Dean’s father had me all to himself

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Hi everyone, it’s Wednesday May 23rd, and I returned from Philly on the 21st, in the afternoon. Steve and I have been sleeping together as husband and wife, instead of Dean and I. My husband calls everyday around 6 pm and Steve says he wants me to make sure my husband starts to call me at around 7:30 at night, and to come up with an excuse for it. The real reason is that Steve wants to fuck me while I talk to my husband, and to start talking dirty, fantasizing and role playing with David about him, while he is there actually fucking him. In this way David, my husband, will think it’s just role playing but Steve and I will know that it’s real, and in this way, I can cheat on David in a new and exciting way. Yesterday was the 22nd of May, a Tuesday, and Steve left through the back when I saw Dean come over to act like he wanted to borrow my husbands lawn mower, I told him that David is fast asleep in our bedroom so he had to leave, I turned to look out of the South window to see if Steve’s car had pulled out of the garage, but he hadn’t left yet, so I know that he was watching from somewhere, so I asked Dean if that’s all he wanted was the lawn mower and if he wanted it, he could use it. Dean said that he wanted to rape me at his house, I told him, “no”, but he could rape me quietly in the basement. Dean forcefully dragged me by my hair and threw me down the stairs onto the padded floor, while choking, slapping and punching me. He was not quiet, he fucked my ass like it was my pussy, all the while choking and slapping me with a lot of anger, like I had done something to hurt him personally. I loved it, I really fucking enjoyed that about him, he made you feel his passion, whether it was loving or harsh, he made me know how he was feeling sexually by the pouring out of his sexual energy, and it was angry, violent and yet passionately loving. He raped me and I roleplayed that he should stop and that my husband would wake up, but it was just role play, I wanted him to rape me for all I was worth to him, and by the time that the 12 o’clock town horn blew, he looked up and we both saw, from the basement window, that his father was outside knocking on his door. Dean came inside my ass and quickly got dressed, then ran over to see his dad. They spoke for a while and I went upstairs to stare out of the window to see him again. Dean’s father is ruggedly handsome with large and rugged construction hands, when he fuck me the first time, he was very gentle, not like his son at all! He saw me peeking through the window and I quickly retreated to the kitchen, still reeling from the fantastic rough rape sex from his son. I was suddenly grabbed by my neck and pulled to the sink when Steve just took what now belonged to him, and he fucked my pussy and ass, back and forth until I passed out, and when I woke up, on the couch, I had his cum in my hair, on my breasts, and all over my face. Again being used was like a drug, but this was one of the first times that Steve has ever done that to me, and as we talked later, he admitted that it’s something he wants to do with me, to let out his jealousy and anger, just like Dean. Anyway, I said to myself, “I better write this in my diary, soon”, when there was a knock at the back door, it was Brent, Deen’s father. I let him in and we chatted for an hour about politics, the weather, and finally sex. I confessed a lot of things about myself and so did he. Brent wanted me to be his girlfriend and wanted me for himself, eventhough he knew I was married. So I talked to him about why every man that I’ve let fuck me, wants me for themselves and would screw over all there buddies to have me all to themselves. He answered immediately, saying, “we want a whore in bed and if the pussy is good and the woman really enjoys sex, we men just can’t let that kind of woman pass us by.” I said, “oh”, and I realized that I could talk to him, something that I had never really done before with a man, not even Steve. I talk to Steve and he shares things with me and I share with him in return, but Brent really wanted to know me and why I did what I did, and it was very therapeutic. I moved a few of the coasters onto the counter top and kissed Brent and thanked him for coming over. He held onto me and asked when we could be together again. I lied and said that David was sleeping upstairs and that he had to go, but I quickly changed my mind and told him to fuck me in the basement, and since I knew that Steve had finished wiring the house with cameras I knew that I was being recorded and he would enjoy what I was about to do. Steve and I read a story on the website titled, “I caught my wife with her dad”, Steve and I role played the story in bed and now I wanted him to watch Brent fuck me like I was really his daughter, plus she and I have the same name, actually her middle name is my real first name. Brent agreed to fuck me while calling me his daughter and I called him, “Daddy”. We fucked as daddy and daughter for 3 hours until the doorbell rang and we heard footsteps upstairs, I knew it was Steve, who never left, and Brent threw on his clothes and ran through the back thinking it was my husband, but before he left, I told him that I will be his girlfriend, but only if he keeps our relationship private, especially from his son, and that he fucks me as his daughter while I call him my daddy. Brent absolutely agreed kissed me, like he was in love and bolted out the door, saying he’d see me tomorrow, I told him, “yes, anytime between 9 and 11 am. Steve and I talked all night until 2 am in the morning, because he was jealous of the intimacy that Brent showed me. We had the most wonderful intimate moments through talking and expressing myself about who I am and what I want to give in a relationship, and what I really get out of it. Steve shared his love for me and what or who he really is apart from sex and in that moment I knew that I had fallen deeply in love with Steve, I would say equal to my husband and that I never wanted to lose his passion for me. Steve took out his phone and showed me a beautiful picture of Himself, Dean and Brent, he cropped the image of Brent and sent it to the big screen Television, and asked me to tell him what I thought of Dean’s father, so I did, I described every dirty thought I had, and I described everything that we did together, in the basement, as I slid my skirt up to my hips and slid my panty to the side, I stared at Brent’s photo while masturbating and telling Steve how I wanted to fuck Brent as my daddy and me as his daughter. I orgasmed to the fantasy of it, while Steve focused on my words, and stroked himself to a quarter cup of cum, I orgasmed to the thought of fucking Brent 8 times for the morning, as Steve watched in amazement. We kissed each other and he fell asleep holding me closely, and all I could think of was fucking Dean’s father again. I snuck out of the house and went over to see Dean. I woke him up and asked if he could take turns fucking me with his horse, well, he jumped up and took me in his arms and carried me to the stall where he traded me back and forth, between him and his horse until the break of dawn, I really loved it, and I was feeling guilty that the man who really started my kinkiness, is now the man that I wanted the least, and that I wanted his father more, much, much more than I wanted him.
I went home, crawled back into bed with Steve and I got an early morning phone call from my husband and Steve and I fucked while my husband and I role played that I was fucking Steve. I shouted Steve’s name as I came and my husband also came, and he admitted to me that 9 of his army buddies were listening and if we could do this more often, I told him that I loved him and that I found it to be a huge compliment that he wanted to share our sex life with his buddies, he was happy and was about to say good night, when I asked him if he would like me to always role play that he was Steve, he and his buddies yelled, “hell yeah” on the phone, so I said stared into Steve’s eyes and kissed him as I mouthed silently to Steve that,”I loved him more than my husband”. I said goodnight to David, by calling him Steve and confessed my love for him as Steve, and that if he wanted to, I would let all of his army buddies fuck me regularly as a thank you for serving our country when they all return home. My husband lost his shit, and said that he would hold me to my promise, I said, “good, do that”.
Steve fucked me tenderly and we both professed our love for each other, and he made me promise to be a cheating wife for him, to always cheat and fuck whoever I wanted, even if he got jealous. I promised him and told him that I wish I was married to him and that I viewed him as my real husband. We showered and tenderly kissed like lovers and he got dressed and left for the morning as Brent came in at 9 and stayed until 7 pm. Brent and I fucked as father and daughter all day long, off and on until he had to go. I will tell you more about us from day to day.

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  • Reply Nadine m. ID:fx7ita944

    This is a bullshit fantasy story that this sick bitch enjoys reading.the response and feed back sucked for her as you can see.this 300 pound bitch that wrote this story was hoping for like 30 people to say they loved it.

  • Reply Californiafeelin ID:11av8zgx49j

    I stated, truthfully, that I\’m expressing my life like an open book diary, where I describe, in some detail, my very poor and guilt ridden behavior for everyone to read. I am not happy about being a cheater and having so many sexual exploits behind David back, but I do it anyway, because I\’ve really given in to the pleasure of it, but the guilt remains. I was a hypocrite for all of my middle school and high school judgments on other girls, calling them all sorts of names, and now I\’ve become the worst of all. So there is NO DAMN WAY, THAT I\’M LETTING THEM OR ANYONE I KNOW BACK HOME THAT I ENDED UP BEING THE BIGGEST WHORE OF THEM ALL!!!!

  • Reply Californiafeelin ID:11av8zgx49j

    Their is no way that I will post a picture, and definitely not a video. I\’ve been cheating on my husband for a year and I don\’t want him to find out that way and the biggest reason that I cherish my anonymity, is my family back home in California, they would just die if they knew of my behavior. Therefore, I use aliases to describe everyone, even myself.

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    Pics of you?