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Cindy Gets Fucked

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Cindy gets fucked young by her cousins, then her brother and his friends I wrote this story and have copied it from a site where I had posted it last year.


Her husband was out of town again. With Alex gone Cindy was lonely, not that he fucked her a lot, but having him near made life nicer. She had given to birth five children. The last was gone now. Gone to college. The rest out of the house, two of them married. Cindy would be a grandmother soon if her daughter’s plans with her new husband worked out.

Sex was important to Cindy although Alex had started to slip. Maybe he was fucking someone else. Cindy had her own affairs along the way and he had, too. Cindy was eleven when she gave her cherry to her cousins during her annual summer stay at her Aunt’s farm in Kansas. The boys were thirteen and fifteen when Cindy let them fuck her. Her hairless cunt was the only thing womanly about her as she was flat chested and titless at age eleven.

The boys were just happy to have a pussy to shove their cocks into. Both boys were into puberty and shot nice loads of cum into Cindy’s willing cunt. The month of July was Cindy’s month to visit. That July when she was eleven, turning twelve on the 21st her cousins Chris and Danny were fucking her three and four times per day each. After getting over being a little sore the first couple of days she was wishing they would fuck her even more often.

Cindy liked the feel of their cocks fucking inside her and the way their cum felt spurting in her little cunt. Had she been older they surely would have knocked her up. When vacation ended the loss of cock drove Cindy almost mad. Her brother’s friend that lived two doors down was almost seventeen. She wondered if he would fuck her.

That afternoon while her parents were both at work Cindy was wearing short shorts with no underwear and a tight t-shirt. Her mom hadn’t seen a need for a bra yet, and there wasn’t anything to hide but tiny nipples. Her cousins had licked them and sucked them. They stuck out a little, but no more than a boy’s would in a cool breeze.

Her brother paid her no attention. His friend Gary took notice of the shorts pressing into her little slit. What Cindy had going for her was a cute ass that she made sure Gary’s noticed. Her brother went to the upstairs bathroom to take a shit.

Cindy was sort of awestruck with Gary. Gary had a car and a girl friend. Word was that his girlfriend wouldn’t put out. Maybe that could work to her advantage. Cindy sat on the chair with her knees apart facing Gary. Except for the fabric Cindy’s little pussy was in plain view. The tight material hugged her lips and clung to her slit.

“You know those tight shorts kind of show what you’ve got down there.”

Cindy smiled at what was becoming a tent in his pants. He looked around for her brother.

“You look nice but there’s nothing I can do with a little kid. What are you ten now?”

Her little pussy was the only thing remotely womanly about her. She scooted forward on the chair and pulled her knees a little further apart.

“No, I’m twelve. Nothing wrong about being twelve. I’ll grow boobs and pubic hair.”

“What??? You don’t even have hair on that thing? God, I could be in so much trouble!”

“Might be a good kind of trouble.”

Gary had fumbled around in his girlfriends panties but never had seen a real pussy. Cindy stood up to step out of her shorts and went right back on the chair, scooted forward and knees wide spread. What was hers for twelve years was in full view. Gary crawled over for a better view.

“What about your brother?”

“He’s in the bathroom jacking off to what some girl probably said to him or maybe thinking about someone’s big tits. We’ll hear the toilet flush before he comes back down here.”

Seventeen and twelve was all Gary could think about. He wanted to touch her.

“Touch it. Smell it. Kiss it. I’m not going to tell anyone. Stick your cock in it if you want. I don’t care. I’d like to feel it in me.”

Gary had lost control. He moved closer and decided to give it a sniff. He liked the smell.

“Do you like that? That’s what a women smells like when she’s ready to be fucked. Go ahead and touch it.”

Gary’s hand reached out to her softness. Cindy let out a little moan as his fingers touched her smooth pussy lips. Her fat little lips looked like a closed clamshell over her sex.

“Kiss it. You’ll see how smooth I am on your lips.”

He let his tongue dip into her slit. Cindy squirmed in her seat. A couple of more licks and he made her cum. The juices were coming as he licked deeper.

“Go ahead do it! Put your cock in me.”

“I can’t do it. I can’t put my cock in a twelve year old.”

He pulled it out to show her. It was huge. Nothing like the boys on the farm.

“That’s not going to fit in there.” He was rock hard.

“It won’t go if you don’t try.”

Gary wasn’t even sure where it went. Cindy grabbed his shaft and guided the fat head between her now flowering cunt lips. Most of the head was still outside of her.

“You’re going to need to push!” She whispered.

She grunted as the head disappeared within her outer lips.

“Well, your are in me whether the rest goes or not.”

“I wish you were more like fourteen or fifteen.”

“No you don’t. Not if you get it in me. Pull out a little and push back in.”

Another inch was in. She wondered if it was going to split her. Cindy was overmatched. Gary was trying to get nine inches in her little girl pussy. He backed out and back in and got in two inches more. She didn’t think her cousins had more than five inches in her. She was cumming again. The extra wetness was helping. Her whole pussy was hugging his cock.

Seed was starting to spurt into her. She shoved against him as the feeling was making her cum hard. More cock slid deep into her. More spurts of seed were hitting her at her very depths. Gary’s voice sounded hollow and distant. Cindy felt she was so overcome that she was passing out. She focused on the voice.

“Holy shit! It’s all the way in Cindy.”

Her mind was in a fog. A little eighty-five pound, four foot ten twelve year old had just taken a fat nine inch cock.

“Are you all right?” Gary sounded panicked.

“Ummm, all right. We’ve got to do this again.”

“Yeah, I know. I love you Cindy.”

She shook her head. That was a little extreme.

Cum came with it when he pulled his cock from her. Then surged from Cindy’s cunt and onto the floor. She handed him a paper towel to wipe his dick, stuffed one between her legs, the cleaned their cum off the kitchen floor. The toilet flushed upstairs.

They shared a quick passionate kiss before Cindy hurriedly put her shorts back on and fastened them. It looked like a man kissing a little girl, which is pretty much what it was. A little girl with an accommodating cunt. Cindy rushed past her brother on her way up the stairs to her room.

School lasted forever the next day. The more later it got the slower the clock went. Cindy had a restless night with the feel of the huge cock still affecting her now woman-sized cunt. Cum ran from her during the night then again into her underwear at school. She couldn’t wait for it to happen to her again.

Gary felt the same way. He wanted the odd relationship. He’d dump his girlfriend for her if her parents would allow a twelve year old to date someone almost seventeen. He tried to appear comfortable walking home with her brother while little Cindy tagged along. With in minutes her brother hit the bathroom.

There was a spare room with a bed where Cindy’s Uncle would crash when he drank too much or fought with his wife. The room was a mess, but Cindy led Gary into the room and was quickly naked. Gary didn’t mind her lack of tits and quickly started licking and kissing her little nipples. Soon moving to her cute round ass and then burying his face in her wet little snatch. Not having tits didn’t stop her from feeling the effect of his kissing them and kissing her open little pussy was driving her wild.

The nine inch cock looked obscene against the opening to her little girl’s twat. Even more obscene when one realized that moments later she had the length of it in her as Gary fucked it in and out. Gary wasn’t lasting more than a couple of minutes in the child’s tight little cunt. His sperm spurting into her would send Cindy into a crashing orgasm of her own. They laid there kissing, him still in her. His tongue exploring hers caused him to harden again and send another load deep within her. Cindy kept cumming even while the big cock softened. Cindy thought this was the man she would want to marry.

They were dressed and well back into the kitchen when the toilet flushed. The two would sometimes get to fuck on the weekend. Gary started staying overnights, claiming his dad beat him at him. Every opportunity at those times found Gary in Cindy’s room fucking her little cunt. Gary dumped his girlfriend. Cindy got her first period right at thirteen. They were amazed that Gary hadn’t knocked her up during her first fertile period in the days before.

Cindy’s mom was kind of a slut and had “the talk” with Cindy. She suggested that if Cindy decided to fuck a boy she wouldn’t make Mom a grandmother. A week later after a visit to the doctor Cindy was on the pill.

As time moved on Gary graduated from high school and was now fucking Cindy, now a seventh grader. Something went sideways with her brother. He figured out that his buddy was fucking his sister. He told her that if she’d fuck him every once in a while he wouldn’t tell their parents. Cindy made him promise not to to tell Gary and they started to fuck.

He was in her room every night the first week as well as playing ignorant when his buddy fucked her. The actions of the first week never became that once in a while he had threatened her with as brother and sister fucked most every night, sometimes twice. Although not a big as Gary her brother fucking her was nice. Having two guys fucking her kept Cindy in a good place. Being on the pill meant she wouldn’t be having her brother’s baby.

Cindy’s tits grew into a nice handful and hair covered her pussy mound. The little girl had become a well fucked young woman. By fifteen she was attracted to a boy in the class ahead of her. The boy was Alex. Now fucking three guys, mostly because she needed it. The pills failed somehow. She hadn’t missed taking even a single one. Cindy was the victim of the 3% of women where the pill didn’t always work.

She continued to fuck all three until she started to show. In a hard choice she chose Alex with no idea who the father would be. The calendar showed that Cindy was going to be a mom at age 15, almost a month before her sixteenth birthday.

Alex quickly married her and looked forward to having a family even at their young age. He found a night job so he could stay in school and moved in with Cindy and her parents. With Alex working at night Gary was still over at the house after school to fuck Cindy and her brother got to her pussy on an almost everyday basis. Cindy let her brother and Gary in on the fact that they were both fucking her. This made easier access for both as well as enabling them to cover for each other.

Alex, of course, slept with Cindy when he made her his wife and fucked her every night when he got home from work and again in the morning before they got up to go to school. Alex and Cindy lived with her parents until they were out of school. Both Gary and her brother continued to fuck her on a daily basis. Most days Gary fucked her after school and her brother fucked her after Gary left and again before Alex got home without Alex’s knowledge. Even then, at times, it didn’t seem like enough for a girl with Cindy’s appetite for cock.

Senior year Cindy had another baby as the pills again didn’t work for her. Gary had married the old girlfriend he had dumped when he was fucking Cindy at twelve years of age. Still having her brother as a friend would often get Gary the chance to fuck Cindy again and again.

She married Alex because he was more her age than the 5 year older Gary even though she loved his bigger cock. Those first two babies she had in high school looked so much like Gary that he would have been the better choice for marriage. Before graduation she was again pregnant.

Cindy’s brother had never married because although he had sex with some other girls he told Cindy he’d never had a better fuck than his own sister. Based on looks that third baby she was carrying was her brother’s. Despite the warning about siblings having retarded children the boy was very bright and good looking. Alex never realized that the family resemblance rather than being based on DNA was based on the sperm from her brother that seeded her fertile egg.

With Gary moved away and having children of his own sex for Cindy was with either her husband or her brother. Sex with Alex slowed down, but her brother continued to nail her a couple of times per day. With that third baby born when Cindy was still eighteen her parents in a polite way suggested they needed they own place and put up a security deposit on a small place.

The night before the move Cindy fucked her brother and cried about him not being around their baby and her not getting to fuck him.

“What am I supposed to do? Load up three kids and drive over here so I can have your cock in me?”

“We’ll figure something out. With me working days and Alex still gone nights maybe I can fuck you after work. You are my sister. I should be allowed to stop in to visit.”

The next day while helping with the move Alex proposed a question.

“Hey David, me and Cindy were talking. She said that you pay your parents $50 per week to live at home. We could double up two of the kids and throw a mattress in the small bedroom for you. Two hundred a month would really help us out without Cindy going to work and hiring a sitter.”

“Sounds good. The next trip I’ll throw my stuff on the truck with yours.”

Alex would go to work, a half hour later David would get home and Cindy would then be fucking her brother. Every night twice for sure, some nights three, especially Friday nights knowing Alex would be home for the weekend. Cindy faithfully took the birth control pill, yet right at her twenty-first birthday she had her fifth.

With bad results from the pill Alex volunteered to get cut. Since none of her five kids were his she was afraid the doctors would sperm test him and tell him he was sterile. Even though the last child wasn’t born yet she was positive it would belong to her and her brother. Right after the last kid was born Cindy had her tubes tied knowing that she couldn’t have a sterile husband and birth another one of her brother’s children.

Cindy got what she could from her husband and fucked her brother every chance she got. Having her tubes tied didn’t affect her sex much because even when she could have children she didn’t care if one of the guys knocked her up.

The little girl’s body that started getting fucked when she was eleven held up pretty well. Her tits were never a handful. Most B-Cups fit pretty well, but still could pack them into a A-Cup and get some cleavage. Most people told her she was too skinny. Her ass had a nice shape in pants or shorts. She had kept her pussy neatly trim, but the last couple of years had kept it shaved bald. Both her husband and her brother liked it with her husband most likely to eat her out.

The time came when Cindy wanted more. Her brother occasionally brought a friend home for a beer after work, usually for Monday Night Football. It was on a Wednesday though when Cindy made her move on his friend Kenny. He had been there several times and Cindy would catch him checking her out even though he had a wife at home.

It’s hard to flirt with all five of your kids running in and out and your brother sitting next to your target. They seemed to like each other pretty well so right in the middle of all the noise and confusion Cindy leaded over to Kenny’s ear.

“If we could get my brother to keep the kids out of my bedroom I’d take you back there and fuck you.”

Kenny’s jaw dropped. He looked at her brother. Kenny had met Alex once and didn’t think Cindy would be the type to cheat on him. David gave an equally puzzled look to both of them. Cindy made a wobbling motion with her fingers towards her kids

“Watch the kids for me. Keep them away from the bedroom.”

Dave looked shocked, but nodded his head to indicate O.K. Cindy looked at Kenny and walked down the hall. Cindy closed the bedroom door behind them.

“With my husband working late and coming home tired I need some more cock from somewhere. You look like you might be a volunteer. Would you like to fuck me?”

“Ummm, yes, Hell yes!”

“How are things at home? You and the wife okay? I don’t want to cause trouble in your marriage and have her over here in my face.”

By then Cindy was naked with her hands on her waist and her shaved pussy just a few feet from him.

“We’re fine. I’m not going to tell her anything.”

“Do you love her?”


Okay, I love my husband. We can’t do anything to mess that up. Do you still want to fuck me?”

All Kenny could do was nod his head.

“Well … ???”

“Oh! Oh, yeah.”

Kenny fumbled to get off his clothes. His cock was hard before his pants hit the floor. Cindy saw she had made a good choice. His cock was long and thick. It had a curve to one side in it about a third of the way back from the head. He was already leaking precum. Cindy laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Kenny sucked her nipples while his cock bobbed in the area of her slit. She reached down and guided it to her slit.

It slid in smoothly into her wetness. She put her legs up over his ass to hold him tight and let him fuck her. The idea of new cock had her cumming often. No worries about babies any more. She fucked him hard. Kenny carried a pretty good load. He spurted it deep in her cunt, first in hard pulses and the last just flowed towards her welcoming cervix.

Her brother had a close eye on the kids. He knew his sister wouldn’t want to be interrupted. He was surprised that she had taken this long to find more cock. All the fuckings the three used to give her probably wouldn’t satisfy her now. He expected there to be more. He had mixed emotions about it. He wasn’t her husband, but he was the father of her last three kids. He wouldn’t mind having his sister to himself. He knew one guy wouldn’t be enough.

Kenny softened enough to slip out of Cindy’s twat. He looked at his seed puddled in her open slit.

“Wow! That was great. I can’t believe you let me do that.”

“It was great. You can do it whenever you want. Just don’t let your wife find out.”

Kenny was stroking his dick. Some cum was leaking from the slit in the head of it. It seemed to be getting harder as they talked. A few minutes later it was at full staff. Cindy laid back in the bed. Kenny’s little pool of cum in her slit beckoned his cock back into her. It had been quite a while since Gary last fucked her. Maybe this third cock would help with her cravings for something more. A second ejaculation squirted deep inside her.

Cindy and Kenny returned to the kitchen. Nothing was said about what she had just done. The conversation remained light until Kenny left to go home to his wife. Her brother took her back to his room and fucked her. She told him that Kenny had fucked her and cum in her twice.

“Maybe three loads will hold you until your husband gets home. Are you going to fuck him with that much cum in there?”

“I’ll let some leak out before he gets home. He won’t notice since you usually fuck me before he gets home anyway.”

She dragged a finger into the mess and removed it with a lot of the load glistening on it. She sucked it off and swallowed it right in front of him. He hated it when she did that. He was glad he was her brother and not her husband so he would have to be kissing her. As it were there she told him that a couple of times per weeks she would shower and rinse herself off good and let him eat out the rest. When she had sex with Alex either her brother or Gary had just fucked her. When he went down on her he liked what he thought was her natural taste.

“How as Kenny? Are you going to start fucking my friends now?”

“I’m sure as hell going to be fucking that one. Nice cock, he knows how to put it where you other two don’t reach and a fills me with a very generous amount of cum. Did you have someone else in mind?”

David knew his sister was serious. He’d seen that look before although it looked a little more intense this time. She had gotten like this in the past and almost fucked the three of them to death. Having a little help would be a blessing.

“What should I do, Sis? Bring home all the guys I work with in my department?”

“Not all at once. How many are there?”

“Five. You could take them all on at once or bring them by for you one at a time. You interested?”

“Let’s see how Kenny works out. I wasn’t kidding about his cock and how much he shoots in to me. I don’t know why his wife lets him get away.”

“When I told you I had been with some women and said that as long as I can fuck you I didn’t ever want to get married, she was one of those. Not much in return from her as she’d just lay there while I fucked her. Now she’s about 180 pounds. That’s why he’d rather hang around and look at you. Now that you’ve fucked him he’s going to be here every afternoon after work.”

“Don’t do anything to stop him. I need that cock and sperm in me.”

“You husband had just fucked you before going to work.”

“Yes, but that’s just my husband, then you come home and fuck me.”

Kenny was there every afternoon after that. Cindy would have crashed without that 45 minutes with Kenny’s cock in her while her brother watched the kids. It got to where his wife would call asking for Kenny to pick up something on his way home.

What ever was driving Cindy’s desire to get fucked she knew she was going to need more. She told herself she would even fuck an ugly guy if he had a big cock. There was the recent time she ran out to the store late for milk for the kid’s breakfast. Her brother was with the kids at home while she fucked a stranger in the parking lot after meeting him in the store. Most dangerous was the man looking for the people that had lived in the house before her. She let him fuck her from behind while she leaned over the kitchen table. Her husband was sleeping upstairs and her kids were playing just outside. The extra risk made her cum like a fountain.

So, this day Kenny had left and Cindy has just taken a load from her brother.

“We need to talk. You guys can’t keep up.”

Her brother seemed puzzled.

“You and Kenny are great, but I’m going to need more. You had said you worked with five guys in your department. Kenny needs to keep coming over, but I’m going to need someone else. Maybe someone when Kenny leaves.”

“I sure all five of them would fuck you in a heartbeat. I thought you were happy with Kenny.”

“I am happy with Kenny. I need more cock, more cum in me.”

“Ted’s single. He’s a little weird. Wears bib overalls. I’ve seen his dick at the urinals at work. He’s probably someone you’d like. I could have him over here in an hour.”

“OK. Make the call. These guys aren’t going to tell people about me are they? They need to keep it to themselves.”

“No, you’ll be fine. I’ll invite Ted over and you can check him out.”

Ted seemed to meet the requirements although the requirements for his sister were usually hidden by a guy’s pants. Cindy gave her brother a smile, a nod, and a wink. There was lots going on as David and Cindy were getting the kids ready for bed, fixing a snack, and helping with homework while trying to keep Ted in the conversation until he learned why he was there.

Then before all was done Cindy and Ted were gone and the bedroom door closed. Finishing up was no problem for David since he had impregnated his sister with the last three. It was 8:30 when they slipped away and almost time for Alex to get home from work at 11:30 before they came out of the room. Cindy gave him a quick kiss and sent him on his way. Alex came in the door not two minutes later.

Cindy showered while Alex made himself a sandwich. David, having missed his chance at his sister before her husband got home went to be in his small room off the back. About one in the morning his door cracked open and his sister joined him bed naked.

“What are you doing?”

“I want to fuck you.”

“You spent three hours with Ted.”

“Yes, he made me cum over and over again. He only pulled out once and came in me three times. Then I fucked Alex after my shower. Now I need you to fuck me.”

“Isn’t Alex not going to know that you aren’t in his bed?”

“He sleeps through the night. I just fucked him so hard he won’t wake until the alarm goes off in the morning.”

Cindy spent the night with her brother, fucking him until he couldn’t get it up, then woke him early to fuck again. Whatever the need was to get fucked it had his sister well in it’s grip.

Ted had bowling night and something else to keep him away two nights a week. Cindy was after her brother to fuck her more or bring in another friend.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me that I need so much cock. It’s like a fever. It’s like I need to feed it like a fever and hope it goes away. Well not go away, but at least slow down.”

“Or, puts you in the hospital.”

Her brother had just pulled out of her after fucking her for the third time. Ted made it back the next night. After he left her brother fucked her and when they went to bed so did her husband. In the middle of the night her brother awoke to her sucking his cock. She slipped back in bed with her husband right before dawn.

It was Saturday and everyone slept late. Cindy acted like a woman that just got fucked. But, there was an edge to her that told she wanted still more. Alex offered to take the kids to see a movie. David and his sister stayed behind. She fucked him for most of three hours.

“This isn’t getting any better. I’m sure there is a point that I can back off. Right now all I can think is cock, cock, cock … cock. She laughed.

“As much as I like fucking my little sister you are wearing me out.”

“I was thinking about your five friends at work. Maybe it’s not how many times I fuck, but how may guys I fuck. Why don’t you have a Monday Night Football party and invite all of them over. Kenny and Ted are in. I’m sure the others would like free pussy.”

“We could get snacks and drinks. I could slip away with Kenny or Ted and the rest would get the idea. One after the other.”

“Alex would get home before the game ended.”

“That’s okay. They can quit fucking me then. You can introduce him to your friends. He wouldn’t need to know they had all fired a load in me.”

“There might be a problem with Steve. He’s the church guy in the group. He’d probably jump right at it, but maybe I should bring him by after work to be sure. If you can’t get him to fuck you then we had better leave him out of the party.”

Cindy’s pussy was running things now. Another man fucking her Monday. Monday seemed like forever. She was catching herself rubbing her clit and dipping a couple of fingers into her wet gash. She could get herself off in rapid fire orgasms. It wasn’t a substitute for a hard cock and hot seed. Sunday and Monday mornings she hustled back to bed after spending both nights with her brother tried to pump enough cum in her to fill her needs.

During the day Monday Cindy coaxed her husband to fuck her three times before he left for work at 2:30. By 3:30 her brother would be home. She’d have his cock in her if he didn’t bring his friend. Her juices started flowing when she saw a different car pull in the driveway behind David.

Steve looked just like a church person, maybe even like a preacher. Clean cut and neatly dressed Cindy wanted fucked by this man that was slightly more upper crust than her usual bunch even though they worked at the same place. Things didn’t happen right away although Cindy was getting the right looks it all seemed tentative until she went to the laundry room leaving her brother alone with Steve.

“I don’t think I could live here with you sister looking that hot and not try to fuck her.”

“Really? What do you like about her?”

“Everything! She’s hot. She has that fuck me kind of look about her.”

David was shocked that his churchy friend would talk that way, especially about his sister.

“I bet she’d do it.”

“Do what?” Steve looked almost panicked at his friend. “Oh, man. I wish she would. But, I can’t take your money.”

“I wouldn’t mind taking yours. Go on in there. Pay her a compliment, kiss her, put you hand right on her cunt. I’m betting she’ll fuck you. If she gets mad I’ve got your back. I’ll tell her I was playing a joke on you.”

David was grinning thinking about pimping out his own sister. He knew the hundred dollars was his. Steve would find out during the game he’s been suckered. Her brother laughed to himself as he watched his buddy go into the hallway. He didn’t ask for exact details. The door to his sister’s bedroom soon closed behind the new fuck buddies.

Steve slipped Dave the money out at the car.

“I need to get home, shower and spend a few minutes with Brenda and the kids before coming over for the game. Do you think I’ll get a chance to fuck her again.”

“How many times did you just fuck her?”

“Twice. She let me cum in her bareback.”

“Did she like it?”

“As far as I could tell. She got pretty excited when I started to cum in her.”

“She needs a lot of cock right now for some reason. If she had you fuck her twice she must have liked it. If she doesn’t slip away with you tonight maybe you can stop by after work again tomorrow.”

David laughed at his deception. He hoped Steve didn’t fuck his wife Brenda when he got home. Cindy would be after more of his cum that night. David retuned to the house to ask his sister how it went.

“That was really easy. After the first load he laid with his dick still in me and cum leaking around it. He got himself into a guilt trip over cheating on his wife. The more he said the harder his dick got. He was soon back in me with more enthusiasm than before. The first time was more like excuse me I just came in you. The second time it was more take that bitch, I hope I knocked you up.”

About 7:30 the gang started showing up. The three she knew we there first, no doubt hoping it would turn into a gang bang with everyone fucking her. Lastly her brother introduced her to Dan and Marcus. He had never mentioned that Marcus was black. David gave her a “shit eating grin” as Marcus shook her hand. If her brother thought he had gotten the best of her he was in for a surprise.

Cindy had wondered if a black cock might be the answer to her desire for more sex. If the rumors she had heard about black men and them having large cocks was true she might want to save him for last. Her own juices were starting to trickle down her thighs.

Still forty minutes before kick off Cindy was no where to be seen and Kenny was also missing. Kenny was gone about twenty minutes. When he came back he nodded at Ted who soon wandered away from the TV. A few minutes through the first quarter Ted was back and a nervous Steve left the room. Dan and Marcus squirmed in their seats when they figured out what was going on. Would they get a turn at their buddy’s sexy sister?

Sort of like getting called back to the doctor’s office Cindy appeared in the doorway and called Dan back with her. At first she hid her nakedness by leaning around the door. As they walked to her bedroom you could see Cindy sway her bare ass and when she turned to say something to Dan it revealed her hard nipples and bouncing tits.

The ballgame was a blow out. Cindy was a major hit. The three back in the room had fucked her before that night. Dan was back getting his chance to fuck the hot wife for the first time. Marcus was showing some frustration as everyone else that had gone back was white and he was figuring she wasn’t going to want his black seed in her married white cunt.

Fucking his friend’s sister for the first time was being offset by what would happen to Dan if his wife found out he got to fuck the pretty mother of five. Dan was holding his own with his cock in her the second time after lasting almost twenty minutes before blowing a large load in her willing cunt moments earlier. Cindy laid under him for several minutes before making an effort to get up.

“We’d better get out there before Marcus starts thinking I won’t fuck him because he is black.”

Cindy had been thinking about how big he might be since laying eyes on him earlier. She had to fight the urge to fuck him as soon as her brother introduced them. Maybe some other time fucking black may have seemed wrong, but the craving for all cock no matter what color or race made the little wife want it even more.

“This is bullshit!” Marcus finally lost his cool. “I need to get my cock out of my pants whether I get to fuck your married white sister or not.”

Everyone averted their eyes as Marcus stood, unfastened his belt and dropped his pants and boxers to the floor. The sound of his belt buckle hitting the floor caused the men to look his way. Before them was their friend with a thick and obscenely long black cock so hard if you used it to tell time it would be one o’clock.

“Damn, Marcus!” Kenny almost shouted loud enough to wake Cindy’s kids. “If she was going to fuck you you’re going to scare her away when she sees how big that thing is.”

Dan came back from Cindy’s bedroom. Right behind him came Cindy’s voice.

“See how big what is?”

Then she saw it. Maybe a foot of cock with a large purplish head bounced in Marcus’ hand.

“Oh, Jesus Fucking Christ! Do you actually fuck women with that or just scare them with it?”

“I fuck women with it. Most times not with all of it. Why don’t you come take a look for yourself … close up.”

Dave watched his sister’s knees almost buckle as she thought about trying to take the monster inside her.

“Come on back to the bedroom so I can work on it.”

“No, Babe, you can do it right here. The guys all want to see you try. Right guys?”

Everyone spoke up to encourage her. Her brother was nodding for her to do it. If it looked big before it was huge when she put her hand on it. There was so much cock she wasn’t touching with her white hand on the black shaft. The little fantasy she admitted to herself she held in the back of her mind was going to become real. Five other men coaxing her on made her all the more determined to have the black cock inside her.

She moved to kiss the head and pump her fist up and down the length. She kissed and sucked the shaft. Marcus sighed and relaxed in the chair. He knew she would fuck him while the white boys watched her get ripped open. Kenny and Steve moved off the couch to give them more room and get a better view off a black cock that was about to get sucked into white Cindy’s mouth. She licked some precum off the head as Marcus and the rest of the room let out a low moan. Cindy pushed her lips down over the head of the huge prick and got it in her mouth. Not much shaft followed before Cindy flopped on her back on the couch.

“I don’t usually suck cock. You need to fuck me.”

“It’s going to hurt.”

“I don’t think so.” She challenged.

Marcus put the head at her cunt opening and pushed a little. The engorged puffy out lips tried to conform and wrapped around the first part of the head. Everyone else tried to get the best view of Cindy about to be black fucked. Her inner lips were trying to be as welcoming as her outer ones that held his head in a glove like grip.

Cindy’s eyes went from watching the assault on her womanhood to the look on Marcus’ face when the head went in. Cindy had a black cock inside her cunt. A quiet cheer came from the others as they remembered not to wake her children. Before Marcus had a chance to move inward the young wife pushed up against his shaft. Several inches went in with more than half still outside her wanton twat. They began fucking in unison, more cock worked inside her.

If it hurt his sister’s married cunt she wasn’t letting on, David noted and he watched her get black fucked by his friend. At about eight inches Cindy started to cum and became vocal with about every variation of “Fuck me” known to man and the English language. Her new found wetness allowed Marcus to slide in deeper. Everyone was now watching in awe at how much cock the small wife could get jammed inside her. Cindy was arching her back to change the angle so she could take more.

Marcus started to lose it as he saw how much his cock his friend’s young sister could take. With about two inches to go Marcus blew loads of black seed deep against her expanding cervix. Cum was leaking out around his shaft. Cindy was pissed at Marcus.

“You black motherfucker. Why didn’t you hold it until I could get it all in? A real stud is supposed to wait for the lady.”

“I wasn’t fucking a lady. I was fucking you. You’re my little black cock slut now aren’t you?”

Cindy slapped his face.

“I’ve had enough that I know I’m going to need more. I might be a slut, but I’m not your slut. You’re fucking me again and you had better not fucking cum until I have it all inside me.”

Marcus rolled off her to rest. The newly initiated black cock whore laid with her legs spread and cum running from her gaping slit.

“Well … somebody fuck me while Marcus reloads his weapon.”

Kenny got brave and wondered what it would be like to fuck her after the way Marcus had plowed her open. Her cunt was huge. Kenny plopped his dick right in her. It was really loose and slippery, but not really that bad. He didn’t think she could feel him, but she started to react to his strokes and actually started to cum when she felt his load added to the mess.

Then Dan took a turn and dropped a load. Ted remarked about the sloppiness. He managed to make himself and his friend’s sister cum. Last in was Steve.

“Not bad. It feels like fucking my wife, Brenda.” Everyone glanced at him after that remark.

“Brenda?” Marcus perked up to ask. Skinny redhead about five seven, average tit, huge nipples.”

“I don’t think it would be her.”

“Wait, kind of a church lady … started shaving her pussy about six months ago?”

Steve blushed.

“Yeah, I started tapping that about then. Asked her shave it for me. I fuck her every Saturday morning while her husband plays golf.”

Steve blushed deeper red.

“Oh, man. It is her. She’s a great fuck. All over the bed. Sorry I wrecked her out for you. Hey, maybe some morning you’d want to watch my black cock in her.”

Whatever Steve felt he pumped a big load in Cindy’s cock crazy snatch.

However much of a downer it was for Steve he soon had another boner and was probably going to miss golf some Saturday soon. Telling Steve he had fucked his wife had Marcus hard again. He started to feed his dick into Cindy.

“You don’t have to go easy. Just shove in to where you were before and start fucking deep.”

Her ankles locked over his back. The others watched as tiny bits more slid into Cindy’s ravished cunt. Almost all in Cindy had her hand on her stomach.

“Jesus Christ! Your cock is poking me way up here. I can feel the head move in and out.”

One of the others wanted to feel and a strange procession moved along as everyone took a turn feeling the black cock fucking inside her.

Cindy knew she was filled with the entire length of the black baby maker. She rocked gently up to him as he slowly blacked fucked her. Already filled with his seed she could wait a while for more. The others went from watching football to watching her get fucked and back to football again. Steve seemed more turned on than the rest. He seemed proud that his wife had take the length of Marcus as well. And, he had now cheated on her, too.

David thought his sister was finally done fucking. But, instead she took Marcus back to her bedroom where she fucked him until almost time for her husband Alex to be home. She again had her ankles locked around her black lover’s waist. Maybe she would just let Alex come home and watch her get black fucked all night long.

As the time was near for Alex to get home Cindy went to the shower and sent Marcus back to the television. As a group not a lot was said. Cindy came out in pajamas. She turned the couch cushion around to hide a huge cum stain. Then went over and made out with Marcus until they all heard her husband pull into the driveway.

His sister sat in the kitchen, pretending to read a book while David introduced Alex to his friends. He sat with us to finish the game. Some guys looked a little guilty. Alex didn’t catch on.

After another round of handshakes Alex said they should get together for football the next Monday. Everyone spoke up in agreement. Cindy smiled over her book in the kitchen.

Later that night David was awakened by his sister wanting to fuck.

“You didn’t get your turn.”

“How about Alex?”

“Oh, I couldn’t let him fuck me. I’m huge down there and will be leaking cum for hours.”

“Are you going to fuck Marcus again next Monday?”

“I don’t want to wait that long.” She purred.

“What? You want me to bring him by here during the week?”

“I think I found what I needed. Isn’t that what brother’s are for?”


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