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Spicing up sex life gets me impregnated

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For our 10 anniversary I surprised my husband by getting him the XXX estacy channel on our satellite. Hello I’m Pat I’ve been married to Bill for 28 yrs now. There is not a lot to do in summit, Mississippi, its a small town of mostly white folks. I was raised up white folks was for white folks. During our first ten years of marriage we had just 1 child a son. I got pregnant during our first year of marriage, I was just 18 years old. At this time I have just been with 2 guys, so much to learn about sex. I wanted to have another child but as the years went by our sex life became just a routine. I went to the doctor to get fertility treatments, that Bill bid not know of. I wanted a daughter but Bill wasn’t much into sex. So I purchased the XXX estacy channel hoping it would spice up our sex life. By my calculations my eggs should be ovulating, I was ready ,it’s Friday night as we settled down to watch TV before bedtime. When Bill turned the TV on ,he asked me what do you want to watch? I replied to him… A big busted woman being fucked hard by a big dick… He looked at me and said what, so I told him to put the TV on a certain channel number, and when he did there was this small blonde girl with huge titties being fucked by a black man with the biggest and longest cock I have ever seen, seeing my first BBC I said to Bill that his cock isn’t that big, its television I said. Bill was shocked that we had that channel. He said that big black dick inside her pussy is real. I argued saying that it’s just television, but that sight of his dick getting covered with a white foam was getting me horny ,I could feel my ovaries quivering, as my vagina started to get wet. I was getting horny, Bill asked me if I thought that I could handle a dick that big? If he was real slow,I would let him put as much inside of me that would fit. I’m really horny and my eggs wants to bred.Bill asked me if I wanted to see a dick that big so I said yea right, Bill replied OK tomorrow I’ll get Thomas to come by, I said sure as I got up from the couch and said that I was going to bed. Bill said that he will be in a few minutes. As I lay in bed my fingers finds the folds of my pussy lips as I rub gently over my pussy. I pull my panties to the side and ease two fingers inside of me. I started to finger fuck my self thinking about that big black cock buried deep inside that blondes pussy as he filled her with his sperm. This is what I want my pussy full of sperm ,it wasn’t long that I had an Orgasm’ letting my eggs just drip out of me. After waiting I fell asleep and never got fucked. Saturday was here and I going to lay out to get more tan,I was laying out from 11-1pm 2 hours. Before I went outside I turned on the TV, same channel but different black guy fucking a redhead. She made a lot of sound as that big black cock pounded her pussy. This turned me on, as I gathered my self and went outside to sun bathe in the nude. Turned my music on put my head phones on and laid back. As my mind though about that big dick inside of me. My fingers found my pussy and started to work on it,as I had put 4 fingers inside of me I was hunching hard on my hand when I look up and saw my husband standing in front of me with a stranger. I blushed trying to cover up when Bill said this is Thomas. Thomas said hello as he knelt down to me. As he reached my knees my legs opened up wide. I was inviting his mouth down to my pussy. As he pushed my legs apart, his head went between my inner thighs,his tongue found my pussy as he began to lick and suck my juices from inside of me. My mine was gone , I’m so horny. Thomas stood up and remove his short’s, his dick was as big as my arm oh God I want to feel it inside of me. Thomas lays between my lifts them up into the air and places the head at my opening and pushes it slowly inside of my pussy slowly he pushed as I trusted my hips forward burying him inside of me. My pussy is stretched out to it’s limit,but still I kept thrusting back and forth telling Thomas to give it to me. I started to cum as I felt Thomas swell inside as he filled my womb with his sperm my eggs swam out to meet it. Not thinking about becoming pregnant at the moment as we just laid stuck together catching our breath. Bill finally spoke and asked me was it good. Hell yeah , so good. After we rested we fucked again ,this time doggie style as he once again filled me with his sperm. Yes I was impregnated we have a daughter who is always looking tan. I fucked Thomas for several years leaving my pussy good fit for a coke bottle. Had a lot to learn about sex,now expert..

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