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By Silver Fox
Young girl is shown what sex is all about by her girlfriend’s father while her friend’s family is away on a trip to visit a sick Aunt.

I’m calling this story “EXVIRGIN” Because that’s what I am. Actually, this happened five years ago when I was only 15 years old, and my virginity was still in tact. I had been masturbating for about two years. I had a girl friend whose name was Kathy. We did everything together, including learning how to masturbate.

We never had any sex, but it did excite us to watch each other masturbate. We would often talk about what it would be like to have a penis put up our vagina. The best information we had was that it hurt like hell and that there was blood all over the place when it first happened. Hearing all this, kept us away from any situations that may lead to intercourse.

By the way, my name is Donna and at 15, I was already pretty well developed. I had larger breasts than most of the girls in my class, and I was very shapely and athletic from track in school. I guess you would say I was pretty also. Having boys to date was never a problem, but I shied away from anything too hot and heavy like I said before.

Up until then the only penis I had ever seen belonged to my dad, who, not knowing I was there came out of the bathroom after a shower once with his dick flopping back and forth as he dried his face with a towel. He didn’t know I had seen it either.

When I described it to Kathy, we both fingered ourselves to orgasm while I described him. We had never seen a hard penis and were dying to see one. We of course did have some dirty pictures that showed men hard and in women’s vagina’s and mouth’s, but neither of us had seen an actual one.

Then came the day that Kathy was able to see her mother and father by accident doing it!

They thought she was still in school, and they were having sex before she got home. Their door was ajar and Kathy was able to watch most of it. We had quite a few orgasms as she described what her dad’s penis was like hard. It served to make me even more jealous that I had never seen one. Little did I know that I soon would!

One night we were over at Kathy’s house and we were talking about one of our mutual friends who had just recently “gone all the way” with her boyfriend. She had described to us how it had hurt and how bloody her panties were when she got home and how she had to throw them out before her mother could see them. We had a long discussion about boys and things. What we didn’t know was that Kathy’s dad was upstairs and listening to everything we were discussing!

About a week later on a Saturday morning, I went over to Kathy’s house to find that she and her mother had left during the night to her aunt’s in Pittsburgh. Her Aunt was very ill.

Kathy’s dad invited me in saying he wanted to talk to me. As we sat in the living room, he told me about overhearing Kathy and I discussing sex the other night. I began to blush and feel very nervous as he went on to tell me that girls should go to our mothers and have a talk about sex so that we wouldn’t get the wrong information.

I told him that I had always been ashamed to talk to my parents about sex. He offered to have his wife sit down with Kathy and myself when they got back. We continued talking, the subject stayed on sex. He told me that losing ones virginity didn’t have to be painful, if it was done the right way. He also told me that an older man might be the best choice since they are experienced and would be gentle.

Well, after about a half hour of talking about sex, my panties were wet and I was getting really nervous. Whenever I glanced at Mr. Thompson’s lap I could see a bulge there, so I knew his penis was hard from talking about sex to me. He was also staring a lot at my breasts and legs as we talked.

To make a long story short, I ended up asking him if he was willing to teach me about sex. Not that he was overly handsome or anything, I was just so damn horny and dying to see a man’s penis!

He told me that he would do it if I could keep it a secret from Kathy, and everybody else. He also told me that it would take 2 or 3 different sessions. Since Kathy and her mother were gone for a week there would be no problem with privacy.

Mr. Thompson, (He insisted I call him Rick) said that the first thing we would do is to take a shower together. This was to introduce each other to the other’s body and to get relaxed. He asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it. I told him I was, since by now I was dying to learn as much as I could, and also Rick told me that in the first session, there would be only pleasure and no pain and no intercourse.

He got up and went into the bathroom, telling me to come in after a few minutes. I was nervous as could be, but my curiosity was peeked and after a couple of minutes, I went into the bathroom. The shower was running and Rick was behind the curtain. He told me undress and come in with him.

I stripped my clothes off and timidly stepped into the tub. Rick’s eyes went up and down my body and he smiled his appreciation. He even told me I was a beautiful girl.

I, on the other hand was busy looking at his penis. It hung down and wasn’t stiff as I had expected it would be. But to my amazement, it began to grow and grow right before my eyes. “What you are seeing now is what happens to a man who sees a naked female.” I could only stare at his massive penis, now fully erect and standing straight out. I wondered how in earth “That big thing” would ever fit into me. I began to see why it must hurt.

Rick spoke to me in calm soothing tones as he explained how a penis gets hard, and how I shouldn’t be afraid. The warm water from the shower felt good as Rick soaped his hands and began washing my neck and shoulders. When he got to my breasts, I began to tingle as he soaped my hard nipples.

“See you are excited too,” he said as he rolled my nipples between his fingers, making me weak kneed. He continued down and washed my stomach. I was anticipating having my vagina soaped next, but he turned me around and began soaping and massaging my shoulders and neck. It sure felt good and did a lot to relax me. I also felt his hard penis bump against my behind as he did my neck. Then he squatted behind me and began soaping my cheeks, his hand would occasionally slide between them, making me shiver. Then I felt him soaping my butt hole, it felt strange but good.

Once done with the back, he turned me around and slid his soapy fingers between my legs and began soaping my pubic hair. His fingers slid up my slit making me moan with pleasure, especially when he got to the top of my slit.

Then it was my turn to wash him. I basically did the same to him. But hurriedly because I wanted desperately to hold his penis in my hands. When I got there, my fingertips would not touch as I wrapped my fingers around his hard shaft. He seemed to get even harder as I washed his testicles and the head of his cock. All the while he was explaining things to me, I’m not sure I heard it all, due to my fascination with his penis. I loved the feel of it in my hands.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Then we went into the living room and sat on the couch. Rick began to play with my breasts, when he took my nipple into his mouth and began sucking, I was in heaven. My vagina seemed to be twitching inside as he sucked my breasts. Then he put his finger into my already wet slit and slowly began to masturbate me. Only it felt 10 times better than when I did it to myself. Especially as he sucked my breasts. It wasn’t long and I shuddered in the best orgasm I had ever had.

Rick kissed me on the lips and slid his tongue into my mouth as I was shaking and moaning out my pleasure. Then he leaned back into the couch, and took my hand and placed it on his big penis. He instructed me on how to jerk him off and during my hand pumping he explained what was going to happen.

I was anxious to see how a guy ejaculates. Pretty soon Rick moaned and told me to watch his penis. I felt it jump in my hand and as I watched in awe, spurt after spurt flew from the tiny hole at the end and into the air. It came back down all over my fingers and hand. It finally quit spurting and was just oozing out of the tip, then Rick told me I should taste the white stuff on my fingers. He explained how some girls like it and others don’t and not to worry if I didn’t.

I slid my finger with a glob of his stuff into my mouth. It was slightly salty and a little chalky tasting, but it was not unpleasant, so I licked more off of my hand. Rick smiled and told me that I would turn out to be an excellent lover for some lucky guy.

He leaned over and kissed me and told me that was all we would do for today. I was to come back the next day for session number two.

That night, I masturbated myself twice as I envisioned the spurting penis.


The next morning, I was at Kathy’s house bright and early for my next lesson. Rick answered the door and let me in. He was already completely naked. His penis was flaccid and hung down. As I took off my clothes, I was able to again watch it grow to its full beautiful length. We again went into the shower and basically repeated what we had done the day before. Only this time when Rick dried my legs with the towel, he had me put one foot up on the toilet seat and he pushed his face into my crotch.

I felt an instant electric shock go through me as I felt his tongue slide up and down my hairy slit. It felt fantastic, and I didn’t want it to end. But he abruptly stood, took my hand and we went back to the couch. He explained that today we would explore the art of oral sex.

I sat on the couch with my hips thrown forward as he licked and sucked me to orgasm. Then he sat on the couch with me kneeling between his legs as he instructed me on how to blow him. He first took my hand and put my thumb in his mouth and demonstrated how to run my tongue around and to gently suck him.

I could hardly wait to try the real thing, and finally, I got my chance. I loved the soft velvet feel of his penis in my mouth. His instructions went on until I was pumping his shaft as I sucked and taking nearly half of his length without gagging.

Then he stopped me and said, “Okay Donna, I’m about to cum, when you feel it pull back until just the head is in your mouth, and keep running your tongue around and pump the shaft. As it goes into your mouth swallow often and keep going”. A short time later, I was drinking a man’s sperm for the very first time. And I loved every second of it.

Next, he showed me how to “69”. I was in heaven as he ate me while I sucked on him. Just as I began to cum, he again emptied himself into my mouth. It was fantastic. He told me to come back in the morning for the final lesson. But after me begging him, he took his penis back out and let me suck him to another orgasm. This time it took a long time for him to get hard, longer to cum, and there wasn’t very much sperm.

That night, I masturbated myself and lost count of the times. I was anxious to get my next lesson.


We again showered, and went into living room and sat on the couch. Rick sucked my breasts and then my vagina, but stopped before I climaxed. He took out a jar of Vaseline from the end table and smeared some into my vagina and then all over his penis. I sat with my legs spread as he knelt between my legs and guided his penis to my slit. The first contact felt good, but then as he slowly tried to slide himself into me, it got a little painful. He backed off when he heard me groan in pain as his big penis widened my hole. He slowly went in again, this time easing more of it into me. Then the next shove, I felt a deep hot searing pain that came from inside of my vagina. Rick pulled back slightly and let me rest before he went any further.

We kissed passionately as I felt his hard penis begin its journey into me once again, the pain was milder than before and even a little pleasurable this time. When we broke the kiss and I looked down, he was in me fully.

Seeing his penis in me as he began to slowly withdraw and then slide back in was a beautiful feeling. Then when he began rubbing my clit also, it was too much, I orgasmed like a rocket.

As I recovered, Rick withdrew from my vagina. As the shaft came into view, I could see reddish liquid clinging to his cock. I was bleeding. Rick had laid a thick towel down for me to sit on before we started, to protect the couch.

I watched as he put a condom onto his shiny penis, lubricated his rubber-coated cock, and slowly slid it back into me and began to slowly pump in and out.

Shortly there after, he groaned as he shot into the rubber. I liked it much better without the rubber though. But there was a big load of his sperm in the rubber as he withdrew, so I guess it was wise of him to wear it.

We went to the shower again and washed the blood from my vagina and his cock. Then we went into the bedroom, where Rick once again fucked me to orgasm and this time there was just pleasure, no pain. He told me that he would be pulling out before he shot into me. He was on top of me, and his penis went in further than before, and he seemed to touch something way up inside of me. When he pulled out of me, I surprised him, by spinning around and taking his penis in my mouth, just as he began to shoot. He called me his “Hot little bitch” when I did that.

I am now 20, and married and Rick still calls me “His hot little bitch.” Because every once in a while we get together and fuck. Or sometimes I’ll just suck him off. Kathy has never been the wiser, nor was her mother. I love my husband and we have great sex, but I still feel obligated to service my teacher.

So, that’s the way I lost my cherry, and YES if you are wondering, he eventually did introduce me to ass fucking and I love it. My husband doesn’t care for it, so I get that from my teacher. Rick also has a bigger cock than my hubby, but I get satisfaction from both.

As a matter of fact, I would love to take both at the same time someday!

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