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Music and Older Women

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If you haven’t read my past historical accounts titled ‘Family Beginnings’ and ‘Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley’ parts 1 & 2, you might find it difficult to fully understand this chapter of my early life. I will try to make it as easy as possible to ease into it.

I can’t remember ever having to learn to play the drums. My parents recognized the fact that their youngest child, the youngest grandchild on both sides of a huge extended family, wasn’t just banging around on Mom’s pots and pans with wooden spoons. Although neither one had any musical talent, they were both good dancers and knew the difference between making a noise and keeping a beat.

So my father bought me one of those beginner drum sets. From that moment, music pretty much took center stage in my life. Well, sex became a pretty big part, too, when I reached age 12. But I would come to learn that the two are never mutually exclusive.

When I started 3rd grade, I was called out of class one day and told to go see the music teacher in the auditorium of our school. This was odd since we had all been told that we needed to wait until 4th grade before we could begin taking lessons.

But when I arrived, I learned that Mr. Wiggin, the roving music teacher for a number of elementary schools in the area, had heard about my ability from several other students. He handed me a pair of drum sticks, lowered the snare drum to my height, set a music stand in front of me and opened a book. He told me to play what was written on the page in front of me.

I had never seen sheet music before, had never learned about reading whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, rests, rudiments, or anything else associated with this percussion book that was now in front of me. But that didn’t stop me.

I had never been afraid to try something new. My hand was the first to be raised in class when a volunteer was needed, no matter what it might be for. I had no fear of trying anything and everything and I still don’t. Sometimes it gets me in trouble. But more often than not, it has opened up doors to new and exciting experiences. This would turn out to be one of those exciting times.

I looked at the page I was asked to play, and it was like looking at a language I already knew! I began somewhat tentatively, but picked up to a steady pace. I reached the bottom of the page and automatically continued on to the top of the next page. Needless to say, Mr. Wiggin waved the 4th grade rule for me and my career as a classically trained musician was launched. I would go on to play all throughout school, taking every band class possible and having a ton of fun doing it.

I started playing professionally at age 13 with a rock band that played a number of dances at the local junior high and high schools in the Salinas area. When I was 15, the band began playing in bars and night clubs. The other members were all at least seven or eight years older than myself, but my age never seemed to prevent us from playing anywhere. I did look older than my age, being more muscular than almost any other kid at my high school and having to shave already. Having hair down to the middle of my back didn’t hurt either.

My Uncle George, cousin Suzie’s dad (she was one of the cousins with whom I learned all about sex), owned a bar in Salinas. Well, it was actually out in Prunedale, just a couple miles north of town, kind of what we considered ‘out in the country’. That was the first bar we ever played in.

I had helped out there from time to time, cleaning up, pouring beer and whiskey, basically doing whatever I was told. The first night we played there, my uncle pulled me aside to talk about what might happen during the night. I had never been there after 7 PM, so he wanted to lay down some rules for me.

“If you’re gonna drink beer, which I know you are”, he began, “just make sure you set it somewhere so that it looks like it could belong to one o’ them older fellers up there with you. That way I won’t get in trouble for servin’ a minor. As far as that other stuff you kids smoke, just keep that shit outside in yer trucks. Now, the ladies that come in here might tend to get pretty friendly with the musicians. If you end up goin’ outside with one of ’em during your break, be careful. I ain’t sayin’ not to get your dick wet, just be wary that a lot of the ladies in here are married or got boyfriends. Most of ’em are probably workin’ all night, but some might be comin’ around later. These older bitches can get pretty horny, and with a young buck like you, they might just take you out for a ride for the novelty of suckin’ or fuckin’ a 15 year old. So be careful. I don’t wanna have to shoot somebody for tryin’ to kill my nephew for fuckin’his old lady, ya hear me?”

All I could say was, “Okay. Thanks, Uncle George.”

This was 1975, and the thing I learned about playing in a band during the 70s and 80s was that you were pretty much guaranteed to get pussy. Even if the band wasn’t very good, you were still gonna get laid. I’d been with enough girls from school whose clothes just kinda fell off because I played the drums. But I hadn’t been with an older woman. That is, until that first gig at my Uncle’s bar.

We started playing around 8:30 and took our first break after an hour or so. The bar had steadily filled up. There were definitely more women than men, and the dance floor started getting crowded by the time of our break. A lot of the ladies had definitely been eyeing the band members, even if they had been dancing with someone else.

The other guys all had girlfriends who had come with us. We all went outside to get high. Pretty soon there was a pretty good crowd standing around us, asking questions about where else we played, what songs we’d be playing later and the like. I noticed that most of the questions were being asked by the ladies while some guys hung out behind them and didn’t really participate in much of the conversation. I could tell that the guys were a little pissed that the ladies were paying more attention to us than them, especially me since I was the only one without a hot chick hanging off his arm.

When it was time to head back in for the second set, a few of the ladies walked with me, flirting and winking, kinda letting me know they were available. Remembering Uncle George’s warning, I looked for wedding rings and saw a couple. But there were also a few bare hands as well. I then wondered if some of those pissed off looking guys outside were boyfriends of these girls without rings or just horny cowboys trying to get laid and afraid of losing out to someone else.

So, as we played the next set, I tried to watch who those ladies from outside were dancing with. Did they dance with the same guy time after time? Did they dance with different guys? When they sat down, who did they sit with? Did they turn down guys who asked them to dance? Who bought their drinks for them?

I tried to keep track, but between the love of just playing the drums, plus being pretty buzzed after smokin’ a hoot and four or five beers, I kinda lost track.

But those same ladies kept dancing up by the stage every so often, giving little finger waves, winking, flirting, bouncing their tits and shaking their asses for us to see.

Our second break hit and I went outside again. I didn’t need to smoke any more weed, so my attention naturally turned to pussy. The bar had really filled up by this time, and we had an even larger crowd of people around us, mostly female. I noticed one that was hanging back a bit and trying to get someone’s attention. I looked around to see who she wanted, but no one else was looking her way. I turned back, lifted my hands and mouthed ‘WHO?’ She pointed at me, then crooked her finger in the “c’mere” motion. I pointed my own finger at my chest and mouthed, ‘Me?’. She nodded her head and gave me a big smile.

Now, this wasn’t the hottest chick there that night, not even the hottest one standing around us, but she was good looking enough for me to go see what she wanted. I went over and we started talking, introducing ourselves and she put her arm through mine and started steering me to the back of the parking lot behind the bar. When we got to a big white Cadillac, she stopped me and said that this was her car and asked if I wanted to get in. I didn’t say no.

“So, how long you been playing drums?” was her first question once we were inside.

“Ever since I can remember”, I replied. She had long, wavy blonde hair and was cute enough. She had on a tight white cowgirl shirt, tight jeans, boots and cowboy hat. Her tits weren’t real big, but looked nice in what she was wearing. I noticed her wedding ring after a couple of minutes and had to ask. “Is your husband here tonight?”

She just gave me a dazzling smile, shook her head and said, “No, he’s a trucker and he’s probably down in Texas or somewhere right now. He’s been gone for a couple days and probably won’t get home till next week sometime. I get pretty lonely when he ain’t here, so I come to George’s to dance some.”

“Oh, so you know Uncle George?” I asked, because the name of the place was actually ‘Glen’s’, the guy Uncle George bought it from.

“Yeah, we just live down the road from him”, cute blonde lady said. “Is he really your Uncle?”

“Yeah”, I answered, feeling more relaxed now. I have no clue how old this girl was, I’ve never been too good trying to guess someone’s age. But since her man was gone and she knew my Uncle, I felt a lot safer about the situation.

I was just about to say something else when she asked, “Do you want a blow job?”

??? Did I want a blow job??? Fuckin’ A, I wanted a blow job! What came out of my mouth didn’t sound quite so confident, however.

“Uh, well, uh…” What the fuck was wrong with me?. For the first time since I started fooling around with my cousins more than 3 years earlier, I didn’t know how to respond to a girl when sex was on the table. Was it because I had a pretty good buzz on? Was it because she was married? Or was it because she was older? Shit, my cock was trying to bust a hole in my jeans, so why didn’t I just unzip, grab her head and let her suck me off? “”Um, uh…”

“You’re cute!” she said. “Are you nervous?” Her hand reached out and grabbed my my crotch. “Ooh, you definitely ain’t shy. Is this your first time?

Again? Why the fuck did everyone assume it was always my first time? Was it because I was only 15? That kinda ticked me off a bit, so I slid next to her and laid a lip lock on her face.

After a minute or two, she pulled back, looked at me with those sly eyes and said, “Nah, this ain’t your first, is it? I think you kiss too good to, plus, most first timers woulda creamed their pants by now with what I’m doin’ to ya.”

She was probably right about that. Then she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and proceeded to do what she set out to do.

Now, this girl obviously had sucked a dick or two in her time, and she was good. Hell, it’s ALL good when I get to shoot my cum down the warm throat of a pretty girl. Every guys dream, right? But I always have to compare them with Ginny, the star cock sucker from my 13 year old summer camp trip with the church youth group.

When Ginny had given me her very first blow job after having allowed me to invade her virgin valley the previous night of that camping trip, when I had started to cum, I had decided that this was EXACTLY how I wanted to die! My cock exploding in her mouth as she swallowed every drop of my slimy semen. As I drained my dick into her warm, velvet mouth, just put a gun to my head and pull the fuckin’ trigger! That’s how good Ginny’s blow job skills were. Even now at age 57 and having been completely happily married to my Sheryl for 30 years before she died, Ginny has remained #1 on my list of best blow jobs.

After emptying my love juice into this married woman’s belly, she raised up, wiped her lips and kissed me. No big deal to me, I’d been licking pussies that I’d just fucked and cum in for 3 years now. Tongue kissed every girl right after getting a blow job from them.

“Mmm! You taste better’n anyone else I ever done that to”, said cute blonde married lady. “You must eat a lot of pineapple!”

First time I had heard that one, but would come to find out she was pretty accurate.

“Yes, ma’am” I answered, “about a pound or more a day.”

“What’re you doin’ later on, after y’all get done tonight?”

“I was gonna crash at Uncle George’s since I’m already kinda trashed.”

“Well, why don’t ya just let George know you’re gonna stay with me tonight. Pretty sure that he’ll be okay with that, knowing (insert husband’s name here) will be outta town. Besides, it’s not like I don’t give George some pussy every now and then when hubby’s outta town.”

That surprised me, but not enough to keep me from saying yes. “Sounds like a plan, darlin’. But I best get inside for our next set.”

“Okay, baby. I’m gonna grab a smoke. See ya inside.”

The guys were just getting ready to go back on when I got inside. From behind my drums, I saw several of the other women from outside smiling at me with knowing looks. I remember wondering if I had made a mistake telling Michelle (just now remembered her name) that I would go home with her. Turned out that it was definitely not a mistake!

We spent the next break getting high and making out. After our night was over.(we were playing the next night, too, so I just left my drums ser up), I followed Michelle to her house. Even though I was only 15, I had my own truck and drove. Never got stopped, thank God.

When I got inside, she didn’t waste any time, running up to me and jumping in my arms and wrapping her legs around my waste. She wasn’t a big girl, so I had no problem carrying her over to a bear skin rug laying in front of the fireplace. She had just got the fire going, and there was another fire raging in my pants, as well as hers.

“I just gotta see what’s under your shirt”, Michelle said as she pulled my Rush concert T over my head. “I felt your muscles earlier and just hafta see what I brought home. Ooh, you got some big ones!” she said as she touched my chest and arms. “I think your chest might be bigger’n mine!”

“Well, let’s see, baby,” I replied as I unbuttoned her shirt. It was a sleeveless western, and when she pulled it over her head, I reached around her back and unsnapped her lacy white bra with one hand.

“Damn, pretty smooth, kid. Hey, how old are you anyway? Like 21, 22?” she asked while working on my belt buckle and zipper.

“15”, I answered honestly.

That stopped her in her tracks. She looked up at me without moving and asked, “15? Are you god damned serious?” I nodded me head. She bit her lip and searched her heart for a moment, then smiled and shrugged, saying, “What the hell? I ain’t never been with a 15 year old before. Shoot, I was 19 my first time, and I married him. Not my best choice. And I ain’t never had nobody with a body like this before.”

Her hands explored every inch of my nakedness. I encouraged her, saying, “You won’t find a better specimen.” She seemed especially impressed with my arms and chest. Then she turned her attention back to my already throbbing cock. She seemed to be seeing if for the first time.

“Wow, hun, I don’t know if all of it’s gonna fit in me”, Michelle said with a nervous glance up. “I mean, I can take how long it is, but I dunno if I can take how big around it gets towards the bottom.”

I picked her up and laid her down on her back. “We’ll just hafta find out together, darlin’.” I pulled her boots and socks off, slowly pulled her pants over her slim hips as she held them in the air and wiggled her ass to help me, and I saw she was wearing a very low cut set of thin, white lace undies. God, the sight of white lace panties over a sweet pussy drives me absolutely fucking wild! Black and red are great, but white just does something extra for me, and I dove forward face first between those slim, milky white thighs and started kissing all over her satin covered mound.

I must have surprised her because she laughed out loud for a moment, then I heard, “Oh…oh! Oh goodness…Oh, my God! You…holy shit! You’re real… Jesus, baby, you’re really good at this!”

By this time I had her the material pulled aside and was kissing her already moist lips. “I’ve had lots of practice. Mmm… you taste good.”

I continued my plan of attack just as my cousins taught me. A few licks around, below, and just a quick lip nibble above on the flesh that hid her little clitty. Then some warm, soft kisses along the length of her tender valley untill reaching the bottom, followed by a slow, light lick all the way up with just enough pressure to make a chill run up her spine.

I could feel the shiver run through her body as she moaned. It was time to go to work. My tongue parted the labia and I felt moist, warm flesh on the tip of my tongue. I licked up with just the tip, stopping for just the briefest moment at her clit, uncovering it and giving it a taste of things to cum. Then I pushed her knees up towards her tits so I could begin even lower than I had been.

Michelle groaned as my wet tongue fell upon the rosebud of her asshole. I let it remain there, licking and probing, massaging and relaxing, getting it wetter so I could do what I had planned for her next.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, nobody’s ever done that before”, she remarked. ” Oh, my God, it feels soooo gooood!”

Her hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my face harder against her bottom. I started sucking on it, salivating more, trying to push my tongue in, literally kissing her ass because I knew how good it felt. I let her control me for a minute or two before wresting back the reigns and moving my face away. I had to get her underwear off to begin my serious assault.

She was already moaning to the point that she wasn’t fully aware of everything, so instead of pulling that sexy underwear off, I grabbed it in the middle with both hands and ripped them apart.

“Oh, God, yes! Take me, do what you want to me, make me cum!” Michelle cried out. I continued ripping her panties down the middle until they were only hanging on at the waist band on either side of her cunt and ass. I got back between her thighs and started lapping at her pussy in earnest. She was becoming quite wet, and I used my finger to slide more of her lubricating juices down to her anus. I began massaging against it, pushing with my finger, licking her slippery slit up and down, taking the whole of it in my mouth and sucking, all the while continuing to pull her hot moisture down to her little ass, fingering it until…
Pop! It slipped in and she gave a little scream. “Eeeh! Nobody… nobody’s ever been inside me down there!”

I pulled my finger back out, slid some more love juice down and plunged into her once again. And again she gave a little scream. Once more I pulled out, put my finger in her pussy only to hear her growl with displeasure, then slid it down inside her, keeping pressure on the downward descent until it slid out and back into her ass again. She squealed this time as I had inserted my finger all the way in, pressing up towards her pussy and felt my tongue make contact against the flesh on the other side.

She moaned gratefully and ground my face against her mound. I relented for a moment, then pulled my head back, wanting to see her face. She had her teeth clinched and her lips pursed out. I pulled my finger out of her ass and watched.

Her mouth opened and for a second she froze. Then Michelle looked down at me and I thought she might cry. She started to say,, “What the fuck…”

I shoved the ring finger of my right hand back up her ass and heard the words stop as she squealed again. At the same time I had pushed my index and middle fingers into her tight little honey hole. She groaned with delight. I pressed my fingers together and slid them in and out of both canals, feeling my ring finger and middle finger through the thin walls of flesh that separated them from each other. Then I licked from the top of my fingers up across her clitoris. Time and time again, I repeated my licking, each time spending just a fraction of a second longer in contact with the hard little nub at the top of her puss.

Soon, I heard, “Oh geez…oh God…ah…aah…” Knowing I had her close, I shoved my fingers as deep into both orifices as I could and held them tightly together and focused all my attention on her clitty. I locked my lips around it and gave it a few lip nibbles tonguing it, sucking it, even grazing it between my teeth a few times, ending with just a tiny nip, and…

Michelle EXPLODED!. Her hips shot up off the bear skin rug, my fingers firmly entrenched in her pussy and ass, my mouth still attached to her clit as she rode wave after wave of an orgasm… as I felt her coming down I began working my fingers in and out of her horny holes again, once more nibbling on her hardened nub, bringing her to an even more vocal orgasm.


I finally allowed her to collapse back onto her ass, slowly pulling my fingers out of her well pleasured corridors. I kept my mouth on her soaking wet softness, just tending to her tender areas with soft kisses now. Her breath came in huge gulps as I waited for her to say something while I continued to gently kiss her sex.

After several minutes, and many soft whimpers, she removed her hands from her mouth and pulled me up to her. I could see that tears had been shed, leaving a trail down the sides of her face from the corners of her eyes. She pulled my face into her breasts and held me. She struggled to speak.

“Never…”, she began in a whisper. She had to swallow a couple of times and take a deep breath. With a shaky voice, she began again. “Never before has anyone ever made me feel the way you just did. No one has ever brought me to tears. I’ve been married for 12 years now, and my husband hasn’t gone down on me not once in the last 10. Not that I’ve been with a whole lot of guys since I got married, maybe five, but none of them have wanted to do it, either. They just wanna fuck, make sure they get their rocks off, then leave.”

I was about to talk, but she hushed me. “I just want you to know that I have never cum like that before. With anyone! That was… that was just so intense! And where’d you learn those finger tricks! Oh, my, that was incredible!”

She wrapped both arms around my head and kissed me where my hair parts down the middle. “Do you think you could do something for me? Do you think you could make love to me and not just fuck me like everyone else does?”

I raised my head from her breasts and reached up to give her a soft kiss on the lips. “Yes, Michelle, I can.”

I returned my head to her chest and began caressing one of her tiny tits, feeling the roundness on the side, just a gentle swell. Her areola wasn’t large, maybe the size of a nickel, but it was dark. Her nipple didn’t elongate in my mouth like Ginny’s did, but it did harden up and grow a bit bigger around. I heard her sigh as I gave up one breast in favor of the other. After bringing both nipples to attention, I slid my body up on top of hers, but didn’t plunging my thick prick straight into her. My cousins taught me better than that.

We gave each other soft, lingering kisses. I was in no hurry, and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t either. Our kisses turned from soft to gentle, then from gentle to mild. I let our passion build according to her needs. She put her hands around the back of my head and neck and began pulling me tighter as the heat between us built. The kissing became stronger with each passing minute, and my pulsating erection was throbbing against the inside of one of her thighs, just below where our bodies would soon be joined.

When I couldn’t wait any longer, and I am pretty sure she was about ready as well, I began moving my hardest part into her softness. She groaned and thrust her head back, grabbing underneath my arms and holding onto my shoulders. I didn’t plunge all the way in, reminding myself that she had been concerned about being stretched beyond her capacity. I slowly worked in and out, stretching her tight puss a little bit at a time. I kept watching her face for traces of pain. But other than a quick eye pinch or a sharp in breath, she seemed to be handling it fine.

Until I began working the last couple of inches into her. Then I had to pause as she suddenly clinched her legs against my ass cheeks.

“Ooh”, she moaned, “hold on, hold on. This is like the biggest thing that’s ever been inside me. Maybe not the longest, even though I wouldn’t call you shortly, but definitely bigger round than anyone else’s. God, are you serious about only bein’ 15? The girl who winds up with you is gonna be a happy woman. Promise the something. I want you to promise me that the you’ll stay in love forever with the girl you marry. Promise me that you won’t never get tired of her, that you’ll never get tired of makin’ love to her. Promise me that you’ll never get tired of kissin’ her, that you’ll always love the way she tastes.”

I pressed into her a little more and she readily accepted the extra stretch. Another inch until I would be completely in.

“Promise me that you’ll never wanna spend a night away from her or sleep on the couch, even if she’s mad at you. Promise that every time you walk in the door you’ll be happy to see her cuz you can’t stand bein’ away from her. Promise me that you’ll never grow tired of linchin’ her butt when she salks by and playin”‘ with her titties when she sits on your lap.”

I was finally all the way in her tight that. She was stretched to her limit, but still asking me to keep more promises.

“Promise me that when she needs a real good fuck, you’ll always be the one there to give it to her. Promise me that you’ll protect her and never make her feel like shit, like she doesn’t matter. Promise me that you’ll always care what happens to her, and if she gets hurt that you’ll always be there to take care of her. And promise me that you’ll never never leave her for another woman. Promise me that you’ll always be a good man to the girl you marry. Can you promise me that?”

I held my pussy plunger hard and deep within her tiny, stretched out cavern. I considered everything she wanted me to promise, all these things she wanted me to be for some unknown woman that might or might not be in my future.

“Why, do you want me to make all these promises to you, Michelle?” I whispered in her ear. “Why me?”

A tear escaped her eye. “Please, just promise me! I need to know your different! I need to know that there’s gonna be some lucky girl out there that you’re gonna be head over heels with and love forever! I need…” Another tear. “I need to know… because… because that’s what I thought I had. But I don’t, and it’s almost more than I can take anymore! I just need to know that yoj’9 be different than anyone else! Because you ARE different. Now please, promise me…”

I held her tighter, tighter than I’d ever held any other girl, and I made my promise.

“I promise, Michelle”, I whispered. “Just for you, I’ll make that promise. Maybe with the exception of being a good man.”

She giggled and sniffed back a tear. “As last as you’re a good man to Her, you can be an asshole to the rest of the world, okay?”

“Okay” I agreed. Then she asked me again to just make love to her right then, and not just to fuck her and leave.

So I made love to her, and with her. I could feel the abundance of love she had to give through her body. I could tell that it had been a long while since anyone had truly felt her respond this way, that she needed to feel like she was more than just a fuck toy, more than just a lonely wife, more than just a forgotten promise. Up to this point in my life I had probably never really made love to a girl. Thank God for the lessons my cousins taught me, because I was able to make sweet love to this beautiful woman, even if she was supposed to belong to another man.

We did end up fucking plenty that weekend. I stayed with her Saturday night too, and we even made love a couple more times. We also spent a lot of time talking about her life and marriage. I never heard his side of things, but for her, she felt like she was just an appliance in the house, something to cook, clean and wash dishes and clothes when he was home. He hadn’t touched her in over a year, and he barely even kissed her when he was around. She felt forgotten, left out and unloved, and that’s why she had been with other men.

I would end up spending time with her, including staying with her some times, for the next eight years until I met the woman I had made all those promises about. And when I did marry my Sheryl, all those promises were in my vows.

And Michelle was there to see it. Even though she was 16 years older than us, she remained one of our best friends until she died just a few weeks before my wife. Although my wife was aware of our past relationship, Sheryl never did invite Michelle to our bed like she did with a few of her friends and one of her sisters. I always thought that maybe seeing the two of us together might have been too hard, knowing how we felt about each other. I never asked, and Michelle never asked me to sleep with her again. Probably because I had made all those promises.

Thanks for letting me share another IRL story about growing up. I have a lot of memories about sexual adventures along the road that has been my life. Wonded if I actually wrote a book if anyone would bother reading it. Let me know what you think.

Thanks again,

Rocky J.

P.S.- I suppose that I helped Michelle turn her husband into a cuckold, a word I didn’t know existed outside of Old English Literature. He wouldn’t be the last, either. And I suppose, if I need to be honest, I was a more than willing cuckold when I first got together with the woman I would marry, since she was an escort when we became a couple. More about that in the future!

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