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Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 8

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Mr. Jones, Jenny, and Jane washed up after Jenny lost her virginity and then returned to the kitchen for what was now a late lunch. Jenny then went to her friend’s house, Jane did her grocery shopping, and Mr. Jones did some office work at the desk in Jane’s bedroom.

Later that night, after they all turned in, Mr. Jones ordered Jane to go to her son’s room and have sex with him. She begged for Mr. Jones to reconsider, but he was steadfast. Jane slipped on her robe and found her son smiling when he saw her enter his bedroom. Mr. Jones silently went to Jenny’s bedroom and quietly opened the door. She also smiled when she saw him. He asked her if she liked what they had done and, when she said, “Uh huh,” he asked her if she wanted to do it again. When she nodded, Mr. Jones took her hand and led the barefoot, pajama-clad young girl to her parents’ bedroom.

“Where’s Mom?” Jenny asked, looking around.

“We have the room to ourselves.” When Mr. Jones saw the perplexed look on Jenny’s face he said, “If I show you something, will it freak you out?”

The curiosity on the young girl’s face was obvious, and then she said no. Mr. Jones told her to be quiet and led her to Mark’s bedroom. They waited outside his door for a while. Jenny kept looking up at Mr. Jones expectantly, but he just gave her the “shhh” sign with his finger on his pursed lips. Then Jenny’s eyes got real big and she was about to say something when she heard her brother’s voice through the door. Mr. Jones quickly clamped his hand over her open mouth.

“Oh, Mom, I love the way you suck my cock.”

Jenny’s eyes remained big as she looked at Mr. Jones. He again made the “shhh” sign and slowly slipped his hand off her mouth. Jenny’s mouth remained open, but she was silent. He then brought her back to the master bedroom.

After the door was shut, Jenny exclaimed, “Holy shit! I can’t believe it! Mom’s doing it with Mark. Holy shit!”

“Does that bother you?”

“Well, kinda. Mom’s a bigger slut than I thought. Holy shit! She’s sucking Mark’s cock right now. Holy shit!”

That night Mr. Jones taught Jenny different positions, including the 69, and to swallow semen. She was a fast learner and, once she had the opportunity to experience it, loved sex. But their sex didn’t compare to Mark’s and Jane’s. Mark was a lot younger than Mr. Jones so Jane was fucked a lot more times than Jenny and, by the time she fell asleep in her son’s arms, her jaw was sore and her pussy raw. But there was something else. Although Jane dreaded being forced to have sex with her son, once they started she fucked him as hard as he fucked her, and when she sucked his cock she did it with gusto. Afterwards, she felt guilty and ashamed, but during the sex she gave as good as she received.

Jane awoke to her son’s soft snoring. She remembered where she was and what she had done. As quietly as possible, Jane slithered out of her son’s bed and walked to her own bedroom. She didn’t even remember to take her robe. When Jane opened her bedroom door she gasped. Mr. Jones was working at the desk and turned at the noise. Jane wasn’t looking at him though; she was staring at her young daughter lying on the bed.

Jenny was nude. The bedcover was crumpled at her feet covering part of her right leg, from her knee down. Her other foot was dangling over the side of the mattress. Her legs were spread and Jane saw that her daughter’s pussy was shaven clean. Her labia looked red and a little puffy, and dried sperm was visible. When Jane stepped closer she saw that Jenny’s lips and chin also had sperm on them, and her little breasts were covered in hickies.

Mr. Jones turned his chair around and caught Jane’s attention. He motioned towards his cock. Jane quickly looked at her daughter and then back at Mr. Jones. She shook her head no so Mr. Jones stamped his foot on the floor. Jenny mumbled something in her sleep and closed her legs.

Jane knew it was no use to resist further so she tiptoed over to Mr. Jones. She dropped to her knees and looked at his limp dick. It was crusty with his sperm and her daughter’s juices. Jane wondered how many times Mr. Jones had fucked her little girl. Then she thought about how many times her own son had fucked her. She knew it was wrong, but she also remembered the pleasure Mark had given her. Jane was learning to enjoy sex a lot.

“Ahum,” Mr. Jones huffed impatiently.

Jane lifted the soft cock and put it into her mouth. She sucked and licked the dick, but it remained soft. Jane assumed it had been used on her little daughter many times that night. But Jane’s persistence eventually caused the cock to stiffen.

Jenny’s sleep was disturbed by the various noises in the room. She lazily opened her eyes, peering through slits. It took her a while to focus, but then she saw her naked mother on her knees sucking Mr. Jones’ cock. Jenny looked up and saw Mr. Jones smiling at her. The teenager was still sleepy, but couldn’t tear her eyes off her mother’s mouth. She watched her mother’s lips sliding up and down the cock that had fucked her not long before.

Mr. Jones grunted when he filled Jane’s mouth with sperm and she quickly turned to see if the noise had awoken her daughter. Jane pulled her mouth off the spurting cock when she saw Jenny lying on her side with her head propped up in her hand — watching her mother give Mr. Jones a blowjob. Jane turned back when she felt the warm semen splash against her cheek, and then she got another one directly into her nostril. It went up her nose when she inhaled so Jane quickly exhaled. She was humiliated when her daughter laughed at the little cum-bubble that grew and then burst from her nose.

“So what do you think of your mother now?” Mr. Jones asked.

“Slut! She’s a slut,” Jenny replied. “I bet you didn’t even wash your dick, did you?”

“Your mother doesn’t mind sucking a cock that had just fucked another woman. She’s done it before.”

“Really? Holy shit! That’s gross!”

Jane sat in shame listening to the two talking about her. She wanted to dig a hole in the floor and climb into it.

“Not only that,” Mr. Jones continued to Jane’s dismay, “she licked the woman afterwards too.”

“Licked her? What do you mean?” the innocent girl asked.

“Between her legs… her cunt.”

“No way! Gross! Eee-youuu!”

“Yep, and if we ask her nicely maybe she’ll do it to you.”

Stunned, Jane looked up at Mr. Jones with pleading eyes. But he was looking at Jenny, studying her face.

“What would it feel like to have, you know, a girl do it?” Jenny asked.

“There’s only one way for you to find out. Believe me, your mother knows her way around a pussy. I think she really gets off on licking them after they’ve been fucked too,” Mr. Jones lied. He saw the hurt on Jane’s face and continued, “What do you have to lose?”

Jenny thought about it a moment and made up her mind. She had enjoyed everything else Mr. Jones showed her, so maybe he was right about this too. Jenny hesitated a moment. After all, it wasn’t just another woman — it was her mother! But if it was okay for her mother to suck her son’s cock, why not her daughter’s pussy? Jenny made up her mind and sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed and spreading her knees.

Mr. Jones used his foot to nudge Jane. Defeated and totally humiliated, Jane crawled over to her daughter — between her legs. She once again noticed the absence of hair on her daughter’s twat and thought back to Sandy, Mr. Jones’ 20 year old niece. Evidently, Mr. Jones liked his young girls hairless.

Jane leaned towards her daughter’s pussy and smelled the aftermath of sex. She didn’t know if she could go through with it, but knew she had to. After all, Mr. Jones repeatedly told her that she kept saying she couldn’t do something, but she always did. So Jane pressed her mouth to her daughter’s pussy and began licking.

Jenny had learned to love oral sex in the brief time she had experienced it, but felt trepidation about a woman doing it to her, let alone her own mother. But as soon as she felt the tongue sliding on her pussy, Jenny sighed with pleasure and pushed her pussy into her mother’s face.

Jane had expected and hoped her daughter would be disgusted with what Mr. Jones told Jane to do. But when Jane looked up, all the while licking her daughter’s pussy, she saw Jenny’s half-closed eyes. Jenny was enjoying it. Her own daughter was experiencing pleasure from her debasement. The stale taste of the previous night’s sex lingered on Jenny’s pussy, but Jane kept licking.

“Oh, Mom, you do that so good,” Jenny purred to Jane’s chagrin. “Please, Mom, go deeper.”

Jane kept licking her daughter’s pussy while her eyes sought out Jenny’s, but all she found were closed eyes. Then Jane glanced to the side. Mr. Jones was close, watching like a hawk. Jane didn’t have a choice and extended her tongue, shoving it deeper into her daughter’s cunt.

“Oh, Mom… oh, Mom…” Jenny moaned while humping her hips, fucking her mother’s tongue.

Jane continued tongue-fucking her daughter and Jenny alternated between pushing her pussy into her mother’s face and moving her pelvis in a circular motion. Jane knew her ordeal would not end until she made her daughter reach orgasm. Jane couldn’t believe she was going to make her innocent baby climax, but she kept using her tongue on her. Spittle was dripping from her active mouth, coating her chin and dripping onto her breasts. But Jane continued tonguing her daughter. Then, when Jenny’s hips became more active, Jane grabbed her daughter’s thighs and shifted her mouth. Jane’s head looked like a cat’s licking a bowl of milk as her tongue lapped her daughter’s clit.

“Oh god! Oh god!” Jenny cried out, then her body shuddered and collapsed as she came.

Jane backed up and stared between Jenny’s widely spread legs. Her daughter’s bald pussy was glistening with saliva and was partly parted. Jane saw just the tip of her daughter’s little pearl peeking out from the fleshy protective hood.

When Jenny came around she opened her eyes and sat up. The young girl stared at her mother who was still on her knees. Jane couldn’t read her daughter’s expression, but there was something there that she had never seen before. It was as if her daughter felt superior to her mother. Jane wondered what their relationship would be like from that point on. How could Jenny ever respect her again?

“Okay, I think we’ve had enough fun for the moment,” Mr. Jones said. “Jenny, please excuse us… I have plans for your mother.”

Jenny jumped off the bed and Jane had to quickly scoot out of the way to avoid being stepped on. She felt like her daughter intentionally tried to kick her as she passed. When Jenny was gone, Mr. Jones told Jane to wash up and bring him breakfast. She did that, and then Mr. Jones washed up. Then, after Mr. Jones and Jane were dressed, they left the house. Jane wondered what Mr. Jones meant by having “plans” for her, but knew not to ask.

Mr. Jones informed Jane that he was going to drive her car so she got into the passenger seat. She was uncomfortable for several reasons. First, Jane didn’t know where they were going. Second, Mr. Jones cut off the bottom of one of her denim skirts. The raggedy hem was in style, for teens anyway, but it was now much too short for Jane to wear. And finally, Jane wasn’t wearing panties, or a bra for that matter.

Jane flushed when Mr. Jones held the car door for her. She knew he wasn’t being polite. With her skirt as short as it was, it was impossible for Jane to get into the car without Mr. Jones seeing her freshly trimmed pussy. And not only did Mr. Jones have her shorten her pubic hairs, but this time he personally shaved her lips so that only a patch of hair remained on the top portion of her pussy. Mr. Jones went to the other side of the car and tossed a sports bag into the backseat, got behind the wheel, and drove off.

They drove in silence for a while and then Jane asked, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, it’s one thing to force me to have sex with you, but why are you constantly humiliating me?”

Mr. Jones’ reply sent a cold shiver through Jane’s body. “Because I enjoy it.”

Jane stared out the side window in silence after that. That is until Mr. Jones tapped her on the shoulder. When Jane turned she saw his limp dick sticking out of his fly. When he motioned, Jane scooted closer and leaned over. She put his cock into her mouth and began sucking. When Mr. Jones’ cock was hard, Jane slowly dragged her lips up and down its length.

The honking of a horn caught Jane’s attention and she realized the car had stopped. With Mr. Jones’ cock still in her mouth, Jane lifted her eyes and looked out the driver’s side window. To her dismay, a pick-up truck was stopped at the light next to them. It was one of those trucks with a raised suspension and huge tires, making it much higher than what the manufacturer had intended. Two young boys were in the truck looking down at her. The passenger had his head out the window and the driver was leaning over his shoulder trying to see as well. Both were hollering.

Jane quickly got up, but Mr. Jones grabbed her by the hair and forcefully pulled her back to his lap. Jane struggled, but his hold on her held her in place, and it hurt as he pulled her hair. Jane stopped resisting, resigned to lay there. Mr. Jones got angry and lifted Jane’s head by her hair and smashed her face into the car seat between his legs.

After several times, Jane yelled, “Stop! Stop! Okay.”

When he stopped pounding her face into the car seat, he pulled it over his cock. Jane opened her mouth and once again began sucking him off. The boys in the truck, no more than 16 or 17 years old, began shouting obscenities at Jane. Humiliated but afraid to stop, Jane gave Mr. Jones a blowjob while the boys watched and ridiculed her.

Mr. Jones told Jane not to swallow, and then he climaxed. Following his orders, Jane sat up and put her face to the open window. She opened her mouth wide, showing the young voyeurs the pool of cum on her tongue. When it began to leak over her bottom lip, Jane quickly closed her mouth and swallowed. Mr. Jones told her to open her mouth again. The boys began calling her names like “slut” and “cocksucker.”

Mr. Jones then yanked Jane’s sweater top up over her naked breasts. The boys stopped yelling and just stared. Jane was pulling her top down when Mr. Jones sped off, leaving the drooling boys behind. He put his cock back into his pants and zipped up. Jane moved as far away from him as possible and once again stared out the side window. Mr. Jones had admitted he enjoyed humiliating her and Jane wondered what he would do next.

Jane didn’t have a long time to fret over it since Mr. Jones pulled up to a dingy diner. Obviously, it wasn’t a family restaurant since the parking lot only had trucks and motorcycles scattered about. Mr. Jones led Jane into the building and waited to be seated. The bubblegum chewing waitress with a too tight sweater and big tits pointed to an empty table. It was definitely not a classy place.

Mr. Jones pulled a chair out for Jane as if he was the gentleman Jane knew he wasn’t. When she sat down Jane noticed she was facing the main part of the diner. She pressed her knees together well aware of how short her skirt was and that she wasn’t wearing panties. She fidgeted in the chair to get comfortable, but the wooden chair wasn’t made for comfort — it was cheap. Mr. Jones dropped his bag on the chair across from Jane and sat next to her.

The “trailer trash” waitress bopped over to them and dropped two greasy menus onto the table. She impatiently waited with the order pad in one hand, the poised pencil in her other, and one hip raised. She incessantly chewed her gum.

“Like, um, do you, like, want a drink?” the waitress asked.

“I’ll have an ice tea,” Mr. Jones said politely. When he looked at Jane she nodded, so he turned back to the waitress and said, “Make that two ice teas.”

“Do you know, like, what you want?”

“We just got here,” Jane said coldly. She was agitated and the waitress was annoying her.

“I’ll be back when the, um, princess is ready,” the waitress said sarcastically before smartly turning and briskly walking away.

Jane noticed the waitress’ ass swaying more than it had before, obviously in defiance of the “uppity” woman — her. Jane felt bad for jumping on the waitress. After all, she was just doing her job and it wasn’t her fault she was uneducated and slutty white trash. Then Jane frowned. Jane was dressed like a slut and wondered what people thought of her.

Jane was deep in thought when she felt Mr. Jones’ hand on her wrist, pulling her arm towards him. He pushed something into her hand and Jane automatically grabbed it. When she lowered her eyes she quickly brought her hand to her lap and put the other one over the dildo he had handed her in an attempt to hide it. Jane’s hands couldn’t cover the whole thing and she surmised that it could be seen by anyone looking under her table so she brought it to her side and shoved it between her thigh and the chair. Jane turned to Mr. Jones in time to see him putting his bag back onto the vacant chair.

“Put it in,” Mr. Jones said.

“In where?”

“Where do you think? In your cunt.”

“Here?! Oh no, I can’t. I can’t,” Jane whispered as if everyone in the diner could here their every word.

“Of course you can… and you will. Do it now or, as God is my witness, I’ll have you dancing naked on the table.”

Jane knew she’d have to eventually give in to Mr. Jones’ evil demands and he wasn’t kidding. He could be a real bastard and she knew he’d make her do something worse if she didn’t do as he said. Jane looked around the diner, not knowing how to insert the plastic penis without anyone seeing, but no one seemed to be paying attention to them.

Jane quickly moved the dildo from under her leg and parted her knees. She aimed the tip at her crotch and pushed it under her short skirt. When Jane felt the plastic tip touch her pussy she spread her legs further and inserted it. She was dry so the plastic cylinder didn’t go in easily and Jane had to take her time shoving it inside. Just then, Mr. Jones banged a salt shaker on the table causing everyone in the diner to look their way. Jane gave one hard push, thrusting the dildo into her pussy, and snapped her legs together. Some of the patrons continued to stare her way and she wondered if they had seen what she had done.

The waitress returned with two ice teas and placed them on the table saying, “That’s, like, a new way to call me over,” referring to the salt shaker noise. “Have you, like, um, made up your minds?” The waitress once again assumed her impatient pose with one hip raised and the pad and pencil ready.

“Oh, I haven’t even looked at the menu ye… oh!” Jane said, exclaiming when Mr. Jones pressed a button on the vibrator’s remote.

Jane leaned forward when the tingling sensation began inside her pussy. She wanted to reach under her skirt and pull the vibrator out, but couldn’t do it in front of the waitress. Jane clenched her fists and began a slow rocking motion as the fake penis continued its slow, constant vibration.

“Miss, you okay?” the waitress asked staring at Jane’s strange behavior.

“I’m… I’m…” Jane said, finding it hard to speak, “…FINE!” Jane uncontrollably yelled and jerked her hips when Mr. Jones increased the vibrator’s speed.

Once again all eyes turned towards Jane as a result of her outburst. She tried to keep her legs together, but that increased the tingling in her pussy as it compressed around the buzzing instrument. Jane sat upright and clutched the edge of the table so tight her fingers turned white. She tried to remain still, but it was impossible. She was slowly rocking back and forth in her seat.

“Mister, what’s, like, wrong with your lady?” the waitress asked Mr. Jones.

“She just gets excited sometimes.”

“Excited? Huh?”

“You know… aroused.”

Jane turned red when the slutty waitress stared at her. But she couldn’t stop squirming and sighing. And then Mr. Jones increased the speed of the vibrator even more. Jane instinctively clamped her legs together, but then immediately opened them when the tingling increased beyond what she could bear.

Jane looked around and noticed several people staring at her — some looking under her table. She knew with her knees parted they could see under her short skirt and wondered if they could see the end of the vibrator sticking out of her pussy. She tried closing her legs, but had to open them again to ease the vibration inside her pussy.

As the vibrator quivered, it slowly slivered out of Jane’s pussy. While Jane was fighting back her orgasm, the vibrator slipped out some more so that the end rested on the wooden seat. It resonated as it vibrated on the wood chair making a buzzing sound.

The waitress heard it and opened her mouth wide before saying, “Oh shit, you, like, got a toy down there?”

Jane couldn’t reply. Her pussy was on fire and she was close to climaxing. Her fingers dug into the table and her hips jerked. The stunned waitress crouched and looked under the table between Jane’s spread legs. She saw about a quarter of the vibrator bouncing on the chair; the rest inside Jane’s pussy.

Even in Jane’s aroused state she was aware of what was happening around her. Jane thought she was going to die. The low-life waitress now knew what was happening, and by her talking about it others probably did as well. Jane knew the waitress was looking under her skirt so she wanted to close her legs — but she couldn’t, not with the damn vibrator buzzing away.

Just then, Jane couldn’t hold back any longer. Her legs shut and opened, and shut and opened, and shut and opened. The tendons in her thighs tightened and her ass lifted off the seat. She leaned forward, resting her forehead on the top of the table. And then her hips moved like she was fucking.

“Oh god, no. Oh god… oh god… oh god,” Jane cried out through gritted teeth as she climaxed.

With her legs spread wide and her hips humping, along with her pussy lubricating and clamping and unclamping around it, the vibrator jettisoned from her pussy and landed on the wooden chair. The buzzing it made was now heard throughout the diner, attracting everyone’s attention. Jane was bent over the table as if she was in pain, but only the most na�ve didn’t recognize the meaning of her pelvis movement. Jane was definitely in a fucking motion. The vibrator danced on the chair seat until it fell over the side landing on the floor. It continued to buzz as it danced around on the linoleum like a wind-up toy. Only when Mr. Jones turned it off, using the remote control, did it stop buzzing.

Jane’s body went limp, not even able to bring her knees together. The waitress stood up and waited for Jane to open her eyes and show some kind of recognition. Holding just the very end of the now slick plastic vibrator in her fingertips, the waitress handed it to Jane in plain sight of the others watching.

“Here, miss, you, like, dropped this,” the waitress said, then blew a bubble with her gum.

Jane watched the bubble expand and burst. The loud cracking sound of the bubble breaking caused Jane to flinch and brought her out of her orgasm-induced daze. It dawned on Jane what the waitress was holding in her extended hand and she panicked. Humiliated, Jane grabbed the vibrator and jammed it under her thigh again. Jane noticed everyone looking her way, with most staring under her table between her widely spread legs. She clamped her knees together; the slapping sound that ensued almost equaling the volume of the waitress’ bubble bursting. In her haste to close her legs, Jane forgot about the vibrator and it once again fell onto the floor. Jane quickly snatched the vibrator up and tucked it under her armpit, using both hands to conceal it. She was embarrassed beyond belief.

“You know, miss, you could have, like, used the ladies room. I’m not sure what you did was, like, sanitary. We’re in a diner, you know. What if the Board of Health, like, heard about this?” Then the waitress blew another bubble and then turned to Mr. Jones saying, “Mister, you sure got a slut here.”

Jane cringed. She had thought the waitress was a “white trash slut” and that’s what the girl was calling her. But Jane was sure the waitress would never do something as obscene as what she had just done, so what did that make Jane? A bigger slut than the slutty waitress.

“She gets that way when she’s aroused,” Mr. Jones said to the waitress.

“Gee, mister, like, what got her so turned on?”



“Yeah, as soon as Jane saw you she got hot for you,” Mr. Jones lied.

Jane sat quietly, listening to them talk about her as if she was an object rather than a person. The waitress looked at Jane more closely.

“So, honey, like, what do you like… my tits or my ass?”

Mr. Jones answered for Jane. “She told me she wanted you to sit on her face.”

“Like, no way! Is she a lesbian? She got a wedding ring on. Is she, like, married to a dyke?”

“No, Jane is married to a man and she has two lovely children,” Mr. Jones said. “But you are right… she’s a slut. She needs more sex than her husband can give her. She sucked my cock in the car while driving here.”

“No way!”

“Yes, and two young boys watched from their truck next to us. She loved it and was fingering her pussy when we pulled into the parking lot. I always carry a vibrator for her and, when she saw you, she begged me to give it to her. I told her she couldn’t do it here but she begged and begged so I gave it to her. You know the rest.”

“Wow, I never met a tramp like her. Does she really want to eat me?”

“Jane, tell the pretty waitress what you want to do to her,” Mr. Jones said, gripping Jane’s thigh tight enough to leave no doubt he was serious.

“Yes, I want to eat you,” Jane said softly with her eyes lowered.

“Wow, like, I never done it with a girl before. I, like, um, don’t know.”

“You can do it in the restroom,” Mr. Jones said. “When will you get another chance for a woman to eat you? If you don’t like it you can always stop and leave.”

The waitress thought for a few moments, blew another bubble, and then smiled. “Why not? Let’s get it on.”

“But I have to watch,” Mr. Jones said.

“What?! No way, mister!”

“C’mon, I won’t touch you. I just want to watch.”

The waitress aggressively chewed on her gum while she thought about it and finally agreed. When Jane stood she was still clutching the vibrator under her armpit. Mr. Jones took it from her and put it into his bag, then they followed the waitress to the ladies room. After the waitress checked to see that it was not occupied — even though there wasn’t a single female patron in the diner other than Jane — all three went inside. The waitress locked the door.

“Okay, like, what now?” the waitress asked.

“Let her suck your tits first. I know Jane is dying to do that.”

The waitress looked at Mr. Jones and hesitated, then shrugged and pulled her sweater up over her tits. Mr. Jones was amazed at how they extended from her body even though they were huge. He had to ask if she had implants.

“Not these babies,” the waitress said, cupping the bottoms of her tits and lifting them up.

Mr. Jones pushed Jane with his foot and she stumbled forwards. Jane automatically extended her arms for balance and her hands landed squarely on the other woman’s massive mounds. Jane didn’t believe the waitress’ claim so she squeezed the big tits. They felt real enough to her.

The waitress cupped the back of Jane’s head and pulled her face to one large breast. Jane opened her mouth and began sucking on the tit and nipple. After a while, the waitress pushed Jane away.

“She ain’t too good at doing that,” the waitress said. “Let’s just, like, do the other thing.”

“Don’t worry, Jane will lick your pussy a lot better than your tits. Won’t you Jane?” Mr. Jones said with an ominous glare.

“Like how do we do this?” the waitress asked.

“Sit up here,” Mr. Jones said, patting the sink countertop. When the waitress hoisted herself up, Mr. Jones chuckled and said, “I think you better take your pants off first.”

The waitress jumped off the counter and opened her pants. They were skin-tight so she had difficulty pushing them down, but she finally removed them. Mr. Jones stared at the very brief thong. When it was taken off he noticed the patch of hair shaped like a heart. Maybe her tits were natural, but the dark hair proved the platinum blonde really wasn’t.

The waitress got back onto the counter and spread her legs. Jane was nudged by Mr. Jones so she took the few steps until she was between the waitress’ legs. It wasn’t the first pussy Jane had licked so, although she didn’t want to do it, it didn’t traumatize her.

Jane’s fingers touched yet another woman’s pussy and pulled the lips apart. She leaned forward and pressed her mouth to it, immediately licking with her tongue. Jane didn’t hesitate and attacked the waitress’ clit, causing the other woman to grab the back of her head and pull her face even closer. Jane slid her tongue lower, inside the slit, until the tip found the wet hole. She made her tongue taut and pushed it inside, then flicked it in and out, tongue-fucking the waitress.

The waitress’ hands left Jane’s head and were brought her sides on the countertop where she used them to brace herself as she pushed her pussy into Jane’s face. Jane was tongue-fucking the waitress who was fucking Jane’s tongue. The ladies room was filled with moans and slurping sounds. Mr. Jones had his cock out and was slowly fisting it.

“Like wow… WOW!” the waitress cried out.

The waitress raised her right leg, pressing her heel on the countertop and shifting her weight to her left hip. Mr. Jones was amazed at the waitress’ flexibility, but not as much as the force she now used to thrust her pussy into Jane’s face. Jane’s head actually bounced back with each thrust. But Jane kept licking. Since the waitress was moving so violently, Jane’s tongue came out of the waitress’ pussy hole so she tried to make contact with her clit. Jane wasn’t sure if it was her tongue or simply the impact of the clit smashing against her face, but the waitress soon began grunting. Then Jane once again felt the waitress’ hand on the back of her head, holding Jane’s face still while the waitress rubbed her pussy all over it. Jane knew the younger woman was climaxing.

“Like, wow, that was awesome,” the waitress said between pants after she recovered. She looked over at Mr. Jones and noticed his hard cock sticking out of his pants. “What are you, like, going to do with that?”

“Would you like to…?” Mr. Jones began.

“No, I don’t want to fuck you. But I would like to do something.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, I always wanted to know what I, like, looked like when… you know… when I was, like, sucking a guy’s dick.” Mr. Jones had no idea what the waitress was talking about. “If I sit on your lap… you know, with your dick sticking up between my legs, and… the slut sucked your cock…”

The waitress’ voice trailed off, but Mr. Jones finally understood… and he liked it. It was another way to humiliate Jane. He decided to do it, but years as a successful businessman trained him to negotiate — to get as much as he could from a deal.

“Okay, but I stick my dick in you first.”

“No way! I’m not going to fuck you.”

“We won’t fuck. I just want to feel my cock inside your cunt. Let’s just say I’m trying to get my cock into as many cunts as I can before I die. Let me feel my cock inside you and then I’ll do it.”

The waitress thought about it and shrugged. She jumped off the counter and turned, bending over and sticking her butt out. She looked over her shoulder at Mr. Jones and wiggled her ass. He was behind her in a New York minute and pressed his cock at her opening. Very slowly, trying to savor the moment, Mr. Jones slid his cock into the waitress’ warm sheath.

“Okay, you felt it. Now let’s, like, do the other,” the waitress said.

“Wait!” Mr. Jones cried out. “Jane, get down there and lick her pussy.”

The waitress was intrigued by what Mr. Jones proposed. She wanted to know what it felt like to have her pussy licked with a cock inside it. The waitress decided to allow Mr. Jones to keep his cock inside her pussy for a little while longer.

Jane got on her hands and knees on the dirty restroom floor and crawled under the waitress, squeezing herself between the woman’s legs and the sink. She looked up and saw Mr. Jones’ cock embedded inside the waitress’ pussy, slightly moving in and out. Jane stretched her neck and tilted her head back, then flicked her tongue at the woman’s pussy.

The waitress squatted a little when she felt Jane’s tongue touch her pussy. Jane didn’t back away, but began licking her cunt. Mr. Jones felt the waitress move her hips to Jane’s tongue so he slowly pulled out of her pussy and just as slowly pushed it back in. He was fucking the waitress, albeit, slowly.

When the waitress began moving more, Mr. Jones reached around her body and squeezed her tits. She didn’t stop him so he kept his hands there while speeding up his fucking motion. Soon he was dragging his long cock almost all the way out and then pushing it back in all the way. Without pausing, he’d then pull out again only to drive his cock into the waitress’ pussy. He said he wasn’t going to fuck her, but Mr. Jones was a liar and, anyway, the waitress wasn’t complaining.

Meanwhile, Jane was between the waitress’ legs, licking her pussy. She felt the dirt and grime of the restroom floor on her hands and knees, but even that wasn’t as bad as what she was doing. She was licking a stranger’s pussy while it was being fucked. And when Mr. Jones increased the speed of his fucking, his balls slapped Jane’s face with each thrust.

The waitress began moving her lower body more, either because of Jane’s tongue or the cock sliding in and out of her pussy… or both. She would bend her knees to drive her pussy into Jane’s face, and then thrust her ass back against Mr. Jones’ cock. In effect, she was rocking back and forth, getting stimulated by a tongue and cock both.

Mr. Jones grabbed the waitress by her hips to hold her steady, and then really pounded his cock into her. The waitress was about to tell him to stop when he flooded her pussy with his sperm. He leaned on her back, breathing hard.

“Hey, what the fuck?!” the waitress screamed out when she realized she had been fucked and cum in. “Hey, you weren’t, like, supposed to…”

“Jane, lick her harder… make her cum,” Mr. Jones quickly shouted, trying to distract the waitress.

Jane grabbed the waitress’ thighs and pressed her mouth on her pussy. Jane’s tongue was like a lizard’s, flicking rapidly. The waitress stopped talking and began humping her hips again, pressing down on Jane’s mouth. Mr. Jones’ cock slipped out of the waitress’ pussy and his sperm oozed out onto Jane’s face and mouth. Now, while licking the other woman’s cunt, Jane’s tongue was coated with Mr. Jones’ sperm.

The waitress began grunting and smashing her pussy against Jane’s face. Jane recalled the waitress’ climax a short while before and knew she was close. Jane wanted her ordeal to end so she sped up her tongue, trying to flick it across the waitress’ clit. Suddenly, the waitress grabbed the back of Jane’s head and ground her pussy into Jane’s face. She came hard, smearing Mr. Jones’ sperm and her own juices all over Jane’s face and lips.

When the waitress recovered and stood up she looked at Mr. Jones and was about to scold him, but then smiled and said, “It was worth letting you fuck me. That was, like, a big orgasm.”

“We’re not done yet,” Mr. Jones responded. “I promised you we’d do what you wanted.”

The smile on the waitress’ face broadened and she nodded her head. Mr. Jones climbed onto the sink and held his hands out. The waitress stood in front of Mr. Jones with her back to him and he grabbed her waist, hoisting her onto his lap. The waitress spread her legs on either side of his. She reached between her legs, located his cock, lifted up a little, and pulled his cock vertical against her pussy. Then she let the slimy, soft dick drop back to the counter.

“Go on, Jane,” Mr. Jones said, “give this nice girl a blowjob.”

The waitress giggled and Jane stepped between their legs. Jane bent over and lifted Mr. Jones’ cock, stuffing it into her mouth. It didn’t take long for the cock to reach a full erection, and Jane used her newly learned skills to perform the blowjob. She felt a hand on the top of her head and looked up without removing the cock from her mouth. It was the waitress’ hand.

“Oh shit, that looks funny,” the waitress said. “I guess I, like, look that way too when I’m, like, doing it. Go on, slut, suck my cock.” The waitress giggled again at Jane’s expense. “Take it deeper, bitch.”

Jane felt her head being pushed down, and she gagged. But the waitress didn’t let her up. Mr. Jones’ cock was in her throat, blocking her air passage. She was suffocating. Jane struggled which caused her nose to rub against the waitress’ pussy which only made the waitress push down harder on Jane’s head. Luckily, Mr. Jones realized Jane couldn’t breathe and yanked the waitress’ hand away. Jane jerked her head up, coughing and sputtering.

“Oops,” the waitress said, but she giggled again.

When Jane’s breathing became normal, she cautiously returned to Mr. Jones’ cock. She kept looking up at the waitress as she wrapped her lips around the hard-on. When the waitress’ hand moved, Jane backed away.

“Okay, I get it. Just suck my cock,” the waitress said, dropping her hand to her lap and gently diddling her clit.

Jane put Mr. Jones’ cock back into her mouth and the waitress seemed content to frig herself while Jane performed the blowjob. When Mr. Jones began squirming under the waitress she rubbed her clit faster. Jane also sensed Mr. Jones’ climax and concentrated on getting him off. The waitress lifted one leg and draped it over Jane’s back. She moaned loudly as her finger brought on her orgasm. Jane was now bobbing her head up and down fast, dragging her lips over the cock.

“I’m going to cum,” Mr. Jones whispered into the waitress’ ear.

“Suck it, bitch,” she said to Jane. “I’m gonna cum in your mouth. Slut, you better, like, swallow it all.”

The waitress began jerking her hips as if the cock belonged to her. She was playing out her fantasy to its fullest. And then she felt Mr. Jones stiffen and lunge up, raising her a little in the process.

“Here it comes,” the waitress wailed. “Eat it all. Eat my cum.”

Jane stopped moving when she felt the sperm shoot into her mouth. She gulped it all down, no longer disgusted with the taste, although the thought of Mr. Jones doing it humiliated her. When Jane finally released the cock and backed away, the waitress jumped off Mr. Jones’ lap. She picked up her discarded clothes and redressed. Mr. Jones zipped up and was soon standing with the two women. They returned to the diner.

“Tara, where the fuck you been?” a gruff voice screamed when they entered the eating area. “We have orders backed up the kazoo. You’re fuckin’ fired!”

“Max, like, gimme a break,” the waitress said and snapped her bubblegum. “I was busy.”

Mr. Jones walked up to the screaming owner of the diner. Max had a two-day old stubble on his red, fat face, his hair was gray and messed up, his clothes were dirty, and the apron didn’t hide his large belly.

“Tara’s been satisfying a customer,” Mr. Jones said to the irate man, for the first time knowing the waitress’ name even though he had fucked her.

“Who the fuck are you?” Max shouted back.

“I’m the customer.” When Max opened his mouth to say something, Mr. Jones pointed to Jane and said, “So is she.”

“That makes no difference,” Max said, but no longer yelling as he looked Jane up and down.

All of the patrons’ eyes were on Mr. Jones and Max, and Mr. Jones spoke loud enough for them to hear. “Since Tara was kind enough to do me a favor, I would like to do her a favor.”

“And what’s that?” Max scowled, now staring at Mr. Jones.

“If you forget what Tara just did, then Jane will do you a favor.”

“Who’s Jane?” When Mr. Jones pointed to Jane, Max said, “What kind of favor?”

“How about a blowjob?”

“You’re shitting me.”

“Nope. Don’t fire Tara and Jane will suck your cock.”

“Can I cum in her mouth?” Max said, staring at Jane.

“Of course. Do we have a deal?”


The waitress was looking back and forth between Jane and the two men talking. She finally said to Jane, “You’ll do Max? Yuck, he’s, like, so gross!”

Tara’s comments only made Jane feel worse. Even the slutty waitress wouldn’t blow the pig behind the counter. But Jane heard the deal Mr. Jones made with the man and knew about his deals. She didn’t have a choice and was about to humiliate herself further.

When Mr. Jones signaled for her to come to him, Jane hung her head and walked slowly. Her eyes glanced to the side and saw the truckers and bikers staring at her. Again she wished she was dead. When Jane was behind the counter in front of Max, Mr. Jones pushed down on her shoulder. Jane complied and dropped to her knees.

Max untied the apron strings, then lifted it over his head and tossed it aside. Jane thought it was strange for the cook to throw his apron on the floor in a restaurant, but then remembered the diner she was in. She had no idea why the Board of Health hadn’t shut it down. While Jane was thinking about that, Max opened his pants and let them fall to his feet — he wasn’t wearing underwear.

Max’s cock was not long, looking even smaller under his big belly. But Jane knew her ordeal would only end when she had done what Mr. Jones had told her to do so she picked up the fat cook’s cock and stuffed it into her mouth. Jane quickly sucked Max’s dick to hardness.

“Hey, Max, what about our food?” one of the biker’s yelled.

“Hold your fuckin’ horses. I’m busy,” Max said, now beginning to move his hips to and fro.

“Yeah, we see. Hey, Tara, sweetie, you never done that for us,” a trucker shouted out.

Tara replied, “In your dreams. This chick is, like, a big slut. Maybe she’ll do you too.”

“How ’bout it, Max, think she’ll do us too?”

Jane quickly turned to Mr. Jones, shaking her head no, when she heard him say, “Sure she will.”

Max grabbed Jane by the hair and pulled her head back to his cock. Jane opened her mouth and used her tongue on it. After a while, Max rocked back and forth, smashing his flabby flesh into Jane’s face. His cock was small enough so that only the tip hit her throat. As long as she timed her breathing right she didn’t gag. And then the fat cook grunted and filled Jane’s mouth with his hot jism.

“Go on, Jane, crawl to the closest customer and suck him off,” Mr. Jones said. “Then do the next, and the next…”

Once again Jane found herself on her hands and knees on a dirty floor. She crawled under the counter into the eating area. Embarrassed to look up, Jane crawled to the closest pair of legs she saw. They were wearing blue jeans and calf-high black leather boots with chains on them. Jane assumed the customer was one of the bikers.

When Jane was situated under the table, the biker opened his pants, lifted off the chair a little, and pushed his clothes to his knees. His soft dick was resting on the chair between his legs. It was quite large and thick. Jane moved closer to the biker and brought her face to his crotch. She couldn’t resist and glanced up. The biker, in his thirties, was smiling down at her through his big, black beard. It wasn’t a warm smile.

Jane brought the stranger’s cock to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. She began sucking and got it stiff. Jane heard people talking and shouting all around her, egging her on and calling her names. But she did what she knew she had to and kept sucking the cock in her mouth. It took a while, but finally the biker filled her mouth with sperm which Jane swallowed.

Jane moved to the next man sitting at the same table. He too was a biker, although older — maybe in his early forties. When he pushed his jeans down Jane gobbled up his cock. She sucked him until he too shot his hot sperm into her mouth.

There were no others sitting at that table so Jane looked around. She saw the legs of another man and crawled out from under the table and, still on her hands and knees, crawled into the open. Jane knew her short skirt didn’t cover her naked pussy as she crawled. When under the table, Jane looked up and saw a young man about 25. When his pants were pushed down he was already hard. Jane took his cock into her mouth and sucked him — the younger man didn’t last long. Jane swallowed his discharge.

When Jane moved over to the next man at that table and looked up she saw a white haired man with a weather-battered face staring down at her. When he smiled Jane saw some of his yellow teeth were missing.

“Missy, I won’t be as quick as my son here,” the old man said.

They were truckers; the old man teaching his son the ropes. He had his pants open and Jane took him into her mouth. The old man was right — he wasn’t “quick on the trigger.” Jane sucked and sucked, using every skill she had learned, but the man wouldn’t climax. Her jaw and knees hurt, but he just wouldn’t cum. Jane backed away and sat under the table trying to rest a little.

“Hey, missy, I ain’t done,” the man scolded her.

“Please, I need a rest,” Jane pleaded.

“What’s the matter, am I too much man for you?”

“Please, sir, I just need to rest a bit.”

Jane was grabbed by her hair and pulled out from under the table. She was amazed at the old man’s strength. He pulled Jane to her feet and spun her around, then pushed her so that she was leaning on the table on her forearms. Before she knew what was happening, or anyone else for that matter, the old man yanked her short skirt up and rammed his cock into her pussy from behind.

“No! Oh no! Don’t!” Jane cried out.

But her pleas fell on deaf ears. The old man pounded into her, fucking her hard. Jane looked around until she spotted Mr. Jones. Her eyes pleaded with him to help her, but he silently stood by, watching her get fucked.

The old man looked at the waitress and said, “Tara, if you’d let me do this you’d get a bigger tip,” and then he laughed.

Others in the diner found that funny and laughed as well. All the while Jane was bent over a table being fucked hard.”

“No way, old man,” the waitress said. “I have my standards. I’m not, like, that fuckin’ slut. Looks like she’d even, like, do the dog that comes around back looking for scraps.”

That brought more laughter. Then the old man grunted and dug his fingers into Jane’s hips. He leaned over her back and some spittle dripped from his mouth onto Jane’s cheek. And then he exploded inside her, filling her pussy with hot, scalding sperm.

When the old man pulled out, Jane pushed herself to a standing position. She didn’t bother to pull her short skirt down which had ridden up her hips. She saw a man sitting on the next table with his feet dangling. His pants were open and he was slowly fisting his already hard cock. Jane walked over to him and guided his cock into her mouth. She was bent over, sucking the stranger’s cock, when she felt someone behind her. Without warning, Jane felt another cock enter her pussy from behind. She was now servicing two strangers in a public diner. First the man in her pussy came, and then the one in her mouth did also.

And so it went. Jane walked or crawled from table to table, sucking some and getting fucked by others. She lost count of how many men she had sex with, but when she was done her pussy and ass were leaking sperm, her blouse was pushed up over her bruised tits, and she had semen on her lips and chin.

The cook nodded when Mr. Jones asked him something, and Mr. Jones grabbed Jane by the wrist and pulled her out the back of the diner. She panicked, remembering what the waitress had said about the dog, but Mr. Jones simply pushed her against a wall and picked up the hose. He turned it on and sprayed Jane from head to toe, and then told her to turn around so that he could hose down her back. Only then did Jane pull her skirt down and cover her tits with her blouse.

Dripping wet, Jane had to endure the catcalls as Mr. Jones led her through the diner and out the front door. She had never been more humiliated.

THE END (not yet)

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