My Older Sister

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My name is david, I am 29 yrs old, not married, I live in my parents house with my my parents, my two sisters younger than me and one older sister.

My story started when I reached 17 yrs old, I was on my way to go to my room after having my dinner, I passed by my older room, light was on, door was closed but window was opened, I saw her lying in bed on her belly, she was totally naked.

I heard her moaning since she was playing with her clits, she was holding a rubber cock trying to push it between her ass cheeks, she raised her head and saw me watching her, she smiled and asked me to get in .

She wanted me to come and set on side of the bed, I sat beside her, she unzipped my pant and pulled out my cock, she lowered her head and started to kiss my cock running her tongue up and down, then she put it in her mouth to suck.

Her sucking continued for minutes, I unloaded my cum in her mouth, she pulled out my cock from her mouth and asked me to eat her pussy and lick her asshole.

She lifted her legs up , I sat between her legs to eat and lick the two hot holes, I was moving my tongue between her two holes, I enjoyed licking her asshole, it was wet, .

I turned her on her belly, spreading her ass cheeks wide to shove my cock into her asshole, it went so easy, hr hole was not tight, I fucked her hole for twenty minutes, then I unloaded my cum on her back, her buttocks and her hips.

When we finished our fun, she kissed me a long kiss saying” you gave me the best ass fuck, I ever had, you are better than my boyfriend in anal sex”

I tried anal sex before with my girlfriend, but with my older sister it was my first time, I decided from that night to have sex with her three to four times a week.

My mom noticed that I go to my older sister room and stay for hours, one evening she came to my room, I was awake, she wanted to chat with me, she sat in the sofa beside me, she rubbed my thighs with her hands, I was wearing a boxer.

I heard her saying” you have very soft body, no hair on your thighs, but I think you have hair somewhere else” I smiled , I noticed that she was moving her hand up trying to reach my cock.

My cock was responding to her touch, I stood up pulling down my boxer to give her closer view of my cock, she took it between her hands and kissed its head, then in few seconds it was deep in her mouth.

I held her head with my arms and started to push and pull my cock in and out, she wanted me to unload my cum jn her mouth, she swallowed it all.

Mom was expert in sucking, she likes the smell of my cum, after cleaning my cock with her lips and tongue, she wanted me to tell her about the relation between me and my sister and why I stay in her room for hours.

I told her every thing, she said” I want you to fuck my asshole and tell me which hole you enjoyed more, mine or your sister, she was on her four opening her ass cheeks wide, I was behind her pushing my cock into her asshole.

Although her hole was not tight, but her body movements while having sex is more exciting than my sister, she was moving her ass in circles allowing my cock to go deeper.

For sure I enjoyed it more, but I must admit that my older sister likes anal sex more than my mom

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