A big horse of a story

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I’ve been married to Nikki for 24yrs. She is my country girl, Nikki was raised up on a farm. My wife is 47,she is a dark brunette with green eyes 5’4″ 140lbs nice ass and big titties. Nikki wanted a horse since we live in the country, rural area of Mississippi. We have some cows,chickens, ducks,geese,and goats. So we went to the sale barn during an auction, my wife picked out this red mare with white diamond blasé to bid on. Much to my luck we purchased this horse that my wife would name Ruby star. We got Ruby star loaded in the trailer and headed back to our now ranch,we have a horse. She was very healthy looking, nice shiny coat ,a real gentle horse. We had to go buy tac gear and a riding saddle. Nikki loved riding Ruby, this became a daily routine. One morning Nikki went to the barn and came running back shouting for me to come there and hurry. When I got inside the barn much to my surprise Ruby star had become a mother, with a baby fold. A young stallion was born,a healthy looking colt with reddish brown and white blasé. We were so excited about the new addition to our ranch. Nikki said that she was going to raise him and breed him. I never thought that my wife was the one that would be bred by this young colt one day. My wife named the young stallion big red. Big red grew over the next 2 years, he became mature enough to breed. I never paid to much attention to the affection my wife showed big red. Our sex life had some changes, I noticed that it took so much more play to get my excited to Orgasm’. That nice tight fit was gone,I thought it had something to do with her hysterectomy, she stayed dry. One afternoon I was looking around the barn inside a cabinet I found towels,a blanket that belonged inside the house it’s yellow with red and black design on it ,also a tube of k-y jelly. This I thought my wife is fooling around. I didn’t say a word,the next day I went to work as usual but around 9am I returned home, why this time ? Because I have tried to call at 9am before and get voice mail. As I parked down by the road I walked up to the house, not to be noticed ,as I eased up to the side of the house and looked towards the barn, I see my beautiful wife, she is completely nude,as she walks into our barn. So I sneak up and go to the back side to peek inside. There I see my wife laying our blanket over some bales of hay. She has her towels placed, I watch as she lubricated her pussy and ass with the k- y. She goes and gets big red what the hell I’m getting so excited watching this. She leads big red to her made shift bed, ties him up ,bringing him up to her fucking spot. I took out my phone and walked in on her as she has stuffing big reds long soft dick into her pussy. Nikki kinda freaked out and I asked her not to stop, as I recorded my slut wife fucking our horse in our barn. The horse cock never got fully erect as my wife had her legs up in the air and fucking herself with that cock she stuffed in her pussy, as the horse semi hard cock was stuck inside her,she rocked her hips back and forth as she played with her big titties. Before it was over she stuffed that big horse dick into her asshole,she lets out Deep moans as she rocked her ass. She pulled out that big dick and showed me the size of her opened up holes. To view this Google ..husband records his slut wife fuck a horse in the barn. Also search for husband helps his wife fuck a horse,it’s not so brutal until big reds dick got hard and pounded her pussy as cum runs out.

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