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My son is also my grandson

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I’m Kassandra I’m a 46 yr old mother and grandmother to the same child. How is this possible? This is how it happened. 5years
À ago my son asked me if he could ask me a personal question. I replied yes,you can ask your mom anything. He asked me,what turns me on sexually? Him being 17 I thought it was about a girl, so I told him how and where I liked to touched. Still thinking he wants to impress some girl at school. I’m open minded to my children, I also have a 16 yr old daughter, plus my 5yr old son,whom this story is about in a way. As I talked about the birds and the bee’s, I babbled about how his dad would get me tipsy with tequila small football Xanax, smoke a joint with me, this was how you and your sister was created. His response was wow ,OK and thanks. As he walked away I thought my son is becoming a man. 6wks later on a Friday he asked if he could invite some buddies over for a small party? Sure I replied, your sister is sleeping over your dad will be going to the deer hunting camp. It would be nice to have a few friends over tonight. Around 7 his buddies started to show up, Steven,Andre, Carl and Mike, all boys 17-18. 3 white and one colored starts As they all played x box video games and just kidding around. Then the music starteve as the party is move to the living room. I smell pot being smoked inside the kitchen, Andre walked in and handed me a joint wrapped up in a cigar wrap.(blunt) it smelled good and was quite tasty. Andre asked me to come to the living room for a second, as I did I was handed another joint I took a couple of hits noticed that it was different,really good buzz. I was asked if I had ever played a game called quarters,you bounce a quarter if it rings a shot glass then the other must take a shot. Well I lost after 6shots I gave up,I did not know about the xanbars in my shots. Not knowing that I’m the only one really fucked up. As they got me to dance, I was being felt upon some dirty dancing and before long I was being undressed carried to my bed and I remember hearing my son say I’m fucking her first. I remember my son crawling on top of me kissing me deeply and telling me , here it comes and slammed his dick into my fertile I say fertile pussy, it’s felt so good as my pussy exploded into orgasm my son blasted his sperm deep inside my womb. Then I passed out. Don’t know how many times I got fucked. When I woke up I was sore all over, I had dried cum all over my face and body, the bed sheets was spotted with globs if cum. I knew what had happened to me slowly as I tried to remember. Went to clean up and shower removed sheets and done laundry trying to get over last night. It wasn’t until later that I confronted my son. He showed a video that was taken last night showing me sucking everyone’s dick and being fucked in my ass and pussy at the same time. I told him that I may be pregnant and he said again wow my child and your grandchild. Yes I got pregnant with my son,DNA shows he is our blood. This video was used against me to fuck all these boys over and over at least I know what it feels like. My son is also my grandson

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      You need to be bred again, you are to dam sexy, enjoyed you so much. Didn\’t mean to get you pregnant, we just wanted to fuck you

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