My wolf Nikima

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When I lived in Arizona I raised Wolf Hybrids. My male was a big beautiful boy named Nikima. He was over 6ft tall when he stood on his hind legs and weighed in at just over 150 lbs.
I have been into or turned on by dogs starting from a young age. Every dog I have ever had or been around alone for any length of time I have had lick me. Nikima was no different. As soon as he was old enough and started to show an interest I would let him lick me. Anywhere he wanted to at first and then I trained him to lick my pussy when I spread my legs and patted where I wanted him to lick. He had a wide strong tongue and he would lick my clit and then shove his nose into my clit while shoving that big wet tongue up inside me as far as he could. I would just lay back and enjoy, while he made me come with that big ole tongue.
When Niki and I were alone I would bring him in the house with me and just lay back on the couch or the bed and let him lick. Sometime even when my husband was home, I would just go out to the yard where the wolves where and just lean against the top of one of the enclosures. It was about the right height for me to sit on. I would go out at night with just my gown on and no panties. As soon as I sat down and lifted the front of my gown and patted my pussy he would dive in. He would lick hard and then I would say easy and he would lick softer. He loved shoving his tongue up inside me reaching as far inside me as he could.
I never really thought much about having Niki fuck me as he had his mate Natasha for that and back then I didn’t know about animals and humans having sex. Before I found it on the internet I thought I was the only one who liked to be licked until I came by my dogs or my wolves.
We moved into town and we no longer raised the wolf hybrids. We just had a huge fenced yard and for Niki and Natasha. They would come in and out of the house as they wanted. One week I had several days off and so I just stayed home catching up on the housework and the laundry while everyone else was at work or school. Niki knew not to approach me and want to lick when anyone was around, so over theses few days of use being alone, he would come put his nose between my legs and I would spread my legs and let him have a few licks or several times a day I would sit or lay down and let him lick me until I came. Beats masturbating, that big wet tongue just lapping at my pussy….the more he licks the wetter I got. Sometime I would come so hard I couldn’t get up or move for awhile, my legs were shaking so bad. Niki seemed to know when I was done, he would lick up all the juices and then move up to me and lay his head on my chest or neck so we could cuddle or hug. We always did that after he got me off; it was just part of the ritual.
This had gone on for three days straight, him getting me off numerous times a day, when usually it was usually only once or twice a week. On this day, Niki had already gotten me off two times. I was putting away the laundry in the bedroom and he walked up and stuck his nose between my legs. I stopped and spread my legs and his big wet tongue shot out and lapped at my pussy. It felt so good that I sat back on the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide. Niki moved around between my legs and started licking really hard. Since I was at the edge of the bed his tongue would start at my ass and go all the way up to the top of my mound. Between his wet tongue and my juices, I was soaked and the juices were running down the crack of my ass. Niki start licking my ass and he was shoving his tongue a little way into my ass and then he would move up to my clit and the down to shove his tongue up inside my pussy. When he was licking up inside me he would push his nose hard against my clit so he could get his tongue deeper inside. The rocking back and forth of his nose on my clit as he licked inside me sent me quickly over the edge. As I lay there panting and Niki finished licking, I realized I had slid off the bed a little further and my whole ass was hanging off the edge of the bed. The next thing I know Niki is jumping up on me laying his head up on my neck for our normal cuddle. Only in the position I was in his cock was now pushed up against my pussy. As I was giving him his loves and telling him what a good boy he was he started humping at me. I didn’t really mind I actually thought it felt kind of good until his cock found what it was looking for and he slid right inside me. As I said before, I never thought much about him fucking me and I admit it kinda scared me, so I pushed myself up and pushed him off of me before he could get a good grip on me. To my shock he growled at me and tried to jump back up on me. Now I have raised this boy from a baby and I got on to him telling him growling at me was not a good thing. I pushed him away and picked up my laundry basket and started for the door. The only punishment I had ever needed with Niki was to ignore him or tell him to go away that I was mad at him. So that what I had done, only this time it didn’t work. With my back to him he jumped up on me hitting me in the center of the back with his feet. This knocked me forward; I dropped the laundry basket and fell across it on my stomach. Since I was on the laundry basket my ass was in the air and my head down. I started to push myself up when Niki jumped up on my back from behind. He started humping me and when I tried to get him off he started the growling again. He grabbed my hair in his mouth and nipped me on the shoulder and upper back all the while trying to shove his cock in my pussy. He was in a frenzy just jabbing and jabbing. Every time I tried to move he would growl and nip me. He finally got his front legs locked around my hips and with a great shove forward buried his cock deep inside me. I was shocked at the feel of his cock inside me it was like a hot poker burning my insides. Once he was inside me, he stopped the humping and held me in place. I felt him swelling and then….. he started pounding me hard and fast with that huge cock of his. Since I had watched him mate with Natasha I had seen his cock before. It always turned me on to watch them mate but never thought it would be me he was mating with. He keep pounding and pounding into me and I could feel myself stretching and it felt so good. I was so hot and loved what he was doing to me so much I forgot to try to get up as I started cuming and
cuming. His humping started to slow and I could feel him pulsing inside me as he shot his cumm deep inside. When he was through he started licking my back and neck as if to say he was sorry, but he still didn’t get off of me. I didn’t realize then but we were probably knotted. He stayed that way a good while, thank goodness the laundry basket was helping support me or I do know if I could have held myself up. I came so many times when he was shoving his cock in and out of me and then again when he was still and just pulsing inside me. I was weak, my arms and knees were shaking. I didn’t even know what time it was and I was worried someone would come home and find me. Finally Niki pulled out and cum poured out of me and ran down my legs and onto the floor. I collapsed onto my side and Niki nosed my leg aside and started cleaning me up, licking my legs and my pussy. I was so swollen and sensitive I could hardly stand it. When he was through and his cock was back in it’s sheath he crawled between me and the basket and put his head on my neck for his cuddle. He had just raped me but I felt so wonderful I couldn’t be mad at him. I gave him his cuddle and then slowly got to my feet. I had to get the bedroom cleaned up and take a shower before my husband got home. I had to come up with a explanation for the scratches and bites on my hips, legs, back and neck since I knew my husband would see them when I fucked him senseless tonight, while thinking about Niki’s cock pounding into me

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  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I Enjoyed Reading your story it was so Hot Reading it and I would like to know more about you and the Niki and I would like to know was there any more stories about the both of you and if so you can send me an invite on Hangout so you can tell me more about the story’s about the both of you and my Hangout information is [email protected] I will be waiting for your invite

  • Reply Devin ID:7pqjf5vzr9

    For about two minutes I thought some of theses stories were kinda believable. Now I just think each one that writes in Tries to argue the last person writing or fiction I don’t believe any of these people live in reality

  • Reply Jo Ann Hoper ID:10o38zgjk0d

    Dam Girl your hot

    • Allen ID:bo2qeoyhm

      Yes that was a hot story

  • Reply John carson ID:1cv5inszk732

    Did you have him some more ?

  • Reply Terry ID:1dhoxa5jytyk

    Dam I should fuck her that way,call me 6625821219

  • Reply Rachmael Jacobson ID:1dszw5y77tku

    Nice story. Reminds me of when I gave my ass up to my big black lab…

    • My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

      Hi I would like to know about you and your black lab if you don’t mind me asking and if you do not mind telling me about it you can send me an invite on Hangout so we could text about it and I hang out information is [email protected] I will be waiting for your invite