Taken advantage – Part 4

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She was explaining me the situation last night. She told that they where trapped by 2 couples in the disco. They made them drink too much which made them unconscious. She told that her husband is still on bed and does not know about last night. She was very depressed. She inquired about richi. I told her that he owns the dept store and I am also in a very big mess. She told that she and her husband r not having kids and the medical reports direct the fault in her husband. I was sorry to hear that. In the mean while my son woke up so I told her that I would call her afterwards. I was sending my son to my cousin’s place who was in another state. As I hung up the ph richi was standing behind me. Then I came to know that he has my house keys too. Then he started inquiring about the ph. I told him everything that she was depressed with ur yesterdays actions and that she was trapped by those 2 guys. He laughed and just walked away.
After about 3 days I was standing in balcony. I saw a white car from which a beautiful lady in knee length skirt gets out and knocks at the dept store as it was closed. I was viewing the lady. When I saw the lady’s face it was Shalini. I was shocked to see her. Then I saw richi opening the stores door. I ran towards the store. From outside I saw that they both where having a discussion. I silently entered the store and went near them hiding myself behind the shelf. Then I started hearing their conversation. Shalini told richi that they did not do well while they where In disco. Richi started laughing and acting stupid. I just saw a glance of shalini. She was wearing a fitted skirt. Her ass curves where visible. She was really looking sexy. Then she told richi that could u do me a favour. Richi asked wat ??. she was hesitating. Then she told him that she needs a baby. Richi said so. She said I want ur baby. He was I abit confused. He said y mine go get ur husbands. She said we r trying for last 7 years but r unsuccessful. She said that she would have never fucked anyone else but as u have already fucked her. This is the reason. He was thinking. Shalini told him that she is ready to pay 5000 $ for it. Suddenly Richi’s face was showing happiness. He said then when will u want the session. She told how about now??. He said ok and headed her to room next to the store. There was a big glass window in the back store through which the room was visible. I saw richi taking 3 capsules of Viagra. Then he went inside and directly attacked her. He was pressing her boobs and kissing her hard. She was really uncomfortable. It showed from her face. Spit was flowing from her mouth as she was being kissed violently. Then he took his hand over her pussy. He had a big shiver. She tried to move his hand but was unable. He was just like a wild wolf. He was holding her by her hairs. He then pulled her hairs and made her stand. As she protested that it is hurting her. She got a hard slap on her face. Then he threw her on the sofa. He was getting very wild. I was furiously watching this from the backyard and furiously watching Richi. Then her took her blouse out and then her bra. He started sucking her nipples. Then suddenly he caught both her hands and gave a hard bit on her nipples. She was shouting with pain. Tears where out of her eyes. Then he kissed her hard and started removing her skirt. It went down along with her panty. tears where flowing from her eyes. He laid her with legs spread wide and started licking her pussy. He was shivering with pain and she liked it. He slowly bit her pussy. He was moaning. Then he got up and started undressing. His cock was straight. He cock was looking deadly at that moment. He gave his cock in her mouth. He was hesitating. He started slow. Then he caught her hairs and started banging. She was not able to breath. She was helpless. Then he was ready to enter. He gave his cock right into her pussy without any mercy. Her legs on his shoulders and cock in her pussy. He was banging furiously. She was shouting in pain. After about 20 mins shalini’s mobile rung. It was her husband. She got up in hurry and received the ph. She told her husband that she was at my house and will be back till evening. Then he again started fucking her. This tyme he made her sit on his cock. And he started pumping her fast deep inside her pussy. She was shouting in pleasure and pain. It was about one hour. Shalini was in pain and asking WHEN WILL U CUMM,, ITS HURTING ME . richi started hard and was puming her. He was abt to cum.he cummed deep inside her. She was looking satisfied by her face.the richi said U get changed and take rest I will be back. Then I saw richi calling someone. But he was not receiving the phone. He hangs up the ph in anger and cried bloody shilpa. I got scared. He was calling me. Then I ran back to my house. Looking the richi is coming. He banged the door and asked y did not u receive the ph. I said I was in washroom. He gave me a slap and dragged me into the bedroom and closed the door. I was wearing shirt and trouser. He pushed me to the bed and undressed himself. I was very scared, as he was very wild I don’t know y. then he took my clothes on and saw my wet pussy. He asked wat where u doing bitch. Then he gave his cock in my pussy. And started wild. He was real hard. He was not looking satisfied. Made me in doggy style and gave his cock in my ass. I cried in real pain. He was real wild. I was shouting in real pain. He was pulling my hairs and slapping my ass. it was real painful. He finally cummed and lay with me on the bed. Then after sometime he showed me a bra ans asked guess who’s this bra is. I knew it was of shalini but I stayed quite. I said I don’t know. He said its shalini. I ascted as I was shocked. Then he told me that she is in the dept store. If u want u can see me fuck her. I said y r u doing this with my friend. He said she came to me to get pregnant I did not call her. Then he said that we can know blackmail her and earn money. I said no way. He said that u know she is rich and u have no money. It will solve ur problem come on. I hhesitated but in the end agreed. I again went to the back store and richi entered the room. Shalini was sitting dressed and as she saw richi she got up and asked about her bra. He said I don’t know and advanced for a kiss. She pushed him and said that she has to go home now. Richi holds her tits and laid her on the sofa and lifted her skirt. She was resisting with full force and it was getting difficult for richi to remove her panty. shalini’s nipples where visible from her skin fitted top. Richi then separated her legs wide and bashed his cock inside her. Her screems started getting louder. Tears again started flowing her cheeks. He was pumping her like a machine. After 15 mins he again sprayed inside her. She sat ther for 15mins weeping. Then she got up and dressed herself. Richi was playing with her panty. she asked for it. Richi said this is for ur memory dear. She did not say a word and just left the store.

After about 2 weeks I thought of testing shalini. I gave her a call and we chatted for about 15 mins and then I just told her that I need 2000$. At that time she assured me that she would give it tomorrow. I was amazed and did not like to betray her. Next whole day I waited for her call and 3 days passed but she did not call me and whenever I called her she was not receiving the ph. I came to know the real face of shalini and decided to go on the richi and blackmail her.

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    Your friend appears to have been a true bitch and you my friend found your true calling.