I bet I can fuck your wife

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“It doesn’t matter who she is, if she is married to one of my employees, I can fuck her.”

Jed was finding this hard to believe. He was probably the only employee in the company who his boss, Tom Jenkins, felt free to confide in. Because Jed and Tom shared something in common, the love of going to a bar and watching football, and since Jed had been with the company almost from day one, Jed was hearing something from his boss that he had never thought he would hear.

But Tom had been drinking, downing quite a few actually, and now Jed was hearing his boss revealing some details about another one of his employees that inwardly shocked him, but that he also found exciting. “Now remember Jed, this is just between you and me. I fucked Joe Turner’s wife, not just once, but twice.”

“You fucked Jackie? Shit Tom, I find that hard to believe. I’ve seen Joe’s wife, and Jackie is a knockout. And I think Joe treats her pretty well, so why should she do that?”

“Oh, hee hee, I have my moments. Didn’t you notice that Joe moved up to foreman recently? That was his reward for me fucking his wife.” “Joe knew that?”

“Shit no. I was paying off his wife. Besides, Joe was due to be promoted anyhow, so it’s not like I did anything special. But his wife thinks I did.”

Jed thought for a second. “But you said you fucked her twice. You made her come across twice to get her husband promoted?”

“No. Once before, and as we agreed, she had to come across one time afterward when she knew Tom had his new position.”

Jed smiled and shook his head. “I have to admit, Jackie has been in my radar a few times. I wouldn’t mind getting some of that myself. But I wouldn’t dare try, and I don’t have the advantage of being able to offer her anything other than myself.”

“That’s the advantage of being the boss man Jed. I have thirty two men working for me, and 19 women, but I leave the women alone.”

“Why is that, Tom? Seems like your female employees would be the easiest to score on.”

“There’s always the danger of a sexual harassment claim, and besides, I don’t like the idea of having a woman being around the workplace on a daily basis that I have fucked. They might tend to become demanding.”

“That makes sense. So that is why you go after the wives of your employees. Because they aren’t in the workplace.”

Tom grinned and downed his drink. “So far, Jackie Turner is the only one I have gone after. From time to time, if the mood strikes me, there might be more.”

Tom looked Jed right in the eyes. “Hell, Jed, if I wanted to, I could even score on your wife.”

Jed’s heart leaped as he thought about that. ‘Fuck my wife?’ When his breathing had started up again, Jed knew he had nothing to worry about. “I’m afraid that ploy wouldn’t work with Nina Tom. I’m already as high in the company as I can go, so you’d have nothing to offer her. Besides, I know my wife, and Nina would never cheat on me. I’ve never cheated on her, and I’m pretty sure Nina knows that.”

“Shit Jed. Besides Jackie Turner, your wife is the most ‘fuckable’ employee’s wife in the company. Jackie is a blonde, and your wife is brunette, but that’s the only difference between them. They both have big tits, small waists, and great legs. Jackie I know for sure fits that description because I have been there. Your wife I’ve never seen uncovered, but I’ve seen enough to know what Nina must look like under those tight skirts and blouses she wears.”

Both Jed and Tom had been drinking quite a bit, so the intimate talk Jed’s was hearing about his wife was not bothering him. It was all good ‘clean’ fun.

“Thanks for the compliment on my wife, and you’re right. What you think you are seeing under those clothes is all real. But I still say you could never score on her. Nina is a devoted wife, we have been married for six years, and now, since our homelife is pretty secure, we are thinking about her getting pregnant.”

“Get her pregnant? Shit, I guess if I’m going to score on her I’d better do it pretty quick while her figure is still as nice as it is now.”

“Tom, there is no way in Hell that you could ever fuck my wife. “If I had something to win, like a promotion or something, I’d even make you a bet on it.”

Tom had not planned the evening to take this tack, but now that the subject had been broached, he was determined to see it through. Tom ordered another drink for the both of them. “That’s interesting. What kind of bet could we make? One side of the bet is obvious, if you lose, your wife gets fucked. But if you win, what can I offer you? Aaah, I know. If you win because I couldn’t score on your wife, you get to fuck my wife.”

Jed could not believe his ears. Get to fuck his boss’s wife? Yvonne, like Jackie Turner and Jed’s wife Nina, was a knockout, but in a different way. Yvonne had been to Harvard, and was highly respected in the field of genetics. Yvonne had even published papers and given lectures. Yvonne was not stacked as well on top as Jackie or Nina, but she had a great face and the other part of her that showed in public was her legs, and those too, were great.

Tom’s wife was a fox to look at, but one whom it would seem would never, ever be fucking around with the likes of one of her husband’s employee’s.

“Shit Tom. Yvonne would never go for that. Pay off a bet for you that you lost, because you could not fuck my wife. She’d toss you out on your ear.”

“She probably wouldn’t. Jed, I’ll tell you something, and you have to keep this to yourself.” Tom paused…”I guess this is what happens when you have too much to drink, you start revealing personal secrets. But you’re my friend Jed, and I trust you to keep things private. Yvonne and I have been talking about having a threesome. I want to see her with another woman, and of course that would also give me a chance to fuck a woman with my wife there. Yvonne says she will do it but first I have to let her have a man. I think she is probably saying that to put me off, but I made her swear that if I came up with a decent looking guy, that she would go along with it.”

Tom looked into Jed’s eyes. “You, Jed, can be that guy. If I lose our bet, you get to fuck my wife, but I’ll have to be there when it happens.”

Jed only had to think about it for the length of finishing one more beer. “I’ll go for it. But how do we know, how do you prove that you fucked my wife?”

Tom downed his drink and to get another, stuck his finger in the air for the bartender to see.“Yvonne will be in Pennsylvania next week on a lecture tour. I’ll have the house to myself for three days, and since Nina would only be able to do this while you are not with her, I’ll get your wife over to my house during the day while you are at work.”

“But how would I know, that you managed to do…that?”

“I can set up a hidden camera and record it all, or, if you prefer I don’t record it, you could be there and hide in the next room and watch it on screen live.”

“I’d prefer to be there, but it will never happen, Tom. Try if you like, but Nina would never go through with it.”

“Jed, you have to promise, if you are in the next room, that you will not interrupt. Remember, if you try to stop what is happening, your wife will know immediately that you were in on it. It will have to remain a secret between she and I. Understand?”

Jed nodded. “So, next week, if it is going to happen, or maybe you have a chance to try, you will let me know and I will sneak into your place and watch from the next room, right?”

“Right. Watch on camera. You know the layout of my house, so you will be in the den downstairs while I have her in the guest bedroom right next door.”

“We need to set a time limit on this, otherwise you could keep trying and drag this out forever and I would never get a chance to fuck Yvonne.”

“That’s fair. Your wife is not scheduled to be out of town or anything for the next several work days, is that right?”


“O.K. It is now Friday evening at 6. I have one week starting now.” It was arranged. Now all Jed’s boss had to do was get Nina, Jed’s beautiful and faithful wife, not only into his house, but into his bedroom. An impossible task in Jed’s eyes.

The following Tuesday, Jed was working on the floor of the shop, supervising some employee’s when his phone buzzed. He checked the screen. It was from his boss. ‘Be at my house, you know where, in 20 minutes. I’ll try to keep her waiting.’

‘What? Impossible. But how?’ All Jed knew was that somehow, Tom had gotten Nina into his house, or was about to, and if Jed wanted to see what happened, he had to get moving. He told Collier that he was in charge for a while and left. Jed drove quickly because Tom’s house was a good 15 minutes away.

Tom’s house had two driveways, one leading to a double garage in back, and the other curving around the front lawn. As agreed to in advance, Jed was to park well back in the driveway on the west side of the house, and as he went by the front, he saw Nina’s car, a blue Nissan Maxima, sitting in the driveway. By Jed Parking in the west driveway, his car could not be seen from the front of the house. If Nina should leave before he did, she would not see his car.

‘She’s here. My wife is here. I can’t believe it. How did Tom manage to do that?’ Parking his car in haste, Jed quickly and quietly entered through the exterior door to the den and saw, as soon as he entered the room, that a TV screen was on, and there on screen facing him was his wife, and she was down to her brassiere and panties as she stood dead center in the middle of the screen!

Behind her was a bed, and Jed could readily see that the camera had been carefully arranged so that Nina could be seen in front of the bed as well as on it.

The volume was off, but Jed saw that a pair of headphones was plugged into the set. Quickly, and with his cock tingling, Jed slipped them on, and as he did, he saw Tom suddenly appear on screen, and he stepped behind Nina and undid her brassiere. As it slipped off and down her shoulders, Jed saw Tom reach around his wife’s shoulders and cup both her fine breasts in his hands.

Even though Tom had large hands, they were unable to hide the warm tender flesh that he was holding. Nina had fine Italian breasts, a full D cup, and they were not only large but still firm. Then Jed heard his first sounds though the headphones as he increased the volume.

“I always knew you had a fine pair, but these are nice, much better than I had dreamed.” As Tom was having himself a nice first feel of forbidden tit, Jed could actually see that his wife’s face had turned red on screen.

“You dreamed about my breasts? For how long?”

“As long as I have known you. First time I saw you I resolved right then and there that if ever given the chance, I would take you to bed.”

“You promise that Jed will never know? It would kill me if he found out.”

“He won’t know, I promise. The business I talked about will all go away after today. Neither you nor Jed will ever hear another word about it.”

As Jed watched, his wife turned her head up to meet Tom’s lips as he bent over to kiss her. All the while, during the kiss, Tom was still fondling her breasts, Jed was wondering, ‘What business? What did Tom tell my wife to get her into this situation?’

Nina had turned around now to face Tom and though she was actually quite reluctant about this and her body was trembling, From where Jed was watching her on screen she seemed to be returning Tom’s kisses as eagerly as he was giving them. Tom stood a full head above her and he had to bend down to reach her lips.

“Let’s get in bed.” As Tom was speaking to Nina, he looked directly into the camera, which was hidden. He smiled, knowing that Jed was on the other end.

“I’ve never done this before, been with another man, so please understand if I don’t know what to do.”

“Oh, I think you will find quite quickly that you know exactly what to do. First, you can undo my pants for me and see what’s waiting for you under there.” As he was speaking, Tom made sure that his front was facing the camera, and he managed to turn slightly sideways so that his cock would show on camera.

Jed immediately wished he had never made this foolish bet when he saw what flopped out of Tom’s drawers when Nina undid his zipper. Even though it was still dangling partially down, the uncut cock was thick, very thick, and appeared to be seven or more inches in length even though it was not fully hard as yet.

“Like that?” Tom was grinning as he saw the look of shock on Nina’s face. This was far more than she had expected, and far more than she thought she could take. But she had made the decision, because she really had no choice. Fuck Tom or he turns the evidence over to the police about how her husband has been pilfering funds from the company.

“Like I said, I’ve never…”

“Oh but baby. Once you do, you might want to come back for more.”

“One time, like you promised. O.K?”

Sure Nina, if one time does it for you.”

All the time they had been talking, Tom had been removing his clothes, and now undressed, he set about removing the last piece of clothing on Nina, her panties. Then he moved her further back and onto the bed. Jed immediately wished that the camera was closer to the bed because now he could see the entire bed and even though he could see all of their bodies, they were too far away for the viewing of great detail close up, and Jed wanted to see, close up.

He was pleasantly surprised when, while being able to see Tom’s hand on screen, Tom reached behind the headboard, and unseen to Nina, zoomed the camera in. Now Jed could see his wife on the bed, close up and in intimate detail.

Apparently Tom wanted to put on a show for Jed, because he turned Nina so that her feet were towards the camera, and as he laid beside her and opened her legs, Jed could see every detail as his boss fondled and fingered his wife’s married and until now innocent, pussy. Despite the fact that Tom had his tongue in her mouth, Nina was groaning now as she twisted her lower body from side to side. It was obvious, very obvious to Jed on the screen that his wife was now wanting what she was having to do. That was confirmed when Nina reached for and found Jed’s cock, now fully erect and began stroking it.

“Put it in. I want you to.”

That was not what Jed had wanted to hear, and yet, that was exactly what he wanted to hear. He had lost the bet, but in the process he was finding out that seeing his wife with another man was extremely arousing to him. Too bad about the huge cock. Jed knew that his wife would soon be taking a big cock, and she would have to carry the secret of that to her grave.

Jed had his cock out and was stoking his six inches of reasonably thick meat slowly as he watched his boss mount Nina and take aim. But Nina took over when she hurriedly reached out and taking that thick long meat in her hand, placed it against her parted lips.

“Oooooh! Oooooh shit!” She was making the sounds, possibly sounds of protest, but first her arms went around Jed, and then her legs came up, slowly, but they came up as she began to take the full length of a cock that was designed for a pussy maybe one or two sizes larger then hers.

Tom had positioned the camera, and his employee’s wife on the bed, perfectly. All the while the fucking was going on, Jed had a perfect close up view of his wife’s tight cunt being plundered. Tom apparently was good in bed, had the equipment, and was using it to advantage as he fucked Nina in ways she had only maybe dreamed about.

It took only a minute or two and she was cumming, her first of what would become multiple orgasms spaced within the time frame of perhaps fifteen minutes of steady fucking. Then it was time for a change.

“Want to get on top?”

“Yes, oh yes!”

Jed could only shake his head in sorrow, and also delight, as he saw his wife being fucked and fucking back uninhibitedly on camera. Then Jed had a thought. ‘Is this being recorded while I watch? Tom said he would only set up a live feed, but I wonder…’

As he watched, Nina excitely tossed a leg over Tom and straddled his body while she enveloped his cock. She wasted no time taking him deep, and in seconds she was pumping rapidly up and down, taking him full length and groaning in the process.

Jed had never seen or heard his wife acting like this. He knew she was responsive in bed, but this much? Is it Tom’s big cock? Is it the excitement of having someone new and therefore exciting, or a combination of both?’

Nina did not last long on top. Two, three minutes tops and she was done, worn out, totally satisfied. It was looking like the sex was over, so Jed quickly stroked his cock and allowed his cum to blast forth onto the floor in front of him.

Then Tom surprised both Jed and his wife as he rolled Nina off and turning her onto her back, mounted her once again. Nina sighed, and her arms went around him, but her legs stayed almost level. “I’m worn out, Tom. Can we call it quits now?”

“One more time for me baby. This is my one and only time with you, and I want to get in all I can.”

Nina made a joke. “You’ve got all you can in, that’s for sure.” Jed was sorry that he had already chosen to blast his load as he watched his wife come alive one last time, raising her legs high and wrapping them around Tom as she enjoyed one last strong orgasm in conjunction with Tom’s.

Though Nina had enjoyed herself thoroughly, she was still trying to maintain an air of having been given no choice but to fuck Tom. “Are we done now? I’ve given you what you want.”

“Wait a couple of minutes baby while I drain what’s left in my cock into that nice warm snatch of yours.” Tom knew that Jed was out there, and he was spicing up the talk for that reason. He kept pumping, draining more of his thick cum into a snatch that had already taken a substantial load.

They were kissing now, and passionately Jed could tell even though he could not see their faces. Then Tom gave him the signal they had pre-arranged if this came to pass. “I need to get back to the business and see how your husband is doing running the show.”

That was Jed’s cue to get out and drive away while Tom kept his wife busy for a few minutes more. Jed was about to leave when he heard his wife say, “Just lie on me a minute more and let me hold you. Then you can go.”

Jed was reluctant to leave because for the moment, Tom was up on his knees over Nina as he continued to pump and Jed could still see how his big cock was stretching Nina’s tight snatch. Another thing was obvious now. Nina had been filled with Tom’s cum, and it was starting to run out and down the crack of her ass.

Jed wanted to masturbate one last time, but there was no time because Jed had to leave. He was at the office, going over some paperwork with an employee when Tom arrived. They exchanged glances but Jed was busy for the moment.

They did not have a chance to converse in private until after five. At the bar once again, it all came out. Tom had managed to get Nina to come to his place by telling her that it appeared that her husband had been stealing funds. He had promised to make the problem go away if she played ball. And ball she did.

Jed could only shake his head. “You had nothing to offer to her in the way of a promotion for me, so you used the possible threat of jail for me to get her in bed. It was dirty pool, but I guess you won the bet.” “Don’t feel bad Jed. You’ve won too.”

“How’s that?”

“I’ve decided to go ahead and tell my wife I’ve picked someone for her threesome, someone she will like, and later, I get to have a threesome with her and another woman.”

Jed nodded. “I guess I lost, and won, but I saw what you have between your legs you sneaky guy. My wife took your dick and the way it looked and sounded, she was enjoying the Hell out of it. How’s your wife going to feel about me having a smaller cock?”

“She’ll like it just fine. Yvonne told me once that if she ever does a threesome, that she would like to try two cocks in her at the same time.”

“Two cocks in the same hole, in the front, or one in front and one in back?”

Tom laughed. He was now on his third drink and feeling mighty fine. For him, it had been quite a day. “I think maybe she wants to try both.”

Jed thought of something. “Did you make a video of you and my wife?” “I never thought you would ask. I’ll be honest with you, I did, and here is what I propose.”

Jed cut in. “You know I don’t want you to have a video of my wife being fucked.”

No. I understand. But I am sure you would like to see it again, maybe more than once. If you had a copy and your wife found it, your marriage would be in serious trouble. So I propose that I keep it in my safe, and any time you want to view it, come on over, even when my wife is there. She knows about it already and wants to see it. I told her that she could view it when we begin our threesome.”

Jed nodded excitedly. That would be wild indeed! The three of them viewing Nina getting fucked by Tom on the screen while he and Tom played with Yvonne. Jed found himself hardly able to wait for the appointed night after Yvonne returned home.

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