Naughty babysitter

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Im a married 40 yr old father of two. My wife found a girl referred by a friend to watch our children during summer break. She was 19 and tiny, 5’3 and weighed about 90lbs. Im a bit of a perv and i believe most people are as well so i figured she would be nosey and snoop around. I hid a digital voice recorder in the master bedroom and left the nightstand drawer open a few inches ( it had a vibrator and a big thick dildo i use on my wife when we play) I left for work. I was excited to get home and listen to see if she found them and how she would react so i came home on my lunch break. Everything seemed normal and i went upstairs to the bedroom. The drawer was open even more and i noticed the big dildo was wet, upon examination it was water. She had cleaned it. I layed down and pressed play on the recorder and fast forwarded until i heard her. I laid there and listened to her open the door, come in and start rustling through things. She got tp the drawer and then i heard her yell to my children to watch tv and she will be down in a few minutes. She crawled in me and my wife’s bed and fucked her young pussy with that big cock. I listened to her moans, the sounds of it fucking her, and heard her cum hard. My dick was rock hard and my blood was rushing. What a dirty little slut to fuck my wife’s dildo in our bed! I proceeded to break the ice and sent her a text while she was downstairs. “I hope you’re future plans in life aren’t to be a criminal, you are terrible at covering up evidence. You left the drawer open” I ended the text with a smiley face as not to worry her that i was mad. A few minutes later she responded. “I wanted you to know”. Fast forward and i ended up fucking that young pussy many times and she was a dirty little cum loving slut.

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  • Reply buzzkill ID:7zv94j8fia

    a girl that weight and height would be pretty underweight, probably malnourished

  • Reply Hannah ID:1ah770le49i

    My baby sitter fucked my ass that was cool.

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    Did you see her boob’s?

  • Reply ITALY666 ID:30rzgujk0a

    My babysitter sucked me off when I was 6, i loved it

    • Shag ID:1zfw3cfr8l

      My babysitter sucked my dick when I was 10

    • Mmmmm ID:pvxgce20b

      That’s hot

    • Nikhil ID:7ajrn17xik

      After that are you fucking her?

  • Reply Ozymandias ID:hd343bd9c

    If you haven’t knocked up your babysitter then you’re doing it wrong.

  • Reply THE SKULLTAKER ID:30rzguemzi

    I hope you’re Still pumping DICK to that little Hot HO

  • Reply Timothy Williams ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great story I would love to know her name so she can come babysit so I could fuck that little pussy as well or maybe you are still fucking her did you get her pregnant would love to know