Open Mom’s House

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I am a middle aged man who is still somewhat attractive, with salt n pepper hair, goatee, tattoos and stocky build. I’ve been told by my two ex-wives and countless lovers (men included) that my cock is fantastic! It’s a thick cut 6.5 inch cock. I shave my loin region and as I look at my cock as I’m typing there is nothing negative about my cock, it’s actually perfect. This isn’t about my beautiful cock it’s about when I was a junior in high school and came home early one friday night after a kegger (where I didn’t get any play with anybody, no makeout session with carol or no fingering session with susan, even no late night handjob blowjob with Bill the neighbor down the street. I was frustrated and drunk and had a little acid in me too. As I was walking up o my modest house I shared with my mom (35 and hot) my sister Dee, she was 3 years older than me and talk about a knockout fox it was her. She learned from an early age how to get what she wanted from men, I had spied on her once when she was getting ready to go out one night and she was dressing very slutty for a high school girl, she was going to an adult nightclub where she would dance and pick up men and fuck them. Anyway,It was me, mom, sis at the house and sometimes a visitor but on this friday night I walked up and there were at least three different cars in the driveway that i didn’t recognize, I also heard some music and laghter. I snuck up to the side of my house so as not to draw attention and I peeked in the window and I was looking at a party. Drinks and weed and even some meth smokers and that was in the living room. I didn’t see mom anywhere but I saw some people I knew. I got big eyed when I saw what was going on in the kitchen I saw a lady on her knees and she was sucking three guys at once. There were a dozen guys surrounded the lady who was gifted in her sucking and swallowing. I saw her face and I froze, it was my mom and she was one crazy horny slut. I ended up seaking in the hpouse while she was gangbanged and she must have swallowed a gallon of cum. I did get to eat my mom’s filled snatch of cum honey, I love it when mom drinks….

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  • Reply l.ucien ID:3zxjfle2k0i

    I matured early and had my 1st wet orgasm at 10. Shortly after that my mom had me in the family bed between her legs. About a year after I lost my virginity to my mom I walked in and saw her being fucked by 3 men in the living room. I was jealous and furious! Mom wouldn’t have any of that. She extracted herself from a cock riding her, grabbed the back of my neck, pulled me forward and told one of her lovers to fuck me. It hurt more than anything I had experienced until then! Then another guy took me and came in my ass. That left me drained and on the floor. Watched one of the guys finish in mom who, being nice, sat on my face and fed me dessert!

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  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    I never seen my mom naked before but I did see my sister’s naked before . I did get naked with them a lot I wish we didn’t have to ware swimsuits in the pool growing up .

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7zv3s59k0a

    Awesome, your mom sounds fun. I used to spy on mom too