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Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Part 5 Winter Camp Day 2

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The next day began with breakfast followed by a long, boring presentation by some idiot wanting us to ‘surrender all to Jesus’. I hate it when people think they have a monopoly on the ‘real’ God. Why?

My parents lived in a northern neighborhood of Salinas that was actually pretty culturally diverse. Being a big agricultural community, there were a lot of Mexicans, both legal and non, a lot of whites, a good number of Asians (especially Filipinos), and a few blacks. There was only one middle eastelrn kid I remember in school, a girl from Saudi Arabia. But I was the only half breed.

Being a product of a very dark skinned Israeli and a lily white skinned Baptist farm girl from Texas, I was called a shit load of racist epithets throughout my childhood, especially by the white kids. I got it all, but the two worst were ‘kike’ and ‘sand nigger’. When someone called me those names, I saw red and went ballistic.

My father had been a very good amateur boxer and taught me well. By fifth grade, not too many kids called me names within earshot. He also enrolled me in Judo, where I learned the value of discipline. I was also made aware of the many different faiths in the world and that I should respect them all. But the most important thing I learned was that people clung to their beliefs with an iron grip, and they all wanted to believe that ‘their way’ was the one and only ‘right way’.

And that morning, knowing I was going to have to endure an hour of ‘worship’, I found a chair in the back of the auditorium, tilted myself back in a corner, closed my eyes and took a snooze.

I awoke when someone shook my shoulder, which caused my chair to rock forward and slam down on the front legs. I stretched out and yawned, opening my eyes to meet the gaze of my unhappy chaperone.

Tony was usually a pretty cool dude since I had known him for a while, having hung out with his younger bro from time to time. But he had been on my case since he caught me and Ginny making out right after we had got on the road the day before.

“Hey”, he began, his death stare not quite having the effect he desired, “it isn’t real difficult to pay attention to the speakers for an hour, is it? I mean, these people are volunteering their time, sharing their faith and knowledge with us. You need to pull it together and get with the program.”

I stood up and met his gaze with my own. I didn’t get intimidated by anyone, and as much as I wanted to tell him that they should all crack open a fucking science book and learn the truth, I remembered my father’s words about respect and held my tongue.

“Sorry, Tony. Didn’t sleep much last night”, I said in what I hoped was a somewhat sincere and apologetic voice.

Obviously, I failed, as Tony said, “You’re unbelievable, ya know that?”

I brushed past him as I responded, “Yeah, that’s what all the girls keep saying.”

The rest of the day went pretty much like day one. After Tony got on my case, we went outside for more team building exercises, followed by more boring religious crap, then lunch. After lunch we were taken in groups beyond the fence of the camp and were shown some pretty cool things about the animals and their ability to survive through winter. Being just outside Yosemite, there was an abundance of animal activity, and I remember thinking that this was the kind of stuff they needed to teach more about.

Instead, we got pulled back inside for more boring bullshit followed by a few stupid games outside, then dinner. After dinner we remained in the cafeteria. The lights turned low and the fire in the round brick fireplace in the center of the room burned high. The guy with the guitar came out again and tried to get everyone to sing along. Everyone else seemed to know the words to all the songs. This was my first time at a real church camp, so I didn’t know shit. I knew I would probably never be back, so why bother learning them?

Then there was another boring lecture or sermon, followed by more incredibly bad singing. Finally we were dismissed for the evening. I couldn’t believe this was only Tuesday, and I would have to endure this torture until midday Friday when we would leave. I was really looking forward to tonight, though.

Jocelyn came over about the same time after lights out as the previous night and escorted the six of us back to the girls cabin. As we walked in, we all pulled our boots off and left them by the door before making our way to our girls.

I sat down next to Ginny on her bunk and kissed her. She immediately took hold of my hand with one of hers, squeezing tight, while her other hand grabbed just above my right knee in a death grip. I could feel that pressure point being squished and was glad she wasn’t any stronger.

I imagine she was a bit reluctant to hand me over to Joc and Candy. But she had said yes to the deal, even if she hadn’t really been given much of a choice. She was looking at me with pleading eyes, hoping I would be the one to tell the other girls ‘no’.

Like that was gonna fuckin’ happen! I’d been looking forward to this for three and a half years, no way I was gonna let this opportunity slip by.

Jocelyn came over and sat next to me while Candy sat next to Ginny. Candy placed her hand on top of Ginny’s hand, the one trying to cut off blood flow in my leg.

“Ginny, it’ll be okay, I promise”, Candy told her. “Do you ever get yourself off by masturbating?” Ginny nodded. “Then come join me and maybe we can help each other out.”

All of a sudden, my interest shifted to what might be happening on the other side of the cabin where Candy was taking Ginny. But Jocelyn put a hand on the side of my face and turned me to her. Her mouth pressed against mine and anything else I had been thinking about disappeared.

Joc didn’t have lusciously big lips like Ginny, but she knew how to kiss! And she tasted sweet, like strawberries. Oh, I love girls that use flavored lip gloss! Ginny never did, and I easily surrendered to the ‘older woman’, this eighteen year old beauty who I had seen naked when she was but fifteen.

During our embrace, I reached around and slid a hand up the back of her blouse, quickly unhooking her bra. It was one of those moves my cousins had made me get right before I could suck their titties.

“Wow!” she said in mock surprise. “Been practicing that one much?”

If she only knew how often I had done that…hmm, maybe best she never found out. I wonder if she would have let me fuck her had she known how many girls and women I had been with already.

I responded by pulling her top off and then she tossed her bra towards her bunk. My eyes followed the motion and I got a surprise when the bra hit the floor. Candy was taking Ginny’s pants off! Once more, I became very intrigued by what might be unfolding in that part of the room, but was soon drawn back by Jocelyn’s hand.

I turned back to Joc and my eyes were right at chest level. Her boobs weren’t nearly as big as Ginny’s (Jesus, whose were?), but they were perfect! I still have no idea how to differentiate between a B-, C-, or D-cup breast, but these were beautiful globes that were a bit more than just a handful. Prettier than Ginny’s by far, though not as soft. And her nipples didn’t get long when I sucked and played with them like Ginny’s did. They got a bit hard and pointy, and I really liked their shape, but when I had Ginny’s long, soft nipples in my mouth, it revved me up instantly.

But Joc’s tits looked fucking perfect, like something out of a Playboy magazine. As I played with and kissed her chest and belly, her hands wrapped behind my head, moving me from breast to breast, making sure that both were tended to equally. I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and she pushed me off of her. I looked around to see what was happening across the room and saw Candy taking off Ginny’s bra, revealing those giant mounds of girl flesh. But Joc kicked me with her foot to draw me back in. She wiggled her legs suggestively and I began to de-pants her. She raised her hips up and wriggled her ass to help get them off. As I pulled them over her feet, I saw the sexy white lace undies she had on. And I knew what lay underneath.

During the summer camp out three and a half years earlier, besides invading Virginia’s (Ginny’s) virgin valley, four other girls had bared themselves in front of me, albeit for Ginny’s protection, or so they said. I had been exposed to a very close up view of both Jocelyn’s and Candace’s bodies, including their pussies. And I knew that Joc was a natural blonde! I stared at her panty protected vagina and my mouth started watering. I knew her glow-in-the-dark bush awaited, and I wanted to taste her.

But Joc had other ideas. “I want you to strip for us. You’ve got a great body and I think us girls deserve a good show. So give it up and make sure it’s worth the price of admission.”

Now, I’ve never been a shy guy. I knew that, even at sixteen and a half, there was no other high school student in town built like me. I had always been one of the most athletic kids around and had really started pumping iron after I turned fourteen. Whatever DNA I had inherited from my ancestors, it allowed my body to build muscle extremely fast. By the time I was sixteen, I had biceps that measured more than 17 inches, a chest that was sculpted like a Greek God, shoulders that most other men envied, a wide and thick back, Steve Garvey like forearms, and legs like small tree trunks. Abs were my weakest point, but they were still popping a six pack. I had already won a couple of local body building contests and would win a few more before choosing to focus my attention on other pursuits in life.

So, having no shame, and never having done a strip tease before, I decided to take my clothes off to the posing routine I used at competitions. As I slowly pulled my t-shirt over my head, I went into a single biceps pose, my right hand keeping hold of my shirt while curling my arm up, flexing the muscle. I heard some whispered comments and knew that at least four other girls were watching.

I walked over to Jocelyn and did a frontal pose designed to highlight the abs and chest. My hips thrust forward and she took the hint, unsnapping and unzipping my jeans. Then I bent forward at the waist, leaning over while tensing up my back, shoulders and triceps. Being flexible, I held my face in position against my knees as I reached behind me and slowly pulled my pants off my hips, letting them slide down to my feet. I stepped out of them and was left in the same state of undress as Jocelyn.

I looked around and saw that everyone in the room had been watching. I bowed, receiving light applause and a few ‘ooh’s and ‘ah’s.

I took the couple of steps forward to Ginny’s bunk where Joc was laying back watching, but she shook her head playfully and said, “Not yet, lover boy. You still have somethin’ that needs to come off.”

I heard Candy and the other girls whistle and whisper to each other. The entire cabin was now watching and I wasn’t sure how to go about taking off my boxers. I tried to think of a cool move to do, but nothing came to mind. I knew that boxers probably didn’t look very sexy, not like my skin tight posing trunks would have. So I began to do a slow dance around the room, thrusting my hips forward in front of the girls faces as I passed by. I was already sporting a hard on, and it was clearly visible since it poked out the front and curved up towards my belly. Some of the girls looked at it like they’d never seen a cock before, like in wide eyed wonder as if it were a rare creature that isn’t seen in nature very often.

As I passed by where Ginny and Candy sat, I couldn’t read Ginny’s face. But Candace reached out and grabbed my erect penis, surprising the shit outta me! I stopped dead in my tracks as she began to slowly jack me off. I stood there like an idiot, not knowing what to do. It started feeling real good, though, and if not for Jocelyn’s whisper breaking the trance, I probably would have stood there until she finished. She gave my dick a really hard squeeze before pushing me back to Joc.

I forgot about the dance, slipped my drawers off, returned to Jocelyn and knelt down in between her legs, ready to go to work on her pretty pink pussy.

Instead, she pulled me up to her mouth for more making out. My hand naturally gravitated between her thin thighs and I couldn’t help but start massaging her pubic region. After a few minutes, I felt the wetness of her slit seeping through her dainties. I pulled aside the thin material and started to feel her nakedness. But she was more insistent about something else.

“I haven’t had sex since this summer, Rock”, she whispered between kisses. “I need you inside me… everything else can wait until you’ve fucked me.”

I pulled her lacy panties down her slender legs and tossed them towards her bunk. She was ready for fucking, but I didn’t want our first time to be in the missionary. I had something bolder in mind for this light weight darlin’.

Unlike Ginny, who had a fuller body, Jocelyn probably didn’t weigh much more than 100 pounds. I had never fucked Ginny the way I was going to fuck Jocelyn. I always thought that, with Ginny weighing in at a nice 140 (thick thighs, nice round ass, huge tits and always a little pudge in her belly), the position I had in mind would probably end in serious bodily injury when I got to the point of cumming. I just didn’t want to take the chance of collapsing and dropping Ginny as I shot my load into her.

I hooked my arms under Jocelyn’s legs, holding her bent knees over my crooked elbows. I reached my hands underneath her ass and told her to hold on around my neck. Then I stood and lifted her up, her beautiful blonde covered cunt poised just inches above my deadly dragon and it’s potent fire balls.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed. “This is somethin’ new. You won’t drop me, will you?”

“No way, Joc”, I answered. Having fucked Michelle (another tiny blonde from my story Music and Older Women) in this position many times, I knew my strength was sufficient to hold out with Jocelyn. And I brought her down so she could feel the mushroom head of my cock pressing against her tight opening.

We kissed as we stood there, my strong arms holding her aloft, giving me complete control of her body. I lifted my arms up again and brought her ass back down, letting my throbbing thruster penetrate her labia before lifting her off again.

This time I allowed a few inches of the thick shaft to sink in, and was rewarded with a deep sigh. “Oh, fuck…oh, shit! It’s been so long!”

I lifted her completely off my prick, held her aloft for a few seconds while we kissed, then prepared myself for what was going to come next. I leaned back just a little because I knew from Michelle (and a few others) that this downward plunge was going to make Jocelyn arch backwards.

With my hands still firmly under her ass cheeks, I dropped her warm wetness onto my raging rocket, allowing gravity to take over. She slid about two thirds of the way down before squealing.

“Holy shit!” she whispered in surprise. “What the fuck? Jesus, Rock, take it easy on me! I’ve never had anything this fuckin’ big around in me before! So give me a chance to get used to it before shovin’ it in, okay?”

I lifted her ass up just a little, then began to slowly work my thick thunder stick into her sweet vaginal valley. It took a few minutes and a number of groans before I was able to sink her down that final notch. But she had taken it all, even if she did have beads of perspiration on her forehead. Her arms were tightly wrapped around my neck and she was breathing hard, but she still tried to bounce up and down a little. Unfortunately for her, I pretty much controlled our movements, and I wanted to enjoy the feeling of having my cock completely shoved up this eighteen year old twat. So I held her there, nuzzling her neck and kissing the top of her breasts until I had sated my thirst for feeling her tightness fully engulfing my hardness. Then it was time to take her to the moon.

Lifting her ass completely off me, I once again allowed gravity to help out. With a loud “Mmmph!”, her pussy slammed back down to the base of my cock, stretching her wider than ever before. I was never going to win a prize for length, only being slightly north of 6″, but with my circumference I have generally made a lady’s eyes close tight and mouth open wide when they felt it inside of them. Jocelyn was no different.

I began with a rythem of a slow upward slide followed by a fast downward plunge, letting her cunt bottom out at the base of my shaft. I didn’t give her much time to recover, however, because I repeated the rythem, increasing the speed slightly with each thrust into her wondrous womanhood. Soon, I began thrusting my hips upward as I brought her ass down, pounding my cock into her sweet slit, over and over again until I heard what I wanted.

“You’re…”. She was having a hard time speaking because my pussy pounding was so violent. “You’re gonna… gonna make…Oh, God! You’re makin’ me cum!”

I continued to slam my cock deep in her cunt during her first orgasm and heard, “You’re gonna… make me…cum again!” I continued my assault, lifting her ass off my deep drilling machine then driving it back into her as she exploded for the second time in fifteen seconds.

I didn’t let up. Pounding her pussy over and over, she arched backwards, straightened her legs out, her muscles rigid, and had her third orgasm in a row. She began to remind me of Ginny, who had a hair trigger orgasm seemingly built into her cunt.

After the third orgasm, I knew by her actions that she needed a break. I pushed her back against the cabin wall and she didn’t even complain about how cold it was. Her arms completely engulfed my head as her puss rested on my still throbbing penis, just a moment to let her catch her breath before trying to drive my cock into her throat through her vagina.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed when she could finally speak again. “Three! Three!!! You made me cum three fuckin’ times, Rock! I knew you were good, but this… this is just un-fucking-believable!”

There it was! When Tony had said that I was unbelievable that morning, I told him that’s what all the girls kept telling me!

But now it was my turn. “Joc”, I whispered, “this time I ain’t gonna stop no matter how many times you cum. This time it’s my turn, so fair warning. Not gonna stop till I cum in your pussy.”

I pulled her away from the wall, lifted her ass up, plunged her back down onto my thick spike, and began hammering it in as fast as I could. No slow build up, no momentary tease stop at the top, just a complete balls-to-the-wall fuck.

I didn’t even care if Jocelyn was having an orgasm, I just wanted to shove my dick way up inside her and let the rest of my body follow it in. It felt sooooo fucking good, her dripping puss ramming down again and again, lifting her ass cheeks for the upward journey just to be brought back down again, a machine thrusting into, into, into her silky softness until I felt the lava building within me, looking for a fissure to burst out of.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned as I slammed into her again and again.

Jocelyn: “Oh, God! Cummin’… again… AGAIN! Ohhhhh!”

With one mighty, final thrust, I plunged into her sticky depths and unleashed a torrent of fury inside her womb. My sperm laden semen rushed from its original home into a new repository, a welcome offering gratefully accepted by the receiver. I slammed her back into the wall, allowing it to help keep her aloft as my cum drained into her stronghold, pinning her there against that wall until I knew her seeding had been fully achieved.

Once we both were able to catch our breath, we enjoyed a minute of tender kissing, telling each other how good it was for us.

“Rock, you really are the best I’ve ever had”, she whispered to me. “You made me cum five times! That’s five times more than anyone else has given me with a cock. Once in a while with a tongue, but this was the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm with a dick inside of me.”

“We’re just gettin’ started, Joc”, I told her. “If you can’t tell, my dick’s gonna pretty much stay hard until I cum again. I wanna fuck you again, and I ain’t pullin’ out till I give you a couple more orgasms.”

I lifted her from against the wall, her legs still in my arms, her ass still in my hands, and her lips locked against my own. I gently lowered her down to Ginny’s bunk and maneuvered her body just so, in order to keep my swollen sword from pulling out of her scalding hot scabbard. When I was finally laying on top of her with my lower body between her thighs, I raised up on my feet and balanced on my toe tips, pressing my crotch against hers in a familiar position that she recognized.

“I was hoping you’d do this”, she said with glee. “When we saw you doing this to Ginny, I tried to get Russ to do it, and Candy tried to get Curt to do it, but neither could really figure out how to make it work. So make me cum again, and I’ll make you cum again too.”

I began sliding up and down her entire pelvic region, grinding my pubis against her clit at the top. She gasped, so I slid down her slit, rising again to put pressure on her nub. Again, I heard a gasp, so I held my position, moving slightly from side to side, giving her clitoris more action and pressure to deal with.

“Oh! Oh! R-Rock, yer makin’ me…” She took a deep breath, then locked her ankles behind my bare ass as I felt her puss contract in pulses around my hardest member.

It was always a turn on for me when I could actually feel a lady having an orgasm like that. When I was in the middle of fucking a girl, it was kinda difficult to feel the subtle tightness of a female orgasm since I would be pounding away towards my own release. But feeling Jocelyn’s pulses was very rewarding. I couldn’t wait to taste her any longer, so I slid my cock out of her pussy and got down a little further so my head was between her thighs.

I’ve said it before, but by this time I had been eating pussy full of my own cum for more than four years, starting with the four female cousins from my story, Family Beginnings. I had no problem going down on Jocelyn knowing what awaited me in her honey pot. And I dove in without a second thought.

Sometimes I didn’t really like going down on a woman. I mean, most of the time it was good, or at least tolerable. But there were a few times when just the smell had made me gag and tap out before ever sticking my tongue in. And there were a few times when I would be giving head and made the girl cum only to realize too late that her flowing juices didn’t quite taste up to snuff and I had to quit prematurely.

But Jocelyn? OMG!!! This girl’s pussy tasted like a sweet delight, a delectable treat saved for a special day. I have only tasted two other women that I would consider comparable to Jocelyn’s savory puss. One was a girlfriend I would see from time to time during the final 18 months of my Naval duty. The other I ended up marrying, a relationship that ended only because of her death. I would have happily been my sweet wife’s pussy licker for many more years, but had to endure the pain of the ‘sharp knife of a short life’, as the song goes.

I got so into Jocelyn’s sweet sauce that I could barely think about anything else. I still have no idea if I made her cum in my mouth, but I’m pretty sure I did because she finally had to physically pry my head off of her sweetness. However long I had been lost down there, I can only remember how much I loved that girl’s taste.

“Stop!”, she whispered harshly as she grabbed two fistfuls of my hair, lifting my head off of her crotch. I dove back in, only to feel my hair being pulled again. “I can’t take anymore, Rock! Please, stop! God, my heart’s beating too fast! You gotta stop, it feels too fucking good!”

When I climbed back up between her legs, she wrapped her arms around my neck and held me tight, breathlessly whispering, “I… I don’t think I could’ve taken anymore. You…it… I…”

I didn’t wait for Jocelyn to get herself under control. The way her pussy tasted had driven me into a frenzy. Ginny’s long nipples in my mouth got me revved up pretty hot. But the difference between Ginny’s nipples and Jocelyn’s honeydew was like the difference between gasoline and rocket fuel! Shit, I’m not even sure if the two things could even be compared in the same universe. It might be like trying to compare apples and rocks. Which one tastes better, ya know? Kinda one of those ‘stupid answer’ questions.

I went to town on Jocelyn after that. I tried to turn that bunk into fucking kindling that night. I kept hammering away, punishing that perfectly pink pussy, trying my best to rip her in two so I could go back to my favorite meal. I don’t know how long I kept fucking her, driving my young manhood into her priceless possession, yearning for nothing more than showering her insides with my sperm. I know she had orgasms; how many is a different matter. I didn’t keep score. I had my own goal in mind, and I kept driving towards it!

Candy would later tell us that it looked like I was raising my ass a couple feet in the air before jamming my joy stick back into poor Jocelyn’s decadent delight, causing her head to bump the cabin wall each time. I don’t know how long we kept it up, but by the time I was ready to cum, Jocelyn was basically dust. I know that when I seeded her fertile valley once again, I had raised her ass off the bed with my right hand, middle finger pressed partially into her love juice slickened asshole, causing one final massive eruption of her own as I finally admitted defeat and gave up my tiny soldiers.

Jocelyn couldn’t even say anything by the time I pulled my worn out pecker from her tender netherland. When I rolled off of her and lay beside her still trembling body, one of her hands dropped across her belly while the other fell to the other side of the bunk, resting against the wall. And she didn’t move for a long while.

I finally remembered where we were and looked around the room. I could see Ginny, Candace and the other two girls putting the finishing touches on each other’s orgasms. I watched in awe, having never thought Ginny would do something like that. I was happy for her that Candy was lending a helping hand, and that Ginny was reciprocating. Made me think of future possibilities, especially with Ginny’s older sister, Rosie. God, I was such a freak back then!

The other kids were all staring at me and Joc. I didn’t know what to say so I just gave them a friendly wave. A couple of them waved back. The only one who said anything was Tony’s younger brother, John.

“Well, fuck me, man”, he said slowly, stressing the ‘fuck me’ part. “What the fuck was that shit, Rocky? Are you like a god damned secret porn star or some shit?”

I kinda laughed and blew it off, but he kept talking. “I mean, fuckin’ A! Here I am with Lisa, tryin’ to get busy, ya know, then we hear you two, the cabin’s fuckin’ shakin’, Joc’s head is hittin’ the fuckin’ wall, and all this after your little stand up demonstration that had already left me shakin’ my head. Dude! Where’d all that come from?”

Knowing it probably would’ve freaked most everyone out at the time, I didn’t say anything about my cousins or the older women who had been picking me up in the bars and night clubs my band played in. I decided it would be best to leave it a mystery.

“Got a great imagination, John. Just ask Ginny,” was my answer.

Jocelyn spoke to Ginny in a very soft and extremely tired sounding voice. “Ginny, take my bunk tonight. Not sure I can move.”

I became concerned and asked if she was okay.

“Yeah, Rock”, she whispered. “Better than okay. Just really, really tired at the moment. Kiss me good night and make sure you guys get back to your cabin.”

At the end of that sentence, I could’ve sworn I heard her whisper three more little words. I could’ve sworn I heard her say, “I love you.” But maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part.

I would have probably dropped every other girl in my life for Jocelyn right then. The power of her tasty pudding had me hooked, and I would have been willing to give, or give up, anything to keep tasting it. But who knows how long that would have lasted. Knowing who I was at the time, probably wouldn’t have gone more than a week or two before falling back into my ways, looking for pussy at every possible opportunity. The lure of the forbidden, especially the older married women I got to fuck regularly, would always be on my mind.

Third night of winter camp, and my night with Candace, coming up next.

Thanks again, Rocky J.

P.S.- once again I ask, do you allow your kids to go to church camp? Truth sometimes hurts, don’t it?

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