Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Part 6 Winter Camp Day 3

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Wednesday was almost a repeat performance of Tuesday except for the nasty snow storm that kept us inside all afternoon. The only thing I really remember about that day was when everyone was taken into the forest and told to find a pinecone or two. Apparently, the camp directors knew about the coming storm and had a really dumb idea for an art project.

Before Ginny could find me, Jocelyn grabbed me and said to come with her. She was dragging me along pretty fast. At first I thought she was pissed at me for the previous night. I was thinking that maybe I did hurt her when I kept fucking her and her head kept hitting the wall. Or maybe when I slammed her back against the wall a couple times when I was pounding her puss while standing and holding her in my arms. I was wrong on both counts.

When she found a spot where we were hidden from everyone else, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. Hard! I immediately got the idea and grabbed her ass, thinking we were going to continue where we left off from the night before. But she playfully slapped my hands away and giggled.

“I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had last night”, she said with a bright smile. “I now know what it feels like to be properly taken care of by a man, and I can’t wait for tonight.” Then we kissed some more, her tongue probing into my mouth with soft, gentle swirls, not a full fledged attack like at first. It was pretty erotic and got me hard.

“What about Candace?” I asked when she took her lips off mine. “I thought tonight was gonna be her turn.”

“Yeah, it will be. But I told her that you could do two things at once, Rock. I mean, you’ve got a dick and a mouth, right?” she asked suggestively. “And I know you really liked going down on me. God, I had to use all my strength to pull your face off me! It was like you were possessed!”

I couldn’t help but remember. Jocelyn had the best tasting pussy I had yet put my tongue in, and it had taken two fistfuls of my hair and two Herculean attempts by Joc to get my mouth away from her tasty treat.

“I don’t know where you learned that shit, but you were makin’ me cum so much that I couldn’t stand it anymore!” She wrapped her arms around my neck again and whispered in my ear, “I’ll try to take as much as you can give me tonight. But no promises, because after makin’ me have so many orgasms in a row without being able to take a breath, it gets to be… overwhelming!”

I laughed because I would probably never know what it felt like to cum three or four times with only a few seconds in between each orgasm. Later on in life, my wife could make me cum twice in a row. But after the second eruption exploded and that most awesome feeling began dying down, it was like torture, as if I was being electrocuted from the bottom of my spine up into my brain. After that I always wondered how women were able to cum so many times during a sex session.

But I digress. Eventually we both found a couple of pinecones and headed back to camp, walking slow, arm in arm, snuggling close and kissing until we got within shouting distance of the compound. Then we separated before any of the chaperones saw us.

That afternoon, while the snow storm was dumping a good foot or more, I found out what the pinecones were for. Since it was almost Christmas, we were supposed to decorate them like Christmas trees. WTF??? That was like kindergarten shit, right? We were all a bunch of horny teenagers and they wanted us to do little kid shit and smile about it?

Me and Ginny sat together at a table so I could sit with my back against the wall. I really wanted to ask her about what I partially saw her and Candace doing the previous night. I wanted all the juicy details, but there were too many ears around us so I let it go.

As for the stupid pinecone Christmas trees, I couldn’t believe that everyone willingly played along. So, I ask you: Was there something wrong with me? Why did it seem like I couldn’t take any pleasure from doing these simple things like all the other kids? I mean, yeah, I was sixteen, but half the kids there were the same age or older. And they all seemed to get into making their ‘trees’ beautiful.

Maybe it’s because you grow up fast when you grow up poor. Or maybe it was because I had been having sex since I was twelve, starting with my four female cousins, and seemed to be the only thing besides music that I really cared about. It could have also been that, since my father was an Israeli, we never really celebrated Christmas at our house. At my grandma’s, my mom’s mom, sure. Or at the homes of anyone on her side of the family. But not our house. Shit, we never even did the Hannukah thing.

Anyway, I spray painted one of the cones silver and the other green, and I was done. None of that cutting out little ornaments from colored paper, no glitter, no popcorn on a string or tinsel bullshit. Just silver and green spray paint, then I talked with Ginny while she worked on hers until it was time to ‘deck the halls’. Basically all we did was put our cones in the windows of the cafeteria, auditorium and cabins. Whoop dee do!

That night after lights out, over in the girls cabin it was time for Candace’s cunt to get a taste of my dick. But she wanted to have her pussy eaten first. After getting into making out and taking each other’s clothes off (thank the gods she didn’t make me do another strip tease), I moved down so I could get my face between her thighs. She had a dark bush, unlike Jocelyn’s beautiful blonde hair, but hey, it was still another new vagina for me to investigate. And I loved new pussy!

After the introduction and basic kiss/carress of her womanly parts, I began my plan of action. I knew Candy was a bit freakier and had been with more guys than Jocelyn, so after getting her puss nice and wet, I lifted her thighs up from below, pushing her knees towards her tits so I could have access to her puckered little brown eye. Without any teasing, I began licking at the bottom of her slit to her asshole, trailing as much of her love juice as I could with my tongue. I could tell she liked it because she put her own hands behind her thighs and brought her legs up even higher, spreading them wider as she did so, granting me even greater access to her nether regions.

I began massaging her tiny rose bud while still bringing down more of the natural lube from her slit. I kept my mouth full of pussy, getting to know her intimately, committing her taste to memory. She didn’t taste quite as exotic as Jocelyn to me, but it was still very good.

When her ass was lubed up well enough with a mixture of her juice and my saliva, and my finger rubbing had sufficiently relaxed the entrance to her brown corridor, I pushed my finger in to the first knuckle. I heard a ‘nyyuhn’ and thought she was telling me ‘no’. So I pulled it out and looked up at her face.

After a few seconds of no activity, she looked down like she was confused and asked, “Why did you stop?”

“I thought you were telling me not to…” But by the look on her face I could see that it had only been a groan from having something shoved up her ass for the first time. She was still holding her knees to her tits, so I went back to what I was doing.

I kept licking her puss while pushing more of our juices into her butt hole, diving my finger in a little bit further in each time. Pretty soon I was able to slide it all the way in and out with ease and knew it was time to start concentrating my mouth on her clitty. I continued my slow probe of her poop chute while licking up to the hood that hid her most sensitive spot.

I was kinda surprised that I really had to search for her clitoris. Candace had the tiniest button of a clit I had ever touched, and it seemed to be buried way up under the folds of flesh at the top of her valley. But find it I did, and when I sucked on it for the first time she dropped her legs and pushed away from me.

“What was THAT?” she whispered loudly. “I… I never…uh, how’d you do that? No other guy’s ever touched me there before!”

I was stymied. No other guy had ever taken the time to find her clit? Poor girl. No wonder she was going through boys by the dozen. I pulled her ass back down and got to work again.

By sucking and nibbling on her tiny forgotten nub, it didn’t take me long to give Jocelyn the first orgasm of her life from a male partner. I pulled my finger out of her ass and shoved my thicker thumb up there instead. With my lips nibbling on her tiny nub and a nip or two with my teeth, she exploded in ecstasy.

She let go of her legs as both hands flew to cover her mouth. Her feet slammed down on the bed and her hips bucked up, her ass lifting off the bunk, but I was expecting this. I kept my thumb fully plunged in her butt and my lips locked on her clit. Her ass lowered to the bunk for a few seconds, then I felt her buck again, heard another scream muted by her hands, and felt her sphincter pulse around my thumb as the second orgasm rippled through her body.

When she lowered her bottom down again, I slowly slid my thumb from her lowest orifice, took my lips off her hard little nub, and softly kissed her sex all over, using my tongue like I was Frenching her cunt. She would writhe each time it slid between her thin lips until I heard her telling me to let her up. When I did, she pushed me down and started licking and sucking all over my horny hammer.

She didn’t give me a full blowie, but what she did felt good. She had definitely sucked a cock or two along the way. But she wanted more… more attention down between her thighs, but this time from my thick prick.

“I want it the same way you gave it to Joc last night”, Candy told me. “You know, with the standing up.”

Since Candace was probably pretty close to the same size as Jocelyn, I figured it wouldn’t be much of a problem. We stood up together and kissed, she put her hands behind my neck while I knelt down to slide my arms under her legs. She had to squat and spread her legs so I could reach under and put the back of her knees against the crook of my elbows then reach up and get a hand hold on her firm ass. I found myself face to puss with her and I couldn’t resist. I opened my mouth and covered her entire valley, lightly scraping my teeth along her tender flesh and received a leg buckling shudder for my efforts. I was able to catch her up into my arms before she collapsed.

She was plenty wet so I didn’t have to play around. I dropped her onto my rock hard cock and let gravity do most of the work. Her pussy slid more than half way down before stopping, and I heard another ‘nyuuhn’. This time I knew she wasn’t saying no, it was just her moan of pleasure from being stretched out more than ever before.

She didn’t wait for me to lift her off. She wiggled and wriggled on me, sinking herself notch by notch until she bottomed out at the base of my erection. We were in a lip lock during her stretching and she kept moaning into my mouth.

When she had reached the fullness of my thickness, she wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered, “Rock, you don’t know what you’re doin’ to me. Ya just don’t know! ”

I took that as a way to say ‘time to get to fuckin’! I lifted her pussy to the top of my engorged cock, then dropped her back down, filling her slippery slot until I heard another groan of satisfaction. She bit my neck in appreciation! Or maybe that was her way of saying ‘quit the teasing and get on with the pleasing’.

Without any more ado, I began lifting her ass up and down in a steady rhythm, picking up speed until I was matching her downwards journey with a hard upward thrust with my stiff staff. Since she was already primed from two orgasms, it didn’t take long before she was cumming again. She bit my shoulder as she screamed, muffling the sound with my flesh. I started to stop and let her enjoy her cum.

“No! Don’t stop!” she urged. “Fuck me, just keep fucking me!”

So I kept drilling into her soft soil, pounding her pussy again and again until another orgasm wracked her body. I slammed her back into the wall so I could take a breather. Candy was only about ten pounds heavier than Joc, but I still needed a moment of rest no matter how much she urged me on.

After a short kiss break, I pulled her away from the wall and began another build up until I had her pussy slamming down on my pulsing pleasure pole once more, raising her by her ass again and again. I knew she was having an orgasm or two, but I was racing towards my own destination by this time. Her cunt was super wet, a lot like Ginny’s got after a couple of good orgasms, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer because of the heat in her puss.

“Candy”, I moaned, “you’re gonna make me cum!”

Candace couldn’t really say much since she was doing her best to deal with her own orgasms. I heard her try to whisper in my ear, but her pussy was being slammed against me so violently that all I heard was grunting. I kept pumping my cock up into her moist meat, pushing on, on and into…

Blissful, heavenly release! That moment just before you know you’re going to cum hit me, and I held her ass aloft for a second or two, then dropped her back down as I thrust up one final, authoritative time, sinking her hot, slick slice fully onto my penis, holding her hard against my crotch as I spilled my seed into her fertile forest.

I slammed her back into the wall again and held her there, letting my joy of being a man pump into her joy of being a woman. We held on tight to each other, our hearts beating too fast and our breath coming in big gulps. It was only when I heard other voices that I remembered we weren’t alone. But I didn’t care, because Candace was one prime piece of ass!

Once I was sufficiently rested, at least enough to carry Candy the few steps to the bunk, I laid back with her on top of me, my broadsword still sheathed in her scabbard. She rested her head on my chest and I felt her hands moving along my arms and shoulders. Then I felt a hand caressing my balls and smiled, because I knew Jocelyn was coming to join us.

I got intensely hard again because I knew I would have my tongue in her wonderful cunt in just a few minutes. I was also glad that I would get to keep my dick inside Candy’s sweet land. I could feel her abundance of juice dripping not just down my balls, but down my thighs and between my ass cheeks as she drained our combined love nectar from her very hot honey hole. I remembered how it had looked like she was peeing during a self produced orgasm on that summer camping trip, and I now know that she had to have been a squirter.

Jocelyn finally spoke up. “Candy, you’re gonna hafta let Rocky lay lengthwise on the bed so I can sit over his face, okay?”

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Joc!” Candace exclaimed. “Can’t you wait just a fucking minute til I catch my breath?” Her next words were to me. “Damn, Rock! You’re already hard again? No wonder Ginny wants you all to herself. You’re like the male god of sex! I have NEVER cum so much or so hard, and never by a guy. I usually have to get myself off after I fuck. The only other person to ever make me cum is Jocelyn, when we’re horny and do each other. Tonight’s been fuckin’ AMAZING, and I might not let you go back to your cabin!”

Jocelyn got up on the bed beside me and gave both me and Candace a kiss! I was in heaven! After a few more minutes, and a lot more three way kissing, Candy let me adjust myself without letting my cock out of her. She kinda knee shuffled as I scooted my butt around to where my head was towards a wall. We were using Ginny’s bunk again, one of two that weren’t bunk beds, so both girls were able to settle on top of me facing each other.

I got super turned on because Jocelyn hadn’t moved all the way down over my face yet, and I could see them kissing and playing with each other’s titties. Talk about erotic! Pretty soon she adjusted herself and planted her sweet puss over my mouth and I could smell her very distinct and extremely pleasing scent. I was bummed about missing the show for about a half second until my tongue reached out and found that wonderful tasting cunt. I know I let out a groan of delight as my hands reached up to take hold of her ass.

I found her position kinda distracting since I hadn’t eaten pussy this way in over a year. The last time anyone had sat on my face backwards had been with my cousins, and that that had probably been right around my fifteenth birthday, one of the last times I had been together with Rory, Lori and Suzie. It felt strange, like everything was out of place, but I got my bearings quick enough. Even though her clit was at the bottom instead of the top, I still had full access to all the fun parts.

I felt Candace place her hands on my chest as she started sliding up and down on my thick shaft. I could hear the two girls whispering to one another and giggling. I was a little curious about what they were saying, but literally had my mouth full and couldn’t ask about it. But I wasn’t complaining, not since it was Jocelyn’s tasty twat that was filling it.

It wasn’t long before their whispers and giggles went silent and were replaced by muted moans and groans. Jocelyn began grinding her cunt into my mouth, seeking some relief from a long day of waiting. I found her clit with my bottom lip and she scooted her ass back a few inches then leaned forward and pressed it against my teeth. She must have been holding on to Candace because the weight on my chest almost doubled. Glad I was strong.

Candace stopped sliding forward and back, and began raising up and down instead. She was picking up speed when Jocelyn’s first orgasm hit. Joc’s knees squeezed the sides of my neck and she must have arched her back because the pressure on my chest was halved. That was immediately followed by a loud thump against the wall above my head, a muffled ‘ouch!’ and more giggling. Candace’s puss seized up on my dick and I could feel it constricting in time with her laughter. Once both girls got their giggles under control, they started moving again.

I don’t know if they meant to do it or if they were holding on to each other and it just came naturally, but their movements synchronized. As Candace’s cunt moved down my cock, Jocelyn’s puss tilted forward, allowing me a brief moment to tongue and/or nip her clit. Trying to do this to Candace would have proven difficult, but Jocelyn’s little nub was kinda ‘out there’ for everyone to see. The girls were keeping a pretty steady rhythm, up and down on my cock, forward and back on my mouth. Candace returned her hands to my chest and changed her motion to the forward and back slide. The speed of both girls increased together and I knew one of them was gonna cum. I just couldn’t tell which would be first.

Surprise! I sure was as first Candy sped up real fast and her movements became less pronounced, then I felt Jocelyn do the same thing. Candace’s came first, her finger nails digging into my chest, closely followed by three or four hip thrusts against my mouth from Jocelyn as she drenched my face with a delectable love potion. I had never experienced anything like that before, and that memory of making two beauties cum at almost the same time is something I will always cherish.

After that fuck and suck trio session ended with at least one more orgasm for Candy and I don’t know how many for Jocelyn, I left another load of cum in Candy’s cunt. But I was apparently not done for the evening. Jocelyn asked if I could get it up again for another fuck. I told her I would probably need fifteen or twenty minutes.

“Good”, she began. “I think Ginny needs your attention pretty bad right now. She’s been kinda weirded out all day, so I think she needs a little time with you. But thanks for everything, Rock. I hope you didn’t mind helping me and Candace out. And I hope it isn’t the last time we see each other. Pretty sure Candace feels the same way.”

She gave me a quick kiss, then went and told Ginny to come over to me. Ginny sat on the bunk and wouldn’t look at me until I turned her head towards me. I gently kissed her and that broke down the barrier. She became animalistic and started to devour my cock, which immediately sprang back to life in her velvety mouth. After we started fucking, it took me a good while to cum, so she had enough orgasms to quench her thirst.

I guess I never thought about this trip from her point of view, never really gave a shit if she was jealous or not. Her pussy was mine, and I knew that. And she was aware that I fucked around with different girls all the time and she never said anything about it. She knew the girls at her school that I went out with from time to time, and I know for sure that they all talked to each other about me. But this was way different because she had to watch me with Candace and Jocelyn, who were now two more girls that I had fucked from the same high school as Ginny.

We never did talk about any of this. To her, I was always going to be ‘her guy’ no matter how bad I treated her, no matter how many pussies I put my cock in, no matter how long it was between times that I came to see her.

To me, Ginny was just a convenient piece of ass in my times of need. I loved her about as much as any other girl I fucked around with, which is to say that I loved her when she was taking care of my penis. She was and always will be the girl by which all other girls cock sucking skills are compared to, and her pussy is definitely one of the top three wettest and slipperiest I have ever encountered. But for as much as she loved me, I was never able to return it to her in the same fashion.

Winter Camp Day 4 coming soon.

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