The Phone Booth

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I was just beginning my senior year in college. It was the day before classes were to begin. My school always had a meet and greet on that day in the commons area. There was food and drink and of course some alcohol for those of us who knew how to sneak it in. All of the sororities and fraternities were out in full force hosting games and many other activities. My fraternity was teamed up with a sorority and the game we were participating in was “Stuff the Booth”.
The object was very simple. Stuff five boys and five girls into a booth, get the door closed and then someone amongst the ten had a quarter in their pocket. They had to fish it out, get their arm raised above their head and pass the coin to the front of the booth where was a cell phone sitting on a little shelf were the actual pay phone used to sit, keeping the quarter above everyone’s head. The person with their face up against this shelf had take this quarter push if thru a slot cut into the side of the booth, then pick up the phone and with one hand had to go into contacts, find the name of fratsis and hit the dial button. Every phone had the same number entered under this name. When the person answered the phone you had to tell them the name of the fraternity and sorority and then say your name. Anyway so I had decided to go retro that day some my shorts were short and loose in the leg and I was name. Everybody stuffed into the booth had to say their name in order one thru 10. We got our number by when we entered the booth. The team that accomplished this first was the winners.
We were staggered as we were stuffed in boy, girl, boy, girl etc. I was number five so the girl in front of me was number four. Everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts as it was about 95 degrees out going commando as I always did. The girl in front of me name was Lisa and she was wearing very tight short shorts like women volleyball players wear. And they were like a second skin on her, they almost looked like they were painted on her. The material stretched across her ass and oh my what a wonderful looking ass she had. The shorts dove into the crack of her ass and was molded up the other side. And best of all she had a very pronounced cameltoe.
As you can imagine my mind started working overtime thinking about what I wanted to do to that girl. So when I got stuffed in my cock was into the cleft of her ass. As others were pushed in my cock just kept being pushed further in that cleft, tighter and tighter. I couldn’t help myself because the contact was so intimate, my cock began to grow and stiffen. Now I’d never had a woman complain that I was too short in that department and I was pretty proud of the eight inches it would grow to.
We were packed in so tight there was nothing I could really do to prevent what was happening so I just let my mind and my cock go with it. My cock slowly began to poke out of the leg of my shorts and nestled into the crack of her ass. It grew until I could feel it nestled tightly into her cameltoe. I began thinking about how I’d like to slip my hard cock deep into her pussy which cause several things to happen. I could already feel precum leaking out of my cocks tip and I always produced copious amounts of precum. Secondly my cock began to twitch and I knew she could feel the head of my cock rubbing against her cameltoe. I even heard her gasp as my cock would twitch. My precum was getting her shorts and cameltoe very wet. I sure when we fell out of the booth the wet spot would be very noticeable.
So my cock continued to twitch, she continued to moan, and as embarrassed as it was going to be I knew that I was going to cum before we got out of that booth. I was trying my best to stop that from happening by thinking of other things like my mother, walking the dog, etc. But if didn’t believe anything was going to stop the feeling at the head of my cock and prevent me from cumming. Then something happened which made me cumming a foregone conclusion. I felt a finger running across the head of my cock in all that precum, running through the slit at the top and then around the bottom of the head of my cock.
It only took that finger three times around my cock and I began cumming. Jet after jet of my load spit out of the end of my cock. As this was happening the finger kept up its’ circle around my cock. My cum was making a gooey mess between her legs and on her cameltoe. Just as the last spurt came out of my cock the door of the booth was pushed open and we all began falling out.
Hell, I didn’t even know we were close to being done or who won. Lisa landed in my lap as we fell to the ground and I didn’t know how she was going to react or say about what had just happened. I could feel the cum sliding down my bare leg and I was sure it was running down hers as well. She immediately jumped up grabbing my hand, pulling me up and quickly blurted out “quick, my room”. We took off across the commons toward what I assumed was her room. We got there, she slammed the door shut turned around and pulled my head down to a deep sloppy French kiss. What happened next is a new story that will be coming. Thanks.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Back in the 60s, they used to see how many people you could get in a Phone Booth, or a Karmann Ghia… I’m sure all kinds of groping, and frottage happened at the same time. Great story.

  • Reply Sumone ID:7b6md6sa8j