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Sister’s hot ass

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Ok, first of, I’d like to describe myself. I’m 15, 169 cm, athletic and around 45 kgs. I have a 9 inch penis

This happened a year ago. My sister, Jen was 16, and she has a realy big, nice ass. She has quite nice c cup boobs. I love to masturbate to her panties and bras when she’s not around. One day, our parents left on a short trip for 2 days, so, it was just the two of us at home. I have a neighbour named Matthew, my close friend, 15 as well. I texted him to come over. (We always jacked off to my sister’s and his mum’s nudes. We commonly took their phones and sent the pictures to ourselves, and deleted the pictures, from their phones – it’s brilliant because they both and really sexy and take nudes all the time). Anyway, my sister went to take a shower, and i secretly let Mat in. When he came over, he asked if we were going to play videogames. However, i had other things in mind. We went upstairs to the bathroom, where my sister was showering. We opened the door very slightly, and started to jack off. We used spit as lubricant.

My sister was masturbating in the shower as well! She usually took extrememly long showers, i now understood why. This was a benefit for us, since we have more time to wank. Soon, we started jacking each other off. His dick was even bigger now, 10 inches. I felt inadequate, but realised that my dick was growing larger too. My butt was pretty big for a guy, even with an athletic build, and i really wanted his dick in it. Anyway, after a good 15 minutes of cumming on the wall and on each other, we started to lick each other off. My dick had been erect for over 25 minutes and it was throbbing. Then, we devised a plan. We were extrememly horny, as such, we wanted to take advantage of Jen and fuck her. We knew that she was a virgin – she had a boyfriend but was waiting for the “right time”

Despite the two of us being younger than her, we thought that we could easily overpower her. After about another 20 minutes, she finally stopped showering, and started coming out. My dick was somehow getting longer at the sight of her, and so was his. I’d say it had become a good 10 inches. His might have been 11. I need a release immideately. Soon, she was coming out with her towel loosely wrapped around her. As she opens the door, i ‘accidentally’ run into her, and she falls down. Her towel falls as well. Mat immideatly holds her down, as i try to put my dick in her warm anus. My homie Mat, holds her down for a good 15 minutes, as i penetrate and cum in her anus. All the while, she was screaming ‘no’, but it was muffled. Soon, it was time for me to try the pussy, and for him to get the anus. I sucked on her nipples and fucked her under, while he fucked her in the ass. After 20 minutes, we’d cum so much, that she was leaking litres. She’d come to accept her fate and was going silent. Only moaning when getting penetrated. I could see that she was enjoying our hard long cocks.

We prepared for double pentration. Mat sucked on her boobs, and i lixked her clit for about 5 minutes, and we both put our dicks in the pussy. She was screaming in pain, but cumming so much. She had multiple orgasms the next twenty minutes. I was enjoying myself, and loved Jen’s tight pussy, and the feeling of Mat’s dick at the same time. We rested for 10 minutes, whike sucking her nipples and eating her out. Afterwards, our gay side came back once more. I put my 10 dick in Jen’s pussy from behind, and Mat put his 11 inches in me. It felt so food. It hurt for the first ten minutes, but i was enjoying it for the next 20.

After this, I could see that Jen was extremely exhausted and in pain, so i got everyone water. Afterwards, we went to my room, where we couls do it in the bed, more comfortable. By now, Jen was done resisting completely, and i could see that she was willing to enjoy it. As such, it was no longer necessary to ‘force’ her. So, 5 mins passed, and i wanted to fuck Mat, so i out my dick in him. Somehow, when i was done, my dick became 11 inches. Mat and i sucked each ogher off for 20 minutes. Then, we rested again fo rabout an hour. We had snacks, and soft drinks. After this, Jen sucked Mat off whike i fucked him in the ass. We switched postitions multiple times. Finally, at 8, we decided to get dinner. I was so hungry. Jen’s vagina had become quite loose after this, and we continue to do this as much as we can. If we can, we also invite Mat. (At 7.45 pm that day, i couldn’t produce anymore cum for the night. It hurt quite bad, Jen was in pain too, and so was Mat. Of course, it was the bad say if mt life.)

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    Every sisters shoud be sexially satisfied by her brother.They both must be free and open with each other.

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    Well that\’s 5 minutes I\’ll never get back.

    • Mona

      It is always best to enjoy sex with own brother freely .Therefore I don’t need a boy friend and similarly my brother never need a girl friend.

  • Reply Observant Reader

    You blew it right in the first paragraph when you started to describe yourself in metric measurements and then switched to inches for your dick. It either one or the other buddy, never both in the same statement.
    Also if you had a 9 inch dick at the start of your story but by the end of it you\’d somehow grown to 10 inches? If you actually did have a 10 inch dick you be in porn making big bucks. But you not only have a dick that\’s the size that only one in 100,000 men have but you are surrounded by guys with even bigger dicks than yours. How does that happen? Maybe you are measuring your dick by starting at your ass-hole and running the tape from there.
    Next time why don\’t you try writing about something you actually know something about?

  • Reply Anonymous

    that is the dumbest story I ever read and i am sorry for wasting my time

    • Jimmy

      Very nice i just love sucking off huge dicks and swallowing cum and getting my asshole fucked really good