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Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Part 3

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I’m trying to keep my early sexual history in chronological order and am wondering if I should retitle my previous stories and use the current titles as chapter headings. My last writing, ‘Music and Older Women’, occurred between the 2nd and 3rd parts of ‘Invading…’ This tale is a continuation of the relationship between a girl named Virginia (I called her Ginny) and myself, which had begun during a church youth group summer camping trip two years earlier.

In mid-May of 1976, Ginny was going to be 15 years old. Being a mix of Native American and Mexican ancestry, her family followed the tradition of giving their daughters a Quinceanera on their 15th birthdays. Ginny had asked me to be her escort.

Of course, I said yes. Kinda hard not to since she had eagerly given her virginity to me on a summer camping trip nearly three years earlier. Not only had she given me permission to invade her virgin valley, she handed over sole ownership rights to her body to me, promising that I could have her do anything I wanted, whenever and wherever I wanted.

She had also told me somewhere along the way that whenever I felt ‘The Need’, to come and see her and she would take care of my urges. And to for me, that was how I viewed our relationship. I only thought about her when we were together, or whenever I hit a cold patch. A few days without pussy wasn’t a common thing for me, but it happened from time to time, and when it did I would go to Ginny and have her take care of my ‘needs’. Otherwise I never really thought about her.

So I couldn’t really say no to her request without hurting her and possibly jeopardizing one of my favorite ‘back-up pussy’ plans. She was extremely excited because this was the day that she would be presented to the world as a woman, leaving her status as a child behind. And it was on my arm that she wished to begin the journey.

Even though I still had about two more weeks until I turned 16 and was able to take my driving test and become a legal driver in California, I owned my own truck and had been driving for several years already. However, Ginny’s father was concerned about everything going just right for this event, so I agreed that Ginny and I would get a ride from a mutual friend, James, one of my old drummer buddies from junior high who now attended the same high school as Ginny. They both attended Salinas High on the South side of town while I went to North High.

On the day of the Ginny’s Quinceanera, James pulled up to my house and I got in the back with Ginny. James introduced me to his new girlfriend, Melanie, but before we could exchange pleasantries, Ginny already had the zipper of my rented tuxedo pants down and started sucking my cock. Melanie’s eyes opened wide, her face turned bright red and she turned and faced forward, her hands strangling poor James’ right arm as he pulled the car away from the curb.

Ginny knew that I absolutely loved it when she used her superb oral skills on me first thing, even before a kiss or a hello. Just drop straight down and get to work. After three years of a semi-regular relationship, she had learned that I believed her blow jobs to be a gift. And even now at age 57, having had far too numerous to count different women suck me off (including the only woman I ever truly loved, Sheryl, who I married til death parted us), Ginny is still number one on my list for best blowies.

James couldn’t help but laugh at Melanie’s reaction. Me and Ginny had been on several double dates with him and his ex, and he was aware of our penchant for being an exhibitionist couple and tried to strike up a conversation with me.

“So, how’s the band doin’, bro? You guys stayin’ busy?” He looked at me in the rear view mirror. “Gettin’ gigs lined up?”

“Um, uh…(oh, wow, girl, I love your tongue)…uh, yep, yep. Stayin’ pretty booked, man. Got mo…(ooh, love, love that!)… most Thursday, Friday and Saturday n-NIGHTS! (baby, slow down! Ya gonna suck it right off my body!)… nights booked. How, uh, how you guys doing?”

Ever tried to keep a conversation going while getting a very good blow job? Kinda hard to stay focused…

“Man, we can’t seem to get our shit together. We haven’t even learned enough songs to play at the junior high dances yet. Might be because we’re all still pretty young. You play with a bunch of older guys, right? Yeah, from what I remember the last time you played our school, seems like I remember they’re all in their 20s, right?”

Ginny was really working on me by this time. “Uh, hey, uh, you mind…(whoa!)…if we, uh, talk about it l-later?!”

James just laughed and said, “Gotcha, brother. I’ll just crank the jams. Enjoy!”

It was probably a good thing he did that, for Melanie’s sake. Ginny was making a lot of noise what with her slurping and sucking. We kinda melted into our own private universe when we were together. Everyone else just became part of the background once our passions ignited.

I leaned my head back on the seat and closed my eyes, getting into her rythem, those soft lips trying to caress the cum from my cock. God, this girl was so very good at this!

The church was only about a 15 minute drive from my house and we were getting near. I tapped James on the shoulder and motioned for him to circle the block. Damn my cousins for teaching me how NOT to cum too fast!

I could feel it building as Ginny’s lips picked up speed on my throbbing thruster. I laid one hand on top of her head, but not to hold her down. There certainly was no need for that. Ginny was an expert. Plus, my cousins had taught me never to force a lady’s head down on your dick. Just wasn’t gentlemanly.

Coming up on the entrance to the church again, I saw James question me with his eyes in the rear view. I signaled for another cycle around the block.

Ginny was steadily doing her finest work, oblivious to anything else but the petrified pecker pistoning in and out of her warm mouth. Her tongue was working it’s magic and I knew I was close.

The church entrance again. One more revolution, James, I’m almost done. Ginny, oh, my beautiful brown bitch, do what you do best!

I put a slight amount of pressure to my hand on her head. It’s more of a wonderful tactile sensation for me and not about face fucking her; also a sign to her that I…am… going… to…

“GINNY, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!!!” My hot seed spews forth into her spillway, a rush of joy from my body into hers, uniting us in what, to me, is the most intimate act. She swallows once, twice, thrice… taking all of my semen as her head pops off my penis just as we enter the parking lot of the church.

She hastily wipes her lips and I quickly zip up as James pulls into the parking space reserved for the star of today’s show. Her father opens the door and greets his precious daughter with a fatherly kiss on her cheek. He guides his young woman-to-be inside the church, proud of who she is becoming. She is dressed in white to signify her purity, and he is certain that she remains untainted at her tender age, her virginity still intact.

What would he say if he knew the truth? Not just that she had allowed me to empty my load into her sweet mouth mere moments before greeting her with a kiss, but that she had happily and joyously offered her virginity to me at 12 years of age? What if he knew that she did any and every depraved act I wanted her to, gladly and willingly? What if he knew that she had allowed me to take her many times in front of others, this sweet and loving little girl of his fucked to multiple orgasms in a group setting?

At that moment, I couldn’t have cared less. I had just got to cum in the mouth of the World’s Greatest Cock Sucker! I had just experienced the most amazing, awesome feeling, that feeling I got every single time Ginny gave me head. The feeling that said ‘THIS is EXACTLY the way I want to FUCKIN’ DIE!!!’ Just let me cum in Ginny’s perfect, velvety mouth, let her drain my dick between her succulent marshmallow lips, then put a gun up to my head and pull the fuckin’ trigger! That’s how I wanted to check out.

I know that I was sitting in the back seat with the second biggest satisfied look of my life on my face. It was only surpassed in my memory by the look I can only imagine I had after receiving Ginny’s first ever suck job the night after I took her virginity from her. She had blown my mind by blowing my cock. Of course, as I sat there with that satisfied look, I realized that I probably had that same ‘second most satisfied look’ after every subsequent blow job from Ginny after that first one.

“Dude, that was too close! If her dad catches you doin’ that, he’s gonna kill you, man!” James laughed.

My only response was, “But what a fuckin’ way to go, huh?”

Up to this point, Melanie had remained motionless throughout the entire car ride, a statue of marble sitting next to James in the front seat. Perhaps he should have given her fair warning instead of allowing her to be shocked to the point of needing medical assistance.

I chuckled as I exited the car and greeted her mother, sisters and brothers with quick hugs, lingering only with Rosie, Ginny’s foxy older sister. My hands alighted on her hips to pull her body close to mine, which she allowed. I wondered if she was giving me a clue, that perhaps she wasn’t the unobtainable beauty I believed her to be. She broke our embrace only after giving me a quick kiss on the lips, something that was common between us when I came to see Ginny.

As we visited and talked about the day, I wondered what Ginny’s loving family might think if they knew that my spent sperm was currently swimming around in her belly. But I liked these people and kept my mouth shut. Just nod and smile, don’t upset the apple cart. Then it was time to go inside.

As I waited with Ginny at the back of the church, I was quite surprised how the place was decorated. I could have sworn it looked just like a fucking wedding! Flowers all over the place, everyone dressed up real nice, the ‘maidens’ all dolled up in matching dresses with their escorts guiding them down the aisle…

There I was, looking at the priest or preacher or whatever the hell he was waiting up at the front. I looked at Ginny and noticed her dress as if for the first time. It looked just like a god damned wedding dress! Virgin white with a long train, veil, the whole nine yards! And it hit me like a ton of bricks…

From that first night three years ago, Ginny had talked about us getting married. She had the ceremony planned, who was going to be in our wedding party, where we were going to live, how many sons and daughters we were going to have, even had the names picked out. For the first time in my life, I felt real fear as I realized…

I’ve been tricked! I’ve been duped! This ain’t no birthday party, this is the real thing! Just like the ancient Hebrew story about Samson and Delilah, I have been taken in by the wiles of a crafty female, and now I was being led to my destiny just like a lamb to the slaughter.

As my feet kept taking step after step towards the front, I had only one thought:

‘Oh, shit! What the fuck is happening? Run, man, RUN!!!’

But my feet betrayed me and kept moving forward. As we reached the front, I closed my eyes and waited to hear the minister announce,

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to witness the union of these two young people in holy matrimony…”

Instead, I heard, “Virginia, please join me. Rocky, you may sit down.”

I’m pretty glad that we didn’t have cell phones back then. I’m also glad that video cameras weren’t too common yet, especially among the people I knew. If they had been, I’m certain that I would have wound up on America’s Funniest Home Videos or some such shit, for as I turned around, I wiped the sweat from my brow and said, “Shit, that was too fuckin’ close!”

Now, obviously I had thought I had said it under my breath. What I realized too late was that I had been holding my breath for a while and it all came rushing out as I spoke. I got some pretty angry looks from a lot of people, but I also heard some laughter. Always good to make someone laugh, right?

I don’t remember another single moment of that ceremony because my heart took the entire time to quit beating so fast. When it was over, I walked Ginny out of that place and back to James’ car. The reception was being held out in Spreckels, a small community just west of Salinas that had been built as a company town for the sugar plant that owned the land. By the mid 70s, however, the refinery had been shut down, although the land was still used for farming sugar beets and the packaging plant was still up and running. The company no longer owned the little town and it was actually a pretty cool place.

I told James, ” Dude, take the long way. I need to get my head cleared. And Melanie, sorry for not giving you warning about what happened earlier. So, I’m lettin’ you know right now that you might wanna catch a different ride, cuz I guarantee you’ll be seeing or hearing Ginny and me back here fuckin’ up a storm.”

Melanie laughed. “Not to worry. I was just surprised earlier, especially since I had never met you. I mean, when you see a guys dick and don’t even know his name yet, ya gotta admit, that’s kinda weird. But after what happened inside, I feel like I know you enough to relax. Not like James and I don’t fool around.”

By this time I had Ginny’s dress up around her waist and she laughed and slapped her bare thighs. “And just what was that all about, mister? I couldn’t believe you said that in a church!”

I already had one hand down the front of her panties, making her pussy wet. I explained what had gone through my head and how I thought I had only muttered under my breath. We all got a laugh out of it. James pulled a joint out of his cigarette pack and handed it to Melanie, who lit it and passed it around.

“Hey, Rock”, he said over his shoulder, ” look under the front seat. Should have a bottle of Wild Turkey rolling around somewhere.”

I found the bottle, cracked it open and took a couple of slugs before passing it forward. Ginny never drank or smoked around me, even though other people had described her as a partier. She had told me there was only one thing she needed when we were together. Give you one guess what that was.

After a couple more slugs of Turkey and a couple hits off the fatty, I turned my attention to my ‘bride’, who had shoved her underwear in my pocket so I could have full access to her juicy pussy. She whispered, “We may not have got married today, but we can sure practice for our honeymoon.”

I should mention here that Ginny is a hair trigger cummer. That is to say, I could bring her to an orgasm quite easily, even without penetration. Just a light brush over her big clit would set her off. Even just pressing my erection between her ass cheeks had done it. Hell, there were even a few times when all it took was some serious kissing to flip her switch.

She was also one of the two wettest chicks I would ever have the privilege of fucking. I still remember one time a few years later when I had borrowed my dad’s 73 Riviera to go see her. After a four hour fuck session in front of her parents house, and multiple cum shots to her slushy slit, I got in some serious shit from my dad the next morning. Reckon I didn’t think about his car having cloth upholstery, and four hours of Ginny’s voluminous love juice, mixed with God only knows how much of my semen, had soaked into the seat and left one hell of an obvious odor of what had happened the night before.

And Ginny loved when I fucked her hard and long! And I was fucking her hard during that car ride. I’m not sure about long, since my erection is only a bit longer than ‘average’ (seems as if there are quite a few polls that tell us what average is, so take your choice and add an inch). But I do know that I am thick enough to stretch out almost every woman I’ve ever been with, only a few exceptions, and plenty big to send Ginny into orbit a number of times in half an hour.

Ginny started cumming soon after we started fucking. After about her third orgasm, I saw Melanie looking over the back seat watching us. She saw me looking at her but didn’t turn away, just kept on watching. After a couple more loud orgasms from Ginny, I heard her say, “Wow!” as she turned away.

Ginny had my cock inflamed now. I kept pile driving it into her cunt, trying to break the seat below us, or possibly trying my best to break Ginny’s pussy. Either way, I was loving the way she slipped so easy into her orgasms, made me feel like a stud.

I wanted her humongous tits to be bare, but she would have had to take her dress and bra off. We still had a reception to get through, and trying to keep her big breasts hidden without a bra was impossible. But I really wanted to feel her nipples grow long in my mouth. It turned me super horny when I got to do that.

Ginny’s legs wrapped around my waist and she locked her ankles behind me. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she held on for dear life. I knew she was about to have the most intense orgasm of this fuck, and I kept pounding her super slick slot with everything I had. I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer.

Ginny screamed out, “Fuck me, just fucking FUCK ME! I want you to flood me with your cum, baby, shoot it. Shoot it up in me! Oh, aw, fuckin’… gonna…Yes! I’m cummin’!!!”

I waited for a moment so she could savor the cum she was having. When she began on the down slide of her orgasm, I thrust my thick prick as far into her vaginal canal as hard as I could, pressure full against her pubis, triggering another orgasm just as my eruption burst, pouring all of my fears and aggression out of myself and into her receptacle of love. She held me tightly and I kept myself pressed into her womb until James announced we were arriving.

After fixing our clothing and taking a moment to chill, we went into the Hall and had a great time, eating and dancing, going outside to sneak a drink and a a toke, back in for more dancing.

About halfway through the night, Ginny disappeared for a while. A slow song came on and I asked her sister, Rosie, to dance. She accepted and I held her close, feeling her thin and athletic body moving in sync with mine. My hands slipped to her hips, then lower and settled on her ass. She turned her face to mine and I kissed her. Softly at first, then with a sense of urgency. She responded, but the song ended and she pushed away from me. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to a dark corner of the room.

“I… I can’t do this to Ginny, not today, not ever”, she protested. “I… I’ve been jealous of her for so long, and it felt good to kiss you, but… I just can’t!” and she started crying.

I held her close again, and she embraced me. ‘Damn’, I thought, ‘I have to figure out a way to get into Rosie’s pants. Maybe not tonight… but soon.’

I slid my fingers through her hair slowly and said, “Don’t worry, Rosie, it’ll be alright. You and me will always be good.” I kissed her again deeply, she kissed back, our tongues swirling together, then she stepped back and looked down.

“You should go find Ginny, she really loves you”, she whispered, then turned away sadly.

I looked around and couldn’t see Ginny anywhere. James caught my eye and motioned for me to come outside with him.

When I reached him, he said, “Uh, don’t know if you wanna see this, but I think you oughta.”

“What’s goin’ down, man?” I asked. He just shook his head, walked outside and pointed to the kids playground.

And there sat Ginny in a swing holding hands with another guy sitting in the swing next to her. I slowly strolled over, and when I got close enough, they both looked up, then broke their hand hold and jumped off the swings.

I recognized the guy as a cousin of one of my best friends. “Hey, Mark”, I said in greeting. ” How ya doin’?”

He kinda stammered around, not wanting to incur my wrath. He knew my rep as an ass kicker from my friend, Jeff, and didn’t want to say much. “Um, uh, yeah, Rocky, hey man. Just checking on my gir…uh, Ginny, makin’ sure she’s havin’ fun.”

Had I heard right. I couldn’t help but smile, so I looked at Ginny with amusement, then back at Mark, who was unable to look at me. He kicked at the sand beneath his feet, shuffled from foot to foot, and swallowed nervously a bunch of times. Ginny was the first to speak, grabbing my hands and pulling me a safe distance away so I couldn’t hit Mark.

“Baby, listen to me”, she started. She was talking fast, probably just as nervous as Mark was. “It’s all innocent. He’s like a school boyfriend, ya know, someone to sit with at lunch, maybe hold hands walking in the hall, stealin’ a quick kiss when no one’s looking…”

I was almost laughing, but figured I better show this punk who Ginny really belonged to.

“Have you fucked him yet?” I asked in an angry voice, loud enough for Mark to hear. He took a quick step back and I thought he was gonna run away. I pointed at him without looking and ordered, “Don’t fucking move, asshole!”

“Ginny shook her head back and forth really fast. ” God, no, baby! My pussy belongs to you! I would never…”

“Have you sucked his dick?” I kept pointing my finger at Mark, insuring his attention was on me.

Again, Ginny’s head was rapidly indicating ‘no’. ” Absolutely not, baby! You’re the only one who will ever get that from me. I told you a long time ago that I belong…”

“Have you jacked him off?” I continued my masquerade of anger, hoping to make the kid cry.

” Nothing, nothing, baby. Just a few kisses, I swear!” By this time Ginny had started crying, then she started pleading, ” Don’t hurt him, please, baby, I promise I won’t kiss him again, I won’t hold his hand, I won’t…”

I cut her off. I was almost laughing, but wanted to make sure that Mark knew that Ginny was my bitch and I could do anything I wanted with her. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards James car. Still pointing at Mark, I said, “You, follow me. You need to know who this cunt belongs to!”

We got to the car and I pushed Ginny into the back seat. “Mark, sit your ass up front and don’t say a god damned word.” I lifted Ginny’s dress up to show him her naked puss, then took her panties out of my tuxedo jacket pocket and held them up for him to see. His eyes got big and he looked at Ginny, who sat there looking at me, legs spread, pussy bare and dried cum on her thighs and cunt hair.

“Ginny, tell him what happened earlier”, I instructed. “Tell Mark what we did on the way to the church and the way over here. Tell him how your panties got into my pocket. And tell him about the promises you made to me three years ago.” I kept my eyes locked on Mark, who was looking at Ginny like a just kicked puppy dog.

She was still looking at me, so I sighed and instructed in a serious voice, “Ginny, look at Mark when you speak to him so that he knows you’re telling him the truth.

She looked at Mark and began. “Earlier today, on the way to the church, I gave Rachmael a blow job. After the Quinceanera, on the way out here, I took my panties off and stuffed ’em in his pocket. Then he fucked me the whole way here. I gave him my virginity three years ago and I told him that my body belongs to him, and that he could do anything he wanted to me, whenever and wherever he wants.”

“Explain to Mark why you like doing all these things with me, and tell him how it makes you feel.”

“I love sucking his cock because when I make him cum in my mouth, I get super horny. I like swallowing his cum because it tastes good, too. And I really like the way he fucks me because he makes me cum a lot. You know, he makes me have a lot of orgasms”, she told him honestly.

I could read the defeat on his face, but I wasn’t done yet. “Ginny, give me a blow job right now”, I demanded. “And Mark, I want you to watch closely so you can see what it is you’re missing.”

Ginny didn’t hesitate. Zipper down, cock out and already almost fully hard, she put those glorious lips over the tip and began to do my favorite thing in life. Mark couldn’t look away. I don’t know if he was shocked by what he saw, turned on, or just did what I said out of fear I’d kick his ass. But he watched, wide eyed and mouth agape.

Ginny was just as spectacular as the first time that day, giving a helluva show and another great blow job. I busted in her mouth.

When she lifted her head, I was still looking at Mark and smiled and said, “Give him a kiss.”

Again, without hesitation, she gave Mark a kiss. I nearly choked because instead of turning away and running as far and as fast as he could, he kissed her back! And I could see she was frenching him, and he still kissed her!

Talk about being hard up! After Ginny broke it off, she leaned back against me with her hand wrapped around my semi-hard penis, stroking it and making it hard again. As she did, a thought came to mind.

“Ginny, I think Mark deserves a hand job. Reach over the seat and jack his dick.”

She looked up at me and asked, “Are you sure?” I nodded my assent so she took her hands off me and reached over the front seat.

Speaking to Mark, she said, “Go ahead and pull it out.”

Mark fumbled around for a minute before I saw Ginny’s arm start pumping up and down slowly. With a couple of fingers up her puss, I asked, “Is he already hard and leaking?”

Ginny answered, “Oh, yeah, baby! His dick is really wet!”

After about fifteen seconds, I heard a low groan and recognized he was going to cum. “Ginny, don’t let it get all over James’ car.”

“What should I do?”

“Let him cum all over his shirt or pants, okay?”

I looked over the front seat just as his tiny dick shot a few streams up his shirt, the rest bubbling over onto his pants. I pulled Ginny’s hand back and said, ” Put your toy away before someone sees it.”

Mark tucked his still leaking penis back into his pants. “Wow, thanks Ginny!” he said excitedly. “That’s the first time a girl’s done anything like that to me. Wow, thanks Rocky, for making Ginny do that. I don’t think she would have if you didn’t tell her to.”

I just laughed. “No problem, Mark. But you see how this is gonna go, right? I mean, you know you ain’t ever gonna get any pussy from Ginny, and I sure ain’t gonna okay any blow jobs. That’s for me and me only. The best you’re ever gonna get is her hand once in a while. If you can deal with that, I’ll let you guys keep doin’ what you’re doin’, no problemo. Just don’t be gettin’ grabby. Her tits and ass are mine, too.”

“Yeah, sure man!” He was happy about this arrangement? Talk about being a cuckold in the making! Although I didn’t know the modern use of the term ‘cuckold’, I now wonder if he is in the lifestyle after getting his first taste of my man seed from Ginny’s mouth that night, then truly enjoying a hand job and quickly accepting the terms of Ginny’s hand being under my authority.

“Give him a good night kiss”, I told Ginny, knowing her mouth would still taste like my cum. After she had given him a lingering kiss, I told Mark, ” Get the fuck outta here”, and he took off like a shot.

Ginny and I went back inside for the rest of her party. She opened presents, had a small champagne toast, danced a little while longer, then we headed home.

Ginny asked her parents if she could go with us to take me home. She got a yes, and we had a really nice fuck on the way. Her pussy was super wet, and I wondered if anyone else would see the stains from our combined juices that were building up underneath her ass. I hoped not but didn’t really worry about it. I kept her panties, completely forgetting about them when I turned in the tux. She asked about them the next time we got together.

“Oops! Guess whoever goes through the pockets got a souvenir.”

She told me that Mark was being a pain in the ass, always pestering her for another hand job all the time. I told her once every couple of weeks was okay, but no more than that. After a few months, he must have realized that she never really called me to ask if it was okay to do him and broke up with her. I laughed when she told me.

“So, he ‘broke up’ with you, huh? Did you tell him there wasn’t really anything to break up?”

“No, I didn’t say anything, just that I understood”, Ginny said. “He still asks for a hand job once in a while. I tell him I need to wait until I can give you a blow job first, then maybe I can kiss him while I stroke him. He always says, ‘okay’, but I just roll my eyes and walk away. I can’t believe he’s such a perv! Kissing me with your cum in my mouth? Weird. Definitely weird!”

“It takes all kinds, Ginny.”

I hope you enjoyed this IRL story. More to come. Next up is about the winter camping trip we took later that year at Yosemite. Ginny was there, but so were Jocelyn and Candace, a couple of older girls that took a special liking to us during the summer camping trip of 1973, detailed in “Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Parts 1 & 2.

Thanks again
Rocky J.

P.S.- tasting another man’s cum isn’t as weird as you might believe. I look forward to sharing my experiences of bisexual activity during the final year and a half of my Navy service. Stick around for “The Legend of Sea Pussy”!

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