My mom in the mask

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The morning started almost like any normal morning except when I rolled over in bed I thought my wife would be next to me but she wasn’t, no one was. I looked at the clock and it said 5:00 am. I slowly and we quietly got out of bed noticing I was naked which never really happens with me. I kinda remember a little about last night at the bar but I heard a thumping down the hall. I slowly crept up to the door of the guest bedroom and listened. Whimpering, heavy breathing, moaning, then the name ” Mark please please f uck me with that beauty of a cock. She sounded like a begging whore, begging for dick. It sounded like my wife Kristin but the guy named Mark I don’t remember. Thinking to myself who Mark is the next thing out of her mouth was ” your big black cock is perfect in my cunt” “Fuck your white slut baby”. Now I remember who Mark is he’s the next door neighbor who moved in 2 months ago. I gently opened the bedroom door and saw Kristin on her back taking what looked to be a full 12 inches of black mambo cock. My wife had always loved fucking black guys, I didn’t care, she would fuck anyone I told her too. I made her suck the cock of the circle k clerk, she swallowing his sperm too. My wife the methed out slut..

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