Cun loving dog

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As with most adolescent boys I was very curious about sex and of course very horny. My family had a large woods behind our home, I would often take long walks into the woods and sometimes masturbate in a nice quiet safe spot. we had a couple of dogs which would always be up for a long walk in the woods or down to the lake to fish. One day while I am in the woods with my pants down around my ankles, sitting on a large fallen tree slowly stroking my young cock I suddenly feel a nose sniffing around my crotch, my dog takes a quick lick of my ball sack and of course my cock springs to life like never before. I remove my pants and shoes and lay back to see what she will do, I grab my cock again and sure enough she comes over sniffs around and takes a lick at my young ass, never having thought of this I am surprised and also aroused at the warm sensation that just coursed through me. She sniffs and licks some more licking my ass, my ball sack and the shaft of my cock. She is not a big dog, midsized but this is a first for me and it feels like nothing I have ever done, I stroke my hardening cock and she laps at my ass, and the base of my cock, I remove my hand and she is licking the shaft, I blow my wad right there and she gobbles up every little bit of cum from my young cock and balls. Needless to say the amount of time spent hiking and fishing increased dramatically that summer, right up until I met the neighbor girl Kim, my walks in the woods changed to walks to her house, to our barn or wherever we could find some space to explore. More to cum!

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