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Hello Mary Lou – Ch. 2

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Young Teen has a crush on friend’s mom and ends up with friend’s little sister, and more! (Under age sex between teen boy and younger girl.)


This story is written for fun. Everyone has there own choice as to what they read. If you don’t like the story stop reading.


The more I thought about Mary Lou visiting her cousin Jill in Colorado the more I worried about the little twelve year old. Mary Lou said her cousin was a whore, slut, or something like that. What if they started some kind of “Fuck the Boys” competition out there? With me being sixteen I wouldn’t want Mary Lou to fuck some kid her own age. Well, for any age for that matter. I got the “older brother’s best friend” fucks out of Mary Lou. What if she decided that eighteen, or even twenty, or older was within her limits.

Not that an older guy wouldn’t fuck her. What if her cousin Jill was fucking some jock with a big dick and she went that route? So, I’m pretty much missing her and a nervous wreck. That and technically I was almost a full grown guy fucking a little twelve year old and barebacking her.

Her Mom threw me a curve ball when she mentioned that Mary Lou had gotten sick and thrown up a lot on the drive to Colorado. She said Jill’s mom was going to take her to the doctor. I just knew that I had knocked Mary Lou up and by the time she got home her dad would have me buried in a cornfield somewhere on the backside of the farm.

I let myself sweat that one out. Almost afraid to go to the Menson’s house again. I waited three days before going back to hang around with her brother Ron. Hanging with Ron was how all this started. Or, maybe it was my hardon for his Mom and her MILF body. Either way Mary Lou’s Mom finally told me that Mary Lou must have gotten some bad food on the trip. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about being buried face down in the field with corn growing out of my dead ass.

So, I have a month to kill with no nubile pussy to fuck. Hopefully the little cunt hadn’t become celibate while she was gone. Me, on the other hand, that was different. There were other problems. Or, maybe it was opportunities.

I’d saved to buy my own car when I got my license. That time had come. I was excited. The car was six years old, but ran okay. It had a wrecked fender that my Dad helped me replace. It didn’t really bother me that the car was blue and the replacement driver’s front fender was black and white two-toned from a different model of the same car.

Farm moms are cool. At least mine was. As a surprise I came home after being gone with Dad to work and returned to see that Mom had gone to the hardware store for a quart of exterior gloss house paint. The color was close, but not the shiny luster of car paint. To make things even better she painted it on with a paint roller. So, my fender almost matched if you like a textured finish. It kind of grows on you, the texture finish. Mom said if I would give her a couple of days she could do the whole car if I bought the rest of paint.

The best place to show the car off in the summer was the gathering at the local swimming pool. An old and ugly concrete nightmare without a filter system. A local lodge sponsored it and once a week they would drain the pool and pump clean water from an 8″ well on site. Get there on Tuesday when the fresh water went in and even a swimsuit made out of carpet on a girl was going to show nipples.

So, it was Tuesday. I parked my car with the door facing way from the others. One o’clock in the afternoon. It was the required hour after eating and the fresh water felt like it was 60 degrees. If you didn’t see nipples through a girl’s swimsuit you had to figure she didn’t have any. Of course, that works both ways. Instead of puckering the guys get shrinkage. Who said life was fair?

There’s this girl from my class. I’ve know her since we were five. I never paid a lot of attention to girls … I paid attention … they scared the shit out of me. So, I’m at the pool looking at this set of nipples that are talking to me. Then I realize it’s Bev Braun’s voice. It was her nipples I was looking at. Glorious nipples. A real grandma of a bathing suit. Her parents are Jesus freaks and so is sweet Bev. Somehow a conversation starts.

“We’ve been in school together forever. I’m always afraid to speak because you act like you are too good for the girls.”

“I never know what to say.”

“You’re talking now. You do like girls, don’t you?”

“Girls make me nervous.”

I couldn’t just blurt out that I was fucking a twelve year old.

“Do I make you nervous?”

“Kind of.”

“Well, don’t be. I think you are cute.”

“Uhhh, I think you are beautiful. I mean cute … too.”

Maybe she was realizing why I didn’t talk to girls. I sounded like an idiot.

“Let’s get out of this cold water and lay in the sun. There are a couple lounge chairs available.”

Great. Moment of truth. Cold water. Bev’s got half inch nipples, I’ve got a half inch dick.

It seemed to go unnoticed. My half inch dick. Not the half inch nipples. Jesus Christ. What nipples.

We actually talked a little while. Then.

“I think I’ll get in the water a few minutes and go home.”

“Okay. Me, too.”

Three word sentence. What a word crafter. We got in the water. It seemed even colder after being out in the sun. Instead of swimming away Bev remained close. Three other boys had girls on their shoulders playing chicken fight. Bev looked at me.

“Come on. We can beat them?”

Really? Church girl in a chicken fight? I’d never done a chicken fight before. Bev neither. The idea is for the boy to hold the girl steady by her legs while she sits on the boy’s shoulders and tries to knock the other girls in the water. I dipped into the water and came up under Bev with one of her thighs straddling my neck. I took two steps towards the others playing and realize that I had pussy pressed on the back of my neck. Cunt lips! I could feel where they parted.

Bev wrestled one girl into the water. I lost track of what was happening. I have cunt lips on my neck. Then Bev challenged another girl and we all four went in a heap in the water. I reached for Bev to pull her above water and got a generous hand full of tit. That lasted a couple of seconds before it got awkward. She laughed and hugged me. We kind of felt like a couple. Instead of like me and Mary Lou under cover of darkness I was with a girl in daylight.

We sat back in the sun mostly covered with towels. My cold water problem was over and I was trying to hide my reversal of fortune. It was hard to look at Bev and not picture pussy on my neck and a tit in my hand. Actually it wasn’t hard at all to look at Bev. Our school had four cheerleaders. Bev had been on the team since junior high. She was really pretty although her mother wouldn’t let her dress to show anything off. I mean skirts below the knee, no shorts or pants, and sleeves almost to the wrist on all her clothes. By comparison the grandma bathing suit made her seem almost naked.

Funny thing about girls. Guys get a car and start thinking about pussy. Who to ask out and where to take them. Before guys are thinking that girls are already plotting and planning. First of all, is he a guy? Does he have a car? Is it a nice car? Where can he take me?

Things had changed fast. I was considering asking to take her to the soda fountain at the drugstore. We continued to get to know each other. Ten years in school with just a nod and the occasional hello, and now I wanted to know all about her. She beat me asking the question.

“Would you like to take me home?”

“Um, sure. My mom is going to be there?”

Bev laughed.

“No, silly. I mean take me home. Home to my home.”

Lots of thoughts went through my head, plus she lived just out of town on a little farm, private from the road. Her parents ran an insurance agency and both would be at work. Beverly was as only child. Should I drop her off at the road or drive up to her door? Too much thinking.

“Well? Will you or not? I promise I don’t bite.”

“Oh, sure. Sorry. Glad to do it.”

Nice smile. Sparkle in her eyes. I opened the passenger door. Bev slid in about halfway between where I’d sit and her side door. At least I got her in the car without her seeing the textured front fender. Legs. Bev’s legs were distracting. I don’t think I’d even seen her knees. Now I had legs all the way up to her crotch. She caught me looking and tried to hide a grin. She chatted nervously all the way to her front door.

“You might as well come in for a few minutes. Mom and Dad will be at work until five.”

Things were a little awkward again. My basic instinct said bolt for the door, then free pussy.

“Come on in the kitchen. I’ll get us a soda.”

I watched her ass at the fridge. She kept the towel around her shoulders. I was in a buttoned shirt and swim trucks. My dick was trying to stiffen up and get out for a look around. Bev sat a soda in front of me and leaned back to take a sip of hers. We just kind of sat and smiled at each other.

“I’ve got to get out of this wet bathing suit. It must weigh a ton.”

I smiled as she stood expecting to see her to walk away into some other part of the house to change. Instead she stood beside her chair and laid the towel over the back of it. Then I was stunned as she worked a strap down over her arm. Wiggling to lower the other strap she pulled her suit to her waist letting a lovely set of what had to C-Cups pop into view. The hard nipples weren’t caused by cold air this time. My chin had to be on my chest.

“Oh, you thought I was going to leave? Sorry to disappoint.”

She knew she had me. The church girl, daughter of the religious freaks, was bare breasted in front of me.

“You like them?”

I don’t remember what I said. I’m sure it was something stupid. Probably just blubbering and stuttering.

“I’m my parents’ daughter, but I’m not going to spend my life thumping some fucking Bible.”

Then the suit went to the floor and Bev stood a little closer to me than before, this time totally naked. Her bush was a dark blond like the hair on her head, surprisingly furry. She took the towel, tied it around her waist and sat back down with her tits and hard nipples exposed.

“I’ve wondered when I would get your attention. I always wished you’d be my first fella.”

“You’ve got my attention.” Finally, real words.

“What’s it going to take to get you to fuck me?”

“You’re a real surprise. I would have never expected this with you?”

“So, is that you answer? Can you get un-surprised?”

“Yes … yes! What do we do next?”

Bev laughed at my shyness. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She folded the towel, laid on her back, raised her ass to put the folded towel under her butt, and spread her legs.

“First time! This could get a little messy.”

God! There wasn’t a guy in school or in town for that matter that wouldn’t jump at the chance to fuck her. I don’t remember taking off my clothes, but I do remember getting between those sexy thighs. I could smell her pussy as I moved upwards. I started to kiss her nipples.

“Let’s do this. You wouldn’t want me to change my mind. We can play later.”

She got us started by grabbing my cock and rubbing the head up and down her slit. I’m glad she lined it up and told me to push. I didn’t know what was hole and what was lips. Pussy wasn’t just pussy. This was different from Mary Lou. Maybe it was the extra four years. Bev and I had discussed birthdays. She was three days older than me. I was fucking an older woman!

Fucking should describe it. I wasn’t in deep enough to feel the resistance of her cherry. Maybe all the cheerleading and those splits beat me to it … no there it was. A barrier meant to be broken. Wow! All ready my second cherry. How many guys get even one? I pushed and got a moan rather than a cry. Beverly likes it!

A surprising ten minutes inside her Bev was rocking like she was about to orgasm. Thanks, Mary Lou! Without my experience with her I would have dumped in Bev the first twenty seconds. Bev was moving. She wanted to cum. It was getting to me. Should I cum in her?

“Fuck me! Oh, my God, fuck me!”

What would Jesus do?

“Hey. No rubber. Should I pull out?”

“Don’t you dare. I’ve been counting days. I’m safe. Cum in me!”

I think when a girl says that a guy has about eight seconds left in the ride. Sort of like the rodeo. The ride suddenly became that as Bev bucked me around on the bed. She got a cunt full of my cum! I got a stream of profanity I didn’t know could come from a girl. In spite of that Bev seemed really happy.

“My parents will be home soon. I’ll need time to shower and clean up after us. Our secret, okay?”

Secret? Hell, yes! I couldn’t let Mary Lou find out. I nodded and said yes.

“Next time you’ll eat my pussy first.”

I heard the part about “next time” more than I heard “eat my pussy” in the sentence.

There were several “next times” with Bev before Mary Lou got home from Colorado. And, damn, did I ever eat Bev’s pussy? The church girl even sucked my cock.

Mary Lou came back from Colorado a little weird. The first thing she told me was that her cousin tried to get her to fuck one of her boyfriend’s buddies. She swore she didn’t. I felt a little guilty about fucking Bev. Either way I’d be happy about fucking either one of them if the other didn’t kill me.

Bev didn’t want her parents to find out about us. Part of her fucking me was that they told her they would prefer she didn’t date until after finishing some “Bible College” back East. Great. I had two girls fucking me that had to be kept absolute secrets.

It took a couple of days to get to fuck Mary Lou. What a hot little twat. It might have been the taboo about fucking a little kid, but Mary Lou really got me off. Not having seen her for a month it did seem her little buds were a little bigger.

Bev had slowed it down between us, not wanting to get caught or pregnant. She became a calendar counter, avoid fertile times and periods. No condoms for Bev. Skin on skin or it doesn’t go in! Maybe a couple of times per month for Bev.

Mary Lou was a couple of times per night. I loved that little body on the twelve year old. Her little twat made my cock feel great. Cumming in her couldn’t be resisted. She wanted it and I wanted my cum in there.

Bev and I were good friends at school. The other girls were trying to get us to date. No one knew were already fucking each other. For some reason one day at lunch she mentioned my friend Ron was her cousin. Cousin? Then Mary Lou was her cousin, too. Fuck! Fuck! Double fuck!

Not to worry! It was soon August. Infrequent fucks with Bev and the two-a-nights with Mary Lou. But, something changed in August.

All the stuff I had in my head about Mary Menson before I fucked her daughter Mary Lou? Things came crashing back in on me one August night. Mary Lou wasn’t at her window. I waited several minutes. I could see the light at the side of the house coming from the bathroom window. Maybe Mary Lou was in there. I might catch her taking a shower and let her know I was waiting. Worse, yet I could catch her taking a shit.

Worse than taking a shit? I was about 5 feet out. It was Mary Mensen herself in view through the window. Forget all the checking underwear and smelling crotches. It was Mary-fucking-Menson! I could tell she was taking off her panties by the way she stood. I had to get closer. Grass doesn’t crunch loudly until its later in the night and dark. Mary tossed her shorts and panties towards the washing machine. I had to check out that ass and pussy.

That’s when I made the crunch. Did she really hear something? I saw her stop to listen. She seemed to be thinking it over. Maybe a women in her late thirties could use a little attention. I was frozen. I didn’t dare move. I had a side view of her bush and ass. Little girls and older women. I was on a trip. Come on, undress. I was coaching her in my mind. All the staring, all the teasing. Was this going to be the pay off?

She turned towards the window. I was just inches from being in the light. I saw her pussy full on. Nice puffy lips like she showed off through those tantalizing short shorts she would wear. Then she turned her back to the window so I could she her butt that was still firm like an early twenty-something. One hot fuckable farmer’s wife.

Now Mary turned back around again still freezing me in my spot. She was looking without acting like she was looking. Her arms crossed at her waist. The blouse came off. Then she turned again, this time to toss the blouse at the washer. Mary Mensen in just her bra. The ass looked great. She turned again to the window. Did she think someone was there? Was she putting on a show? Who did she think a show was for? Would she care?

Her pussy was in full view. Why not her tits? She reached behind to the hooks in the back. The bra loosened. She let it fall off the front then stood with her back slightly arched. The bra didn’t do a thing for her. There was an ever-so-slight sag, but those puppies were magnificent. Was this a show? Who did she think was out there? Mary Menson spent a few minutes naked and exposed before dropping a gown over her shoulders and turning out the light.

Could I move now? Did she leave the bathroom of did she step to the window to see if someone was out there. God, this was crazy. With no light out the window my being in the shadows was probably now a silhouette. If she was at the window she could see my outline. If I ran she would hear me in the grass. I fell to my knees and crawled to Mary Lou’s corner of the house.

Mary Lou was waiting with the window open. Wherever she had been she was waiting now. Boy, was she ever about to get a hard fucking.

“Where have you been? My pussy needs you.”

“Yeah, not half as much as … ”

There was a knock at the door. I fell to the ground outside the window. Mary Lou hadn’t locked it. The door swung open just a bit.

“What, Mother?”

“Be careful of your window and shade. There might be someone outside.”

I heard the window lower and lock. The shadow on the ground told me it was Mary Mensen in the room. The shade was drawn. I heard the door close. The shade stayed down. I waited about 15 minutes and ran for the road in the shadow of a tree hoping the old man, or anyone for that matter, wasn’t on the front porch with a shotgun.

A quick jump into the weeds had me back out with my bicycle. My heart was beating so fast. I pictured myself in prison doing hard time at sixteen. I pedaled as hard as I could to get me to the abandoned house a couple of hundred yards down the road. I expected their Buick to come speeding out of their driveway and race up and down the road looking for a parked car, or in my case, a dumbass on a bike.

About fifteen minutes went by. I couldn’t see the house for the corn. I didn’t hear any sounds. The fear and panic was leaving my body. I had gone from about to fuck Mary Lou to being what I thought was a fleeing felon. I started to get hard thinking about my dick spurting inside Mary Lou. Then her Mom showing off, I’m sure it was showing off, her naked body took the state of of cock to raging hardon. Holy, Shit! Mary Mensen, fully naked with me maybe five feet away.

I listened for a car running or footsteps on the road. The next sound was that of my hand furiously beating up and down the length of my shaft. Mary Mensen. Would her married cunt feel like her daughter’s velvet little box? Sperm blasted from the end of my cock.

“That was for you, Mary Menson!”

I looked in the direction of her house with nothing to view but a field of corn. I put the bike back on the road. I rode the whole mile with the constant feeling that the Buick was running right on my ass with headlights off. It wasn’t Kansas, but there was sure no place like home when I got there.

The next afternoon Ron and I were playing catch after I helped him with his chores. Everything seemed pretty normal. No shotgun, no screamed obscenities. Mary Mensen gave me a combination stern and quizzical look. I almost expected to hear her say, “I hope you liked what you saw.” I liked it alright with a second load as soon as I was home safely, and another that morning, and again in the weeds right before I arrived at their house.

Mary Lou was a little nervous like. A look I’d see when she really wanted fucked. Finally we were close enough for her to speak.

“I think Mom stood outside my door last for almost an hour. We need to step back for a little bit. Did she see you in the yard?”

“I don’t think so.”

That was a lie, or probably a lie. But, if she saw me why wasn’t my ass in a police car, or a the least, why wasn’t I banned from the farm? If she knew it was me, why wasn’t she saying anything? Was that a sly all knowing grin I’d see when she looked at me?

It was August and school would start soon. My lack of pussy from Mary Lou wasn’t the worst thing ever. I nailed Bev a couple of times at her house. There was my remembrance of naked Mary Mensen in all her glory which easily could unleash loads of sperm flying everywhere. That happened a lot.

School started. Being that I had a car and Ron and I had been friends for a while I detoured to his house to give him a ride. Mary Lou dressed in skirt and blouse looked very fuckable for a seventh grader.

“Can I ride, too?”

Her honey dipped voice almost made me cream my jeans.

“No, Brat! It’s guys only. Take the bus!” Ron growled at his little sister.

“Oh, I don’t know it could be a girl thing, too.” I nodded to my little fuck mate.

Mary Lou gave her brother an evil glare and bounced into the back seat behind him. At the first stop sign she had her legs open so I could see all the way to her underwear. I hoped the little flirt was ready to fuck again. Jacking off to the vision of her naked Mom was great, but pussy is pussy.

Bev and I had three classes together. We would speak. The flirt was in her eyes, but she kept anything between us well hidden. She was the church girl of church girls again to everyone. As for me, I’d picture my cock sliding up inside her and my cum swimming towards her womb. Talk about a girl with a secret.

Mary Lou and I got to the car that afternoon before her brother. She was bubbling over with excitement about something.

“I got my period last week. Now that I know when it’s not safe to fuck we’ll know when for you to pull out and not cum in me.”

“That’s a relief. I’ve missed you and your little snatch.”

“Come by and fuck me tonight. You can cum in me all you want.”

She sounded like a ten year old giggling. At ten o’clock I was in her room and fucking her little cunt. Her tits were taking some shape and a little more hair was on her still sparsely covered little snatch. It was good to be fucking her again.

“How does it feel to be fucking a woman now?”

“What?” I thought she knew about her cousin Bev.

“I’ve had my period. I’m a woman now. You’re fucking a twelve year old woman. I’m not just a kid any more! Mom tried the young woman talk with me about my body. If she only knew I’d fucked you a hundred times already.”

Mary Lou fucked back at me pretty hard. My first load in her in almost a month escaped me and into her cunt.

“Oh, God, yes. Fuck me. Let me feel your seed in my tummy. Fuck me, fuck me.”

Then she just mumbled. I guess she missed me, too. I shot a load in her three different times. She still wanted more, but I was back home in my bed by 11:30.

The next morning Mary Lou was in the car while we waited on Ron. She had her skirt up and her legs open showing signs of my sperm in her cunt.

“Look what’s going to be riding with me today!”

God, I could have ate her out right there.

Ron burst out of the house on a run. Mary Lou covered her panties back over her little pussy and put her legs and skirt down.

We were back to every night in Lou’s bed. Every night cumming in her twice except in the fertile times of the month when I’d pull out and shoot on her cunt, but not inside it. It was more than sex. Mary Lou had a big crush on me and I loved the little tramp.

Bev had her antichurch agenda. Twice a month, half way between her period and her fertile time she marked off a time for us to fuck. She said it kept her from being too virtuous. What it got her was fucked and a cunt full of cum. She liked to get dirty about it, begging me to fuck her and cum in her.

Then there the the first week of October. Bev passed me an actual note. Risky business!

“I need you to fuck me after school.”

Bev was naked when I got to her house. She said she had a big fight with her parents about dating and needed me to fuck her. Things were high energy. We had kissed, but this was passionate and needy. When weren’t kissing and fucking she was spouting all sorts of profanity. I unload a burst of cum inside her. It made her cum with me, but did not slow her down. What felt like a softening of my cock reversed itself and I was rock hard again. Bev showed and spoke a lot of inspiration. I gave her a second load and she calmed down a lot. This kissing kept it up. Now I was soft inside her and about to slip out.

“Do you know what we just did?” She gasped.

“Yes, it was great!”

“No, more than that. We probably just made a baby in me.”

“Bev! No! Wait! Why?”

“I hate my parents. I don’t want to be Church Girl. I think it would be funny if their special princess had to get married at age sixteen. I challenged God to let me get pregnant. I don’t want college to be a female minister like Mom wants. Dad’s okay. It’s Mom’s fucking family. They’re the church freaks. I don’t want to be like that!”

We waited. Bev missed her period. I was going to be the guy that knocked up the church girl. Satisfied she was pregnant Bev wanted to fuck a little more often. Basketball practice started. Now it was sneaking away at lunch to fuck a couple of times per week.

Maybe it was time to break away from Mary Lou if we weren’t in an unofficial “until death do us part” scenario. Except for avoiding the mess now that she had her period it was still every school night.

Mary Lou had made the seventh grade cheer squad. Girls practiced cheers at the school while we practiced basketball at the gym. Ron wasn’t in to basketball and Mary Mensen soon realized that I could bring Mary Lou home with me and save her a trip to school. Her dad offered to put gas in my car every week.

That soon led to us talking in the car a few minutes when I’d bring her home. What it really was would be me playing with her little boobs and her sucking my cock a few minutes. Even though she thought it was just talking it was hard to hide from Mary Menson there was a little interest growing there. True enough. I’d be back fucking her daughter a few hours later.

That continued while Bev and I waited to see if my seed had made a direct hit on her ovulated egg. Would I be a dad and a husband while still in high school? Other, more slutty girls had been new mommies at sixteen. But, surely not the Church Girl?

The first grading period was over at school. I wasn’t so sure I was doing well in that English II class that Miss Groves tempted me to sign up for after our little private discussion right before the last school year ended. When I signed up for classes I put down English II on my schedule. I’m not an English II kind of guy, but watching Miss Groves teach a class did give me an erection. Bev was in the class, too. If I could have had two erections I would have them.

As grades came out I got called to stay after class. Bev snickered at me as she left the room. Her clothes didn’t reveal how hot looking she was underneath them. I had been wondering what being married to her might be like if she truly was having my baby.

“How are you liking English II?”

Miss Groves, Ellie, turned towards me while moving her legs far enough apart to move the dress almost a foot above her knees. Thigh high stockings ended to reveal a couple of inches of bare thigh. She actually lifted one knee a little bit to help the reveal.

“It’s okay, I guess.”

“No, it’s not. I didn’t know I’d have a boyfriend when I teased you into signing up and asking you to help me with boxes.”

“That’s okay.”

“You know, you really suck at this class. I’ve been cheating on your test scores.”

“Really?” I looked at my grade. “I’m not getting a B+?”

“No,” she laughed. “Not even close.”

Was the pretty 23 year old teacher considering taking a chance on fucking her student? I would have fucked her right there on her desk had she gave me just a slightly higher view up her thighs.

“I still have boxes to move if you are interested.”

I lied to Mary Lou and told her my Mom’s brother was visiting. Mom thought I was driving into town to meet some of the guys. I dropped Mary Lou off at home, drove back into town and sneaked in near Miss Grove’s apartment. She was dressed in slacks and a button up shirt, bare feet.

It was a small farm community. I came off as the innocent nice guy. Some women and girls were attracted to flashy, jock kind of guys. I wasn’t that. I was about ready to drop off the basketball team. I was innocent. Both Mary Lou and Bev had singled me out to fuck them. Now I was in Miss Groves apartment. If that wasn’t probably enough to get her fired. What happened probably would.

“You remind me of my first boyfriend when we were both your age. I gave my virginity to him. You are the first person I’ve met like him since. Now here you are at sixteen and I’m twenty three. Are you good at keeping secrets?”

“Yes, Miss Groves. I won’t tell anyone about that.”

“Ellie!” She reminded me. “We’re never more alone than we are right now.”

She was smiling at me. I knew what she was going to do. Keeping secrets wasn’t as problem for me as proven with a certain twelve year old and a cheerleader church girl. If Ellie was wanting me to fuck her, I could think of anyone that wouldn’t, and I’d learned enough not to turn her down.

Ellie smelled nice. Mary Lou nor Bev had a scent of soap and shampoo. Ellie smelled lightly of perfume. She stepped boldly towards me and put her hands on both of my shoulders.

“We are in this together, right?”

I kissed her. Yes, me. I kissed her. Not that she wasn’t all over me, but tender and sweet. I had my hands on her waist not trying anything else. Our tongues touched as hers moved towards mine. She paused and looked into my eyes for reassurance.

“Here we go then.”

Ellie unfastened her shirt and dropped in on the floor beside her. Then undid her slacks and stepped out of them, leaving a pile at her feet. She reached behind her back for the clasp on her bra. That was tossed towards the shirt.

“Come on then.”

She walked away from me with her hips swaying in black bikini underwear. I followed her to her bed. She hooked her thumbs at the sides of her panties and pushed them down her legs. Miss Groves was naked before me.

A little panic struck. Mary Lou and Bev had been virgins when we fucked. Miss Groves spoke of losing her virginity at sixteen and having a boyfriend as recently as when school started. I wasn’t going to be the only one she ever fucked. Where was I going to rate? I didn’t relish the title of “Worst Fuck Ever”. I felt myself blush as I undressed in front of her.

“Hmmm. Better than I hoped for. Seven inches?”

“What? Yes. Right. Seven inches.”

“Good. The biggest I’ve had was my last boyfriend. His was no more than maybe a little over six. And, you’re thicker, too. I’ll enjoy this.”

She might have been a really good liar, but I believed her. A sexually frustrated school teacher was about to fuck her student. In awe of her being naked I hadn’t noticed that she shaved her pussy until she laid back and spread her legs for me. There was no way I wasn’t eating that.

“Oh! I was expecting a two minute fuck and a blast of sperm inside me. You seem to be determined to show a girl a good time.”

I could make this last until she gave out. A couple of quick cums from Miss Groves and she wanted me to fuck her. After the head went in I actually had to work in the shaft. She was tight. Her infatuation with my width was justified. I stroked my way towards her cervix. There was no doubt she hadn’t had a bigger cock. I was such a stud!

“Oh my. I can’t believe I have something that big in me.”

I wanted to blurt out that I was fucking a twelve year old that could handle it. It was euphoric that I was fucking someone seven years older. Kind of weird that she would risk her career and maybe even jail to fuck a student.

“When you cum, cum in me. I’m on the pill.”

I kept stroking to the end of her cunt. The peaceful Miss Groves got pretty riled up.

“Oh, fuck me. Shoot that cum in my cunt!”

When I got up she seemed a little embarrassed that my cum was running out of her.

“Toss me my panties”

She lifted her ass and slipped them on. I followed her to the kitchen. She handed me a soda.

“You know we’ll be doing this again.” Miss Groves grinned.

“I forgot about moving those boxes for you.”

“There were never any boxes.”


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