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My Wife Shared Me

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My wife died on May 2, 2014. She was only 53 and we had enjoyed an awesome 30.5 years together. In all that time I can only remember having one argument that lasted more than a couple of minutes. We truly experienced the most elusive type of marriage, a real life Happily Ever After.
Before she passed, one of the last things we discussed was our sexual adventures, and she thanked me for being such a ‘giving’ man.
Both of us were highly sexual people and had known this about each other from the beginning. As musicians who came of age in the 70s, we both lived the rock lifestyle of that era, enjoying whoever we wanted, whenever we wanted. After meeting in 1983, we had an arrangement where we could still be active with other people as long as we told each other about it. She only had a couple of one night stands before telling me she didn’t want to be with anyone else. As for me, this woman gave me so much fucking sex that I didn’t NEED anyone else. She was even extremely generous with blowjobs and handjobs during her ‘time of the month’. And she was quite proud of my sexual performance, letting her friends and sisters know just what they were missing out on.
The first time my wife asked me to fuck her best friend, Sandy (real name, who gives a shit), I thought she was joking. Sandy had given me a haircut the week before, and the whole time she was pressing her giant boobs into my face and back. Sheryl, my wife (again, real name, she’s dead), only had b-cup tits at best, a slender woman who never weighed more than 100 pounds soaking wet, if that. Best ass and legs I’ve ever seen, and her boobs were perfect for her body, just not big. Sandy’s were impressive, and as Sheryl watched this haircut happen, it looked to me like she was getting pissed. Neither of us said anything to each other… until the next week.
Sheryl explained that Sandy and her boyfriend had broken up, and that Sandy had got really horny hearing about our sex life. She said the haircut was a test to see if I was attracted to Sandy. Since I had a raging hardon and needed to fuck Sheryl right after, she told me she I passed the test. She asked me if I would fuck Sandy good and give her a few orgasms. I could hardly think straight since I did, indeed, want to fuck this big titted friend of hers. But even though we had our arrangement in place from the start, she hadn’t acted on it since those early one nighters, and it had been close to a year since I had been with someone else (an ex- girlfriend, a whole other story of ours). At this time we had been together for about 2 years, married for 1.
“So, I passed the test, huh?”, I asked.
“With flying colors, babe.” We always called each other Babe, none of this ‘honey, sweetheart, darling’ bull shit. “She would’ve jumped your bones last week if it hadn’t been her time.”
I must have looked surprised, because she said, “Don’t act all innocent, mister! I saw your boner, and as soon as she was out the door, we had some pretty awesome sex! I know my tits ain’t nuthin’ to write home about, and you gotta admit, hers are pretty spectacular.”
Still not buying into this whole thing, I said, “She’s not near as pretty as you, babe. Besides, even if it was her tits in my face, I was still looking at you.”
Sheryl got a pretty good laugh out of that line.
“Are you gonna sit there and honestly try to tell me you wouldn’t have fucked her if I hadn’t been here? Bull fucjkn’ shit! We told each other a long time ago that as long as we were honest about it, all’s good, right? Well, I’m telling you, it’s cool with me. Sandy and Rog broke up a month ago and she needs to be fucked. She’s heard about how completely satisfied I am with our sex life that I quit looking for anyone else a long time ago. She needs this, babe, and your a lot safer choice than picking up some guy at a bar.”
I still couldn’t believe it.
“So, you’re really cool with this?’ I asked.
“Babe, if I wasn’t do you think I’d be asking?”
God, I never loved her more than at that very.moment! A wife that finds pussy for her husband, along with all the sex she gave me? This woman was a dream come to. So, I finally agreed.
Sheryl called Sandy right away and told her the good news.
“Sandy? He says yes! So put on your sluttiest outfit and get your sexy ass over here.” A pause, then, “I dunno, lemme ask. Babe, we’re not going anywhere tonight, are we?”
Me: “No. Got a gig in Monterey tomorrow night, but nothing tonight.”
“Nope, nothing til tomorrow. Oh, cool, I’ll like that… pretty sure he will, too. See you in a few.”
Sheryl turned to me and said, “She’s gonna spend the night. That way we can all fuck around as much as we want… and most of tomorrow, too!”
Wow. Hadn’t been with two women since before I met Sheryl. This was going to be one HELLUVA night!
Sandy came over and actually looked pretty hot to me. Maybe I had never looked at her as a sexy woman before because I always had Sheryl available. And Sheryl had something special going on, a pretty face, hot bod, and a personality that made it seem like she walked around with a neon sign over her head that flashed “SEX’ all the time. But when Sandy walked through our front door that afternoon in a tight, tight black dress, her makeup and hair done up, and those amazing, round titties of hers leading the way, my mouth started watering and my cock went from soft to fully erect in about a nano-second!
She dropped her overnight bag and sashayed (that’s right, not walked but ‘sashayed’) over to me and layed a big, wet kiss on my mouth.
I must have jumped back and looked surprised because I heard Sheryl laugh and say, “Aw, is Mr. Muscles scared of a little kiss? Sic him, Sandy!”
And Sandy sicced me! She pushed me down to the couch and ravenously kissed me all over my face. One of her hands was behind my neck, holding me steady while she tried to choke me with her tongue. The other was busy stripping me of my trunks (we called gym shorts ‘trunks’ in my day). I never wore a shirt at home (we lived in Salinas where it’s like 70 degrees year round) because Sheryl loved to feel my chest, shoulders and arms whenever I was home.
Sheryl kept up her encouragement, and Sandy didn’t disappoint. She already had me naked and began sucking my cock with gusto. I reached down and started feeling her tits under the thin fabric of her dress.
‘Mmm…no bra’, I noted to myself. I had my eyes closed, laying back and enjoying what was happening. Then, without any pause from Sandy, I felt the dress being pulled down, then had my hand on one of Sandy’s naked, amazing tits. I opened my eyes and saw Sheryl taking Sandy’s dress off, sliding it off her legs. It was then I noticed that, like those juicy boobs of hers, Sandy’s pussy was bare, too.
That just added to the entire situation! I love a woman who goes commando, kinda pushes that sense of urgency.
“Rocky” she said (my name is Rachmael, pronounced like Rock-meal in the bastardized English form, thus Rocky for short), “Rocky, I need you to fuck me, and I need you to fuck me RIGHT NOW!”
She didn’t need to ask twice! She was already soaking wet, thanks to a little help from my wife, and I slid my thick prick all the way into her womanhood.
Sandy groaned with satisfaction and said, “You were right, Sher. He may not be the longest, but he’s definitely stretching me out further than I can remember. Jesus fucking Christ! It hurts, but I ain’t complaining!”
That’s when I heard Sheryl say, “Fuck the livin’ shit outta her, babe, then do it to me, too!”
And that’s exactly how we spent the rest of that night and the following day…in bed, fucking each other to everyone’s satisfaction. When we fell asleep together later that night in our bed, I kinda figured this was just the beginning for the 3 of us, and it was. We ended up doing this together for almost ten years before moving to Colorado in 94. The first few years we got together every couple of weeks, but then our time together began dropping in frequency as my wife introduced several more of her friends, and her youngest sister, into our marriage bed.
But those are stories for another time.
Oh, by the way, I got sick of reading bullshit stories and have decided to share these IRL (In Real Life) experiences with you. If you wish to read more, let me know.
Thanks, Rocky J.

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  • Reply Sharing, caring wife ID:ndooles6ii

    When i started my own business i got quite busy and often travelled out. My husband was constantly horny. Long story but i gave him permission to fuck my older widowed sister if he could seduce her. Took three months but he got her. That was the start to our open sex lifestyle. I sometimes come to this site and read the well written realistic stories.

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    Please write more

  • Reply Willy T ID:3aby1elz9df

    Don’t like cheating stories even if the wife condones it.
    If you’re not married & you two share or swap, that’s another matter. But wedding vows are. Sacrosanct.
    If you want to fuck around, get a divorce. You don’t have to tell anyone & you can quietly remarry once you’re done, but not while you’re still married.

  • Reply Lucas ID:hd3412l43

    It is incredibly so hot when reading such stories especially when you have experienced same.. I was 44 and my wife Elsa 46.She knew that I was fucking other women though she was herself a very good fuck.I noted that as from 41,she was more and more horny that one night she asked me to relate my fucking with my married colleague Helena,.I was shocked that she knew that,though xhe knew that I was fucking other women BUT she did not know them !She had met Helena in some occasions ,when my company had invited their employees with also ther husbands and wives.My wife told me that several times when I was sleeping, I was mentioning the name of Helena anc when she touched my cock,it was hard.So,gradually,I related to her how Helena was a TOP FUCK.!!I noted that she was getting more and more excited.She started to cry louder and. louder,telling me dirty words telling me to fuck Helena harder and harder.This was a sort of fantasy .During that time,I was working on Helena to have a threesome and could not believe when I told her that the third would be my wife. She just said ” BUT ,YOU ARE MAD! .It took me 5 months to have her finally accept a threesome with my wife.Then,when Helena’s husband was overseas for 10 days on a business trip.
    .we went at her place..We wre lucky that we had both one child each and they were overseas for their tertiary studies,When arrived at Helena’s home,she offered us a drink and I took her by her hand and went into her room.We undressed each other and started to fuck.Meannwhile,my wife entered the room and started to undress..She was very excited and in the bedroom,our tongues mixed together. My wife’s and Helena’s pussie were very wet,I sucked and fucked both in a doggy style position.I was over the edge when I saw them kissing anc when they sucked each other’s pussy in a 69 position,I climaxed and they both opened their mouths to receive and swallow my several. Jets of cum.The scene looked UNREALISTIC but it was REAL..!

    • MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Lucas, Wonderful, just perfectly wonderful!

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    yes please I loved your IRL Stories and would love to read more

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    Hey girls, [email protected] is my email if you wanna chat some real sex stories and sexting.

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    I live in King City was born in 1960 and during the summer my parents would take are camping trailer up to Arroyo Seco and we would spend a week at a time and my dad would drive back to King City to work everyday we would stay at the camp by Abbott Lakes those were fun times

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