The Bad Girl

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by Sara
After Jeffry and I got married, I overheard him tell a friend that I was “shy, sweet, innocent, and submissive,” and maybe that’s true; at least the submissive part. Although I am very shy, I love sex.

I had been born and raised in Iowa, and I was just 19 when I got married. So I wasn’t very sophisticated or experienced. But I was in love with Jeffrey. And because he had just earned his JD degree, we got married and moved to California where he took a job clerking at a highly prestigious law firm.

Yes, he was making a lot of money, but its hard to make friends when your so shy and submissive, and I was feeling lonely and isolated in California. Yes, its true, that men were always trying to pick up on me. But that just scared me. Besides, I was married and in love with Jeffrey. And I was lonely.

About a month after we moved to California, Jeffrey and I were invited to a dinner party at the home of one of the senior partners. I was so excited. So was Jeffrey. He said he wanted to show me off and that I should “dress sexy.” So, although I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea, I put on my sexiest clothes.

I didn’t really enjoy the party. The women were snooty to me, and some of the men were just crude, making suggestive comments, undressing me with their eyes –even Jeffrey’s boss, a senior partner at his law firm.

Maybe he had been drinking too much, but he practically cornered me and was looking down my blouse, touching me on my bottom, leering at me. Although I guess I was a little bit flattered, it scared me. I wasn’t sure how I should react. Even when he pinched me, even when he rubbed against me, even when he suggested we sneak off and get naked in his hot tub, I wasn’t sure what to say. I kept thinking that he was drunk, and he was Jeffrey’s boss, and if I said something, he might get offended and fire Jeffrey. So I did nothing. Even when he ran his hand over my bottom and squeezed it, hard, I said nothing. I just smiled and pretended not to notice.

And then one afternoon, a week after that dinner party, my husband’s boss, the senior partner at his law firm, arrived at our apartment. He had called first, to say he wanted to discuss “a serious problem” regarding my “husband and his job.”

He made me sit beside him on the couch. He started talking about problems at work… how they might have to let Jeffrey go… and he kept touching my hair…and he put his hand on my knee… I was so embarrassed… Then he started telling me how pretty I was… how Jeffrey kept bragging about me at work… about my body… how Jeffrey had said I had a perfect body.

Then he wanted to know if Jeffrey was telling the truth. That he couldn’t have somebody who didn’t tell the truth working at the law firm.

I said, “Yes. Yes. Jeffrey’s the most honest man I know.”

“Well, then,” he said, “lets just have a little peak. It will be our secret.”

I was shocked. I didn’t know what to think.

Then he started to get mad. He told me to stand up so he could look at me.

I was confused and scared, so I did what he wanted.

Then he made me take off my clothes.

I didn’t want to. But I was so scared…for Jeffrey…and I was so embarrassed. He had been touching my neck and was running his finger up and down my knee, under my sundress… That was when he started to get mad.

So I stood there, like an idiot, and he made me take off my dress while he watched. He kept saying it would be our secret. He just wanted to take a peak. It would be like wearing a bathing suit… that I better do what I’m told or Jeffrey might just lose his job.

He made me stand there in front of him, while I slowly took off my sundress. I was just wearing a bra and panties. I was so embarrassed.

But he kept saying it would be our little secret… He kept saying how pretty I was. How lucky Jeffrey was.

Then he told me to take off my panties.


“Come on. I just want to take a little peak. It will be our secret.”

“No. I can’t,” I said. “I can’t.”

“Then I’ll pull your panties down for you.”

I was so scared. He kept saying how pretty I was, how it would be our little secret…how pleased Jeffrey’d be if he knew how I saved his job…. then he started to pull my panties down.

I think I started to cry. But he didn’t care. So I let him… I let him pull my panties down and he made me turn round and round, while he kept saying how lucky Jeff was to have such a beautiful wife.

Then he made me take off my bra.

I know I started to cry. He asked if I was a good girl or a bad girl. I didn’t say anything. I just stood there and let him touch me.

Then for some reason he got mad again. He told me if I was going to cry, then he would give me something to cry about, and he pulled off his belt. Then he grabbed me by the arm and made me lay, naked, across his lap and he started spanking me.

I know I was crying then.

He was spanking me, and touching me, and spanking me, and squeezing my breasts and my nipples and feeling me between my legs, putting his fingers deep inside me… and then spanking me again…It hurt and I was crying…and moaning…

Then he said: “Your pussy is wet. You like being spanked, don’t you bad girl?”

….and then he asked me if I was going to be a good girl or a bad girl… He said he wanted to know if I was going to be a good girl and do what I was told from now on.

He kept touching me and spanking me… so I said, yes. Yes. I would be a good girl. I would do anything he wanted…

…and then he took me into the bedroom… and he made my lay there…naked, on the bed… with my legs spread real wide…

I felt so…so guilty… but I guess, I started liking it, being a bad girl…being spanked. I liked it that he made me take off all my clothes…though I felt so scared…

…when he took me to the bedroom, he made me lie down on my back and spread my legs. He sat down next to me, and with his strong hands he grabbed me by the ankles and lifted my legs straight up…and he ordered me to keep my legs up, so that he could see my bottom and my puss. Then he spanked me again…slapping my little bottom…putting his fingers inside my puss…

He made me feel like a little girl…like a baby…and although I started crying again, I got so wet I was embarrassed…

He made me spread my legs real wide and he was putting his fingers and then more fingers inside me…making me so wet…making me cry and moan…and then he took his dick out…it was big and thick…and he climbed between my legs and pushed it deep inside me…he was fucking me…fucking me hard and grabbing at my breasts, squeezing them, pinching them, and fucking me…fucking me hard…making me gasp and cry and moan…

He made me turn over, face down…and he made me put my butt in the air and spread my legs real wide.

He ordered me to spread my cheeks…so I did…

And that’s when he sodomized me…

It hurt…it hurt so bad…but then it started to feel so good…he kept plunging it deep inside me…and I was crying…then I was moaning…it felt so good…

I was so confused…and crying…and moaning…and then he ejaculated inside me…filling me up…and I thought I would melt…I kept having orgasms and orgasms…

I felt so guilty…so confused…but it felt so good…and when he rolled over and lay on his back, resting…I felt so nervous and didn’t know what else to do… so I curled up…and then…I put it in my mouth…and it got hard again….so I sucked it like a baby…holding it in my little hands, stroking it and kissing it…and then he ejaculated again, filling my mouth with sperm…and I swallowed…

Later, he gave me a credit card. He told me to go buy some sexy lingerie and panties; that he was going to come over the next day and do it to me again…

And I did…and he did…and I let him spank me…and spread my legs…and sodomize me…and then I curled up like a good little girl, …and put it in my mouth and let him ejaculate his hot sperm in my mouth so that I could swallow it all again…

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  • Reply Oscar ID:4o6xtrehl

    One of the hottest things I’ve read here

  • Reply Sean ID:vuf1mlhl

    If you wouldn’t have repeated the same things over and over this story would have only been a paragraph long. I said, If you wouldn’t have repeated the same things over and over this story would have only been a paragraph long. Once again, If you wouldn’t have repeated the same things over and over this story would have only been a paragraph long. Do you see how fucking annoying that is to read?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5wwofba9d9b

    You will never be happy so get a divorce now before you have kids involved.