A Girl and Her Horse

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By Lisa Bennit
Angered by her argument with her boyfriend Mike, Lisa had wanted some time to think alone. She had saddled her black stallion ‘Buck’ and was now riding him west along a ridge top.

Lisa decided that perhaps some time away from the male of her species was what she needed, which might be difficult to accomplish because she was a ravishing 20 year old. And Lisa’s mind was just as interesting as her body. She had a warm inquisitive curiosity about life and applied her prodigious IQ to experience the maximum physical pleasure whenever possible.

So there she was, riding her horse at a slow pace, her long thick black hair just touching Buck’s rump and she was taking in the pretty morning. Her full breasts swayed with each step the horse took and her nipples were growing erect from the friction with her flannel shirt. She was also becoming moist from the rhythm of the stallion’s steps and Lisa was soon yearning for sexual contact.

She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt and squeezed the nipple of her right breast. She decided to find a quit place to dismount and pursue physical pleasure unrestricted.

There was a small shaded pool in a ravine to her left and she trotted down to it, got off the horse to let him drink. She took his saddle and bridle off and let him graze.

Lisa looked around and felt that the area was secluded and that nobody was around, so she took off her shirt and wiggled out of her tight dungarees. She ran her hands down her stomach then down between her legs parting the lips of her pussy, revealing the pink moistness inside. Slipping the index finger deep inside, she slowly rubbed her clit. Yes, she was getting hot indeed!

Lisa glanced around to make sure that Buck hadn’t wandered too far off and found that he was intently watching her. She walked over to him and scratched him between the ears and he sniffed her breasts. She also noticed the thick black hose of his flaccid penis hanging between his legs. Lisa had noticed it several times before and had always wondered what it would look like erect. . .

Rubbing her hand along his back, Lisa walked down his left flank to examine his maleness from a closer view point. She slowly reached under his belly and ran her fingers down its rubbery length.

“My, my, what do we have here?”, she wondered aloud.

His cock was now fully distended and becoming erect. The effect on Lisa was electric. She dropped to her knees and started slowly pumping him with both hands, wondering how big she could make it get.

Bucks jet black cock was now rock hard and Lisa estimated it to be a little over 20″ long had to use both hands to encircle it. A drop of slippery ooze appeared from the slit on the end of his bloated cockhead, Lisa stuck out her tongue and touched it. The taste was little salty.

If you could ask Lisa why she was doing this, she would be unable to answer your question. The girl was caught up in the moment, lust filled her hart. The stallion had been bathed that afternoon, and his fresh smell and taste was just carrying her along in a sexual frenzy. No reason, little understanding why…..

She licked all around the bulging head and ran her tongue down his impressive length, then back up to the tip. She parted her lips and pushed a little of the head into her mouth. Her hands resumed their pumping motion and she pushed as much of the prick into her mouth as she could. Bucks massive cock began to throb and Lisa knew what was about to happen. She removed one hand from the animals cock and slipped two fingers up her cunt. Her other hand quickened it’s pace. Suddenly a huge blast of cum shot into her mouth. Then another. The hot, white liquid filled her mouth and she took a big swallow but it was filling her mouth faster than she could swallow it. Lisa took the cock tip from her mouth and got a blast of cum in her face and on her bouncing breasts. Another jet and she was covered, another and the sperm was dripped onto the ground, globs were dripping from her rock hard nipples.

Her own orgasm peaked as her pussy clamped down on her fingers wiggling within. Buck continued to pump thick globs of cum onto her breasts and stomach. Lisa and her horse shared their orgasms for several more moments before they were spent.

Lisa’s head was spinning so she sat back to regain her balance. She was literally covered with sticky cum. Buck’s cock was growing limp and receding back into it’s sheath and he was grazing on grass again.

She slipped into the cool pool of water and rinsed herself off. The clear water felt good and helped her regain her senses. She got out of the water and stood in the sun to dry, and as she was letting the sunlight caress her, she pondered her experience. She wondered what made the idea of having sex with a horse so appealing and decided that it was a combination of things. First it was taboo. “Normal” people didn’t do those things and the thought of doing something taboo made the act more exciting. Second the mere sight of that enormous black cock excited her.

“Too bad I’ll never feel that monster slide into me”, she thought as she slipped into her blue jeans and shirt. “The size of it would surely put me in the hospital”.

As she hoisted the saddle onto buck’s back she thought, “Well, maybe it could be done, if I grease his cock up good and go very slowly . . .

“The thought of what she was considering was causing her loins to stir again and she quickly pushed the notion out of her head.

“Maybe some day, big guy” Lisa said as she patted Buck’s neck and rode off.

* * * *

Lisa had her big black stallion, Buck, where she wanted him; in the riding stall, he was well groomed and she was naked. After her experience with him at the pool, Lisa was determined to pursue her sexual indulgence with this fantasy stud.

She closed and bolted the stable doors. The morning sunlight streamed through the east windows onto the floor casting small hard shadows where it couldn’t reach. Lisa’s heart was pounding in her chest at the exciting thought of what she was about to attempt: she was going to have her horse fuck her!

She strode over to the mount’s stall, where he was intently munching a feed bag of oats and crooned into his ear, “Now we’ll see if I can take what you’ve got to give”. At that she ran her hands along his flank, reached under his belly and massaged the bulge where his cock would appear. The soft velvety skin felt like it was too sensitive to handle, the whole idea too bizarre to pursue when the head of his cock slid out into her hand. And then she couldn’t turn back. She was no longer a thinking, rational, civilized human being; she was a driven and obsessed animal, not considering the potentially disastrous consequences of what she was about to attempt.

Lisa dropped onto her knees transfixed by the sight of the enormous black penis appearing in her hands. It kept sliding out and out until it looked like a small arm in her hands.. She lifted the member to her mouth, parted her lips and took the bulb of the cock into her mouth. She slid her tongue under the head and could feel the animal’s cock throb every time his heart took a beat.

Lisa’s hands began slowly stroking the shaft of the cock and it began to become hard . . . and much, much bigger! Lisa took the cockhead out of her mouth, closed her eyes and rubbed the meaty pole on her face and then on her beautiful breasts. She slid the bloated head over her nipples until they became erect. And all the while the cock became bigger and bigger.

Lisa got up and grabbed a container of lubricant and went back to her work. She applied a generous amount to the end of buck’s cock and began coating the shaft of the pole. When she had about 12″ of his dick lubricated she removed one slick hand and slid 2 of her fingers into her steaming slit and strummed her clit with her thumb. She slowly rocked back on the wiggling fingers in her body and spent several long moments in increasing waves of pleasure. Her hand was full of slick black cock, of enormous proportions, quickly slipping over the fat head and down its length. Oh, yeah!

It was time for the moment of truth. She got up and led the steed over to a bed which consisted of several strategically placed bales of straw covered with a wool blanket. She positioned the horse over the arrangement and slid underneath him.

His bulk and it’s implied strength seemed a bit overwhelming. Lisa reached down between her knees and grasped the cock of her dreams. She rubbed the bloated head between the lips of her pussy and gasped as Buck hunched up his hind quarters and let loose with a pelvic thrust that easily slid the entire end of his cock past the girl’s cunt lips, stretching them to the limit. It was in!

Throwing her head side to side as more penetrated, she felt it enter her tight cervix, stretch, push, a scream escaped her lips. Bucking her against the bales of hay, her mount crashed into her with a meaty whomp of flesh against flesh, driving her into the bales of hay.

She could feel the engorged head scraping through the length of her over-stretched cunt, as a wave of pain/pleasure rippled through the entire length of her body.

On and On he humped, she gasped, her breath coming short in her lungs as she was thrown again and again into the hay. Another orgasm ripped through her like fire and suddenly Buck froze, buried as deep as she was able to take him. Two feet of Horse cock throbbed in her as he started the spurt. She could feel hot jets of cum burning into her, filling her, the pressure of the semen pushing it past even the tight seamless fit of the gigantic cock within, finally streaming past and squirting out of her red cunt. She lay, panting, part of the horse weight on her, unable to move, the cock still pulsating, more and more cum leaking from her, draining down her legs and forming a pool on the blanket.

Finally, after minutes, Buck reared up, pulling his still huge member from her cunt so quickly that it made a loud sucking pop. Cups of semen flowed from the pulled cork. Weakly Lisa put her hand to her gaping cunt, groaning as her hand was covered in hot sticky fluid as she explored the damage to her poor Pussy.

With a thrown back head, Buck wandered to the Water bucket and drank his fill. Lisa turned and slid down the bales, falling into the water-trough with a squishy thud and closed her eyes.

Minutes? Hours? later, she awoke to the sound of a gasping of breath, there stood Mike with a stupid look upon his face. “Wh-What?” He stuttered.

“Oh God” she thought to herself……

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