Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 9

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By the time they arrived home, Jane had dried off but looked a mess. The hosing outside the back of the diner washed the surface grime off her, but it didn’t actually clean her. And her clothes dried wrinkled and her hair dried stringy. With all that had been happening to her, Jane wasn’t surprised at her bad luck when her daughter saw her enter the house.

“Holy shit! What ya do, fuck an entire army barracks?” Jenny exclaimed.

“Nope, just a bunch of horny truckers and bikers in a diner,” Mr. Jones said before Jane could answer.

“What?! Mom, you’re a pig.”

Jane was irate. “Jenny, how dare you speak to m…?”

“I’m not listening to you anymore. All my life you filled my head with a bunch of crap… you… you hypocrite. From now on I’m gonna have fun. Kids always told me sex was fun, but I believed you and not them.” Jane began to defend herself when Jenny shouted, “Mom, just shut the fuck up while I’m talking. It took this guy to show me how much fun sex is,” she said pointing to Mr. Jones. “But he’s old. I’m gonna have fun with boys my age.”

Jenny briskly spun around and stormed out of the room. Jane jumped when she heard her daughter’s bedroom door slam shut. Jane was about to confront her daughter, but decided she should look better and took a bath first.

After a hurried bath, Jane threw on a robe and quickly went to find her daughter, but Jenny was already gone. Mr. Jones had also left, his business requiring his presence. Jane was in her empty house alone. She cupped her face in her hands and wept. Jane tried to stop crying, but she couldn’t. She cried for over 20 minutes until there were no more tears, and then she sniffled for another 10 minutes.

Jane moped around the house, seemingly lost without Mr. Jones telling her what to do. She thought watching a mindless TV show would take her mind off worrying about her daughter and maybe even relax her. Jane turned on the TV which was on a premium movie channel. The movie playing was the type of movie Jane enjoyed — not a violent movie with a lot of macho action her husband and son liked so much — so she got engrossed in it. It was a love story.

The plot revolved around a couple’s first true love. She watched their awkwardness, and then the building of their relationship. When the couple in the movie passionately kissed for the first time, Jane audibly sighed. “That’s true love,” Jane muttered. The two lovebirds became more heated and soon the woman straddled her prone lover, grinding herself on his groin. Jane sighed more loudly.

Unconsciously, Jane’s eyes fell to her lap. She was shocked at what she saw. Slowly parting her legs, Jane saw her hand resting on her naked pussy. Befuddled, the usually proper woman stared at her extended finger resting on her clit. She moved the finger and then quickly yanked her hand away. The realization of what she had been doing troubled her.

Jane admonished herself and very ladylike closed her legs, carefully smoothing out her robe. When she looked back at the TV the movie had progressed. The couple was now under the bedcovers with the man on top. By the movement of the sheet, it was obvious he was fucking his lover. Of course Jane knew it was acting, but it was very sensual anyway.

Jane craved the feeling she had earlier so she spread her knees and pulled the bottom of her robe open. She looked dumbly at her exposed pussy and moved her hand once again between her legs. “What’s the harm,” she said to herself, and then pressed her finger on her clit. Soon her finger was moving in small circles as Jane’s eyes returned to the TV. Watching the actors continue their lovemaking was now more exciting for Jane as her finger rubbed her clit.

Soon Jane’s legs spread further apart and her finger slid down until it sunk into her pussy. Jane was now fingering herself. The actors were grunting, but Jane only heard the sound of her own breathing. She slid down a little on the couch, spreading her legs even more. And then her other hand slipped into her robe, cupping a breast. Jane sighed while squeezing her own tit and rubbing her nipple. Her hips began humping as her finger continued to slide in and out of her now very wet pussy. The hand on her breast slid down her body, pushing the robe out of the way as it traveled to her crotch. Jane located her clit and played with it. Soon her hips were really humping as both fingers stimulated her. Jane’s butt lifted off the couch cushion. She was supporting herself with her feet on the floor and her upper back pressed against the couch. Her whole body shuddered, and then crashed back down onto the couch.

Jane’s hands were no longer moving, but they still clutched her pussy as her hips sporadically jerked. Her head had fallen back and when Jane slowly opened her eyes she was staring at the ceiling. Coming down from her orgasm, Jane’s eyes moved down her body, now fully exposed with her robe completely open. Her chest was heaving up and down with each deep breath, and her hands were still clutching her pussy. As if she had been burned, Jane’s hands quickly moved away from her lap and fell to her sides.

Her arousal now placated, Jane felt dirty and cried out, “Oh-my-god, what did I do? What am I becoming? Oh-my-god, oh-my-god.”

When Jane yanked her robe together she felt the wetness on her hands. The disturbed woman leapt from the couch and bolted to the bathroom where she washed her hands several times. All the while, Jane was admonishing herself for her shameless behavior.

Still troubled by what she had done, Jane decided to go shopping; that always made her feel better. She went to the mall and, for a few hours, forgot about her nightmare with Mr. Jones and the problem she was having with her children.

When Jane returned home, she realized for the first time how many items she had purchased. Her bed was covered with bags and boxes. Still in a good mood, Jane decided to try on her new clothing. But when she put the first dress on, Jane stood in front of the mirror flabbergasted. It was very short with a plunging neckline. It was unlike the conservative clothing she always wore.

“This has to go back,” Jane said to her reflection in the mirror. “Hmmm, it’s kind of pretty though. I think I’ll keep it.”

The next outfit was a skirt and blouse. It too was much more revealing than her normal clothes, but she liked the way they looked on her so she intended to keep them as well. And so it went with the rest of her purchases — the tops showed cleavage, the skirts and dresses were short with some having long slits up the side or in the front to show more leg, the pants were tight, and the shorts were… well, very short. Next, Jane put on a pair of shoes she had bought. She stood up and wobbled before maintaining her balance. Jane giggled remembering how she had almost fallen in the shoe store when trying them on. The prim and proper woman wasn’t accustomed to wearing 4 inch heels, but they looked so sexy in the store that she just had to try them on. Jane still liked the way the shoes looked on her, but knew she was going to have to practice walking around the house with them before venturing outside. Otherwise she could embarrass herself like she did in the shoe store.

Jane blushed when she recalled what happened in the shoe store. A young, handsome salesman was waiting on her. He seemed to be very anxious for her to keep trying on different pairs of shoes. At the time, Jane had thought he was an overzealous salesman, but she was enjoying herself so she allowed him to keep bringing out more and more shoes. It was the salesman who showed Jane the shoes with the 4 inch heels.

Jane sat on the side of her bed remembering her experience. She had liked the way the salesman held her leg up at the calf while slipping on a shoe. She had loved the feel of his hand on her skin. Jane thought back and recalled the salesman kneeling in front of her, raising her foot. At times, she even lifted her foot higher just to show him more leg under her skirt. Jane’s smile turned to a worried frown wondering if she had shown him more than she had intended.

“What if he saw all the way under my skirt?” Jane asked herself. Then she laughed and said, “So what if he did? No harm done.”

Jane’s reaction was quite different than the one she would have had before Mr. Jones had changed her life. She giggled again remembering trying on the high heel shoes. The salesman’s hand seemed to linger on her calf longer while putting that shoe on her, and even slightly caressing her. But when Jane stood up, she was unaccustomed to the high heels and lost her balance. Thankfully, the salesman’s reflexes were good and he caught her before she fell. Jane had gasped when she felt one of his hands cupping her breast and the other hand on her belly. The salesman seemed to pull her against him and Jane had felt his hard-on press into her buttocks. The total elapsed time was only a few seconds, but Jane remembered it as if she was watching it in slow motion.

Jane felt herself breathing hard which brought her thoughts back to the present. She was surprised to see her legs spread and her skirt pushed up to her waist. Jane’s hand was rubbing her pussy over her panties. She jerked her hand away and looked down at the darkened area of her panties — she was very wet.

Jane felt a need to relieve the itching in her crotch and rationalized that since she had already begun, why not finish. So Jane slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed her clit. Her thoughts went back to the handsome shoe salesman while she frigged herself. It wasn’t until she climaxed that Jane, once again, felt dirty for shamelessly masturbating. Jane didn’t understand what had come over her, doing such a wicked thing twice that day. She scrubbed her hands in the sink trying to cleanse her sinful soul.

Later, Mark came home for dinner, but Jenny didn’t. Jane was worried and called Jenny on her cell phone. Her daughter told her she wouldn’t be home for dinner. When Jane pressed her as to why, Jenny hung up on her mother.

Later that night, Jane was lying in bed. It was late and Mark had already gone to sleep. But Jenny hadn’t come home yet. Jane had tried several times to call her daughter, but Jenny hadn’t answered her phone. Jane even considered calling the police, but was afraid to contact them because of her relationship with Mr. Jones.

Finally, at almost three a.m., Jane heard the front door. She dreaded it was Mr. Jones returning, but hoped it was her daughter. She went downstairs and was relieved to see Jenny, but then happiness turned to rage.

“Do you know what time it is?” Jane shouted.

“Um, let me check,” Jenny said quietly, glancing at her watch. “Looks like 2:57.”

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I had a great time.”

“What?! Where have you been out so late?”

“Just doing what you do.”

“What? What I do?” Jane said perplexed.

“Yeah, fuck!”

“Fu…? Watch your mouth. You’re still my daughter and live in this house. What do you mean by saying the “F” word? I asked you what you were doing out so late.”

“Okay, I’ll try to make it more clear. I was fuuck-kiiiiing,” Jenny said, saying the last word very slowly and drawing it out.

Jane was dumbfounded. Jenny had never talked to her that way. She wanted to slap her daughter’s face, but refrained from doing it even though her hands were clenched in fists.

Instead, Jane took a few deep breaths and said, “Jenny, I know things have been strange around here lately and hard to understand, but…”

“Oh, I understand, all right,” Jenny interrupted.

“No you don’t. I can’t explain…”

“Why you fuck anyone with a dick?” Jenny finished Jane’s sentence. “Look, Mom, if that’s what you want to do, then go for it. I’m just doing the same.”

“Jenny, you shouldn’t be doing that. Tell me what happened tonight.”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes. I’m concerned about you. I love you very much and need to know.”

“Okay, but don’t have a fit when I tell you,” Jenny said. “I’m not ashamed of it and if you don’t like it, then you’ll have to live with it anyway.”

“Okay, but please tell me.”

They went into the living room and turned on one table lamp next to the couch and both sat down. Jane realized her daughter sat as far away as possible on the couch.

“Okay, Mom, here it goes,” Jenny said. “When I saw the way you looked when you came home I needed to get out of the house. I still have a problem with you cheating on Dad and being a slut.”

Jane tried to defend herself, but Jenny stopped her.

“Well, I needed to be alone and think so I went to the park. I found a bench under a tree and just sat there, thinking. I don’t know how long I sat there but I realized the sun was going down. Looking around I noticed most people had left. The only other people there were these two college guys throwing a Frisbee.

“I watched them for a while and then the Frisbee flew towards me and landed near my feet. One of the guys ran over and picked it up. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. He told me his name was Joe and asked if anyone was with me. I told him I was alone and he sat down next to me. I was about to get up, but he seemed nice so I didn’t. His friend hollered something and then ran over to us. Joe introduced his friend as Steve.

“We got to talking and I found out they were seniors at the university Mark goes to. Can you imagine that… college seniors talking to me? I don’t know how long we chatted when Joe put his hand on my thigh just below the leg of my shorts. I would normally have pushed his hand away, but after what’s been happening the last few days I didn’t. And you know what? It felt nice.

“Soon Joe’s fingertips were caressing my thigh and I guess, since I didn’t tell him to stop, he thought it was okay. He leaned over and gently put his lips on mine. I don’t know why, but I was getting turned on. I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth hard against mine. I think he was stunned for a moment, but very quickly stuck his tongue inside my mouth. We French-kissed right there on the park bench.

“We were really getting into it when I felt a hand on my thigh again, but this time my other leg. I thought it was Joe, but then realized both his arms were wrapped around me. It was Steve’s hand gently rubbing my thigh. When his hand moved more to the inside and pushed between my legs I opened up a little. In a flash, Steve’s hand was rubbing my pussy through my shorts. I guess I should have stopped then, but it felt too good and, anyway, I now know that sex isn’t bad. I spread my legs further apart to give him more room.”

Jane listened to her daughter in shock. Her innocent, sweet daughter had let two men fondle her in a public park. She wanted to tell Jenny that what she had done was wrong, but knew that would just start another argument. And Jane knew that her daughter would call her names again and throw in her face that she was fucking everyone in sight. So Jane clenched her teeth and remained silent.

“I guess I began moaning because Joe broke the kiss and pulled his head back. I saw his eyes drop to see Steve’s hand. A big smile broke out on Joe’s face. He leaned into me again and we began kissing even more passionately. But this time he cupped my tit with his hand while we kissed. I guess you know what I mean when I say I was getting turned on big time! Mom, don’t give me that look. You know I know what you’re really like. Oh shit, you’re giving me that look again. Well, fuck it!

“Anyway, when Joe… no, it was Steve. When Steve pulled my hand to his dick I didn’t pull away. I rubbed his cock through his pants and he rubbed my pussy harder. Oh, there’s that look again, Mom. Well, I liked rubbing his cock… so there! And you know what? I loved sucking it too. Yeah, and I was good. I guess I have you to thank for that. You’re a good teacher. But I’m jumping ahead.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, I was rubbing Steve’s dick and getting my pussy rubbed by him, and Joe was playing with my tits while we kissed. The next thing I knew was that my shorts were open and Steve had his hand inside my panties. When I felt his finger sliding up and down my slit I jumped. I guess it scared him because he pulled his hand out of my shorts. Joe also backed away not knowing what happened.

“I grabbed Steve’s hand and brought it to my mouth. You should have seen his expression when I began sucking his fingers. Then I pushed his hand down to the waistband of my shorts. He was no dummy and pushed his hand back into my panties. When his hand was on my pussy, I covered it with my hand from the outside of my shorts and pressed his hand into me. I felt his finger searching for my hole and when he found it he stuck his finger inside.

“Joe was watching the whole thing and then he pulled my tee-shirt up over my breasts. There I was, sitting on a park bench with my shorts open and a stranger’s hand inside them fingering me. And my tits were sticking out for anyone to see. But we were the only ones there so no one saw them. But they weren’t visible for too long, anyway, because Joe’s mouth covered one. He got all of my tit inside his mouth! I guess I’m not that big up there yet.

“Well, I was so hot I thought I was going to cum. Jeez, Mom, I mean, two older guys doing all those things to me. Damn I was hot. I was so hot I almost tore Steve’s pants, but I got them open and was pushing them down. He kept one hand inside my shorts… hell, inside my pussy, and used his other hand to push his pants and boxers down far enough for his hard cock to jump out. I grabbed it immediately and began jerking him off. He was so excited that he was oozing stuff that coated my palm as I jerked him off. I didn’t expect it, but almost right away Steve grunted and began humping his hips. I looked around Joe’s head and saw his cock spurting. Jeez, Mom, he came right away. Then I noticed his stuff was landing on his shirt and my body. I cupped the head of his cock and felt the rest of his stuff splash against my palm and then drip down his cock. When he stopped cumming, I began jerking him off again. I loved how my hand slid up and down now that it was covered in cum.

“Steve had stopped fingering me so I told him to keep doing it. I guess it took him a few minutes to recover, but then his finger moved again. Joe backed up and I reached for his belt. He saw my cum-covered hand and pushed it away. While he opened his pants I wiped my hand on my shorts. Ha ha. Sorry, I just thought about something funny. I guess having sex a lot means you have to do more laundry. Ha ha ha ha.

“Well, after wiping the cum off my hand, I looked up. Joe was now standing on the park bench with his pants and underwear at his knees. His cock was hard. It wasn’t as big as Steve’s but it was real hard and curved up. I liked that. Now remember, Steve was fingering me all the while so I was real hot. I opened my mouth and looked up at Joe. He smiled and guided his cock to my mouth. When I closed my lips around it he began fucking my face. I kept gagging and pulled away. He apologized and when I began sucking him again he didn’t move so much. Mom, I guess I’m a quick learner… or you’re a good teacher, because he didn’t last long. All of a sudden he filled my mouth with his hot sperm. Mmmmm, it was delicious and I swallowed it all.

“Don’t look so shocked, Mom. You do that too. I know you do. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with it. I like it. I was still sucking Joe even though he came and felt Steve pull his hand out of my shorts. I was pissed. After all, both of them already came. Of course I couldn’t talk because Joe’s cock was in my mouth. I was about to spit it out when I felt Steve’s hands pulling my shorts down. I lifted my ass off the bench and he got them and my panties down. He pulled it off one foot, leaving them around the ankle of my other foot.

“When Steve pushed my knees I spread them. He leaned forward and pressed his mouth to my pussy. Mom, I just loved it. He, um, wasn’t as good as you, hee-hee, but ate me pretty good on the park bench while I was still sucking Joe’s cock. It didn’t take long and I had a big orgasm. Shit, Mom, I mean I came read hard! If I hadn’t had a cock in my mouth I think my scream would have scared all the birds out of the trees.

“I guess I bit Joe’s cock when I came. He said ‘ouch’ or something and pulled out of my mouth. I told him I was sorry and he said it was okay. Mom, how do you keep from biting the cock in your mouth when you cum?”

Jane stared wide-eyed at Jenny. She couldn’t believe that her innocent daughter had done all those things, and that she wasn’t ashamed to tell her own mother about it. Jenny even sounded proud, like she was bragging about the sex she had in the park.


Jenny brought Jane out of her thoughts. Her daughter actually wanted an answer to her question. Jane had thought Jenny was taunting her… that it was a rhetorical question. But evidently that wasn’t the case.

“Jenny, I don’t think it’s right for me to tell you things like that,” Jane said lamely.

“Why not? After all, you taught me how to suck cock. So why are you being so modest now? I want to know.”

Jane heard the whine in Jenny’s voice. It reminded Jane just how young her daughter was. At Jenny’s age she shouldn’t even be talking about such things, and now she wanted to know how to actually do it.

“I never gave it any thought,” Jane relented. “I guess you just have to be careful.”

“Maybe if I had as much practice as you it wouldn’t have happened.” This time Jane was sure her daughter was being cruel. “Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I bit Joe’s cock when I came.

“Steve asked me if I was a virgin and I said no. Then he asked me if I wanted to do it. Mom, I need to get on the Pill. It’s a good thing they had rubbers. When I said yes, Steve got me up and took me around the bench. He had me lean on the back and spread my legs. After putting on a rubber, Steve put his dick inside me. Mom, he was big. God, he felt good. I guess that’s why you like fucking so much, huh? Well, I was leaning over, supporting myself on the back of the bench, and he had his hands on my hips. Boy, did he fuck me hard. And this time he lasted a whole lot longer. I came before he did, and then he came. I like it better when I can feel them squirt inside me, but I guess until I’m on the Pill… well, you need to get me on the Pill.

“When Steve pulled out I looked over my shoulder and Joe was waiting. He already had a rubber on his hard cock. Steve stepped aside and Joe took his place. I guess that’s why you fuck so many guys at a time, huh? When one’s finished, another is ready. While Joe was fucking me, Steve went to the front of the bench. I watched as he carefully removed the used rubber, making sure not to spill any of his stuff. Then he laid it on the bench in front of me.

“My shirt was still pushed up over my tits so he began squeezing them. Then he climbed onto the bench and put his cock in front of my mouth. I opened wide and he put it inside. I sucked him while Joe fucked me. When Joe came, Steve was hard. They switched positions and Steve put a new rubber on and fucked me again. Joe saw what Steve had done with his used rubber so he put his used one next to Steve’s. Then he climbed onto the bench and I sucked him while Steve fucked me.

“I don’t remember who fucked me more, but when they couldn’t get it up anymore there were seven cum-filled rubbers lined up on the bench seat. It was like keeping score. I came a couple more times too. Sometimes from being fucked and sometimes from being eaten. Anyway, between the fucking, sucking, and resting in between, we spent the night in the park. That’s why I’m home so late.”

Jane didn’t know what to say when her daughter finished telling her story. Part of her was sorry she had asked. One thing was for certain though — she was going to take Jenny to the doctor the next day to get her on birth control pills.

Jenny got up from the couch and left the room without saying another word. She went upstairs and Jane heard her daughter’s bedroom door close. Jenny was tired and fell asleep immediately.

Jane went to her own room, but couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned, worrying about her daughter. Images of her young daughter having sex in the park kept flashing in her mind. She wondered what the boys looked like and how big their cocks were. Jenny kept mentioning how big Steve’s cock was. Jane couldn’t stop thinking about her young daughter’s lips wrapped around his cock. And when she visualized Jenny leaning over a park bench getting fucked by one boy while she sucked another boy who was standing on the bench in front of her, Jane’s fingers found her own pussy. For the third time that day, Jane masturbated. It was only after she had climaxed that she was able to fall asleep.

THE END (not yet)

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