she lay silent, with her smiling up at me as I stepped back to leave.

“Thank you. I love you. If we had the time and I wasn’t a little sore I’d have you fuck me again.”

“I love you, too.” I mumbled, not being sure either of us knew what it meant.

The next morning Mary Lou got on the bus ahead of Ron. She looked tired, but her face had a radiant glow and there was a little bounce and wiggle to her walk I hadn’t noticed before. She gave me a big wink as she went on past me to sit with two other girls a couple of seats further back. I heard them giggle and carry on behind me like the young girls they were.

Getting off the bus I headed for the high school building while she went to where she was finishing up her sixth grade classes. I thought of the night before and how she had asked to me fuck her, and how good it felt to have my cock buried in her innocent twelve year old cunt. I found it hard keeping my mind off her throughout the day.

Thursday after school I hung out with Ron again. Mary Lou got close once and half whispered.

“I couldn’t keep you and your big cock out of my mind all day. I can’t wait to have you fuck me again tonight.”

It seemed like such a filthy thing to come out of the mouth of a sweet little girl. I was so worked up I almost sneaked out before dark in my anxiousness to be with her. When I did get there she greeted me naked again. With me swiftly undressed Mary Lou scooted back into a “fuck me” position.

“Don’t worry about the foreplay. I want you to fuck me.”

And, we did. I fucked her twice. With her so hot I made her cum twice the first time before I had to pull out and cum on her belly, not in it.

After a few minutes she had me hard again. I was amazed how I had learned how to hold it long enough to give her a good fucking before pulling out. I felt her cum three times when she told me to pull out and cum down her throat. We finished up with me eating her pussy. She somehow managed to cum a couple of times more.

It was the next Tuesday before we could get together again. During that time I wondered if I was a real fifteen year old stud or if Mary Lou was one of those females that would need a lot of cock to make her cum often. There didn’t seem to be a down side to that as in my opinion she was a girl just born to fuck and enjoyed a cock in her.

I became very aware of how much of her nectar she would produce and how much she could cum, seemingly without a lot of effort. I had heard so many stories about women that couldn’t cum with just regular fucking. Either needing a huge cock or another outside stimulant to get the job done. I’d read about women waiting for their man to go to sleep so they could finger fuck themselves to an orgasm. What would she be like when she wasn’t a little girl?

The night was like the week before. Foreplay wasn’t necessary even though I wanted to eat her pussy and watch her suck me and swallow my cum. She had me in her as soon as I got my pants and shirt off. Mary Lou was truly loving it. She got off three times before I had to pull out. I ate her pussy a little bit before she wanted me to fuck her some more.

Could I have understood wrong? Did all women cum that much? As I would fuck her she would go on and on about how big I was, how good I was and how much she loved me. Although I was up against her tight little cervix there was a bit more to go in. The first couple of nights there was a couple of inches she was just too small to take. She handled the width with a very tightly stretched pussy. Her little body just couldn’t handle the full length.

On Wednesday night right after we started she stopped bucking at looked into my eyes.

“I think you are in a little deeper than it’s been before.”

“It does feel like it, doesn’t it?”

“I want it all. How much is left to go in?”

She reached down to feel for herself. Although there was about an inch still outside of her it was definitely going in deeper than when we started. I didn’t think a tiny thing like herself would ever be able to take the whole thing until she was older.

“Keep pushing harder while you fuck me. I’m not going to break. I think I can stretch enough to take you if we keep at it. If it hurts I’ll tell you.”

We got most of it in that night. I had to pull out twice to keep from cumming in her or we might have made it. Mary Lou wanted me to stay and try again. The last day of school was the next day. I wanted to get home to get some rest. Again, I ate her pussy and got her to cum a couple of more times. My plan had been to count each time she would cum. I lost track but it was for sure the little cunt wasn’t one to hold back … or couldn’t hold back.

Same as before on the bus in the morning. Mary Lou looked even more radiant and I looked more beat as if she was sucking my life out of me. Even at that my pecker was giving her the standing salute in my pants as she walked past me. On the way off she got right in behind me, slightly pressing her nipples into my back. I felt her slip her hand in my pocket.

“I wrote you a note.” She stood on her tiptoes and whispered in my ear. “Read it later.”

I touched my pocket and felt the folded paper. I didn’t get a chance to read it because her brother Ron was in my first two classes. By third period my curiosity got the better of me as I slipped the note out of my pocket and unfolded it before me.

“When you fuck me tonight I’ll have a special surprise for you. Love, ML.”

I realized the teacher was talking to me. Other kids were staring my way. I asked what she had said as I tried to refold the note and hide it, much too late. Miss Groves was tough, but good looking. I spent a lot of classes watching her ass when she was at the board and always watched for a little cleavage. Rumor had it she was a lesbian because in her twenties she was still single and sponsor of the cheerleading squads.

“What? I’m sorry I didn’t hear.”

“I said, it looks like you have a note. Would you like to share it with the class on this last day of school?”

“Uh! No. It’s was just something I found on the stairs. Something about a reminder to pick something up. I don’t know who’s it is.”

I lied. God, I hadn’t been in trouble all year and now this. Of all times for Mary Lou to slip me a filthy note.

“Well, maybe you better bring it up here for me to decide.”

The up side was that with the sudden stress and fear in my heart I wasn’t sitting there with a hardon. I took the note to her at the front of the class. She unfolded it. She didn’t say anything. Just looked at the note. Taking in what it said. Then her cheeks reddened as she looked at me.

“Maybe we should discuss this in the hall.”

I followed meekly behind her. Alone together in the hall she turned and started to speak, got all red again, then took a deep breath.

“I saw your face when you were reading this.” She patted it in her hand. “Your reaction wasn’t like you found a note on the stairs. It had to be from someone you know. I don’t want the embarrassment of sharing this with the principal or anyone else. Do you want to keep it between us … and whatever lucky lady wrote the note?”

“Just you and me if you don’t mind. I don’t want her knowing you saw it.”

“You know … you aren’t even driving yet, but you are fucking this girl? Make sure she you don’t knock her up. I’ve known kids to get in trouble like that.”

My head was swimming from the words Miss Groves had used. Her cheeks were still flushed, but I found myself staring from her eyes to her nipples. They were poking out against her blouse. She realized I had noticed and seemed to actually stick out her chest a little. I kept looking and her nipples were even getting harder. My cock was starting to grow and she noticed, causing her to blush even more.

“Maybe we should take a moment before going back into the classroom.”

I agreed, but neither of us seemed to be getting back to normal.

“Well, my nipples aren’t going to go down with you staring at them and it looks like it’s not any better for you. Fuck, we don’t dare let anyone know about this.”

I had lusted after her all year since she took the teaching job last fall. She was so flustered I think I could have fucked her if we weren’t standing in a hallway at a high school. Her hand moved a little like she want to touch my dick, then moved back after thinking better of it.

“This can’t get more awkward.” She frowned.

There was a silent pause. She peeked back into the classroom through the glass in the door. Then Miss Groves tried changing the subject.

“Are you signing up to take my class in the fall? A little bit of English II couldn’t hurt you.”

“I hadn’t thought of it, but I guess I will now.”

“Are you going to sit at the back of the class and keep an eye on me like you have this year?”

“Sorry I didn’t know you knew I was watching.”

“I’m twenty-two, you’re fifteen. If the boys weren’t checking me out I’d be disappointed. It’s not like I’m Mrs. Haggerty.”

We both chuckled. Mrs. Haggerty was in her sixties and weighed over two hundred pounds. All the kids and I guess most of the teachers referred to her as “The Hag”. “History with the Hag” was the most excruciating class in school. Miss Groves put her hand on my chest as she started to speak.

“I’m moving into town this August to the apartments just south of the school. It will be a good change from the thirty minute drive from my parents house. Maybe you can help me with some heavy boxes or stuff.”

I gave her a quick, surprised look.

“Come on. I’m seven years older than you. Think of me as an older sister.”

“My Dad is ten years older than my Mom.”

“Oh, are you asking me to marry you right here in this hallway?” She teased in a whisper.

“No, Miss Groves. I don’t know why I said that.”

“That’s okay.” She brushed my arm. “And, when it’s just us call me Ellie.”

She looked at her chest and at my crotch.

“Maybe now is our chance to get back in there.”

“Okay, Miss Groves.”

“Ellie.” She whispered.

“Ellie, I whispered back.”

That felt good. She reached for the door to go back into the room, then turned one last time.

“Whoever it is you’re fucking tonight, I meant it, she’s a lucky girl.”

I watched her ass sway as she opened the door and walked ahead of me back into the room. There was a nervous twitter throughout the class as I took my seat. The rest of the day crawled by. Between Mary Lou’s note and the conversation with Miss Groves I was needing a place to jack off. Luckily PE class was next followed by lunch to help clear my mind. Then three more classes and the school year was over.

Everyone was loud and boisterous on the bus ride home. Mary Lou kept grinning at me. The word was all over school about the kid that never got in trouble got caught with a note in class. Only Mary Lou, Miss Groves, and myself knew what it said. Mary Lou seemed to think it was extremely funny.

Later that night a naked Mary Lou laid back spread eagle on her bed and told me to get her really hot.

“This is our last chance for a while to get all of that cock of yours inside me.”

She was beaming and looked sexy as hell as I attacked her soft little cunt. All the happenings of the day were boiling in my balls. The second time when she was cumming I caught myself thinking about Miss Ellie Groves. As much as I loved eating Mary Lou’s pussy it was Miss Ellie Groves cunt I was imagining ramming up against my face. I almost dropped a load on the sheet. In the heat of it all I made Mary Lou cum again.

“That was intense. I thought you were trying to get my pussy into your throat. I need you to fuck me, fuck me now.”

My cock slid in almost to the base. No need to work it in any more. Her bald little snatch was the cunt of a woman on a little girl’s body, and she wanted me all in.

“Fuck me, Baby. Fuck me deep. I want you in all the way to the balls.”

It was a delicate balance. I had to hold off long enough to give Mary Lou all of my cock like she wanted. I couldn’t lose it and stand a chance of getting her pregnant at twelve years of age. And, I couldn’t let my thoughts wander to thinking I was fucking Miss Ellie Groves and wanting to leave her knocked up.

The sounds Mary Lou was making told me I was almost giving her all she wanted. From what I know now I must have been pushing my cock against and slightly into the opening of her cervix. The little girl could sure fuck and she was at a point where she was out of her fucking mind with pleasure. She was reaching under me to feel my cock. The couldn’t have been a half inch left to go in.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me lover. It’s almost all in. Push hard, push, fuck me good.”

That last half inch put my cock somewhere like it had never been. Mary Lou exploded into orgasm like never before, which, in itself was pretty amazing. Once she slowed down pumping back at me we both laid very still. I somehow managed still not to cum in her.

“Did you cum in me?” She asked breathlessly.

“No, I think I held it okay. I don’t know how. It got so tight there up inside you.”

“I think you started going right through my cervix. God, what a fuck that was!”

Mary Lou started to move. Not move away. Quite the opposite. She was rocking her crotch up against me. My balls were laying against her sweet little ass. I could feel my cock swell back up and start to throb. Mary Lou groaned.

“I’ve got you close enough now I can get my legs around you.”

She had her legs over my lower waist. I could feel her lock her ankles over my back. That put me in serious trouble as my balls were ready to send my seed deep inside her. I tried to get away, but she had me locked into her cunt. I stopped moving hoping to hold off as Mary Lou kept rocking her pussy over my shaft.

“God Damn it, Mary Lou I going to cum in you if you don’t stop.”

“I know.”

Her voice sounded far away. Still working my cock, she wouldn’t quit.

“Cum in me. I want to feel your seed flow inside me. I have to know how it feels.”

That’s when I lost it.

“Well, there you go. It’s inside you now.”

“I could feel it shoot. It feels warm and squishy. And, there is so much of it. It’s may be weeks with my cousin visiting before we can do it again. I had to feel your cum in me.”

“What if you are going to get pregnant?”

“It would have to be the right week of the right first month. That will be one more thing over Jill, even if she fucked her boyfriend I don’t thinks she would let him cum in her. She’d probably make him wear a rubber because she’s so prissy about everything.”

“Is Jill the name if your cousin that’s visiting?”

“Yes, that’s the little whore.”

“Wow, you two have some wicked competition.”

I never took my cock out of her. The whole thing had me hard again in minutes. We must have fucked another hour with Mary Lou cumming several more times. As I could feel her building to a really big one I started to tell her I was going to cum in her again.

“Go ahead. Cum deep inside of me. I want your seed in me. I want all of it. Fuck me hard.”

Instead of locking her ankles behind me she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me deeper into her. Things were a blur with my ass pumping, my cock spurting, and Mary Lou cumming so hard she was rolling me insanely around on the bed. We laid there together for several minutes kissing each other and then me kissing her little tits.

“We are so squishy. You have me pumped so full of cum. Wait to you see how much runs out.”

I started to pull away. It was getting late.

“Wait before you pull the head out. Let me get my butt in the air so your goo doesn’t flood everything.”

When I pulled out a string of my sperm stretched between the head of my cock and her now well-fucked cunt.

“Oh, man. We’ve got cum all over your sheets.”

“Think so? Wait there a few minutes and then watch what happens.”

“What are you doing?”

“Holding your cum in me. Making sure it stays deep against my cervix. I didn’t let you fuck all that stuff in me just to let it run out.”

“Is that a good idea do do that?”

“It’s what women do when they want to get pregnant.”

“Wait! You want to get pregnant? You’ll not even be thirteen when you have the baby!”

“No, Silly. If it was my first time fertile for you to knock me up I’d already be seeded. I’m just enjoying having it in me.”

Cum was starting to bubble out in spite of what she was doing to keep it in.

“Okay, watch this”

Mary Lou came up off the bed on her knees with her ass towards me. The cum poured from her cute little cunt. First in a surge, then a stream, a trickle, and then she held there a couple of minutes while it would puddle up in her slit, then drip on the bed. I couldn’t figure how all that could be in there and her not be the mother of my child.

“Surprise! I told you that I had a surprise for you tonight.”

Mary Lou was so pleased at having so much run from inside her.

“What’s your mom going say when she sees all this mess?”

“She’d have a cow. That’s why I’ve been doing my own laundry since we started doing what we’ve been doing. I’ll certainly need to get these washed before she sees them.”

I rode home in the dark worrying about the trouble I’d be in if she was indeed impregnated. All I could do is wait. Wait and pray. Her cousin would be in that weekend. We might not get to talk for most of the summer let alone be with each other.

It would be good news if Mary Lou could start her period for the first time so we would know there was no baby. Or, if she was knocked up all we could do would be wait for her to start throwing up or see her flat little tummy swell. I couldn’t imagine a kid pushing out of her soft, tight little slit or her wearing a maternity top over a swollen belly.

Her cousin Jill showed up with her aunt. They visited for a week before the aunt took the two girls back to Colorado. With the three weeks before Mary went after her and the week she would stay it would be a month without seeing Mary Lou.

My life led into an uncertain summer.

(To be continued.)

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