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Hello everyone, it’s me Katelyn, letting you in on my May 19th weekend with Steve in Philadelphia as my husband took off, in flight to Texas, then onto California for a military briefing for his next assignment. I appreciate the comments and readership of those of you who are truly interested in my true-to-life recollection of my electronic diary, written in story form, Steve was my inspiration to start the chronicling of my life as a 27 year old, recently married California girl, now living on the east coast.
As most of you readers already know, I’m Katelyn and I’ve been married for less than a year and I’ve been having an affair with my 21 year old neighbor Dean. Since sleeping with Dean, who now lives with me and sleeps in my bed as my surrogate husband, I’ve engaged in serial adulterous affairs with dozens of young men, most of them are Dean’s friends and he’s shared me continuously with his horse, two dogs and a few of his family members. Due to the guilt of cheating on my husband and ruining my marriage, I’ve chosen to not express any of the full names, and have used, in some cases, middle names and anagram names. My lust for Dean has allowed me to express my passions freely, but with guilt. However, I also secretly fuck and have fallen in love with Dean’s best friend Steve, who has become my favorite lover and the man I married in a mock marriage in Philly, on the 20th of May.
During my first four hours alone in Philadelphia until Steve arrived, I visited a few sites of American history and enjoyed a visually pleasurable walk through the small city, and as I strolled from South Street to Market Street I noticed two beautiful black women taking turns kissing a tall and very muscular 40 something black man, and he was gorgeous! I chalked past them, and I could see that he was checking me out in the corner of his eye, just as I was looking at them through the corner of mine. I judged them, by thinking how innapropriate they behaved in public. I later realized that I’m a hippocrite, since I’ve been cheating on a wonderful and faithful husband, I’ve become a whore for dozens of young men, I’ve let a few dogs and a horse fuck me regularly and I’ve had another man secretly watching my husband and I fuck, just to please him and not my husband, and finally to add insult to injury, I only think about fucking Steve, no matter who is fucking me, even my husband.
As I entered the Marriott Hotel, I turned to pull the door and realized that I was being followed by the black threesome, so I waited for them to approach me and I addressed them, to which they said that they were just walking in the same direction, but they were walking to the Windsor Hotel, not the Marriott. I apologized and as embarrased as I was, I couldn’t help but tell the man how beautiful he was, but how amazing he must be to have two, such beautiful women as his own; to which he answered, “ thank you sweetheart, and your a beauty too, maybe we could do something together privately as a foursome”? I almost collapsed and said, “ anytime, when “? He stretched out his hand gently, and I took off for a wonderful stroll, hand-in-hand with an absolutely stunning black man. I wanted him as a permanent lover, without even knowing anything about him, and it was the first time that I felt a sexual attraction to a black man. His real name is Derek, withholding his last name, and after coffee and sweet treats, I went with them to their hotel, the Windsor, where I put on a masturbation show for them, and they all stroked themselves while watching me orgasm, IT WAS AMAZING! Derek walked up to me and shoved his bare cock into me, which was full of his creamy cum, since he had just cum while watching me masturbate. I called out Steve’s name while he fucked me raw. I needed to be careful, and use condoms, I needed to make sure that everyone was free of diseases, but I didn’t and I don’t; I’m a whore and I was resigned to that fact. Derek dipped his cock into me like he was scooping ice cream from a container, his ladies came over and ate my pussy like sucking on a Mango, while licking my pussy cream off of his cock. I called out Steve’s name constantly while staring into Derek’s eyes and he came inside me while his women, scooped out his cum with their fingers. I orgasmed multiple times for two to three minutes, I was in sexual heaven, especially because Derek’s cock stayed rigid the whole time and we fucked in a wild orgy until 6pm. I ate pussy, was drilled anally, and had my pussy pummeled without mercy, this black man was dominant, cool, sexy, handsome, confidant, and a fuck machine. I talked dirty as much as possible, and Derek loved it, in our final fuck he fucked me while I turned my head to watch his women in a lesbian tryst, doing a sixty nine position. I stroked my clit and stared at them while he fucked me and I had a shuddering orgasm while he punished my cunt. I asked one of the girls to get the laptop on their couch and go to ‘yespornplease.com’ and type in ‘horse.’ Derek fucked me like Deans’ young cousin Chaane, rapid fire fucking. I could see the lust in his eyes for me, as he watched me fuck him, while I got off on this Brazilian girl getting fucked by a horse, while yelling Steve’s name as I came. Derek withdrew his cock from my pussy, flipped me over and rammed his cock in my ass like he was raping me, and as he came, he then withdrew from my ass, for me to swallow his creamy cum, all of it! I did as instructed and swallowed every drop. I quickly got dressed, tenderly and affectionately kissed the three of them and was on my way as Derek left the girls their, and escorted me back to the Marriott. Well, guess who was there, Steve! He saw me kiss a black man goodbye and was jealous, shocked and yet intrigued as to what I was doing being intimate with another man, especially a man that was black. I took Steve to the hotel room where we discussed everything and I shared my amazing afternoon details with him. He couldn’t believe it, so I reconnected with Derek, got his phone number and met up at a Brazilian restaurant called Fogo De Chao. Derek informed us of the underground Philly sex scene in the black and interracial community and how careful they are concerning cleanliness and anonymity. I had a wonderful night out and asked if I could be a interracial 7s wife, but I wanted to experience it while role playing as a prostitute, Steve reluctantly agreed, as we finished dinner and he raped me in anger, over and over again until he spent all of his angry energy. Steve fell asleep with his dick in my ass, I popped it out of my ass and quickly showered and dressed for the 7 black men who were going to treat me as a prostitute all night long. When they came over to the hotel it was 1am, and we fucked in the living room to interracial gangbang porn on the television, as I was quietly used over and over again, with two cocks in my hands, two dicks in my pussy and ass and two men licking each breast and sucking on a very hung and young black boy, who apparently can cum at will with his foot long dick, and it reminded me of a black version of my husband’s massive cock, and before they left, at around 8am, I would ride the young man’s cock while staring into his eyes lovingly the entire time, because he reminded me of a black version of my husband, I really liked him and would date him and be his girlfriend if he asked me. A lot went on that night, and they used me as a prostitute all morning long while Steve slept, until they accidentally slammed the door as they all left one-by-one. Steve saw me making out with the very tall and very young black man. We french kissed, lovingly, the young man and called him “Steve,” because he thoroughly enjoyed me calling him Steve, as Steve cautiously looked on in amazement. The black men thought that Steve was my husband, and I never denied it, I just let them believe a lie that I never admitted to. Nevertheless, Steve felt left out, especially because he missed out on watching me with black men.
I made love to Steve and made sure that he heard me express my love for him verbally. I fell in love with Steve, and I think I know why; I believe it’s because he loves the kinky side of me and enjoys me being a bad girl for him, without judgment, and as a matter of fact, because he encourages the kinkiest side of my sexual personality, he makes me want to please him more by going deeper in my depravity. I love that he wants me to be pleased, he really gets off on my pleasure, which in-turn makes me focus on his sexual needs, I love him and I don’t really know what is going to happen when my David comes home permanently. As for now though, David is scheduled to return in Nov and Steve has set up another plan, a wonderful scheme, where I tell Dean that my husband is returning and will stay for an undisclosed time, but Steve will actually be living with me as ‘my man’ until David returns. Dean will never know the difference, plus Steve wants me to fuck David regularly whenever he is not around or when he’s away at work, but to record everything. Steve has a very small security company and has been setting up security cameras for the house and private cameras in every room of my house, so he doesn’t miss any of my affairs. Steve wanted me to share with my readers, what we will be secretly doing when my husband returns, which will be pregnancy: I want to have Steve’s baby while my husband thinks it’s his, I want to continually pursue a cheating relationship with Steve as my primary lover, and as for you readers who know my email and my blog, please stop berating me, I already know that I’m being an asshole and that my husband doesn’t deserve what I’ve done to him, but facts are facts, I’ve been a slave to my sexual emotions and have run with it, damn the consequences. I do love David, but having so many sexual encounters over the year that put me in very emotional situations that made me vulnerable to falling in love with someone other than my husband, and as of today, my husband and I have had sex 28 times. David has fucked me more than any other man and Steve is a close second, but will be far ahead of any other man because he will be living with me full-time, as husband and wife, and entering from the back street garage, which is underground and enters into our basement so David will never know.
Steve and I want to explore my Lustiness, and Kink. I love him and would marry him if my husband ever decided to leave me, because of what I’ve done. You see, fucking other people and being removed from feelings is very difficult for me, maybe it’s because I’m a woman, I don’t know, but anyway what I do know is that cheating on my innocent husband excites me, maybe I’m truly into being a cuck-wife, but I love it. I enjoy pleasing men, I’m a pleaser, I’m a sub, I’m a whore, and I’m a wife. Yes, to Angelica, you’ve asked if I treat Steve like a husband, and yes, I do, I primarily date him, I make love to him, I pledged my fidelity to him, like a real marriage, I shower and cook for him. I dress for him and look forward to his compliments, so I know it’s wrong, but he’s hot as fuck and loves the whore in me and it’s a huge turn on to show him how bad I can be. My life is my own, and I’ve changed a lot over the year, but at this age I am enjoying what it means to be sexual and eventhough I don’t need sex everyday, I do have an insatiable desire to meet the sexual needs of the men in my life, I’m just that kind of woman, and to James P, you asked if I really did those things with my neighbors pets, and the answer is “Yes” I did and still do, I know that it’s not normal and I know that it’s wrong, but I’m not going to lie, I really enjoy it. But it’s not only me that’s into weird things. Steve also likes what I watch and read and he’s into masturbation with a cock ring onto his dick. He got the idea from lovegasm.co where he discovered kinky sex toys for both men and women. I really enjoy beastgirl and a few other women who fuck dogs and horses, I watch and read the books, comics and magazines on bestiality with Steve all the time, it’s our thing and he loves me for it. That’s all folks, until next time, so please stay tuned.

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