What Best Friends Do Best!

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I’ve been masturbating long before I even had my first sex. I really like touching and rubbing my clits until I cum.

Me and my best friend, Dan, have been best friends since childhood. We both grew up in the same neighborhood and even went to the same schools. We both loved going to the movies and watch anything even if it’s not a good movie, we just enjoy being together.

At the age of 16, Dan and I started watching adult movies. We’ve always managed to get in without being noticed by the guards that we’re both under aged to watch such movies. Anyway, one time we watched this adult love story movie called “What best friends do best?”, wherein the main characters (Jenna & Miguel) are best friends that ended up marrying each other. Of course before that happened, they went through a lot of sex games as “friends”.

While watching the movie, I got a little horny watching Miguel groping Jenna’s huge tits and licking her pussy. Just out of the blue, I whispered into Dan’s ears and said, “I dare you to do that”. He looked back at me with a smile and said, “I’ll race to the nearby motel after this movie ends”. I was shocked, ’cause I was only thinking of letting him touch me while watching the movie. Curious about what he just said, I replied, “catch me if you can”.

And so the movie ended, while the credits was still rolling, Dan hurriedly grabbed my arm and pulled me. He said that we should both ride a cab and race to the nearby motel, the first one to arrive gets to be in command. After deciding which motel we’ll be betting on, a taxi cab suddenly appeared in front of me! I hurriedly went in the cab leaving Dan behind.

When I arrived at the motel. I didn’t know which room to rent, so I ended up waiting for Dan. As I took a peek inside the motel’s lobby, I saw Dan inside waving at me. Disappointed to see him beat me, I went inside feeling a bit happy because he gets to be the in charge of our naughty bet. As I walked in, he said that the cab he took made a short cut, that’s why he arrived first.

We got a room at the 11th floor, next to the fire escape. The room was really nice, filled with scented candles, the floor was carpeted and velvet drapes were on the window. This was no ordinary or cheap room Dan rented, it looked like a honeymoon suite! Anyway, we went to the showers first to clean ourselves. As I was taking a bath, Dan knocked on the door insisted on coming in. When I opened the door, he was naked and hurriedly went inside. We were both touching each other’s body pretending it was just a friendly bath.

After that nice naughty bath, we went to bed and Dan suddenly began to grope my breast, it was too arousing and pleasurable to stop him. He kissed my lips, then down to my neck, and when he got to my breast, he sucked it! His fingers were rubbing my clits. The feeling was heavenly, I couldn’t resist, so I came. Dan licked all the cum that was dripping from my pussy. He licked it wildly till I came again. Oh, the pleasure! It made me so horny, I wanted Dan to fuck me! I moved over to get on top on him, but then he told me, “I’m in command, remember?”. So I just laid there with my legs wide open as Dan licked and sucked my horny pussy.

He just kept on teasing me until I can’t hold it any longer, I shouted, “fuck me now!”. And just like a magic word, Dan throbbed his hard cock into my wet pussy and fucked me. Dan shouted, “say it again!” and I did say it again, “fuck me! Fuck me hard, Dan!”. I can feel my cum dripping down my butt, as I lay there like a sex slave who can do nothing but spread her legs for her master. Minutes later, Dan was about to cum, he said, “stand up and suc k it!”. And I did, his cum was all over my face as I sucked and sucked till his dick was dry.

After that very satisfying sex, we both held each other’s hands and pretended we were just friends. The room we rented was to be occupied for six hours, so we had sex again, four times to be exact, before leaving the motel.

It happened three years ago, just a couple of months before Dan leaves for the big city to pursue a career in Medicine. This year, he’s coming back to our little home town to pay a visit to his parents. He wrote me a mail one day saying, “What best friends do best? – same time, same place, and wear red! ;)”. Can’t wait for it, just bought me a new pair of soft-laced red underwear!

Jaeda, 19

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