Teacher Trapped By Blackmail

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In my high school years I had fantasies about my Advanced English teacher, Ms. Johnson. She was the total tilf at our school but to make things better she was my neighbor. First she was 26 years old and had D cup boobs. Standing at 5’4 her boobs were big but her ass, it would sway side to side every time she walked from one end of the classroom to the other. I’d spend a whole afternoon just thinking about it. She had black hair and had white skin.I am not scrawny but not muscular.I am cut standing at 5’10 with tanned skin. i wasn’t sort of a ladies man but i did have a lot of female friends.
English class I would sit in the back so I can see Ms.Johnson without anyone noticing. Today she was wearing a green shirt with our school logo. Her pants were black dress pants and on the back was an outline of her panties. As she would help students the outline sunk nearer to her asshole. This set me into a hard on. In class I would fantasize of her asking me to stay after class so she can strip in front of me. How I thought that I would eat her pussy out as she sat on me. The bell rang and it was time to go home.
At my house I got pretty bored which led to masturbation.I had the lights turned off and noticed car lights. It was Ms. Johnson coming from school, I couldn’t control my hormones so I grabbed a pair of binoculars from a shelf and started to stalk Ms. Johnson. She first turned on her kitchen lights then she headed upstairs. I had a small view of her bedroom and she started to take her clothes off. I didn’t see her take off her shirt but I saw it laying on the floor. She then walked around her house without a bra and her pants still on. Her areoles were a light brown and her boobs were sag less. She then turned the lights off and the show was over.
I hatched a plan to buy cameras and set it up around her house. I went into a tech shop and bought 5 miniature cameras. They looked like black dots and were small enough to not notice.
The next day I had an idea, to go into her house and break in to install the cameras. It was Friday night so I told my folks that I would be at a friends house. I waited till 6 pm and had my stuff ready to go.The best part Ms. Johnson wasn’t home yet. It was already dark so I quickly ran to her backyard. The back door was closed but I didn’t give up yet. I climbed up to her bedroom window and opened it from the inside. Easy since the houses are nearly built the same around here. I didn’t want to turn the lights on so I had a handy flashlight with me. I installed 2 cameras in her bedroom one in the front the other on the side of the room.
Next I went downstairs to find a room with wide open space. It was her yoga room. There was a balance ball and a yoga mat on the floor. I got busy and put the camera in the middle of the room wall. I went upstairs to find her restroom there. I installed one on top of her shower and, another near a counter.
I looked around the restroom and had found a pink dildo on a counter in her restroom. It was still wet from previous use. I smelt the dildo and it smelt like pussy this made me go in a frenzy and I started to lick off the juices. I saw on the floor dirty laundry. I picked up a black thong and a pair of panties that said on the front “eat me”.
I was about to leave and drop my stuff at my house first then to my friends house but I heard a car. I panicked and ran into a closet. It had a huge amount of space but was really hot in there. I heard voices downstairs and tried to cover myself so I wouldn’t get caught. I then heard a man’s voice and her voice giggle. She was with a man I thought and he would be getting lucky tonight. Finally they came into the bedroom and turned on her lamp. They were both obviously drunk and they probably met at a bar. I was safe they didn’t check the closet. I peeked through the closet hole and saw Ms. Johnson.
She was wearing a red dress that really showed off her ass. She turned around from the man and bent down. She then proceeded to rub his dick with her ass. The man couldn’t take it so he unzipped her dressed and tossed it aside. She was now standing with a white lacy bra and panties. She eagerly got on her knees and unbuckled his pants. She started to suck on his dick while his underwear was on. She then stripped it down and began to work.
Her mouth was on the head and with one hand she jerked him off. Her other hand had cupped his balls and she began to play with them. She then started to get faster at this and got his whole cock and deep-throated him. His cock was at least 8 inches but she took it all. She started to gag and she took his cock out from her mouth. There was a stream of saliva stuck on her mouth to his cock.
She stood up and took off her panties, there stood the hottest Tilf with a shaved pussy. She layed on the bed and spread her legs. The man proceeded to her pussy and spat on it. With his left hand he rubbed her pussy. She started to moan with pleasure. This told the man to do his part, he got two fingers and began fingering Ms. Johnson. Her legs were now acting crazy and her hips were sailing with his fingers. He took his fingers out and licked them. He them got close to her pussy and began to eat her out. This sent Ms. Johnson into shock and started to move her head back and forth.
“I’m going to cum all over your face” she moaned out
The guy just started to go faster until Ms. Johnson back stiffed up. He was now covered in her pussy juices, Ms. Johnson got up to his face and began licking it off.
She unhooked her bra and bent over on the bed. The man got his cock and put it between her legs. They got tired of the light and turned off the lamp. I couldn’t see a darn thing but didn’t mean I couldn’t hear.
“Oh, baby my pussy is yours do what you want.” She moaned
“I’m not sure I can fit that monster inside me” she said quietly.
“No, not anal I don’t have lube” she yelled.
“I’m cumming” the man said.
That morning i had woken up early so i could leave. She was knocked out from last night and the guy she slept with was gone. I opened the closet carefully and creeped up to see her. Her face was turned away from me and her belly was laying upside down. I grabbed her white lace panties and started to smell them. Again my hormones went crazy as I saw her bent over with her perfectly shaped ass facing me. I grabbed the panties and started to rub her pussy. She didn’t wake up but only moaned.
“Mmmmmm” she moaned quietly.
I spread her ass cheeks and stared at her tight asshole. I licked my finger and I started ass fucking her with my finger. I grabbed my dick and was jerking off at the same time. I was in ecstasy as I felt I was going to cum. I grabbed my dick and aimed it to her ass and squirted. I shot 3 huge loads and it all splashed on her ass. I picked my pants up and left.
When I got home I opened up my laptop and started the application. I fast forward to the morning and checked to see if she had awoken. She first got up and stretched still didn’t notice my jizz stains. I switched to the bathroom cams because that’s where she was headed. She looked in the mirror and turned around. She had finally noticed, she simply took her hand and cleaned it off then licked her fingers. I was masturbating with the thong that I grabbed from earlier and jizzed all over it. The other underwear I was using to smell.
She proceeded to take a shower and cleaned her body well. She got the loofa to scrub the jizz off her ass. She dropped the soap and made her bend down to get it. Her pussy still seemed tight but her asshole seemed tighter. After her bath she went to her room to get clothes, she only got a white shirt and black yoga pants.
She walked downstairs and I knew she would begin her yoga. In the yoga cam she laid down on a mat and began to stretch. She grabbed a remote and turned on a exercise video. It was a porno showing how to do stretches and how they will benefit in sex. After that hot sexy workout she went upstairs to change and get ready to go to work. I on the other hand wanted to go to her house and do some adjustments.
I knew the back door was opened and decided to break in. I had one objective to go hack her computer. I first picked up her yoga pants and jerked off to the image of her wearing them. I then found her laptop in her bedroom. She was signed in to her email it was her personal email so I wrote it down. At the same time I looked through her inbox to find some information. Her phone was linked to her email so it listed her number and pictures. I put her number on my phone and I began downloading her images onto my phone. After it had finished I looked through the photos but sadly nothing. I then went to her laptop and looked through her files. She had a folder named “private” I clicked it and I was in for a shock.
She had pictures of her being naked and videos of her getting banged. I put download all so I can view them safety at home. After I had finished I went downstairs to her yoga room. Apparently it was also a movie room as well. This gave me an idea for a plan later.
When I got to my room I finally found a photo that I couldn’t get off my mind. It was Ms. Johnson fucking a teacher from our school. I couldn’t believe it, she fucked every man to her desire. My mind whirled with ideas finally it hit me. Blackmail.
Around Sunday night I had made an email that she wouldn’t be able to find out. I sent an email that stated ” I like how you have a desire for a teacher’s cock in this picture.” Of course with the picture attached to it. I turned the cameras on she was in her bedroom. She was wearing a white tank top and no pants, plain out with her thong. She finally opened her laptop and a notification of my email appeared. Her world just dropped and her face looked destroyed. She didn’t know how to react she finally typed
“Who are you? How did you get these?”
I remembered the man she slept with on Friday so I played with that.
“Don’t you remember me baby? Friday night was a blast too bad I found these pictures of you being a slut. It be a shame if someone from your school found out.”
She put her hand on her head as she was trying to remember who he was. She then started to type.
“Ok now I follow you now. What do you want me to do?”
I got a hard on as I felt really excited about this.
“Tomorrow I want you to be a tease to every student you have. You must also be assure that I know if you don’t correspond and I will text you.”
She gulped and knew she had no option or she would be fired.
“Ok fine,what can I wear
I thought for a brief moment and pictured her in the most hottest outfit.
“Wear black yoga pants with a black thong. As for your top wear a loose fitted shirt.”
I looked to the cameras and she stood up to find her pants and her thong.
Monday my classes were pretty boring but I managed to get to English. Ms. Johnson usually stands outside the door but this time she didn’t. I walked in to see her sitting down typing. I was the only guy in that class because mainly the smart girls only took advanced English. She didn’t really care about me being a guy but every girl in class said she was a slut. One girl started saying
“This bitch is just seconds away from getting pounded”
She was obviously jealous that Ms. Johnson had an ass that no one could compete to. I couldn’t concentrate because I was staring at Ms. Johnson’s ass. The bell finally rang and I quickly wanted to go home and masturbate.
I got home and opened my email to find an email from her.
“How’d I do?”
“Very good you put on what I had asked. ”
She replied with
“I’m guessing you want more.”
“Smart girl now let me think about your next task.”
I thought about how I could touch her without her knowing I was blackmailing. It hit me but it was a risk I had to take.
“I want you dressing up like a slut everyday to school and take condoms and, lube also a dildo .”
“What! No way I’m doing that.”
“Fine I’m sure the whole school will love these photos of you.”
“Ok what will I be wearing?”
“Get black stockings with black heels, a black push up bra and black panties with a mini skirt and red blouse?”
” How many boys do you have in your class”
“Only one the rest are girls”
“Interesting” I left
The next day in school I had my phone out incase she texted me. She wore exactly what I had told her to wear. Her boobs looked like they were going to come out. She taught her lesson she knew only one student wasn’t listening and the others would whisper slut. She finally stopped teaching and sat down. I texted her to go to the restroom and masturbate in there and not to wash her dildo. To wrap it with her panties. She looked around her room and took her purse.
“I’m going to the restroom do your work.”
About 10 minutes later she came back. She sat back and took out her panty’s out and put it in her drawer. I was the only one that noticed it, I got my phone and texted her
“keep the boy after class for some fun but first leave the dildo on top of your desk when the bell rings and walk out for a bit”
“Jake can you stay after class so we can talk about your grades”
I simply nodded.
The bell rang and everyone walked out but me. She blew air out in disbelief and knew she had to do this. She put the dildo on her desk with the panties and left. I quickly went to her desk to taste the juices left but disappointed that it was dried up. I grabbed the panties and started to masturbate to them. I assembled my plan for Ms. Johnson, I put on her computer the picture of her and the teacher and hid under her desk.
She walked in and saw the photo
“How the fuck did he come in my room”
She sat down with her legs spread open giving me a view of her pussy. I texted her to undress her pants. She quickly did as she saw no one inside and the door being locked. I then texted her telling her to lay down on her desk with her legs spread open and her panties on top of her head covering her eyes and not to take it off. I heard her cleaning her desk giving me the ok to do it. I got up and saw her eyes covered. I started by rubbing her clitoris, her body shivered. I then started to put two fingers inside her. I took my fingers out of her pussy and began to lick them off. I headed towards her pussy and began to eat her out. She moaned knowing well her body was betraying her. I lifted her legs up a little to see her asshole. I turned her over and spread her butt cheeks. I saw her tight asshole and couldn’t resist so I put a finger in her asshole and started to finger fuck her. She was moaning really loud now. I went to her drawers and grabbed the lube. I poured some on my fingers and continued to finger fuck her. I was finished with her asshole so I got up. I grabbed her shoulders and guided her to her knees and grabbed her mouth to open it. I pulled my dick out which is about 7 inches and shoved it in her. She started to gag forcing her to pull out. I quickly grabbed her head and forced her to continue. I felt I was going to climax so I ripped off her blouse and jizzed all over her chest. I got her panties off her head to clean up the jizz off her chest. She had finally saw me for the first time. Her jaw was dropped and I shoved her panties with her juices and mine. She gagged at first then spat it out.
“Jake, it was you this whole time.”
“Yes, and I’m surprised that you found out”
“My own neighbor and student” she said in disgust.
I unstrapped her bra and was about to play with her tots when she slapped me.
“Hey with this photo I can do whatever”
She couldn’t respond. I then began to rub her left tit while sucking on her right tit. She moaned softly and then I started to motorboat her boobs. My dick started to get hard so I knew what I wanted to do. I bent her over the desk and started to lube up my dick. I guided my dick to her pussy. I started off slow then I picked up the pace.
“Oh my god!!” She screamed
“Shut up slut and be quiet”
She whimpered
I started to slam her pussy until she climaxed all over my dick. I pulled out to see juices fly out and fall onto the floor.
“Have you done anal” I told her
“Please not that anything but that”
I spread her butt cheeks and aimed for her asshole. She squealed when I barely had my head in. I started to put all seven inches in.
“Ohhhh” she moaned out
I was in control as I grabbed her by the hips and started to fuck her harder. She started to moan louder and louder until finally I cam inside her. Her asshole was drenched and was leaking jizz. She couldn’t stand up from that anal beating. She grabbed her panties and put them on. She had put all her clothes back on. With a devilish look she gave me and walked out. I waited a minute and grabbed a camera from the corner as I was recording everything.

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