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Black fraternity party

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My name is Melissa and my boyfriends call me Mel for short. I’m a single white female, 25 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m about 5′ 2″ and 115lbs, 34B-26-34. Guys tell me my butt and my long hair and blue eyes make me attractive.

I saw ad about well bred white girls and wanted to tell you about my own story. I just got my computer last month and have been looking at all the sex stuff out there, I had no idea there was so many folks out there doing that kinda stuff. I was real curious.

I read something about black guys who wanted to breed with white girls and I think I met one of those two years ago when I was in college. I grew up in the midwest in farm country and had only seen black people on TV when I went to college. I went to a school in Tennessee and there was maybe 20% of the people going there were black and it was a big school so thats a lot of black people and it really was amazing to me.

I guess I was kind of stupid with the questions I asked them cause I’d never met black people before. They were sometimes real nice and sometimes looked at me like I was a fool. I just was real curious I guess. I had a black girl in the dorm room next to mine and she became a good friend of mine too. She told me that my questions were just natural and if I liked she’d take me out to some black parties and fraternities and stuff and I could see what black parties were like.

We went to a black fraternity party one Friday night and it was the first real big party I’d been to on campus there, I was like maybe one of only three white people there, all girls. The music was real loud and unfamiliar rap stuff and I felt kind of out of place. My friend Shondra went dancing with some guy and left me by myself there in the middle of all those black people. A couple of guys approached me and asked if they could get me a drink and I said ok, they gave me some punch that had like grain alcohol in it, it was real strong and before too long I was pretty wobbly drunk but I can remember everything good. Shondra was going to ride to the store with her boyfriend and asked if I was ok and the two guys said they’d take care of me.

One of the guys wanted to dance with me but I was too drunk and so he said we could just go outside and maybe get some fresh air and I’d feel better. His name was Travis and his friend’s name was Dean. They asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint and I told them I’d never done it but sure I heard it really made you feel good so I did it. We went out back of the frat house and there was a little courtyard with some shrubs that made it more private. The stuff was really powerful and I was like in another world, and I started sort of dancing around and acting silly while they kept feeding me hits on the joint and telling me how sexy I was. I’d never thought about interracial sex before and the idea seemed funny to me. Me? A white girl? Do it with a black guy? No way! It just wasn’t done, the way I was raised. I told them that and Dean was quiet but Travis got a little upset with me, he was like, “you’re too good for a black man, are you?” And I didn’t answer but felt kind of ashamed for thinking that way. “No, ” I tried to explain but I was too messed up and it didn’t make much sense. They called me stuck up and said I was a racist, if I wasn’t I wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with kissing a black man. I said now kissing ain’t such a big deal and before I could react Travis kissed me hard on th emouth. It surprised me but he did it again and I kissed him back too this time, our tongues touched and it felt good and wild and slippery.

Then he started squeezing my boobs and I got kind of scared and told him to stop, pushed him away and started to go back to the house but I kind of tripped and fell to my knees. Before I really knew what was going on Dean was up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders keeping me on my knees. Travis unzipped his pants and told me that I owed them for the pot and liquor and this was how I was gonna pay him back. I said “you’re crazy” but couldn’t get up and I figured maybe if I just do this they’ll let me go inside and I can go home, I was pretty drunk and my head was kind of dizzy feeling.

Travis pulled out his dick and it was really big and dark and thick and seeing it in the dim light of the courtyard it didn’t seem real somehow. As Dean held me down on my knees Travis walked forward and pushed it to my lips, and I didn’t really resist that much but didn’t do that much for him either, just let him poke it in and out of my mouth over and over. I remember him saying he loved seeing white girls suck his dick and that he was going to cum in my mouth and give me a shot of his black whiskey, or something like that. And sure enough he did cum real hard it seemed like and I didn’t try to swallow it but let it run out of my mouth and down my chin, it got in my hair and on my neck and between my boobs too.

They weren’t rough with me but I was just so drunk and uncoordinated. They flipped up my skirt and took off my panties. Travis got down on his knees and took his cock out and pulled me down on my hands and knees, pushed it in my face until he got it in my mouth, I think I did start to suck on him about then and kind of enjoyed it. But Dean was behind me kneeling on the ground now and his dick was real big and hard. I felt him pushing against my bare pussy and I knew it was wrong but I didn’t try to stop him either. He teased me with the tip of his dick then he put it inside me and started to push against me, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me onto him, I thought I would cry cause he was real big but I was getting more into it and pretty soon he was going in and out easy. He leaned over close to me and said he was going to make me pregnant with his baby, and that I’d always remember this night because of that. Travis said yeah I’m going to cum inside that white pussy too and you’re going to have the black man’s baby, no white man will want you anymore and you’ll belong to the black man. I started to say no but Travis told me to be quiet and put his cock back in my mouth so I couldn’t talk. Dean got kind of rough and I felt him fucking me real hard. I had only done it twice before with my boyfriend in Oklahoma so this was real powerful fucking for me plus he was much bigger endowed than my old boyfriend too.

Dean squeezed my boobs as he screwed me doggie style and Travis was hard in my mouth again when I heard Dean say, “oh shit baby I’m cumming in that white pussy and you’ll have my black baby” or something pretty close to that. He had hardly cum and stopped pounding into me when he got up and he and Travis switched positions. Travis now was doing my white pussy doggie style and Dean was telling me to lick him clean. I had drunk so much that when Dean’s big cock poked down my throat I gagged and had to be sick from the liquor. After a few minutes they saw I was going to be OK and they told me my white pussy belonged to the black man and I had better remember that. They left me there in the courtyard with my dress bunched up around my waist, my pussy dripping with their cum and my lips were chapped and raw from sucking them. I stumbled inside and found Shondra and she took me home but I didn’t tell anybody what happened. It didn’t exactly seem like rape and I was embarassed.

A month later I found out I was pregnant and tried to find the guys but nobody at the frat house knew them it seemed like, and I know I did something even more stupid but what I did was start dating a black guy in one of my classes who was real nice. I slept with him on the second date and then convinced him I was pregnant with his baby. He still thinks it’s his baby and now I’m pregnant again with really his baby this time.

I don’t know if I’d have dated black guys before my experience but now I can truly say I enjoy black men and even though it wasn’t all nice, I think about that first experience with interracial sex and the memory has made it erotic rather than scary. I’m now happy to be pregnant with my black lover’s child and the way I see it, color has nothin to do with it, if you love the guy, you’re happy to have his baby. I don’t see it as a race issue at all.

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  • Reply SarahSmiles

    I was like that. Hadn’t had any experience with black men before college. By the time I graduated college I think I had slept with over a hundred black guys and maybe about half as many white guys. I married a white guy but he noticed how wet I got looking at interracial porn so he asked if I ever fucked a black man. WHen I lied and said No, he asked if I wanted to try it. I acted all innocent but agreed. He had a friend named Marus who he worked with. Brought him home and I think he liked watching me get fucked by that black cock more than I did. SInce then he sets me up with black guys all the time. I love it!

  • Reply Darlene

    I love this storie it reminds me of me . Tho I’ve been gotten pregnant from a black man I do love fucking them they are much better lovers