Brent sends me on a trip down lesbian lane

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To continue with my Wednesday adventure, I do see Deans father, Brent, and we date everyday, actually every weekday. He’s an excellent lover with a thick cock, who gets it up quickly, like a teenager. Since dating Brent on a regular basis, I began to fully realize that I enjoy the art of cheating, not just on my husband but on Dean, and Steve. I like them, not knowing the full extent of how much of a whore I can be, even-though all of them have seen me fuck the horse and both dogs, which I still do, by-the-way. I closed my last story about Brent by telling you that he stayed until 7pm. Even-though, he stayed till 7, he actually waited for Steve to enter from the basement as he exited with a loving kiss, from the patio sliding door. Brent has a key to the house, just like Steve, and Dean. Anyway, around 5pm, Brent and I began to talk about sneaking around together, behind my husbands’ back, permanently and that he was fantasizing about getting me pregnant, I told him that I had a difficult time getting pregnant and that it hadn’t happened in the past, but I promised him that if he wanted to, I would let him try and be the first to get me pregnant, he was thrilled that I said that, and told me that he loves when women behave like whores.
We continued talking about sex for the next 2 hours, and I really got to know him better than anyone else, even my husband David. With Brent, I feel mature, but naughty; loved, and sexy; cared for, yet cheap and depraved, all of it in a wonderful mix. We talked about my porn collection and spent the last hour examining the different types of porn that excited me. I masturbated while he watched me, being turned on by a lesbian bestiality video, where two Brazilian girls were eating pussy and fucking a dog. I licked my fingers and massaged my clit to another orgasm, as he intently watched me while stroking his cock in his jeans. Brent continued talking and told me that he not only wanted to get me pregnant at some time in the future, but to expose me to lesbianism, to see if I would take to being bisexual. I told him, ‘no’, but changed my mind and said, ‘yes, I will try, for him’. We finished our conversation with another agreement, that whatever porn we watched, that we would try everything we saw, I agreed and he jerked off to me while I masturbated to another video of a role-playing video of a son fucking his mother, while his father is sleeping on the couch, and as the son was about to cum, she pushed him off and she opened her eyes wide, for him to cum in her eyes and I imitated her and did the same thing, as Brent unloaded a full stream of cum into both my eyes, and I fucking loved it, we’ve been fucking to every type of porn that turns me on, and we copy what we see. Brent has opened me up to lesbian porn, extreme lesbian porn, and interracial porn. I’m in lust with a few married women and pornstars like: Ava Devine, (She’s an amazing porn WHORE, who does everything naughty and she fucks everyone, even Midgets and Tranny’s, I love her and would be a lesbian for her). Then there is Amber Blank, a very young, married military wife that fucks dozens of black guys right in front of her husband, and it’s something that they both enjoy together, and I realized that she’s a huge influence on me because I am young, recently married, only a year, and I would love it if my husband was like her husband. I masturbate to her perfect body, all the time and would be a lesbian for her too. Then there is Syd Blakovich, a butch lesbian that fucks with so much passion that she would make any straight girl into a lesbian or at least bisexual, and make them question their sexuality, she’s fucking awesome.
As of Thursday morning, Brent and I literally fuck all day, and watch porn constantly with a few young teenage girls, and as of Friday, he’s brought a few girls my age and older, I even had a few lesbian encounters with his billing manager, Angelina, and she is the hottest Scandinavian 56 year old woman I have ever seen, she fucking beautiful and sexy as fuck, she’s curvy, busty and full of hips. Her skin is smooth, she has a low blonde bob haircut with truly deep blue eyes and a walk that makes my pussy wet just thinking of her as I’m typing. Today is May 30th and I’ve been eating her sweet pussy every day since Friday. She and I make out and spend time together, while Brent watches and jerks off to us. Brent has opened up my sexuality like no one else has, not even his son Dean. Since Steve has to work all day and has gone to Puerto Rico, Saturday morning, for a security contract and won’t be back for at least a month, so now I have the nights to myself as Brent comes by and fucks me all day. I am fluid when it comes to sex, and I love making men jealous in a way that turns them on. I also realize that I could definitely become a lesbian, and I am absolutely bisexual, because I absolutely love giving and receiving intimacy from a woman, especially giving, I am a bottom girl for sure, and Brent knows it. He’s seen me eat my first pussy, a young eighteen year old college girl, Kathy, he met at his sons football game, she was making out with one of her girlfriends and since then, Brent has noticed her around town, and convinced her to enjoy my company. She and I hit it off and she ate my pussy with the most passionate love I could have ever dreamed of, and she was gorgeous, just fucking beautiful. I stared deeply into her eyes as I fully came or should I say squirted in her mouth, I had never squirted before with a human, but I did with Deans horse and both of his dogs, anyway I foolishly told her that I loved her, she snickered and told me that most new straight girl first time lesbian experiences are always saying that they are in love, and she assured me that it’s just doing something that she’s never done before, and doing with another girl makes it so exciting that it feels like love, but it’s not. So, I said, ‘no, I do love you, and I’ll prove it!’ I jumped up, pushed her to the wall, I even forgot that Brent was there, I spread her legs standing up and dived into her lightly dark blonde, wispery pussy hair and went to town on her beautiful cunt. I ate her pussy for an hour, in every position that I had ever seen in porn, and at the end of my pussy eating artwork, she said, ‘I believe you, I believe that you love me, and with that type of pussy lapping, I think I love you too’, and she snickered. I stood up, held her close and we french kissed as I led her to the bathroom to take a shower, she said she had to use the bathroom first, I asked if was a number 1, and she didn’t answer, she just kissed me deeply and pushed me away and ran to the bathroom, but I grabbed her wrist and joined her as she tried to get away from me. I turned on the shower and shoved her in, as Brent watched in amazement, I quickly grabbed her right leg and lifted it over my shoulder and told her to use me as her toilet, she did pause, stared at me really lovingly bent down and kissed me with love, then she let out a soft stream of lightly clear urine, and I could see from the tinge in her face that she was holding back, I told her to, “let it out, piss on me and tell me you love me, because this is how I’m proving to you that I love you. Piss on me and use me, if you want to cheat on your girlfriend, cheat on her with me as a matter of fact just leave her for me and I will leave my husband for you, I will become a lesbian for you, I want you in my life forever!” Kathy let out a full stream and never broke eye contact with me, while constantly whispering,“I love you, I love you, I truly feel like I’m falling in love with you”. I drank as much of her piss that I could and grabbed my empty shampoo cup, already filled with water, I emptied it and caught the last cup of piss that dripped from my face and mouth. I was excited, I was nasty and I was fucking horny, as she nearly collapsed from exhaustion, I motioned for her to keep watching me as I wiped my face with my wash cloth and wrung out her piss in my mouth, I then twisted my hair and squeezed out her residual urine into the cup and drank every drop. Kathy almost passed out from a sexual lust to exhaustion, that’s how she explained it to me, plus I could see it in her eyes, and that’s when I decided to turn it up a notch, as I spread my legs and spit out a little urine from my mouth, into my hand and shoved her piss into my pussy and had an amazing dirty orgasm. I quickly looked up, saw the stunned and amazed look on her face so I turned her around spit the rest of the piss that was in my mouth onto her ass and pussy as it ran down her legs. I licked her asshole and ate her pussy like it was my last day on earth, I fingered her ass and sucked my fingers afterwards, I ate so much of her pussy cream that I thought I was eating cottage cheese. We had the most amazing lesbian sex of my life, because I wanted her more than my husband and Steve. She and I cuddled and made love all night. However, she did pretend to leave after watching Brent fuck the hell out of me, as she masturbated to the vision of me and Brent fucking, I watched her masturbating and our eyes locked as Brent watched us getting off on each other as I gave her all of my attention as he fucked me, I was in lust heaven with a lesbian and I fucking loved it. Brent collapsed on top of me as I continued to give her all of my attention, I shoved him off of me and moved in front of her with my legs spread open and I furiously rubbed my clit for her to see how much she turned me on and to finally finish off our lust for each other we scissored and we both squirted to an orgasm, a fucking mind blowing orgasm, I love her sexually more than almost anyone, but remember the older woman, my other lesbian lover, actually she’s married to a man and is very bisexual, but her husband is not into it, so she cheats on him, mostly with other women but also with 4 other men including Dean’s father, her boss, Brent.
Sunday morning, he brought over Angelina, the 56 year old Scandinavian and she was to die for. I want to be a whore like her, she loves her husband and sleeps around safely, constantly, especially with women, to satisfy her lesbian side. We had a video recorder lesbian three-way orgy for Brent and his son was away in Baltimore for a college football game, Brent asked me if I would show Angelina and Kathy, what I could do next door. I understood what he meant, so I took them over to the stable and slowly made love to the horse and both dogs. Angelina loved it and joined in by kissing me and sucking off both dogs and our horse, but Kathy hated it and was turned off, but I never noticed. Kathy told me in private, and then said that she’s won’t be coming by anymore, that it was all too much for her. I begged her to stay and promised that I wouldn’t let the animals fuck me again, but she left anyway and I’m broken hearted, but I’ll keep trying to get her back, it’s only been a few days and Angelina has taken her place as my lesbian lover and yes, she and I have been fucking the dogs, every day, but not Deans dogs, Brent’s two Rottweilers, Butch and Duke.

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