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My wife the couger

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My wife is a beautiful women, 54 yrs. old, yet her tits while not huge have stood the test of time, still a nice ass and beautiful hips to round off her 5’4″ 120lbs frame. I have heard rumors and even seen some proof that she often would go out after younger men, I’m sure she could get whatever she wanted in any bar as I still catch men checking her out even when by my side. I set up a training class out of town and told her I would be leaving the night before as the class started early the next morning, not a hard sell as I travel for work, hunting or fishing several times a year. I swapped my truck for a friends car and was ready to stalk my cougar.
The night I left I called around 10, told her I was in the hotel and would call the next day, said goodnight and while sitting at the end of our driveway I waited. it did not take long as right after the call she pulled out and headed to a local bar where she met up with a few of her friends, (all with their husbands) as they trickled out she hung around and was seated at the bar when a couple of guys walked up, it didn’t take long and they were in the parking lot, my wife looked sexy as hell in a pair of snug fitting jeans a sheer white button down shirt. There was a lot of touching, my wife pushed up against her ford explorer, while these two guys were both kissing her, I noticed her hand was on both cocks until she pushed them away, there was some gesturing and I was a bit concerned this was not what she wanted, before she grabbed them both by the pants before getting in and driving, one got in the passenger seat the other followed and I was close behind both.
Once at the house, they pull in the garage and let the second guy in through the side door, I parked on the street and walked down the driveway, anxious, nervous, jealous, scared and aroused all at the same time. I let myself in through the back door, we have a nice open floor plan with first floor master bedroom and a huge family room. I sneak in through the laundry hall to see the dim light in the family room from the TV which has Pandora playing. My wife is leaning up against the back of the couch and both of these guys are standing between her and I, I hear the words, “what have you got for me?” when she reaches down and grabs both cocks, this is clearly not the first time for her! She now has her hands inside each guys pants, while they are kissing her neck, both with a hand on that ass I so love to hold before she drops to her knees and pulls out both cocks, slowly stroking one while sucking on the other and switching back and forth every couple of minutes before standing back up and pulling off first one then the others shirts. I remain in the dark laundry hallway watching this unfold in front of me when I see her hands wrap around both guys waist pulling them close to her. she slides her hands down and pushes both their pants to the ground, she now has 2 naked 25-30 year olds in the house I fucking pay for and is clearly about to fuck them both. Her shirt is now opened and the bra pushed aside as they each are feeding on my wife’s still perky 54 year old tits, she has a hand on each of their heads keeping them right where she wants them, I see her head go back as a moan comes from her which I am all to familiar with and know she is enjoying herself. I see a hand slide down unbutton her jeans sliding them down to reveal a black thong which matches the bra, she knew exactly what she was doing!
Wearing just her bra and thong she walks away from them looking sexy as hell, walks around and sits on the couch, they follow like puppy dogs looking for a treat, they sit on each side of her, one hand now rubbing her crotch, both kissing her neck and mouth while also grabbing her tits, she stands up, pulls off the thong and bra and lays back on the coffee table, one guy goes down and licks her pussy and the other goes around, kisses her and then stands up when she grabs his cocks and sucks on him, I see her legs go up, her feet wrapped around this kid holding right where she wants him, I can see her suck on the others ball sack while stroking his shaft when he blows his wad all over her chin and tits, she turns and is now on all fours on the table, grabs this guys still hard cock and sucks the last few drips out of him while the other guy has what looks like several fingers in her pussy before I hear her state that she wanted a cock now!
he stands up and shoves his entire cock deep into my wife, I see her back arch, I see her back into him, I see her body tighten and then shudder before releasing and bucking back into this kid who looses his load all over her ass and back. After a few minutes she stands up walks to the bathroom, cleans up and comes back with a warm rowel, I know this trick she uses and she cleans their cocks off before sucking them hard for another round, I know the feeling of that warm towel followed by her warm mouth sliding down onto a semi hard cock, working on these guys until they are hard again. She stands up and puts her hands on the armrest, leaning over she asks who’s going to fuck her again, one guys moves behind her grabbing those hips I so love and slides his cock into her pussy, second guy is sitting on the couch, she is stroking his cock while kissing him and getting fucked by the other. She eventually slides off the guy behind her, stands and lays down on the white carpet we have in front of the TV, the boys follow her and one is quickly inside her, I see her hands wrap around his ass pulling him into her when she tells him to “Fuck me hard” she grabs the second guys cock and pulls him down to her mouth all I can see is my wife’s legs, as she is covered with these young guys, I see her back arch again, I see her stop sucking cock and start stroking and know she’s Cuming a second time, which she does, she bucks up off the carpet, reaches down and pulls this guy into her as deep as she can get that cock, before falling back and breathing deeply, she grabs one cock and push’s the other guy out of her grabbing his cock as well, she slides down sucking first one then the other cock, I can see her dripping wet pussy and want to join but not sure how that would play out I remain in the dark hallway, a peeping tom in my own home. She sucks and strokes these young cocks until first one then the other cum all over her beautiful tits once again, covered in cum they lay there for several minutes before she again walks to the bathroom, this time returning in a sheer robe which I find sexy in every way. Its now nearly 3AM, over 21/2 hours of fucking for the 54 year old cougar, she grabs them each a bottle of water, they dress and she walks them to the door, I can hear the entire conversation as they ask if they can come back another day when she tells them she’s married, and her husband is away on a “hunting” trip. Maybe your at the bar again sometime when he’s gone. I watch her close the door and walk back into our bedroom, I want to walk in behind her and fuck her right there but I’m “out of town” till tomorrow. I think when tomorrow m going to fuck her on that white carpet, and I’m going to invest in some hidden cameras to see the hunt next time I leave for a night.

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  • Reply Proud Dad ID:1dd4qt95fp1g

    My name is Doug. In your next chapter, have yourself watch me and my two sons, Sam – 16 and Rick – 14, fuck her while you watch.

  • Reply PO469 ID:1dd4qt95fp1g

    Enjoyed it, but for my taste, I would have liked to have seen them being teens.

  • Reply MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Finally a man who knows the value of hidden cameras.
    Have fun with your sweet horny wife.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:3zxjpfrsk0a

    i would fuck her in front of you uf you allowed me? my number is (347)949-2811

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    Ooooooo love to suck that daily and weekly. Eating black cum filled pussy daily. BBC daily.