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Kinkiest sex I’ve ever had:

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I caught my 9 year old cute as a bug neighbor girl having a wild sex romp with her Labrador retriever and I started blackmailing them into performing their dirty deed for me.
I made Kira come over to my house with her black Labrador retriever Jack and get naked. I stood and admired Kira’s 9 year old lithe slim body. The only hair on her was the shoulder length dirty blonde hair on her head.
Next I watched the two of them wrestle around and play on the carpet eventually they both licked each other’s genitals. Jack has an almost white with liver splotches on his considerable sized dog dick and Kira was underneath him with her hands wrapped around his prick working him up and down. I watched as she leaned in and took her tongue licking up and down along the length of his hard-on.
By now I was almost in agony my dick was so friggin hard. I got directly behind Kira and stood over her cute little butt and jacked off. Kira’s slit and ass crack looked so inviting that I started to rub my pre-cum covered dick all along the length of her peach colored slit. Oh how I wanted to sink my dick into Kira’s sweet brown backdoor opening all the way into her warm bowels sinking my dick the entire length up to my balls. With these erotic thoughts spinning in my head I shot stream after stream of hot semen onto Kira’s back leaving a big pearly white puddle right over her anal opening. Jack had seen me climax all over Kira’s backside and immediately whirled around and started lapping up my sperm with his eager tongue.
After licking Kira clean Jack started to nudged my dick and took my hard prick and wrapped his tongue back and forth over my sensitive penishead skin sending a shiver up my spine as my dick jerked wildly in his mouth. It was all I could do to plop down on the carpet and try to catch my breath. Almost instantly the naked little nymph Kira scrambled between my legs and grabbed my dick pulling the skin tightly down on my still hard dick as she called her dog over and wiggled my dick like a prize treat for her good dog.
Jack ran his ruff tongue all along the length of my dick as it was all I could do was to just leaned back on my elbows and watch my beautiful smooth soft skinned little neighbor girl jack me off as her dog licked his textured tongue all around my dick. I could feel the excitement build as I watched this taboo nasty seen in front of me like some warped porno film with me being the star attraction. Kira’s petite little hand massaged my balls as she increased the speed of her other hand which was now racing up and down, up and down again and again on my dick jacking me off to the point that I could no longer even think straight. My whole world shrank down to just this moment and this building climax and everything else just disappeared from my consciousness.
My whole body stiffened and I could only moan as my sperm boiled up and I climaxed with my cum shooting spurt after spurt of semen squirting out of my dick and to be immediately lapped up by Jack’s pink tongue.
A 9 year old girl with her male Labrador retriever had just given me one of the best blow jobs I’d ever had. This was definitely the kinkiest sex I’d ever had in my life.

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    I want more…[email protected]

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    I would have buried my cock in her tight 9 year old pussy and bred her with the dog

  • Reply Angel ID:2c3ilmk9qj

    Love her age and I also let dogs lick my pussy my snap is sweettslutt

    • Mario ID:3k40n6rnv9c

      How lovely

    • Lit j ID:3zxjpuyzb09

      How old was u when u started beastility

  • Reply Hewwo ID:8ldnp02dql

    Pretty neato mosquitoe

  • Reply Anonymous ID:21zg5n3hri

    Is it true or just a story. You didn’t tell us nothing of what you saw the first time only a little of what you saw the second time.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fzq38doia

    Did she fuck the dog

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  • Reply Petro ID:571gtnd2

    Now Leave Your Comment…Kira you are my hero you know what good sex is kerp it up

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:y8ha2v9j

    I can understand you. I would call you a fucking sick individual, but I can’t, because I am worse. The last thing that I would think, about is sex with an infant until my 9year old great granddaughter awakened me with her lips wrapped around my dick and blessing me.
    She loves fucking our dogs.

    • Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

      Is this for real I would love to know more about your nine-year-old Great granddaughter text me 1-209-324-7633 I’ve got to know more

    • Cumgulper ID:bf9ft808rb

      Timothy it is very true.

    • Beast ID:tgbtr78l

      how did that all happened?

  • Reply Nancy r ID:30rzgujk0k

    Hot story

  • Reply ITALY666 ID:30rzgujk0a

    To old

  • Reply THE SKULLTAKER ID:1idzqf7bfii

    20 minutes of watching that little girl could get you TWENTY YEARS IN PRISON, BE CAREFUL BUDDY

    • The skulltaker ID:1d5ejwsfwljn

      She wanted it. So it is not punishable

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    this is so fucking hot, kik me at scunnid
    my cock is throbbing holy fuck

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    loved it please continue

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    Add more to this story

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    Disturbing on so many levels

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    More of this would be perfect. Great job and good detail