Having sex with my father

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when I was a little girl my father and mother got a divorce ‘so it was just my daddy and me I was going to middle school I had a few boyfriends but never had one come over to my house I did get to go top some football games with him a few times ‘ we would sit on the benches and sometimes he would put his finger in my pussy and make me really hot and wet ‘but we never had sex ‘at home was different ‘I loved doing cart wheels in the living room ‘my father would sit on the couch and watch me
and I guess I was a little tease ‘I use to dress in my cheerleader outfit and do back flips wearing nothing but my skirt and a pair of pink panties ‘I could tell it made my father horny because his cock made his pants tent out ‘that made me feel pleased ‘knowing I could make my father hard ‘for a long time he only watched me
then one day he ask me to sit on his to sit with him and watch a movie I was still wearing my short skirt and a low top ‘I didn’t have much in the way of tits yet just size AA ‘so I went and sat down next to him and we started watching a porn movie my father every once in a while would just look at me watching the movie ‘then he ask if I ever made out with a guy in my school ‘I told him just a little ‘he ask what just a little meant ‘I told him my bf sometimes put his finger in my pussy and made me cum ‘my father ask if I liked it ‘ I told him it made me feel good ‘then he ask if it was ok for him to do it ‘so I said if he wanted to he could so he reached over and started rubbing my clit a little and ask if I wanted to do him as well ‘I said it was only fair so he un did his zipper and pulled out his cock and told me to just wrap my hand around it and stroke it ‘as he was rubbing my pussy he came on my hand his cock was jerking around he was groaning and he started rubbing my pussy real hard till I came on him latter that night he ask if I wanted to come to his bed and sleep I said yes I would like that ‘ I was already hot and wet ‘so we went in his room to bed he started playing with my pussy ‘he ask me to take off my cloths and get under the covers so I did he took off his cloths and got in bed ‘I stared playing with his cock
finely he ask if he could stick his cock in me I said if he could it was fine so he got over top of me and lined his cock yup with my pussy and then just rammed it in me as hard as he could it hurt so bad at first I screamed he said it would be better soon and just started fucking me slowly ‘then it stared feeling really good it only took a few minutes till I came ‘my body started responding to him ‘he made a cum inside me then he started fucking me hard till he made me cum again ‘god it was feeling so good my insides just exploded with orgasm after orgasm now i’m 5.0 long red hair dark brown eyes and 80 lbs and 34 c cups ‘and knocked higher then a kite’ im having my daddy’s baby we live as man and wife away from every one who knew us people just think my father married a young girl they have no idea he’s my father

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    I was 13 the first time dad is vasectomy I. I wish he could impregnate me.

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      His loss for sure. Pregnancy risk always makes it sooo much better

  • Reply Lauren ID:bo2qeotzjk

    Reply @ Doug

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzjk

      Hey Doug,

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzjk

      To Markplowman. I couldn’t agree more. Just thinking about my dads cum which made me, now that same cum making a new life in me, makes me soaking wet thinking about it.

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      @Lauren … what better gift to give your daughter

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    Hi Lauren love your story

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    @Alyssa I’d love to hear your story

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    Woman you should post the story with full deets, I read you comment and got pregnant from my daddy I’m 19 tho I know it’s a little late but you are right. I am looking forward to read your post.

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    Woman you should post the story with full deets, I read you comment and got pregnant from my daddy I’m 19 tho I know it’s a little late but you are right. I am looking forward to read your post.

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    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20dq

      I did the same with my dad. We started at 11 two days after I turned 13 I got pregnant with his baby. I’m 23 now and pregnant by him again.

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      Chat anywhere Lauren?

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      Your father raised the right daughter. And he fulfilled the duty of every man to conceive three children. But you can do more)

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzjk

      I’m so happy about you and dad having a couple babies together. Congratulations. My dad and me live together as a couple too and have 2 kids together.

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