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Bad girl

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I’m seventeen and 5’4 weigh 122 pounds. It my dad let me get a new dog and he and my mom didnt want to deal with the blood dripping on the floor from girl dogs again so we had to get a boy.

I was looking online and I found a boxer all brown with white paws and a nub/for the tail like most do and he looked pretty cool.
I called and went over to meet the dog and they couldn’t afford to feed him so I got him right there for free and they parted ways and went inside behind a wall of those hedge tree things so you couldn’t see the house it was on a private dirt road. I walked him to car and he jumped up from behind making me fall I caught my self to him licking my face and he ran behind me and tried to mount me and I had dark blue yoga pants on I giggle because I thought it was kinda funny and then the tip of his dick started to rip through the thin see through pants on my ass. It started to slip into my pussy and started going in an inch I pushed him off and tapped him on the nose bad boy I said I think or something like that. Fast forward to Friday night Mom and Dad left for vacation. I went to take a shower and started to finger myself and got going fast and started to make a little noise and the dog ran down to see if everything thing was ok and I turned the shower off. I stepped out and he sniffed my vagina and whined and the tried to lick it from behind when I got to the sink. I smacked him lightly on the nose I got to my room and went to the foot of my bed and got on my knees and started to spank my ass. I like it idk why. Then he came in. I didn’t move feeling kinda awkward and said good boy and he trotted over (his back came up to my waist.) He sniffed my pussy again and he licked it twice and whined. I said good boy he jumped up grabbing my thighs with his front legs and started humping me and I was pretty much in doggystyle his dick started to come out and it was slapping all over the place. And then I grabbed a hold of it and aimed it in it started to penetrate when I took a peek and his dick was huge(” I measured it later and it was 8 and a half inches long and almost exactly 2 inches wide at the base)then he readjusted his bottom legs and slammed his giant cock in my pussy and I let out a oh fuck yah he started slamming my pussy for at least five minutes and I could feel his knot starting to give way so I tried to stand up but couldn’t so I started to roll over making him get off. He jumped up on my bed and looked at me with his big red rocket throbbing I made him lay down and rolled him on his back and his dick was almost straight up in the air. I sat on it with my pussy already starting to tighten back up sliding in all the way. I was almost twerking on his dick my face by his panting mouth. his dick went even deeper into my pussy. His knot busted through he came but I kept going straddling his cockbfor all it was worth I kept going feeling his come fill me. It felt so good and warm. I was starting to cum his knot starting to slide up and down stretching my pussy to the max it hurt a little but felt so fucking good. I squirted and his knot popped out as my pussy tightened he didn’t move I fell to the side if him short of breath and my arms and legs tinglinh. I laid on my stomach and started to suck all the juice off his dick licking up every drop of cum that came out. I deep throated his dick and another hot burst of cum shot down my throat making be choke and cough and swallow. I laid down and he snuggled right up beside me on my soaked bedand we fell Asleep. When I woke up I let him out to go pee and when he came in I grabbed him my the collar got on my knees and let go over his collar bent over and pulled down my booty shorts and he mounted me and rammed his cock back in. That was how I lost my virginity at 17. Guys tell me im hot all the time I have a nice ass but my dog can’t get me pregnant and I’m his bitch now

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