Step daughter wants to replace her mom

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Two years ago I lost my wife of seventeen years to cancer. We had no kids of our own, but my step daughter was six months old when we started dating and two when we got married. As far as I’m concerned she has always been my daughter not my step daughter. Which is why I’m so conflicted right now. On one hand, the guilt I feel for having sex with someone who I’ve always perceived as my daughter and the other, I’m the happiest I’ve been since before her mother got sick.

It all started about a year after my wife passed. My daughter broke up with her boyfriend she’d been dating since she was seventeen. When I asked what happened she went into some detail, but the short version was he was to immature. Not to long after that she started dressing differently around the house.

Up to this point she wouldn’t go around the house without a bra on, at least not for long. She’s in the D cup range, so when she started wearing tank tops with no bra she wasn’t leaving much to the imagination. She also started wearing loose fitting boxer shorts . I didn’t think those were that bad until she started sitting in such a way one of the leg holes would be completely open, exposing her self to me.

I finally confronted her about how she was dressing around the house. It was a really long conversation. Escentialy she was bothered by the fact I haven’t made any attempts at dating. Before my wife died she practically made me promise to date after she was gone. My daughter then told me just the thought of me dating someone else made her very jealous. That apparently is when she realized she wanted me for herself.

There was a lot to the conversation, but essentially I have been a wonderful father to her all these years, but she needs me to be something else now. We’re not related by blood so she saw absolutely no problem with us being intimate. She knew I would be stubborn about this, but she told me she wasn’t giving up. She also told me she knew I was liking what I was seeing, because she would catch me looking and I couldn’t hide the bulge in my pants. I told her I’d consider everything she had said and do some soul searching. So please be patient with me. She told me she’d be patient. My response was that will be a first.

The next morning I’m awoken by her naked in my bed and her sucking my dick. God it felt good. I pretty much gave up on any resistance at that point. As soon as she saw I was awake she stopped sucking and positioned her self over my dick and lowered herself onto me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy as I entered her. Just the way her pussy lips looked wrapped around me. Given the fact I haven’t sex with anyone but my rights hand for over four years and how gorgeous looked sliding up and down on top of me, she only made a half dozen strokes before I came. She told me it was all right and she understood. She wanted me to hold her, so we spooned for a little bit. It wasn’t long before I started to fondle her breasts. In short order I was hard again. We started kissing and she rolled over onto her back. I slowly worked my way down to her breasts. I massaged and kissed the slowly working my way to her nipples. I spent a long time licking, sucking and gently nibbling on those perfect breasts. After a while I started kissing my way down her flat stomach until I get to her black haired mound. I start eating her out. I completely forgot I had already cummed inside her fifteen minutes ago, so I had a little bit of a surprise. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I would’ve pictured so I continued. Before long she was writhing and moaning. Suddenly she grabs my hair in both hands and mashes my face into her pussy. I hear I’m cumming daddy and my face gets drenched. I managed to catch a lot of it in my mouth. I move into potion and thrust into her. We fuck like that for about five minutes before she cums again. Her whole body tenses and she squirts a second time. I roll her over and take her from behind. I last until she came again. This time when her body clamped down I came inside my daughter for the second time.

This has been going on now foe a little over six months. The sex is incredible. Her mom never would try anal, but loves it. I’ll be sitting down watching tv and she’ll come over and give a random blowjob. We’re very happy together, but I still get nagging doubts. What the hell am I doing she is suppose to be my daughter. She still calls me dad every once in while during conversation. She also calls me daddy in the bedroom which I thought would freak me out, but to be honest if I’m close to cumming it will send me over the edge every time. At this point I guess my nagging doubts don’t count for anything, because there is no way we’re stopping anytime soon, even if I wanted to.

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