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Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Part 8 The Confrontation

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From the time we got back from Winter Camp, December 1976, I began seeing Jocelyn two or three times a week. But I was still also fucking around with other girls and women, especially when our band played somewhere. By this time we were getting bigger gigs than just bars and clubs; we were playing a lot of community events and festivals around the central coast of California. And I wasn’t giving up random sex after playing a gig for anyone, not even for the sweet pussy of Jocelyn.

I hadn’t seen Ginny since winter break and the school year was coming to a close. It was the first week of June and I was seeing several girls on a semi regular basis: Sheryl, my Island Goddess, was the girl I always figured I would eventually end up with (I did end up with a Sheryl, but wouldn’t meet her for another six years); Jocelyn, the beautiful true blonde whose pussy I couldn’t get enough of; Michelle, my ‘older woman’ who I spent a weekend or two a month with when her truck driver husband was on the road; Ginny, the girl who gave me her virginity at age twelve, then told me that she would do anything I wanted whenever I wanted it; and my most recent acquisition, Arlene, my Filipino Princess, a girl I who I fell for the very first time I saw her when she walked into our English class the first day of our freshman year.

Sheryl, Jocelyn and Ginny all went to Salinas High and knew each other and talked with each other about me. I didn’t have any ‘girlfriends’ at my school, North High, until Arlene. She knew Sheryl but didn’t know exactly what our relationship was. She knew nothing about Jocelyn, Ginny or Michelle. And only Sheryl knew about Michelle. I don’t think she ever told anyone else, but who really knows what secrets the girls shared with each other in private.

So, the next to last week of school arrived and Sheryl came to North High one afternoon to visit like she did every now and then. No surprise there. I wasn’t hard to find. I could usually be found in the Band room or in the gym pumping iron. And if I wasn’t there, all she had to do was ask the first three people she saw and someone would probably know where I was. Not saying that I was Mr. Popular because I didn’t have the best rep, but everyone knew who I was. I was kinda hard to miss, looking like a muscular monster and being the schools number one drummer for so long.

The surprise was who she showed up with. When she came into the Band room, where I spent a LOT of time practicing (sometimes to the point of driving the teachers crazy), she kissed me and told me she wasn’t alone. I thought nothing of it since she brought her best friend along once in a while, another cutie who had gone on double dates with us but I never got the opportunity to sample.

We went outside to the mall in the center of campus and my jaw dropped. There stood Ginny and Jocelyn, and I had my arm wrapped around Sheryl. And she had her arms wrapped around my waist like she owned me.

Needless to say, I never even dreamed that the three girls would ever be together in the same place… with me being there, too!

And to make matters worse, Arlene came out of the main office at the same time as I was standing there holding Sheryl. Fucking Shit!!!

Jocelyn and Sheryl started giggling, Ginny looked really sad and gazed at the ground, and Arlene walked over slowly and deliberately, kinda like she was trying to figure out the most tortuous way of killing me. I reeeally liked Arlene…a lot. But I also reeeally liked Sheryl and Joc….a lot. Ginny, even though she gave me the absolute best blow jobs in my entire life, and who I had been fucking for almost five years, didn’t really matter to me a whole lot for whatever reason. But I also knew that out of these four girls, she probably loved me the most.

The only one of my semi regular girls who wasn’t there was Michelle. No reason for her to be there since she was 33 and married. But it probably wouldn’t have surprised me too much if she had shown up right then.

Each one of these girls knew my reputation. Even though I didn’t have any ‘girlfriends’ at North High, I still had stuck my prick in enough pussy at school to solidify my rep as a male slut. But I’m pretty certain that I had told Arlene that she was ‘the only girl for me’ at some point in the last few weeks.

Think it mighta been wise for me to unwrap myself from Sheryl at that moment? Hindsight, right? Arlene joined our little group, stuck one foot out in front of her and began tapping her shoe on the concrete. She was only about 4’10” and always wore platform style high heels and the sound of that tapping echoed through the mostly empty mall.

“So”, she began, “what’s going on here?”

I probably uttered some unintelligible response to my ‘girlfriend’ from North High. Doesn’t really matter what I said, though, does it? I was fucked ten ways from Sunday and I knew it.

“Well”, Sheryl said, “you know I come over and visit my friends every couple of weeks. Today Ginny and Jocelyn heard I was coming and asked if they could come too. I thought it might be a nice surprise for all of their friends here.”

She was saying ‘friends’ as if it had a special meaning. Which, I guess, it did, since I was the only ‘friend’ around at the moment.

And yes, we were still hanging on to each other like a comfortable couple. And for whatever fucking reason, my dick started getting hard. Here I was with a very real possibility of losing four of my favorite ‘backup pussy’ plans, and my cock goes on display for all the girls to see. Fuck ME!

Since I was apparently dumb founded and incapable of doing any meaningful task, Sheryl introduced Arlene to Ginny and Jocelyn. Pretty sure she added that they were both my ‘other’ girlfriends from Salinas High. Then she kissed me again.

“So, how long did you two go out with Rocky?” Arlene was keeping her cool but didn’t look happy at all.

Jocelyn answered first. “Oh, I’ve known him for almost four years now, but we just started fucking over Christmas break. We see each other a coupla times a week, right Rock?”

Bitch! By the huge smile on her face I could tell she was enjoying this. She gave me a wink as she giggled, and I knew the next time we got together I was gonna seriously try to ass fuck her!

Arlene nodded then turned her attention to Ginny. “And I suppose you’re going to lay a claim to him as well?”

Ginny worked her lips nervously, trying to tear some imaginary paper to pieces with her finger nails. “Mmm… we’ve known each other since we were little.” Pause… Arlene’s shoe still tapping…”Umm, I gave my virginity to Rachmael when I was twelve, four years ago, and we, umm, I umm, we…”

“And…?” Arlene pressed.

“Umm, I haven’t seen him since Christmas break, but when he does come to see me, well, you know…”

“Then you’ll fuck him? Is that what you mean?”

Ginny looked at the ground in defeat and muttered, “Yes”.

“And you, Sheryl?” Arlene asked the girl who was still wrapped around me. “I thought you guys were done.”

“I never said that, Arlene”, Sheryl said. “I told you I hadn’t seen him for about a month since I asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance at our school. I never said that I wasn’t going to be with him from time to time. We’ve never been mutually exclusive.”

“But you haven’t dated anyone else since Bob moved a couple years ago, so didn’t you think he belonged to you? Like he should be mine right now since you haven’t been around for a while?” (Bob was a former bass player from one of the bands I played in).

“Oh, I’ve been around”, Sheryl stated matter-of-factly. “We just haven’t had sex for a few weeks. Besides, I know he has sex with other girls, not just with you, Jocelyn and Ginny. I know he gets around, but I think that’s why he’s so good at it. Besides, if any of us wants to have sex with another guy, that’s not going to stop him from seeing us. We all know about each other. I thought you knew, too. I’ve never lied to you before about him and I never will.”

Arlene looked really fucking pissed, but her voice was still calm. “The last time we saw each other, you said you weren’t sure if you were going to see him again. To me, that meant he was available. And you know how long I’ve been waiting for him.”

??? What the Fuck??? This was the first I had heard about this!

“Since our freshman year, Sheryl!” Arlene stated. “You know I’ve waited three whole years for him, and now you’re telling me that you still want him even though he fucks so many different girls?”

Sheryl blinked in surprise at the outburst. “Arlene, you don’t understand. He’s not mine. He’s not Jocelyn’s or Ginny’s either. It’s not like we all don’t know his reputation. You too. Did you make sure he knew you wanted to be his one and only? And how long do you think that would have lasted? A couple of weeks? God, Arlene, even Michelle knows he sleeps with a lot of other women!”

“Michelle? I don’t know about any Michelle”, Arlene said in disgust. Jocelyn and Ginny both looked at me, then at Sheryl, expecting an explanation from one of us. I leaned my head back because the tension in my neck was becoming unbearable. She had to bring up Michelle!

Sheryl turned to me and asked, “Do you want to…? No, okay. I will.” She turned back to the other three girls. “Michelle is his married older woman he spends time with when her husband is out of town? Isn’t that just so hot?”

There it was. Thanks, Sheryl!

Arlene’s foot sounded like a fucking machine gun. And she looked so fucking hot at that moment. Her eyes looked like they were reflections of a bonfire. Her perfect, tiny tits were pushed up underneath her flimsy top by the way she stood with her arms crossed, her nipples hard and pointing straight at me. And her brown Filipino skin looked so exotic… she really did look like a princess to me. And my cock couldn’t have been harder! I wanted to fuck her right then, right there. But…

Arlene turned to me, calmed herself and stoically stated, “Rocky, if you want to be with me, then be with me.”

Then she waited. I could only think about how much I needed to cum and I didn’t really give her statement much thought. I think I just shrugged my shoulders because she turned and walked away. I watched her perfect little ass wiggle it’s way out of my life, lusting after it, hoping she would eventually calm down enough to give me another chance in a less stressful environment.

And we did hook up a couple times after high school. We stayed friends during the next year, our senior year, but she wouldn’t go out with me again until after we graduated.

I should mention at this point that Arlene had, in fact, the single wettest pussy I would ever feel around my cock. Ginny produced a voluminous flow every time I touched her, and Candace is still the only girl I can actually say with certainty who was a squirter.

But Arlene? Arlene was a breed all unto herself. The first time I put my hand down the front of her panties, I swear it felt like I had come across a moist, hot slipperiness that rivaled the oil-like product called Slick 50 that had been run in a race engine at high speed. My God! Every time we got together I was seriously surprised that her pants or dress wasn’t soaked through.

The first time I got into her was after we had danced. We probably looked like we were trying to fuck each other on the dance floor. She later told me that her orgasms started while we were dancing when I pushed my leg between both of hers and picked her up so I didn’t have to bend down to kiss her. And I believed it. She was sooooo fucking hot!

Strange thought, but I discovered the three wettest pussies I would ever encounter by the time I turned 17, and all in my home town of Salinas. I may have come across some wet ones after that, especially when I toured with a couple of different bands and all the fucking I did during my military service. But most of the time during those periods of my life I was too fucked up to pay much attention to the details of the women who offered themselves to me.

So, after Arlene basically told me to fuck off without actually saying the words, Sheryl said, “Well, that was awkward.”

Jocelyn giggled, reached over and patted my straining erection. Sheryl had brushed her fingers over it a few times during our ‘encounter’, and once Jocelyn’s hand moved, she put her own on it. Ginny looked like she might get sick. I never took her feelings into account, but I now wonder if she felt sympathy or, possibly, empathy for Arlene in that moment. I treated the poor girl like my personal whore when I wanted her and didn’t give her a second thought when she wasn’t around.

But she still came over and gave my cock a good squeeze, signaling to Sheryl and Joc that she was ‘in’ whatever type of twisted, kinky relationship we were all a part of.

Jocelyn suggested we all go to her house since her parents were both at work and wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours. Since they all lived on the south side of town, I drove my own truck and Jocelyn rode with me. She was interested in finding out how I felt about losing such a beauty as Arlene.

“I feel like shit, Joc”, I said. “I never meant for her to get hurt like that. But I reckon it’s all my fault. I’m not sure, but I mighta told her I wouldn’t fuck around. I shoulda known that Sheryl wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut.”

“Uh-uh, Rock. Don’t go there. It’s not Sheryl’s fault that you act like a dog. She just pointed out the truth, that you’ve fucked us all and that you’ll probably keep fucking us until we cut you off. And for me, I don’t see that happening until I go away to a four year university. My first coupla years of college are gonna be right here in Salinas at Hartnell. And I have no plans on settling down with one guy for a long time. So you and me can stay the way we are. But you really should think about keeping your dick in your pants, especially around married women, dude! What was that ladies name Sheryl mentioned? Michelle? Her husband finds out, he might kill you, then I’d be left crying over you, you fuckin’ idiot.”

“More like he’d just leave her”, I said in my own defense. “Guy barely acknowledges she even exists.”

“Oh, so it’s a righteous cause to fuck a married gal. I hear the shit stories about you and you can’t deny it. You’ve screwed so many girls from our school that even the freshman have heard of you. And all the women you fuck around with after your bands play? I bet more than a couple are married. Have you ever thought you might get VD or get someone pregnant? I’d hate to see something like that happen to you, and if you ever give me the clap? I’ll cut your balls off and shove ’em down your god damned throat! You understand?”

I didn’t say anything, even though she had a point. I never even thought about that kind of shit. My dick seemed to always be in overdrive and stopping to put a condom on never entered my mind. Even after that elucidating lecture from Jocelyn, and even after the senior year sex Ed class, Marriage and Family, I only wore a condom a couple of times and only at the insistence of the girl if she happened to have one on hand. And I never have picked up an STD. Lucky, yes. Pregnancy, on the other hand… but that’s a different story. Back to this one.

When we got to Joc’s, she said we could have a couple of drinks but only a couple. She wasn’t going to take the chance of her parents accusing her of being an alcoholic. I took a couple shots of whiskey, Joc made one of those fruity rum drinks. Sheryl didn’t drink and Ginny never did when I was around.

Ginny sat down next to me and unashamedly began rubbing my cock back to life. I could see a hunger in her eyes I had never seen before. It had been more than five months since our last fuck, and maybe because she was sixteen, she might have more of a sexual appetite. I had been with Jocelyn just a few nights before and with Sheryl it might have been five or six weeks. But Ginny was horny and I could tell she wanted to fuck.

Usually, Ginny started right off the bat sucking my cock until I exploded in her mouth. And every time I was reminded of one fact: That was the way I wanted to fucking die! Blow my load into her soft, velvet like mouth, let my entire being drain into her, through my penis, then put a gun to my head and pull the fucking trigger! That’s how good Ginny’s blow jobs were.

But that day I knew a blow job wasn’t going to be first. She was fairly attacking me by the time I heard Jocelyn say, “Well, I guess we know who wants to be first. If you guys want some privacy, my bedroom is all the way down the hall on the left.”

Jocelyn knew I didn’t give a shit who was around. And Ginny was never shy when we were together. And it appeared as if she would remain true to form that day as she pretty much ripped my clothes off as well as her own. Sheryl and Joc never really stood a chance of going first that day.

She jumped on me and rode me like I was a bucking bronco. Sitting on Jocelyn’s parents couch wasn’t exactly the best place for Ginny to fuck, though, since her pussy produced a lot of natural lubricant. I moved her to the floor and laid my shirt underneath her ass, then pounded her pussy until my spurting spike doused her insides with a well deserved and long overdue cum drenching. For whatever reason, Ginny was born with the ability to cum really easily and with her giant knob of a clit, nearly every movement caused her to go off.

As I rolled off, I heard her say in a near tears voice, “I needed that so bad. It’s been so long, I thought you forgot about me!”

I wasn’t in the best emotional mood and didn’t say anything. Jocelyn saved my ass once again, rescuing me with her kind words to Ginny.

“He could NEVER. forget about you, Ginny”, she urged. “My God, you gave him your greatest gift that summer, and I know he’ll never forget that! And you’re the one he keeps coming back to, right? I mean, no matter how long it’s been since you guys see each other, he always comes back to you eventually. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.”

Ginny sniffed a couple of times, then giggled and said, “I guess you’re right, Jocelyn. We always do end up together. Mmmm…. and it’s sooo good every time we do it!”

I didn’t say what was on my mind, which was something in the vein of ‘with a clit that size, a guy would have to be dickless, fingerless and have his mouth sewn shut not to be able to get you off’.

Jocelyn smiled at me and gave me a kick to the shin for being such a shit to Ginny. Once Ginny caught her breath she put her clothes back on. Jocelyn asked Sheryl if she was going next, but my Island Goddess declined due to her time of the month. Maybe that’s why she’d been such a bitch to Arlene.

Since Jocelyn was already home, Sheryl said she would give Ginny a ride. They both kissed me and left together. After Joc closed the door and gave me her mean face.

“Rock, are you fuckin’ serious? You haven’t seen her since Christmas? You’re an asshole!” But I could see she was trying not to laugh, and she lost the war. After a good chuckle, she continued. “If you didn’t have such a magic cock, I’d tell you to get out and that I never wanted to see you again.”

She was smiling, though, and I stood and scooped her up, grabbed my clothes and carried her to her bedroom. We still had more than an hour and I planned on spending at least half of it with my tongue in her tasty twat. God, I loved eating that girl’s puss.

After fulfilling my ‘boyfriend’ obligations, we got dressed and I helped her with dinner. Her parents loved me for some insane reason and never made me feel like a freak like other girls parents usually did. Even with hair almost to my ass, an eagle tattoo on my arm, and the style of clothing I wore, they always made me feel welcome in their home and I ate dinner there almost as often as I fucked their daughter. But it was a foreign type of life to me. They had money and Jocelyn got the best of everything. It was all too fancy for me. I never did acquire a taste for the finer things in life. Might be why I’m still so rich today. Never spent money on bull shit.

Anyway, after Joc came down hard on me, I tried to remember to see Ginny more often. Every couple of weeks, Joc would ask if I had seen Ginny, then kick my butt if I hadn’t. And Ginny was always very grateful. And when I did see her more often, she went back to giving me blow jobs first thing; before a hello, before a kiss, before anything else, she’d drop down and suck me off. You think I would have fallen in love with that girl. But I never did.

She wasn’t ugly. She had great tits, too. But I could also see that in the not so distant future, especially after a kid or two, Ginny was going to be a big girl. And my taste ran in the opposite direction. I liked small girls. Breasts were never really my thing, but I did love those inch long nipples Ginny had. Still, for whatever reason, Ginny only ever remained a fuck doll for me.

I still have a couple more chapters before I close the book on Ginny’s story in my life. But the next part of my story begins with a new ‘girlfriend’… more accurately, it’s mostly about her best friend… watch for ‘My Girlfriends Best Friend’… this was when I really started learning about the kinky and perverted shit people do to each other behind closed doors… and sometimes those doors didn’t close!

Thanks again
Rocky J.

P.S.- I didn’t know what the modem use of the term ‘cuckold’ meant until 2017, but I sure saw plenty of that lifestyle during the next year after this story, thanks to a girl who wanted to remain a virgin until she got married!

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