One of my husbands friends fucked me

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On Saturday night we had a party at the house and a friend of my husband Mark, basically got behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass. I was wearing tight pants so I really felt his whole dick. He kept flirting with me throughout the whole party until my husband was just too drunk to notice what happened.

We were in the back of the house, next to the pool and while my husband was drinking inside the house, Mark just took me to a dark corner of the patio, he pushed my pants down to my knees and fucked me doggie style against the wall.

Im not going to lie, I liked it, I was horny and wanted to fuck too. I moaned, moved my ass against him and had a hell of an orgasm! He started fucking me harder and came very hard too! We didnt use a condom, he came hard inside of me and I loved it! I think one of Mark’s friends saw us but of course he wasnt gonig to say anything.

We went back to the house and my husband was still drinking on the sofa with one of his friends. Im not going to lie its not the first time I do something like this but I hadnt done it in a while, and it felt really good.

Mark of course has already texted me telling me he wants to see me again. I actually dont know if I would, I loved the idea of the one night fling, I dont know if I really want to continue a whole side relationship, maybe thats not for me

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  • Reply Robb God

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  • Reply Pedrosa Bamford

    Just enjoy. I love my wife having sex with other guys as long as she tells me what she did which she always does. We have open relationship but I don’t want other sex = just her enjoying bigger cocks. Recently two guys at once – mouth and usual at same time – both came and she said she loved it. I think likely again !!

  • Reply Pedrosa Bamford

    Don’t worry.

    My wife quite often has sex with other guys she fancies – sometimes my friends too. It turns me on as long as she tells me all about what they did. The key thing is to talk about it. We always have wild sex when she gets home after a session and we still both adore each other. My darling wife loves sex with me but also loves a bigger dick – or dicks. She has had two at once which she adored !!

    • Andi

      Love someone to do this with my wife

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    I like to see my wife when she sucks another man’s dick and fucks with him. I bring my friends home to drink and pretendent I ‘m drunk so they fuck their wife and I look excited . After they leave I lick them in the pussy of their sperm and fuck her for maximum pleasure and I feel great .

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    I was dj’ing an adult community dance like I do several times a year and my wife goes and helps run it with me. So she sees everyone and all the guys coming in her too and she dresses hot for these also. Guys flirt with her, she flirts back all the time and mix alcohol creates sexual tension. My wife disappears sometimes for a drinking smoke or to cool down or flirt. I’ve told her to keep our customers happy and give them a feel, grab them or rub up on them. So one horny dance wifey disappears like normal but this night we dared each other to do something wild, so wifey dared me to tell a girl I like her toes (because I have a foot fetish and its embarrassing), but I did. Her dare was to feel a guys cock or, kiss a guy. Well, after the dance I told her I won and she said she won. She ended up making out with a regular flirt, letting him feel her up and letting him put his cock in her bareback. I didn’t believe her so she said the only I will know is if I taste her. As soon as we got home I went down on her to smell a mix of sweat and cum. I started eating her pussy and got a mouth full of another mans semen. I was so horny it tasted good to me and I kept licking until she came.

    • Dave Cocks

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  • Reply Pedrosa Bamford

    My wife used to love being fucked by one of my best friends. They often did it in the spare room in my house while I listened outside – unbeknown to them. I loved hearing her groan and scream while he fucked her in every whole. She so loved sucking him off after he had fucked her in both holes !! She would always come back to me about 6am for a quick fuck before we got up. Loved it !!


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  • Reply Adoro

    Nice Fantasy. I think that there is real simething like this. I have experienced at the time i did Fuck the wife of a friend of me. She loves Porn and she likes to get fucked like a Porn Bitch. But i know what the difference betwin Real and Fantasy. Your is just Fantasy.

  • Reply Jeff

    My wife fucked a guy I worked with who is half her age at a party round my boss’s house and everybody I work wit got to know about it.

    It’s the annual party again in a couple of weeks and all I’m hearing about is whose going to fuck her this time.

    • Erneat

      I would fuck her good Wish it were me

    • Danny D

      Lol, somebody will be taking bets on who fucks her first and you’ll be the outsider!!

    • happy cuck

      i would love to ear what happen

  • Reply Justo

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  • Reply sonu

    i want to fuck you

    • Smita


    • Thpmas

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  • Reply Gab

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  • Reply Mary44MM

    Very hot. my husband loves playing poker with many of his friends. He has me dress up in a French Maid’s outfit minus bra and panties. I keep my cunt shaved and take a lot of water deep in my colon in hopes that I get a lot cocks putting their sperm deep in my ass. This night I was in my very fertile time and it was special in that he had invited twenty-five of his black friends over for a breeding party for me.

    • Porn lover

      Wow, did u fuck them all Mary, did they make u pregnant

    • david storm

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    • Wendsongs

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    • Angad

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    • 9ja emperor

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  • Reply Gab

    Try to be in control of him

  • Reply Czdias

    If you continue at regular basis this will be monotonous and he will dominate you too much. Better continue with him on special occasions and hold him in control.

  • Reply Anonymous

    That guy is so daring

  • Reply Anon

    Keep to 1 nite stands, but do it often, you know you want plenty of cocks.

  • Reply Anonymous

    Keep on it. Exact same thing happened to me. Except when the party ended and my hubby fell asleep, his friend returned to fuck me on our bed next to him. We’ve been fucking for two years since then, and I even gave birth to his child.

    • Anonymous


    • beenshiton

      sounds familiar, i have 3 kids but my wife was fucking someone i thought was a friend and neighbour (she still denies this but i know more than she thinks) my youngest even looks like the creep.she used to go around his house for “coffee ” when i was at work then lie about it.she will never admit it, i guess im not good enough to know the truth. at the time she was going out with a new friend we will call her karen(married with 2 kids) who turned out to be fucking the same bloke and wife hasnt spoke to him since (as far as i know) funny that eh?

    • JohnG

      You still doing him

  • Reply Jeff53188

    No keep it to one night stands. Other wise you might get caught

    • Naughty Old Man

      That’s a sensible advice.