My husband’s father licked my toes and gave me oral sex while I was drunk

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I got drunk during my birthday party at my house, my husband had to leave town for work, so my father in law was the one who took me to my room to sleep. I dont know exactly how the hell it started and how it happened, I just remember all of a sudden I felt my toes being licked and it was him!

The worst thing is…. I have to admit I kinda liked it! He probably could tell because I didnt say anything and I just let him do it. I mean, I was drunk so I just acted as if I wasnt completely aware of what was going on. He licked my toes really good for a while, but he didnt stop there, he kept on going. He started moving his tongue up to my ankles, my knees, my thighs and yep, finally I felt his hands pulling my panties down through my legs and then he buried his face between my legs

Again, the worst thing that I have to admit is…. I liked it! I liked feeling his tongue up and down my pussy and I loved it when he penetrated me with his stiffed tongue as deep as he could. I mean, by that moment it was obvious that I was aware of what was going on, but at no moment I acknowledge his presence. I moaned and my body arched in pleasure many many times. He probably sucked me for 10-15 minutes until I grabbed him by the hair and felt my body explode, I orgasmed while he was pushing his tongue inside my pussy. I swear that if he would have pulled his cock at that moment and fuck me, I would have let him do it. Hell yes I would have let him fuck me.

He didnt say anything when I finished my orgasm, he just let go of my legs and sneaked out of my room. I didnt talk or acknowledge it was him at any moment. I mean it was dark so he could always deny it, but I knew it was him.

When we saw each other the next day he acted as if nothing had happened, he made breakfast for me and treated me as his daugher like he always has, I acted normal too but man, I would be lying if I dont admit I feel extremely confused about what happened. The worst thing is I dont know if he is going to try to do it again, sometimes he comes to my house to help me around the house, and in the past I have let him take a nap in my own bed, even worse, we have taken a nap together in the same bed. I just always saw him as a father figure and never imagined that he could do something like that.

It makes me feel incredibly guilty too the fact that I liked it, the fact that I can even admit that I was so hot that I would have let him fuck me at that moment. I mean, there is no way he could have known what I was thinking, but Im pretty sure he would have loved to fuck me too. He wanted to put his cock inside of me and feel like a man again, geeez what a mess that would have been because I was so ready to make him feel like a man too!

I know the thought is disturbing even to write it, but Im venting. I, his daugher in law, was ready to open my legs and let him shove his cock inside of me, I was going to put my legs around him and I was going to let him fuck me. If you dont think that thought makes me feel uncomfortable I dont know what to say.

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  • Reply A cheapwhor ID:7ezfviuxib

    My FIL licked my cunt everyday. He said my cunt tastes the best. He loved to play with my pussy. I am 20, I used to fuck a lot, and still do so my cunt is quite loose. And big. So he doesn’t fuck me. Can anyone help me with this?

  • Reply Bare ID:8x7mg38l

    nice story, I think you should put him to the test again. This time pretend your drunk and get him to pick you up and take you home and see what happens. Who knows he could be the best fuck you ever had.

  • Reply Maria ID:44zrkdiloi9

    I was quite close with my uncle since long – when I was about 9 yo or so. He taught me a lot of things about male and female bodies and sexuality. The best thing is that he is a pussy lover. He has now ED problem but he loves sucking on my pussy for hours giving my voluptuous orgasms every time. I am too addicted to his play. He often put some honey or liquid chocolate all over my pussy lips and inside the slit and suck them off, leading to my orgasms while I fondle and stroke his semi-erect cock to dribbling ejaculation. Last time he inserted a chocolate bar into my cunt and he slowly retrieved it over the next half an hour, by that that time it got stated to melt slowly and I had a series of orgasms….

  • Reply Son ID:314jjyce499

    Thanks for the stories i say u wet tellinh it ur going to let the old boy fuck it do if

    • THE SKULLTAKER ID:30rzguemzk