The Trucker’s Compensation

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Ashley’s body is offered as payment for a trucker’s help.

The sign along I-80 read fifty miles to Joliet, which meant there were only eight hundred and thirty more miles to go before reaching Jersey. Ashley had wanted to see her parents over the holidays and he knew that the trip would be long and boring. Jason had a fear of flying, which meant this extensive car ride was his own doing. He and Ashley had been dating on and off for a few years and had just recently started taking things more seriously. She had asked him to meet her parents over the holidays and he had reluctantly obliged. He was not the type of guy that wanted to spend his time off in a cozy, family setting. However, several blowjobs later, he was driving down an empty highway at two in the morning.

He looked over at Ashley and couldn’t help but admire her sleeping figure curled up in the passenger’s seat. Her golden hair glistened in the light of oncoming headlights, and was matched only in luster by the shimmering of her gloss coated lips. He was proud of her beautiful looks and he felt lucky to have her to himself. Reaching out, he ran the tips of his fingers over her warm face.

Jason remembered the first time they had met. They were both in college, taking a course on modern art. Ashley was painting some kind of conglomeration of nude bodies and parts, when Jason had noticed her gleaming blue eyes over the canvas of his own project. He immediately commented on the awkwardness of her work, but it sparked a discussion that led to coffee. By the end of the night, they were half nude in the backseat of his car, lusting for more.

From then on, Ashley was in Jason’s life. They dated and broke up several times, always getting in ridiculous fights over inane things. The sex was what always brought them back together. Jason knew how to please Ashley in every way and she submitted to all of his desires. Jason was incredibly controlling and could make her do anything he wanted. She did many things with Jason that she would never have even thought of doing with her previous boyfriends. He was constantly coming up with ways to provoke and incite her sexuality. While in their apartment, Ashley was not allowed to wear pants or panties. She was only permitted to wear thongs or go nude when roaming through their small living space. She cleaned, cooked, and studied wearing nothing below the waist. At first, she had disagreed and thought Jason was making a joke. It came as quite a shock when Ashley found out that Jason had taken all of her pants and regular panties to a hidden lockbox. She was furious at first, but when left without options, she learned to deal with it. After all, Jason found it pleasing to have her prance around their abode with a bare ass. Perfectly round and full, it accentuated her shape and made her look damn good in a lacey black thong. Jason had told Ashley that it was his favorite part of her body.

Jason leaned back in his seat and let the memories flow through his mind. However, they were quickly interrupted by an unidentifiable sound coming from the engine.

“What the hell?” Jason thought as the startling sound clanked from his vehicle. He was still in control of the car, but he noticed that all of the dashboard lights were out and that the vehicle was gradually slowing. He pushed up on his blinker and swerved quickly to the shoulder of the road. The car had been traveling at seventy miles per hour, but was now moving at about twenty. It rolled along the roadside for a few seconds, and then came to a complete stop. Adrenaline was rushing through Jason’s head, but the whole event hadn’t even roused Ashley. She lay there, still sleeping.

Jason wasn’t sure what to do, having no knowledge of how cars work or ever what was wrong. He tried to start the car several times, but there was no response; just a slight whirring sound when he attempted to turn the key. It was a cold Illinois night, but Jason knew he had to try something. He bundled up in his coat and exited the car. He raised the hood and looked down at many different mechanical parts that were absolutely foreign to him. He had no clue where to even start. Jason looked up at the sky and could feel the chilled air freezing his face. What were they going to do?

Jason looked off in the distance and could see headlights rushing in his direction. Should he try to flag them down? Without thinking, Jason frantically began to jump, his hands raised and waving. It was a large eighteen wheeler plowing over the asphalt at a maddening pace. Jason heard the screeching of brakes as the gigantic machine attempted to slow. The sound was deafening and stirred Ashley from her slumber. The semi stopped roughly thirty feet from their car and pulled off onto the shoulder. A large man stepped out of the truck and Jason grew nervous.

“What’s the problem?” the man yelled from the darkness. His features were indistinguishable due to the lack of light.

“We’re stuck out here on the highway and I’m not sure what’s wrong,” Jason replied with a bit of tension in his voice.

“Well let’s have a look,” the man hollered back. A bright light illuminated from the trucker’s hand and his face became visible. He looked to be in his early thirties, with a bald head and a thick goatee. The trucker approached the car and fiddled with a few things under the hood. He checked the oil and other fluids. He asked Jason to try to start the car and when the trucker heard the whirring sound, a grin formed on his face.

“I’m going to back the truck up. All you need is a jump,” the trucker explained. He backed the truck close to Jason’s car and pulled a set of jumper cables from a small compartment on the side of his rig. He matched the negative with the negative and the positive with the positive. The trucker then asked Jason to start the car. With a loud spark, the engine came alive. The trucker removed the cables and pushed down the hood. It was then that he saw the pretty girl staring attentively from the passenger’s seat.

All of the commotion had awakened Ashley and she was still dazed, trying to catch up with all she had missed. At first she was frightened, but then she saw that Jason was getting help and felt slightly better. When the trucker replaced the hood, he couldn’t help but gaze into Ashley’s blue eyes. The light from the small lantern was enough for him to make out her lean body and appealing facial features. The lantern light blinded Ashley and she raised her hand to shield her eyes.

“Thank you so much,” Jason said to the trucker as he extended his hand in gratitude.

“No problem,” the trucker responded. “However, I’m going to need some type of compensation for what I did here.” Jason dug in his back pocket for his wallet, knowing that he had no cash on his person.

“I don’t have any money,” Jason answered nervously. He prayed that the trucker wouldn’t decide to beat the shit out of him.

“I just lost thirty minutes on my route,” the trucker angrily explained. “Now I’ll be over my road time when I reach the next weigh station, which means I’ll have to break for six hours. You understand?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you…” Jason stuttered.

“I’ll tell you what. I noticed that you have a fine seat cover inside there. How about you let me take her up into my cab for a good show, then I’ll let you folks be on your way?” the trucker inquired with a sly grin.

“Are you serious?” Jason asked.

“I sure as hell aint joking,” the trucker laughed. “The way I see it, I did you a favor and now you gotta do me one.”

“I don’t think that can happen,” Jason tried to explain while looking down at the ground.

“If it doesn’t happen, then I’m going to leave your dead ass on the side of the road and fuck your girl without your consent,” the trucker clarified.

Sweat was forming on Jason’s brow and he felt stirrings from below. The idea of his beautiful girlfriend fucking this stranger was wickedly turning him on. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and paced back to the car.

“Don’t drive off boy!” the trucker yelled, following the young man. “I will run your ass off the road!”

Jason poked his head into the car and looked at Ashley.

“Are we ready?” Ashley innocently asked.

“No. We’re not,” Jason hesitated to reply.

“What’s the matter?” she questioned, observing the sweat dripping down Jason’s face in the freezing cold weather.

“The trucker wants to take you into his cab,” Jason answered.

“Why?” she asked.

“Why do you think?”

“He wants me to have sex with him?” she said with a shortness breath. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought.

“He wants compensation for helping us and he said we’re both dead if we don’t give him what he wants.”

“Maybe I can talk to him,” she said opening the passenger’s side door. Jason hastily reached down to feel his erection growing in his pants.

Ashley left the vehicle and crept toward the trucker. She was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with blue jeans and flip flops. It wasn’t very sexy, but perhaps that would work in her favor. The trucker stood more than a foot taller than her 5’10 frame, a real hulk of a man.

“So you’ve agreed to come up in my cab?” he asked gingerly. Jason stood closely behind Ashley and awaited her response.

“I don’t think so,” Ashley answered. “I’m sure there is another way that we could compensate you, other than me fuc…”

“No,” the trucker interrupted. He walked to the passenger’s door of his truck and raised himself onto the footstep. He pulled the door open and invitingly waved his hand.

Ashley stood still with her arms crossed. The cold air was drying out her skin. She looked at Jason, then back at the trucker.

“Alright, but under one condition,” Ashley explained. “I want Jason with me.”

“That’s fine,” the trucker stated. “You want him to learn a thing or two?”

Ashley looked back at Jason and then walked up to the truck. The trucker helped her inside and directed her to the sleeper in the back of the cab. The trucker entered, letting Jason follow behind. The passenger door was pulled shut.

The sleeper was cramped and Ashley could barely squeeze onto the tiny bed. The trucker’s body loomed over her, tall and imposing. Jason sat in the passenger’s seat, watching and waiting to see what would happen. The trucker turned on an interior light, so that everyone could see what was going on. The cab smelled of cigarette smoke and looked rather dirty. The flannel sleeping bag she was sitting on didn’t help the grimy atmosphere.

With the light on, Ashley was finally able to get a good look at the trucker. He wasn’t athletically built, but he was very bulky. He wore a weathered pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. A jean jacket completed his look, which was the typical attire of truckers. His facial hair was jet black and unkempt, probably grown out over several days. The trucker’s facial features were plain, with a flat nose and a rounded jaw. His brown eyes were small and heavy, suggesting that he hadn’t slept in a long time.

“Now how are we going to do this?” the trucker asked with his thin lips forming a devious grin. Ashley was sitting on the bed with her legs tucked against her chest. She looked over at Jason who was unsure of how to react. All he could feel was his growing erection and the adrenaline flowing to his brain. “Just relax and everything will be alright.”

The trucker reached out and touched the tip of his finger to Ashley’s smooth cheek. She turned away and blushed, unable to understand the emotions she was experiencing. While the trucker had threatened her life, she still found the situation amorous. It was a conflicting feeling that she knew was wrong, but wasn’t sure how to cope with. The trucker knelt down on the bed behind Ashley, causing the mattress to dip. He inched closer to her shivering body and she felt his firm hands grip her shoulders. He rubbed them in a rough manner, his fingers digging into the fabric of her hooded sweatshirt. Her body tensed with each motion of the trucker’s coarse hands.

“This would probably feel a lot better if you’d take that ugly thing off,” he whispered delicately into her ear. She could feel the warmth of his breath along her lobe. The trucker reached around Ashley’s body and held each of her forearms in his hands. He pulled her arms apart and forced them toward the ceiling. Once in the air, he grasped the bottom of her sweatshirt and yanked it over her head, guiding it through her arms. He threw the sweatshirt at Jason, showed no reaction.

Ashley kept her back to the trucker, not allowing him to see much of anything other than pale skin and the color of her black bra strap. Her bare skin was exposed to the cold air of truck, which caused chill bumps to form along her arms. Ashley pulled her legs tight against her body and lowered her head onto her kneecaps. Her blonde hair fell over the arch of her spine. She began to sway back and forth, attempting to calm herself.

The trucker gripped her bra strap and tugged, letting it slap against her back upon release. Ashley let out a small whimper as she felt her breasts being squeezed against the cups of her bra, then the strike of the strap against her backbone. The trucker snatched it once more, this time pulling much harder. Ashley fell back onto the trucker’s lap, kicking her legs wildly in the air as she tumbled. The trucker seized her legs with his right hand, while clutching her chest with the other. After a few seconds of wrestling, Ashley lay tranquil in the trucker’s arms.

“Now was all that necessary?” he asked. “Your boyfriend over there isn’t even trying to help you.” Jason was sitting in the passenger’s seat, staring at his girlfriend’s feeble attempt at freedom. The trucker threw Ashley to the other side of the bed and stood up in the cab. He removed his jacket and shirt, exposing his hairy chest and many exotic tattoos. They ran from his arms, all the way up to his shoulders, culminating in a stylized dragon that nested on his right pectoral.

“It’s your turn,” the trucker said in sardonic tone. “Take off the rest.”

Ashley lay there for a moment, weighing her options. She could try to dart out of the truck and maybe her and Jason could rev up the car and haul out fast enough to outrun the trucker. She could try and attack the trucker, but he was a giant and Jason wasn’t the type to get in a fight. She could try and reason with him, make him feel bad about what he was doing. Perhaps he would listen? Her only other option was to please this trucker and get the hell out. She made up her mind quickly, knowing that her other choices were unfeasible.

Ashley put her arms behind her back and unclasped the small prongs that secured her bra. She let the straps slide down her shoulders and the cups fall loose from her ample chest. Her breasts were a size 36B, which wasn’t too large, but she never heard Jason complain. He loved to take bubble baths with Ashley and coat her tits with slippery soap. He would then stuff his cock between her fleshy mounds, fucking her breasts until he came. Ashley tried to cover up while undoing her pants, but it was useless. The trucker just stared at her body with the same devious grin on his face since the start of his game. Her breasts swayed as she fiddled with the button. With a snap, her jeans were undone and she squirmed her way out of them. Her legs were long and seemed to stretch for miles in the small cab. Ashley sat on her legs, hiding her black thong panties from the trucker. She crossed her arms to cover her breasts as she sat nearly nude in front of a complete stranger. The cold air was chilling, instantly making her nipples hard.

“You are one hot bitch,” the trucker said in a condescending voice. “When I saw you in the car earlier, I thought you might be ugly under all that, but you’ve got a smoking body on you. How often you fuck this?” the trucker asked, directing his attention to Jason. He didn’t get a response.

“Well I’m about to give her the fuck of her life,” the trucker scowled. “But first, we’re going to capture this moment.” The trucker opened a panel above the bed and took out a small camcorder. He handed it to Jason, who stared at it with confusion. “You’re going to videotape this whole ordeal,” the trucker demanded. I want every single minute of this on film. I want to be able to watch your whore sucking my cock and riding me hard any time I please. Hell, I may even let my buddies watch it.”

Jason’s hands shook in anticipation of what was about to happen; he was going to videotape his girlfriend fucking a stranger. He felt he was about to blow a load in his pants. Ashley was perplexed at how Jason was handling the situation, but she had heard him discuss this type of thing before and she could tell by his twitching that it was oddly turning him on. Jason held up the camcorder and a little red light displayed that it was working. He tried to calm his hands, so that the camera wouldn’t shake.

“Now why don’t you come over here and give my big cock a little loving,” the trucker said, motioning Ashley toward him with a single finger. She closed her eyes and crawled along the sleeping bag until she was eye level with the standing trucker’s torso. She placed her small, manicured hands on the trucker’s zipper and pulled it down. The trucker ruthlessly grabbed her hand and shoved it into his fly. She could feel his hard erection rub against her skin from under the cotton fabric of his boxers.

“You feel that whore?! You’re going to please that!” he yelled, jostling Ashley’s arm inside his pants. Ashley was shocked by the trucker’s sudden change in demeanor. No one had ever called her a whore during sex, but listening to the word while in her current position made her body quiver. His cock was bulging through his underwear and Ashley imagined that it was quite large. She palmed the lump as the trucker directed her arm over the tender area.

“Let’s see what a good little slut you are,” he said while jerking her hand out of his pants. He immediately dropped both his jeans and boxers to the floor, and snagged a heap of Ashley’s blonde hair. She screamed as he pulled her head into his private. He smelled of musk and some kind of cologne that Ashley did not recognize. Her cheek brushed against his member and she felt his cockhead slap the side of her cheek. The trucker gripped both sides of Ashley’s head, his hands clinging strands of her shoulder length hair. He bent forward and came face to face with Ashley. She could smell the strong scent of alcohol on his breath.

“I want you to suck this cock harder than you’ve ever sucked in your life. I don’t want it the way you suck this prick’s little dick, I want it the way a whore sucks it. Nice and long, with a whole lot of movement. I shouldn’t see you ever stop, other than when you’re ready to be fucked. Do you understand?” he asked in a demeaning tone.

Ashley shook her head and clenched her fist. She could feel her body giving into the situation. She looked at the trucker’s cock, which was at least eight inches. He was not the largest she had seen, but he certainly wasn’t the smallest. His cock was thick, with bulging veins that pulsated with flowing blood. Ashley extended her arm and wrapped her digits around the trucker’s member. It was hard as a stone, with a bit of precum already dripping from its bulbous head. She stroked it, getting a feel for its length and size. She knew how the trucker wanted her to take it, but it was something she wasn’t accustomed to. Typically, she enjoyed taking things slower and building up the tension, till her and Jason were about to burst. That wasn’t an option in this situation. Ashley opened her mouth and the trucker slid his cock into her wet orifice. The taste of salty sweat permeated her tongue, as the trucker slammed his dick as deep as it would go. Ashley gagged when it reached the back of her throat. She kept her hand on his shaft, stopping him from putting his entire member into her mouth. She pursed her lips, squeezing them tightly to increase the suction. In a quick rhythmic motion, the trucker thrust in and out of her oral cavity, fucking her face. She could feel his large balls slapping against her chin with each inward thrust. She glanced over at Jason, who was obediently filming her mouth being abused. The trucker grabbed the sides of Ashley’s head to keep balance and to cram as much of his cock down her throat as humanly possible.

Ashley breathed through her nose, knowing that her mouth was practically air-tight with a giant cock filling every bit of the space. At one point, the trucker pulled her up by her hair and she gasped for a quick breath. The fresh air burned as it reached her lungs. He brought her to eye level and stared into her with a fiery red face. She tried to look away, but he gripped her chin and forced her to return his gaze.

“Are you liking this slut?!” he yelled. Ashley showed no response. “I thought you would!” The trucker yelled as he pawed at her firm breasts, slapping the soft tissue. Her nipples grew harder with each tough smack. She let out a cry when he pinched her small pink protrusions.

“I love these little nipples!” he hollered at Jason. “They’re so small and really look good on your bitch!” The trucker kneaded her breasts, rolling his palms brutally into her flesh. She let out a slight moan, which she tried to cover up with a gasp. He was rough with her breasts and she knew that they would be bruised tomorrow morning. The trucker lowered his head to her chest and flicked his tongue along her stiff nipple. Saliva dripped from his mouth and oozed between her cleavage. He sloppily licked her nipples, causing strands of pleasure to flow through Ashley’s veins. She was finding it more difficult to hide the intense feelings. The trucker ran his finger between her cleavage, and then circled her navel. He thumbed the sapphire piercing, flicking it for good measure.

“Get back down there and clean my balls!” the trucker commanded. He threw Ashley’s head against the bed and began stroking his own cock. He pulled his penis up toward his body, exposing his ball sac to the young girl. She stuck out her tongue and arched her back, sticking her ass straight up in the air. She ducked under the trucker’s shaft and let his sac rub against her glistening lips. She opened up and took his left testicle into her mouth, suckling and rapidly moving her tongue between the ridges of his copious sac. He twisted his body, causing his balls to squirm along her weary palette. She could feel his curly hairs tickling her taste buds as she tried to inhale his testicles between her lips. It wasn’t the worst thing she had done, but sucking balls was definitely something Ashley was not used to. The trucker pulled her hair again and Ashley rose off of his sac. She was growing familiar with the routine.

“What do you look like down there?” the trucker asked. Ashley didn’t answer and her cheeks grew red. The trucker turned his attention to Jason, who was still subserviently filming. “What does she look like down there?”

“She’s shaven,” Jason answered, popping out from behind the camera.

“Is your pussy as bald as my head?” he heatedly asked. “Answer me damnit!”

“Yes,” she quietly responded.

“Yes, what?!” he yelled. The trucker slapped Ashley across her left cheek. She fell sideways and rubbed her aching face.

“I…I…I’m shaven,” she answered, regaining her composure. The slap had thrown Ashley off guard and was extremely unexpected.

“I like a little hair down there, but for you I’ll make an exception,” the trucker said as he pushed Ashley onto her back. He gawked at her lacy black thong and flat stomach. Ashley tried to cover herself, but the trucker slapped her hands away. He gripped the swatch of fabric that covered her pussy and jerked it away from her body. Ashley could feel the thin strip of her thong rise into her ass crack and between the lips of her pussy. She cringed as it rose into her nether regions.

“Get a look at that,” awed the trucker with delight. He moved Ashley’s body to face Jason and pointed to the rush of fluid that was dripping from her crotch. “Your bitch is loving this treatment!” the trucker wily commented. Ashley was ashamed that she was finding pleasure in this horrible event, but deep down she was turned on by pleasing her abuser.

The trucker took his index finger and slid it through her drenched slit, letting her juices accumulate on the tip. She shivered as he moved along her entrance, nervously awaiting what was next. The trucker held his wet finger in front of the camera, then licked Ashley’s juices clean off.

“I’d say you’re ready,” the trucker hollered at the humiliated girl. “Are you really ready?” he asked. Ashley didn’t answer. The trucker raised his hand and slapped her inner thigh. It made the flesh turn a bright red and Ashley recoiled in pain.

“I said, are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” Ashley answered.

“Ready for what?” the trucked cruelly asked once more.

“I’m ready to fuck,” she boldly answered.

“That’s not good enough!” he yelled. “Tell me more!”

“I’m ready for you to fuck me,” she answered, unsure of what the trucker really wanted to here.

“I need more damnit!”

“I’m ready for you to fuck me hard,” she said in a quiet voice.

“What do you want me to fuck?” he asked.

“I want you to fuck….I want you to fuck…my pussy,” she answered shyly.

“Do you hear this Jason? She’s begging me to fuck her pussy! Sounds good to me!”

The trucker passed his hands over Ashley’s body and followed all the way down her legs. He grabbed her ankles and spread her trembling limbs far apart, opening her pussy nice and wide. The trucker fell forward and plunged his cock between her welcoming bare lips. Ashley screamed at the top of her lungs as the trucker’s cock spread the walls of her tight vaginal opening. His member filled her pussy, causing it to spasm with each thrust. The trucker pulled out and immediately reinserted his cock, causing the same feeling to rush over her entire body once again. He picked up a rhythm, knocking his cock against her pussy at a steady pace. With each motion, she could feel the pressure building inside of her. She wasn’t quite ready to orgasm, but she knew that it was approaching with each rapid assault. The trucker pulled out once more and slapped his cock against her shaven pubic mound.

“Beg for it whore!” he yelled. Ashley swallowed and closed her eyes.

“Fuck me,” she said.

“Louder bitch!” the trucker barked.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

The trucker slammed his swollen cock back into her slippery pussy, causing her entire body to tense up. She squealed with each thrust, as the trucker fell onto her chest and began nibbling her right breast. He pumped her slot, going deeper and deeper with each pleasurable motion. The intensity was growing and Ashley felt the pangs of an orgasm erupting within her body. She bit her tongue, pulling her ass off of the bed. The trucker’s cock sank deeper into her willing womb. She pushed hard, breathing unevenly and trying to keep up with the trucker’s powerful pace.

“This bitch is about to cum!” the trucker roared. He lifted Ashley off of the bed, holding her tightly around the waist. She bounced up and down on his stiff member, digging her fingernails into his shoulder blades. She jostled violently on his dick, gyrating her hips in a fierce manner. The trucker moved his hands from Ashley’s waist to her ass. He gripped onto her cheeks and held her up by her rounded buttocks. As she slammed into his cock, the trucker spread her ass cheeks further apart. With each bounce, Ashley could feel her anus being pulled open.

“Scream whore!” the trucker shouted, biting into her fleshy breasts. Ashley couldn’t contain it anymore and wailed at the top of her lungs. Her shriek was maddening, letting all of the pent up pleasure escape her petite body. The trucker did not slow his pace, even when he felt her pussy grow tighter and her body spasm out of control. He held her naked flesh close to his own, allowing the convulsions of her orgasm to assist with stimulating his erection. Ashley took in a deep gasp of air and her orgasm subsided. She fell back onto the bed, her heartbeat pounding and sweat dripping from all of her pores. She lay there quietly, looking into the camera that Jason was still focusing on her ravaged body.

“You’re not done yet,” the trucker explained. “I haven’t spilt my seed.” The trucker clenched Ashley’s hips and rolled her over. She lay with her face in the flannel sleeping bag, breathing heavily and anticipating the trucker’s next move. Was he planning on fucking her some more?

The trucker’s hand rose and he slapped Ashley’s right ass cheek. She let out a slight cry, but bit her lip to keep it inside. The trucker raised his hand again and slapped her left ass cheek, causing it to turn a shade of crimson.

“Ass in the air,” he commanded, slapping her cheeks once more for his own pleasure. Ashley did as she was told, her buttocks in full view of the camera and the trucker’s ogling eyes. The trucker slipped two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and forced his pinky into her rectum. “Have you ever had a big cock in your ass?” he questioned the girl. Ashley did not know how to respond. She had never had anal sex before and she sure as hell didn’t want it from a guy with a cock as big as the truckers. She closed her eyes and shook her head “no”.

“Then you’re in for a treat,” the trucker shouted. Jason looked past the camera at Ashley’s face. He knew that anal was something she had never done and he wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Part of him wanted to put an end to the whole ordeal, but the other part of him wanted to watch her virgin ass get pounded. He chose the latter.

The trucker slid his fingers between Ashley’s wet pussy lips and scooped up some of her juices. He wiped the sticky liquid onto her tiny anal cleft, letting it ooze inside her crevice. He then spat on the crack of her round ass, rubbing his spit into the pint-sized opening.

“I think you’re ready now,” he announced. Ashley knew she was about to experience extreme pain, so she gripped the edge of the bed and braced herself for what was to come. The trucker struck his cock against her reddened cheeks, and then slowly began to insert the tip of his penis into her asshole. She could feel each inch of his massive cock gradually being shoved into her anus. Tears swelled in her eyes as her sphincter tightened around the trucker’s dick. It hurt like hell, but she knew it would be over soon. She bit down hard on her tongue as the trucker attempted to move in and out of her ass; he was having difficulty. Her ass was so tight around his member, making it impossible for him to thrust in and out with ease. With movement of the cock inside of her, Ashley could feel her ass being ripped open. She breathed deeply, clenching the bed and trying to ignore the pain.

The endorphins began to kick in after several seconds of torture and Ashley felt that tingling in her pussy once more. The trucker’s hairy hips were smacking her ass cheeks and making an audible “plop”. He slapped at her fleshy ass, thrusting and pounding into her firm buttocks. Ashley reached between her legs and began playing with her clit. She hastily rubbed the area, using the moisture of her pussy to increase the pleasure. The pain had subsided and new levels of gratification were approaching. Ashley began to move against the trucker, attempting to match his rhythmic motions. It came as a surprise to Jason, who couldn’t believe he was filming his girlfriend getting her first ass fucking from a stranger.

“Are you going to cum again slut?!” the trucker shouted between breathing erratically. Ashley was violently rubbing her clit, trying to stay aroused and avoiding the pain of the ass pounding the trucker was giving her. The pleasure was building once more and she felt her body begin to spasm. The trucker continued to ram her ass, visibly noticing that Ashley was about to cum for the second time. He pulled out and gave her ass a rough spanking. She rose to her knees, still digging her fingers between her pussy lips.

“Tell me you want my cum,” the trucker demanded, stroking his cock inches from her face.

“I want your cum,” she yelled, gasping for air from the oncoming rush of an her tingling loins.

“Open your mouth you dirty whore!” he commanded. Ashley obediently did as she was told, opening her mouth while moaning in ecstasy. The trucker put the tip of his cock on her lips and stroked his pulsating member in front of her face. She could see that the veins along his shaft were throbbing and that his balls were swollen. Without warning, a stream of hot white liquid spewed from the tip of his cock and flowed into Ashley’s waiting mouth. It trickled down the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow some of the sticky fluid. She let the rest drip from the corner of her lips. A belated load seeped out of the trucker’s cock and landed on her chest. He then shoved his shrinking prick into her mouth, forcing her to suck out any remaining semen that was left over. He left his cock in her mouth until it was flaccid and he was entirely satisfied.

“You made a bit of a mess,” the trucker stated. “You need to clean it up.” He dipped his finger into the small puddle of sperm on her breast and raised it to her lips. She was compliant and took his finger into her mouth, licking the bitter semen from his cum-stained hand.

“You’ve got a damn good fuck here,” the trucker told Jason as he gathered his clothing. Jason had turned the camera off and was speechless. He looked at his girlfriend on the bed and was unsure of what to do next. Ashley looked back at him with equally concerned eyes. “I hope you got that whole fuck on tape, cause I will be beating my meat to that later on.”

Ashley searched the cab for her clothing and began to dress. She snapped her bra together and shimmied up her jeans. She let her sweatshirt fall over her slender figure, noticing how hot and sweaty her body had become. She stood up, anxiously ready to leave. The trucker was partially dressed, sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck.

“You are one good slut,” the trucker said between taking swigs from a flask. “I wish my wife could do the shit you do.” The trucker stood up and reached past Jason to open the passenger’s side door. Jason stepped out of the truck, followed by Ashley who made a dash to the car. Her whole body was sore and aching, but she was ready to leave. The trucker followed her with his gaze, smiling as she slammed the door. The truck’s engine came to life with a roar, the sound of gears being shifted into place. It slowly made its way onto the highway, then into the distant night. Jason and Ashley returned to the car in silence. They sat together for a moment, taking in everything that had just occurred. Jason removed the key from his pocket and turned the starter. Nothing happened.

by rodsamson42

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    Dude why. So he pretended to fix it so he could get a good fuck. Damn, what an asshole. Good story though.

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