Wife’s family

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This all happened about 15 years ago and yes it actually happened.

My wife and I (in our early 20’s) were dating at the time and staying at her mom’s house for the weekend. My “mother in law” is a widow and an annoying bitch, but pretty hot. And my gf had a younger sister who was still in high school.

We were all hanging out, watching tv, chatting, and having drinks. I noticed that my gf was getting a little horny, so I slowed way down but kept her drinks filled. As it got later and the ladies got more drunk, I started fondling my gf a bit. I would make lewd comments and she eventually said out loud, “I’m gonna suck your dick good tonight”. Her mom asked if she could watch and she said sure if you want. Then she reached over took my cock out and began sucking me right there in the living room. I could hardly believe this was happening. I always thought her mom was a prude, but she moved over to get a better view and within a minute had her shorts off and was rubbing her pussy through her little yellow panties. She told the younger sister to come watch and learn, so she moved closer too.

My gf turned to them and asked if they wanted to join in that she knew it was my fantasy to have two girls suck my dick at once. All 3 of them took turns sucking me and after several minutes I blew a huge load all over the younger sisters face. My gf and her mom both licked it off her and I got hard again watching them. The mom said something about she was glad I got hard again because she hadn’t had sex in over 5 years. She moved her daughter over and climbed on my lap and rode me good and hard. I played with her clit and sucked her tits till she came a couple of times. My gf got on top of me next and rode me for a while and they told the younger sister to climb on the sofa and put her pussy on my face. She did and I licked and ate her pussy while my gf rode and fucked me. She came hard and climbed off and her younger sis announced “my turn” and quickly got up on my cock. She rode, bounced, and thrashed about not quite sure what she was doing but her pussy was perfect and so tight that I came again inside her. After that I laid her down on the couch and pounded yer tight young pussy and played with her tits until she finally came.

Her mom was completely spent and drunk and we got her to bed. I got my gf to bed and went back to the living room to get the younger sister to bed and found her sitting on the couch masturbating. She looked at me and asked if I wanted to know a secret. I said yes, and she told me she had only had one beer and the rest was lemonade and that she wanted to have sex with me for the rest of the night. We ended up fucking our brains out for several hours until the sun was up.

She went to bed and I went and crawled in with my gf.

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    My cock is super hard now

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    I can’t believe that there are men out there dumb enough to think this is real.

    • Wifelover ID:1cp8bw5amfvo

      Why not? I have fucked both of my sister in laws. Not all 3 at the same time but yes, I did it.

  • Reply Chris ID:2kyee16td4

    Fuck men

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    This is a great

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    damm I wish I could have fucked all of them in a gangbang and orgy with no mercy! dare to text me anytime at (347)949-2811 I am an older black man!

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    Loved it is it a real