My first taste of dog

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I was living with my friend as my apartment was getting ready for my movie in date, He had a very playful dog that requires alot of attention, I would usually walk the dog in the evening when my friend went up to bed, I would always stop at the store for a beer while I walked him, One night I had to much to drink and the dog wanted to jump on the chair I was sitting in I allowed him up and I started to rub his belly before I knew what was happening I noticed he was getting excited, I could not stop looking at his dog rocket, As I rubbed his rocket it started to leak fluid I continued to rub him and he spit some on my hand, I was curious about the taste of it so I licked my hand clean, Well from that day I allowed him to release on my hand when ever he wanted. After a few days I would take him down into the basement and get him excited so I could taste his juice, Before long I was tasting his rocket with my mouth.

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  • Reply FemUnderarmAddict ID:1dr7z8u1el2e

    I feel like I will love it, but I’m too afraid to ever try because I would be grossed out or feel guilty.

  • Reply Terry 69 ID:9ces2g42

    I enjoyed reading this until Mila sucked his cock. Tell your mom to hit me up. Lol

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:7ylren6t0a

    I like you’re reading this story and I would like to know more about you and your friends Dog and if you have a few other story’sabout you and the Dog I would like to know and read about it and if so you can send me an invite on Hangout and my Gmail information is [email protected] and if any Lady’s out there have any stories about you and your Dog I would like to know about them all so alright Lady’s I’m sure some Lady’s read these so that’s why I’m letting all you Lady’s out there no all right Lady’s

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48n1dv9b

    Good boy. A dog’s dick in mouth is only a short step from one I ass. Believe me I know. ENJOY!

  • Reply Biggy doggy balls ID:1ew26g6it7jr

    Id like to suck a nice big dogggie penis with a nice big pointy tounge.jizz all over my face and in my mouth mmmmmmmmmmm

    • Cum filled dude ID:10zii9kyxia

      I love hard cocks anyway l can get them man or animal mmmmmm

  • Reply Mr&Ms ID:1cqb1e04qz2w

    Sounds like a gay. We\’re not interested.

    • Cumgulper ID:h48n1dv9b

      Sucking a dog’s dick does not make gay, only pleases your appetite.

    • Cumgulper ID:h48n1dv9b

      Be truthfully I don’t know which is the best; a dog or horse, but both are enjoyable.

  • Reply zobr ID:6tgortapqk

    Good Feeling Hi Orgazm That\’s Happy Life