Friend and her dad

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Over spring break I spent a couple of nights at my friend’s house. She and her brother were at their dads house for the week. On the first night around 11, she and I were getting drinks and snacks and offered her dad one. He said yes and I watched as she snuck an ambien in his drink. We went to her room and her dad went to bed soon after.

I figured she just didn’t want us waking her dad, but around 12:30 she told me it was time for some fun. We snuck in to her dad’s room and found him asleep in his boxers. She sat next to him and pulled out his dick and began stroking him. He only stirred a little but got hard quickly. She gave him head for a minute then told me to suck his dick. He was medium length but thick. We took turns licking and sucking his dick and balls and stroking him. She slipped her panties off and started fingering herself as she sucked him. I reached over and rubbed her back and body as I licked his balls.

We couldn’t see too much in the dark room. I really wanted to mount him but figured that would wake him up. Eventually she told me to take off my shirt and she sucked and jerked him off and made him cum on my tits then licked up his cum.

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  • Reply DoC C ID:19u3yk4wh

    Didnt think you could “cum” while your asleep

  • Reply Make life easier ID:etyvr2e8k

    I have had sex with my daughter

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    That’s absolutely fantastic

  • Reply OZ MAN ID:c1es4r16ii

    You jerked him off all with out waking him up?…………… 12/02/22

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:7ylren6zrc

    This story was ok I thought this story was going to be about a Dad and Daughter and her friend watches her friend with her Dad only because I like to read real family sex story’s and if anybody out there has a real family sex story to tell I would like to read and know about it and with that you could invite me on Hangout or on Kik or even on Instagram and my Gmail information is [email protected] I will wait for your invite or your text and when I text you back and ask you who you are you just let me know you read my comment from here and then let me know your story

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  • Reply Daddy ID:6lzdce4xik

    That is so sexy, I’d love to read more if more happens, please go into detail.

    • Alisa ID:bmseri5qj

      Daddy wil u fuck me

    • Swags. ID:15ey28gh20c

      Very nice. I have an 18 year old daughter and we have fooled around a lot now that her mother is out of the picture. Have the two of you had any more fun with her father? Would to chat with you: [email protected].