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My name is mala and i a married Indian woman am 34 Y/O. I work in a private management group, I am quite attractive with 34d .my husband works in a private share trading company. Our financial situation was not very good. I don’t have a degree. I was promoted to sr. Sale manager by working in the company for 5 years. My husband’s job is also not permanent. My company was bought by a new company and the new companies boss announced that there will be job cuts. He called me to his cabin and said you are not qualified to work in your current position I am thinking of getting someone qualified but I have not decided yet. I said”sir, please I work well, you can ask the staff, don’t take my job” he said” you can go now I will let you know soon”. I told my husband about my job and se said that you not loose your job as its very important source for money and we need money .My Husbands Company was also going in loss and his boss announced job cuts. So we both we very worried.
Days passed nothing happened. But my boss always reminds me about my job. After few months one day my boss said he wants to visit my home on a Sunday I agreed. And when I went home my husband told me that his boss wants to visit on Sunday also.my boss said he will come to my home at luch time and my husbands boss was due to come for dinner.On Sunday my boss came home and we sat on a sofa I sat nex to my husband and my boss sat opposite to us. My boss started asking about my husband and why we still don’t have kids .how my house loan we have etc. Then my boss said that the management is not happy with my work and decide to sack me as I ma not qualified and only have experience. My eyes became watery and my husband was in a shock. Then my boss said but I can save you by my vote. Me and my husband were relived. I am a business man and I do something only for profit and I speak straight . He said but why should I help you what will I get. I said I can give you my first three months salary. My boss said I have lots of money I don’t want money. My husband said how about 6 months salary. My boss said no. Then he said I will ask you straight I want to fuck you to my hearts content for a year. I will not use condoms.

Sometimes I will bring my friends also to fuck you. I was very angry asked him to leave. But my husband said sorry to him and asked me to come with him to bedroom to talk. My husband said you can’t loose this job on any count. I don’t mind you fucking your boss and his friends. I said “no I can’t do it” he said just think it as an hard exercise or labor job. Then I said ok. We both went to living room and my husband said that you can fuck my wife. Please use condoms. My boss said “sorry, I hate condoms”. My boss said I want start from today. I said I am not ready. But my boss came and sat near me and said “I will get you ready” with this he placed his hand my breast on my t-shirt in front my husband and started to squeeze them. He started to kiss my neck and then my lips. I was motionless he stopped and said if you are not going to enjoy and have sex with me then the deal is canceled. He again begin to kiss me I too started to repond positively by kissing him in front my husband. My boss removed my clothes and made me nude completely now I was completely nude in front of my husband and a strangers is enjoying my body. He was playing with my boobs for long time .as he was playing with my boos he said to my husband”you are a luck man your wife has good body for sex and she has great boobs””he also has reat pussy.my husband said ”why don’t you fuck her and see you will like her puss a lot” my husband said”sir, you look very hungry for sex,I now know that you need my wife,I will always help you my allowing you to fuck her,do want ever you want to do with her”. Then he made me sit on his lap and inserted his 8’ dick in my pussy without condom and started to pump me.after 5 mins he fuck me in doggie style and then standing.he asked my husband to take photos of us fucking which my husband Did.after 2hours of fucking we had dinner.i was sitting on my bosses lap and we both were completely nude.his dick became hard while eating and he put it inisde my pussy and was fuck me while we were eating.later,he put his dress and kiss me good by and said he will come back for more.I was very tired and it was already 7pm and I was completely nude lying on the sofa. My pussy was fully of my boss’s cum. The bell rang and by husband went to open the door. I went inside our bedroom to wear clothes. As I was very tired I just wore night gown with no bra and panty. My husband’s boss came in and sat on the sofa and said how everything is. My husband was very low from what happened and told this to his boos. His boss asked were I was then my husband called me I went out wearing just the night gown. My nipples and breast were clearly visible but I did not care anymore. I sat in front of them. My husbands boss said “wow you wife is very sexy”. “ She is wearing a sexy dress, I can trace her boobs very clearly”. My husband was shocked but I was not. Then my husbands boss said” Let me not waste you time and my time let me tell you straight. I too want to fuck you wife. If you want your job ,let me fuck you wife .my husband said “her boss just fuck her she is tired and sir, its not right to do this” his boss said” come on ,whets wrong in it, you have your wife to fuck all you life. I am just asking permission to fuck her every now and then only. What is she or you going to loose, it will not hurt her physically” hearing this my husband put his head down and said” ok sir you can also fuck her till you are satisfied” his boss came and sat near me and raised my night gown and I was completely nude under it. He said has your boss just finished fuck you. I said “yes just 15 mins ago”. My husbands boss took me to our bedroom and asked my husband not to disturb us. My husband was doing his office job in living room while his boss was busy fucking me hard inside our bed room. After 2 and half hrs of hard fucking he left out house was completely tired and I did not bother wearing any cloths.After this my boss and my husband’s boss fuck me when ever they want and as many times and they want. Sometimes my husband drops me at there house at night and I come back next after office or some times if it’s a Friday my boos will keep me for Saturday and Sunday and drop me to my home on Monday evening. And my husband boss picks me up on Monday and keeps me till Thursday and drops me back on Friday.My husband get me only for Friday moaning sometimes. They also took me for holiday and fuck me all the time along with their friends. Once I was fuck by 9 men in a single night. Now I don’t mind anybody fucking me. I don’t wear any under garments am now a real slut. I am always in sex mood.

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