Lover daughter

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Not my step daughter, my real daughter. I’m a divorced dad and had been browsing escort ads last summer. My daughter went to use the computer and I had left the browser open so she saw it. She asked me why I didn’t just masturbate and save the money. To spend on her, lol. I told her that I do, but sometimes I just want and need another person to touch me and make me feel desired. She saw how much they were asking and told me she’d give me a hand job for so much less than that. I told her thanks, but it was more than just a hand touching and being with a naked woman. She again said I should let her take care of my needs since I take care of her. I shook my head and she stood up in front of me and removed her shirt and dropped her shorts revealing her tight sexy body. “Don’t you think I’m pretty enough?” I told her she was beautiful and she said she’d look prettier with my dick in her mouth. She proceeded to go down on me for several minutes and my daughter sucked me like there was no tomorrow. I could feel her tongue running down my shaft and it wasn’t long before I came in her mouth with great spurts of warm cum.

Ever since that day she and I have been lovers. She no longer sleeps in her own bed and we have sex about 5 times a week.

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  • Reply James D ID:2a74p02kzk

    Yoorz be good and let him cum in your. Pussy

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  • Reply Ron ID:14s628gyzri

    Know this a the making of a good story

  • Reply Yoorz ID:21yy3cmxib

    Im jealous.
    This was a while ago. It has been years. What’s happening now?
    I still have sex with my bro, but I don’t think it will happen with Dad.

    • Allen ID:5u1d7ch6ib

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    • James D ID:2a74p02kzk

      Hi yoorz you should definitely fuck your dad my daughter and I been making love for 7 years since she was 12 I’m the only one she ever had she said I’m the only one she wants we have a 4yr old together we have made love every night since she was 12 I loved her little pussy from the start. Make your dad Happy

    • Linda ID:1dm831w9mgky

      My daddy has fucked me since i was13 i wanted him to and mom told him I needed it we have made time for sex mom says thanks when we do she gets it too

  • Reply Anonymous ID:2cq86px7qm

    too short

  • Reply Big D ID:21yynlenhk

    Now that\’s what I call home cooking….. also a good way to keep your daughter\’s cunt for yourself..no sharing with the lurking horny teen boys

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      Hi…Will u fuck me

    • Alisa ID:bmseri5qj

      Will u fuck me