The End of the Beginning -Part 2

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Around the beginning of May, 1978 I hooked on with another band that seemed like they were going places. Even though three of the band members would still be in high school while two of us graduated in June, they already had a Southwestern U.S. tour booked for the summer, from mid-June through Labor Day weekend in September. The only reason that the drum position opened up was because the regular drummer’s parents wouldn’t let him go. My good luck.

Still, we had about six more weeks of school to get through, and by this time every fuckin’ minute seemed like torture, even though I only had 3 classes that second semester of senior year. First period was Chemistry, second was jazz band, and third was Accelerated Reading.

The thing about Accelerated Reading was, when I chose that class before the semester started, I thought it would be like learning how to speed read. My bad. It was actually about reading a shit load of books in a short amount of time. I had to drag myself through such stellar reading material like ‘Erehwon’ (Nowhere spelled backwards, and I couldn’t even understand what the fucking message of the book was supposed to be) and Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’.

First time I tried psilocybin mushrooms was the next to last Friday of the school year. I ate ’em just before jazz band class, and they didn’t hit me until Accelerated Reading class, during which I was supposed to be reading The Prince. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud during class, just fucking cracking up at nothing and pretending that it had to do with what I was reading. As I left the classroom, I remember Mr. Eide (pronounced like ‘eyed’ or I’d) asking me, “So, you find The Prince amusing, do you?”

All I could do was laugh and croak out, “Fuckin’ hilarious, dude!”

Unfortunately, the girl I had asked to the Prom caught up with me in the hallway and wanted to ‘talk’. That’s what I get for asking someone other than my tried and true fuck bunnies out on a big social event. I was so fuckin’ lit that I couldn’t do anything but smile and nod. And I had no clue what I was agreeing to!

“Okay, Rocky”, Lori began (a very different Lori than the Laurie I had dated the previous summer). “”We’re all going to The Whaling Station on Cannery Row in Monterey,. I expect there to be wine to go along with dinner, so be prepared to shell out a generous tip so they’ll serve us. You’ll pick me up at 6:15, we’ll be there by 7, then arrive at Stillwell Hall at Fort Ord by 9. Then we’ll…”

I must have been grinning like the fuckin’ Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, cuz Lori grabbed my arm and shook me. All I could do was nod and smile and try to keep from busting my gut.

“Hey, Earth to Rock-eeee.” Lori was trying to get me to focus, but it was a lost cause. I would be pretty worthless for about the next six hours at least. “Just how fuckin’ stoned are you right now! This shit is important, god damnit, and I need you to remember. Tell me what I just told you!”

Fuckin’ bitch! She didn’t think I’d remember her pretty ass the next night or what? Shit, I could barely remember her name at the time, but somehow I got the details right.

“Tomorrow. Pick you up at your fancy ass house in Corral De Tierra, then whisk you off to a fancy fuckin’ restaurant I’d never wanna go to myself, then off to Fort Ord and the Prom. Gotcha, babe. And I’ll be spending the night at your place right?”

I was so used to sleeping over at my girlfriend’s all the time that I just took this shit for granted.

Lori looked like I had slapped her. There I stood with nothing but a grin on my face, and she was staring back with furious eyes and an open mouth that seemed ready to spew forth a steamy cauldron of lava. All I could think about was how good my dick would feel inside her mouth, and my smile got even bigger.

“Call me when you’re not so high, you son of a bitch!”

I stopped smiling for a second and replied, “Don’t call my mom a bitch. She happens to be a real nice lady.” Then my smile returned and it just aggravated Lori even more!

“God! Why did I ever say yes to going with you, you fucking neanderthal! And to think, I could have gone with Gary!”

I wish I would have said, “Then go with Gary, bitch!”. But seeing as I was stoned out of my gourd, I only smiled and went on my merry way.

A bunch of us went over to Sherwood Park by the Salinas Community Center and matched hoots and I got even more stoned. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was spending more time and more resources on getting high than just about anything else. I had enough cash because I had always managed my finances well, but when you start turning your brain into mush from the time you wake up until you fall asleep, it goes rather quickly. And even though the new band was lined up for the summer, at the time we weren’t playing as often as I was used to. I began tapping into my reserves.

Still,. I was doing okay, I had given my mom almost all of the money I got from the accident settlement except what I paid for my replacement pickup. My mom really was a nice lady and this was the first time I could ever really help her in a big way. She had resisted, but I finally convinced her to take it for all the heartache and headache I had caused her my whole life. I really wasn’t a very good son, and she knew it. And yet she still loved me.

For whatever reason, it seemed like almost all the girls in my life put up with my bull shit and still loved me. How many guys can say ‘Yeah, I get to fuck five different girls on a regular schedule, plus other chicks after a gig, and they’re all cool with it!’. At the time, I thought that’s the way it worked for people my age. I never understood the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing that most everyone else was doing. I just knew what worked for me.

As for Lori, I was really looking forward to having her cute ass in my hands From night. And see had a great backside!

So, Saturday afternoon I went and picked up my rented tux. Drove out to the Corral de Tierra community just outside of Salinas on the way to Monterey and picked Miss Priss up. This was one of those exclusive rich white people only places with houses that looked like and were as big as Aircraft Carriers. I pulled in to the driveway and had to drive another half mile to the house! And I couldn’t tell where the fucking front door was! I began walking one way then heard something from behind me, so I headed back only to hear something from the first place I had headed to, so I stopped and just stood in front of this mansion, wondering why the fuck I hadn’t asked Jocelyn, Sheryl or Ruth to go. Even Michelle would have been preferable although she was like twice my age.

I heard two voices at the same time and I didn’t recognize either. One was from a girl who looked to be about ten, the other was a woman who was probably Lori’s mom. She was pretty, but as soon as she got a good look at me, her eyes widened and her hand clutched at her throat.

You’d think by 1978, especially in the Monterey Bay area, that having long hair and a full beard wouldn’t be too much of a shock. But I guess for rich, white, conservative parents of a seventeen year old daughter, it was pretty much an eye opener to learn that a half-breed like me was going to be taking their little girl to the one high school event where sex was pretty much a given.

I turned back to the ten year old and asked if Lori was ready. She smiled and ran up to me, grabbing my hands and dragging me to the door she had come out of. I glanced back to see mom beating feet back to her door, no doubt telling dad to get his hunting rifle and to stop their baby girl from the long haired biker/serial killer who was there to rape her all night long.

Lori wasn’t quite ready, so her little sister set about to keep me entertained.

“So,. you’ve gotta be Rocky, the drummer my sister can’t stop talkin’ about”, little sis began. “Have ya kissed her yet? Are ya gonna kiss her all night long? She says you really knock her socks off when she watches you play the drums with your shirt off. Are your arms really as big as Mr. America? You look a lot older than just being in high school. Do you ride a Hartley David motorcycle? Lori said you were in a bad accident and get runned over by a drunk driver. My dad drives drunk a lot, ‘specially after Sunday brunch at the country club. Are you gonna go to brunch with us tomorrow? If so, you can sit by me ’cause I think Lori’s right. You’re awful cute.”

I hadn’t been able to say a single word. Thankfully, by the time little sis ran out of air, Lori came downstairs.

“Well, I see you’ve met…” Hell if I remember her sisters name after forty years. “I need to introduce you to my parents.”

I wasn’t looking forward to this. She led me through a maze of hallways that led to a room with a really high ceilling. The far wall was covered in tall glass panes from about knee high to the ceiling. The view was nice, but all I could think of was what a bitch it had to be cleaning all that glass!

“Mom, dad, this is Rocky, my date.”

Well, he wasn’t holding a rifle. Didn’t mean he wasn’t packing a pistol behind his back.

Actually, dad seemed pretty cool about me. Mom still looked worried. I shook hands with each and tried my best to not seem like the hoodlum I was. I spoke with correct grammar, stood up straight, smiled and answered all their questions as honestly as I thought they needed to hear.

“No sir, no drinking, no drugs.” At least not until we get into the truck. “Yes ma’am, I will treat her like a lady.” A lady of the night. “Yes sir, I will have her home by 2 a.m.” And undressed and in bed by 2:05. “No ma’am, I promise I won’t push Lori into having sex.” Cuz she doesn’t need a push. “Yes sir, I was hit by a drunk driver a couple months back, but I was perfectly sober.” Except for the fat joint I smoked during the after party. “Yes ma’am, I will deliver your daughter home safely.” Safely, yes, but maybe just a little worse for wear.

Once the interrogation was over, Lori and I walked out of the house. In the truck, I asked her if all her dates had to be fingerprinted and put through an interview.

“No. Just you. All the boys I usually date are from the country club and my parents know theirs.” She flashed her perfect smile at me like she was telling me that she was slumming for the night. I almost let her get to me, but said ‘Fuck it.’ Not the way I wanted to start out the night. Just chill and let the good times roll.

We got to the restaurant and our party of sixteen was seated in the wine cellar. As much as we tried to get the waiter to serve us alcohol, he refused, even when we offered what I considered a small fortune as a bribe. So I walked out to my truck and snuck back in with a bottle of whiskey under my jacket. Didn’t really last long among sixteen people, but when we finished dinner, we left a pretty decent tip and set the empty bottle in the middle of the table as a Fuck You.

To tell the truth, the rest of the night went downhill, at least for me. When we got to Stillwell Hall at Fort Ord Army Base, we jumped in another friend’s car and coked up. When we went inside, Lori took off for the restroom with a couple other girls and I didn’t see her for at least two hours. I can’t remember dancing even one time with her. But I have to admit that I was out in the parking lot smoking pot and snorting lines quite a bit, so it wasn’t all on her. The last hour they did a stupid slide show of the seniors doing things at school. Then the band played their final set, but Lori said she wanted to go, so we took off.

I asked if she wanted to hang out at the beach for a while, but she said no and to take her home. I was pretty horny by this time and began running my right hand in between her thighs. Her legs parted almost automatically, but when I touched her satin covered honey pot, she closed her legs.

“We will, I promise. Just not…here.”

She had said ‘here’ like it was a dirty word, like my truck wasn’t a good enough environment for her to be felt up in. And she didn’t even think she had said something offensive. Fuckin’ spoiled ass little rich bitch. Even Jocelyn, who I thought was pretty spoiled, had never stopped my hands from roaming around her fine body. I was really wishing she was with me right then.

Lori invited me inside when we got to her house. And I automatically began kissing and fondling when we settled into one of the family rooms or dens or whatever they called it in that mansion. She kept stopping me and telling me to slow down. I couldn’t. I wanted to fuck, and I wanted to fuck right now. I asked if we could go to her room and she said no!

No? Then were ws just gonna go for it out here where someone could easily see us?


I was puzzled at this point. “Then where…”

“I”m really tired. I think I need to get to bed.”

Now she was warming up to the idea. At least I thought so.

“I had a really good time tonight. Drive safe on your way home.” And she kissed me and pushed me towards the door!

I couldn’t believe this shit. I was steamed and ready to bust outta my rented tux trousers. And I knew she knew it because she had been holding and stroking my cock since we got there! Bitch was a fucking tease! I had never found myself in this situation before and I didn’t know how to react. Every other girl I had ever dated ended up with my dick in her puss, with only one exception: Laurie from the summer before, but I don’t really count her because Ruth, her best friend, let me fuck her whenever I wanted so Laurie could remain a virgin.

I was fuming by the time I got in my truck. I was fucking pissed. God damned tux rental, fucking dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in the entire Monterey Bay, Prom tickets, pictures and didn’t get to dance even one fucking time, all the blow, smoke and alcohol and for what? A fifteen minutes grope session ending with a good night, had a great time???!!!

On my way back into town, I was hitting 100 MPH down Highway 17 into South Main Street in Salinas. Lucky I didn’t get caught, especially being as high as I was. Lucky I didn’t kill anybody, although it felt like I wanted to.

I went straight over to Ruth’s. This was one night she hadn’t been expecting me, so I had to knock on her bedroom window.

Of course she had been sleeping and was lost in sleep fog for a minute. I went to the kitchen door and she let me in.

“What’re you doin’ here? Thought you had a hot date tonight?* She yawned and stretched, the half t-shirt she had on doing nothing to hide her beautiful tits from prying eyes. “Jeez, I probably look like a mess. Usually I know when you’re gonna be here. So, what happened?”

I told her everything that happened and as I did, my anger dissipated. When I was finished, Ruth laughed.

“Aww, poor baby!” she chided. “Spent all that money on a stuck up rich bitch and didn’t get any pussy in return. Oh, such a heart breaking story!”

I knew I deserved the shit she was giving me, so I laughed with her. I also knew that I’d be cock deep in Ruth’s snatch in a very short while. Since we had started fucking, she had developed an appetite for sex almost equal to my own.

And for the life of me, I still can’t figure out why I took Lori that night. I never dated her again. Only saw her in couple of times at school. Let her have all the Prom pictures cuz I sure as hell didn’t want a reminder of that night.

Ruth told me to take my clothes off and stay a while. So I did. And I fucked her all night long and forgot about…uh, what was her name?

I turned 18 a few days later and my Island Goddess, Sheryl, was a very generous birthday celebrant. Then graduation came about ten days later, and Jocelyn was my gift giver that night. And a week later, I left for the summer to go on my first extended tour, 80.days, 60.shows, 40 southwestern cities and towns in California, Arizona, New Mexico, west Texas, back through Arizona, Nevada and back into California.

Lots of sexcapades, but that’s another story. This closes the book on my under-18 sexual adventures. I had started having sex at age 12 with four female cousins who I grew up with as my closest family, best friends and partners in crime. By the time I turned 18, I was unable to count how many different women I had been with. Thanks to those cousins, I learned the art of seduction at an early age, and I reaped the benefits from their tutelage.

I also learned along the way that sex may not be everything in a relationship, but if you have a partner who loves to fuck, as much as you do, it can overcome a whole shit load of other unimportant crap that interferes with two people being together. And the lady I would end up marrying six years later loved to fuck just as much as I did, and we only ever had one fight that lasted more than a couple minutes, and it happened about four months before we got married. She’s gone now, died young at only 53, but we were together for more than 30 years, and it was fuckin’ awesome! More about that later. For now, hope you enjoyed the tales of my youth.

Rocky J.

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