Taken advantage – Part 1

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Hello. My name is shilpa. i am divorced and mother of one. After my divorce it was getting worst for me to stay back home. As my mom and dad used to say bad to me and did not keep a good attitude towards me and my child. One day one of my friends visited me. She was married and was in America. I just talked to her and told her the problems that I am facing. Then she gave me a idea that y not I come to America and be abit independent. I thought of it. Then I thought that it will be good as my son will be having good education over there. So I agreed to her. She started helping me in the immigration process and finally I reached America. I did not have much money. I stayed for a few days with my friend but I had to find a house. As my budget was low I got a apartment which was quite far from the city and under the apartment was a petrol pump where trucks used to be standing and a department store. i shifted into the apartment. Started my daily routine. Got admission of my son in school. Now I started looking for job. It was very tough for me finding a job. I searched every where but they required graduate and I was 12th grade pass. I asked my friend to find job but she gave the same response. Days where passing fast and the money I had was finishing. I was very upset. One day when I was bringing my son home from school. I saw a notice on the department store that SALES GIRL REQUIRED. I went home made my son sleep and headed towards the department store.

I entered. There was a long strong man standing in counter with grown shave. His name was Richi. I asked him about the notice. He said yes do u want the job. I said yes. Then he told me the work and I agreed to it. It was just 15 $ a day job. He gave me a dress and said this is my uniform. When I came home and say the uniform I was shocked. It was a skirt 2 inches above knee and a half sleeves shirt. Both where white in colour. I had no choice except to wear it. Next morning I had a bath and wore that dress and came in front of the mirror. I was stunned. I could see that my bra was quite visible and my panties where also visible although they where white too. I started my work that day. Weird people use to come to the store like truck drivers and there helpers. Talking nasty. but I used to ignore.

My sons birthday was near and he asked for a gift. I did not have much money as I had put all my money in fixed deposit. So I went to the store owner and asked 150 $ advance. He told me ok take it after ur shift.it was the end of the day I went to richi for the money. He asked when will I return the money. I said don’t pay me for 10 days so it will be completed. He asked y do I want it??. I told him that its my sons birthday. He said oohhh ok I have an offer for u. I asked wat??. He said u can give ur son the gift for free. I was abit happy and asked him how??.he said u will have to do wat ever I say. I thought it would be some extra work in the department store so I agreed and promised him. He said ok come at 9 and take the money I said ok. I went home happy that I saved some money. Then I went back at 9 to richi. He called me in his office. As I enter richi was on the sofa in his shorts and shirt. I asked him what do I have to do. He said plz don’t mind but it will solve ur problem to some extend. I said plz tell me the deal. He said u will have to have sex with me. I was shocked to hear this. I said no not at all and don’t ever think about it. He said come on baby it will be 100 $ per nite think about it. I said I am not a whore. He said think about it other wise u loose the job too. I was totally confused and cannot under stand anything. Suddenly he came and sat beside me and kept his hand on my shoulder. There was a shiver in my body. I was wearing jeans shirt. Then I said that I don’t want to be fucked. He said ok we will just go oral. I said I don’t know anything as my husband just lowered my shalwar and entered my pussy. That was all sex that I had with my husband. He said don’t worry I will do everything. I said but plz don’t fuck me. He said ok.

then he started kissing me and I was also getting aroused. He removed my top and my jeans and started licking my pussy and preesing my boobs. This was happening for the first time with me. I was making loud voices. Then he just came over me and till I could react he inserted his cock in my pussy. I shouted in pain. I was not fucked for over 2 years. I started shouting stop plz. His cock was about 8 inches. It was very big for my pussy. I was shouting in pain. He started pumping hard and I had started enjoying a bit. He was fucking me vigoursly. It was 10 mins but he was not over. My husband used to be over in 5 mins. Then he stoped. And started fucking in doggy style. I was shouting like hell. He was very fast and suddenly he took his cock off and sprayed it over my face. It was disgusting. Then I washed my face and body and started wearing my clothes. Suddenly richi caught me from behind and made me sit on his cock. My pussy was paining like hell. I was not being able to control my moans. He was pumping me like hell. Then he exploded inside me. I shouted not inside me plz. But he did not listen. I was weeping on the sofa with cum dripping out of my pussy. I got up washed myself, wore my clothes. Richi gave me 150$. And I came back home and celebrated my sons birthday. That nite I was thinking that today I have just acted like a whore. Getting fucked for money. But I slept with satisfaction after having a big cock after a longtime. The acts taken place where having first time with me. Then days went on passing. Richi used to squeeze my ass cheeks and boobs when ever he wants but I was not liking it.

one day i read in news paper that there r girls required for advertising. I decided to visit it. I got a better job there for 25 $ per day. So I left the department store and joined the advertising company. After every few days I used to go the department store for grocery so richi used to offer me 150 $ sometimes 200$ but I used to refuse. Once when I refused he became a bit furious and grabbed my hands and dragged me to the side room and started pressing my boobs and rubbing my pussy over my pajama I was resisting but he was continuous doing. I was screaming. He gave a hard slap and I could see stars at that time. He took advantage of it and removed my pajamas. I was not wearing panties. He started licking my pussy. This was the first time some one was licking my pussy. It was good and I started moaning in pleasure. He got up took my face by grabbing by hairs and gave his big cock in my mouth. I was hardly able to breath. Then he gave his cock in my pussy and started pumping me. My resistance was also finished and I had started enjoying as he had fucked me before. Then I said him “plz aaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhhh dontttt aaaahhhhh cum inside aaaaaaahhhhhh”. Then he made me in doggy style took my hands on my back. I was not able to understand wat is going on. Then I realized he had tied my hands. Then he started fingering my ass. I started moving and started resisting. But my hands where not free and then I felt something big. It was not going in. I was screaming like hell. He then got up spanked my ass hard and then started fucking my pussy hard. His strokes where really painful. Tears where out of my eyes. Then without listening to me he gave his load of cum deep inside me. And I was shouting NOOOO. And he then rested on me with my hands tied. He was playing with my boobs. Then he got up and gave his cock in my mouth and started it hard. It was hurting me badly and I was not able to breath. My hands where tied so I could not do anything. Then he was about to come. He took his cock out and cummed all over my face. Then he took me to the wash room. He washed me and I was standing like obideint girl. Then i wore my cloths. Richi gave me 150 $ and I took it acting like a whore and came back home.

I was just thinking that what am I into. I came here to be something but wat am I doing. I am divorced and mother on a boy. So I decided not to go to the department store. Life was moving.my job was going fi9. But due to low income there was a lot of problems. About after a month. Ii started feeling bad with my health. Once I fainted in the office. Then i asked my friend about a doctor. So I visited the doctor. After seeing all the test he said congratulations u r pregnant mam. I was shocked to her that and tears started coming in my eyes. I excused the doctor and ran back home. I started crying in my bedroom thinking what I have commited. What would I say to anyone I was just getting mad thinking of it. Then I thought of an abortion and started looking for a cheapest abortion. But the cheapest abortion was also costing 2000$ which I did not have. I thought of asking money from my friend and tell her the whole story. I called her. I told her that once forcible richi fucked me due to which this happened. She was also shocked and said to me to ask richi for the money as he is responsible for it and if he disagrees tell him that u will take him to the court. This was sounding good and I had no other option.

So the next day I went to richi. He said Hi baby long time. I said I want to talk to u. he said wat happened sweety. I said that cuz of u I am pregnant. He said so. I said wat so u r responsible for it and u will have to pay me 3000$ for abortion and other expenses. He started laughing. I said if u don’t I will file a case against u. he again started laughing and gave me a cd. I said wat is in it. He said if u want to see I can play it now. I said show me wat is in it. He then played the cd. It was my first fucking session. In which I needed money for my sons birthday. In which he seduced me smoothly and fucked me without much resistance. Then he said sweety if u do it I will show this cd in the court and tell everyone that it happened with ur concern. I was just sitting and thinking that in wat mess I am. Then I came back home and told my friend. She disagreed and told that I am lieing. And I had sex with my will for money. She got angry and did not listen to me and left. I was now left alone. I was cooking while bell rang.

to be continued …….


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  • Reply Zerlinda ID:2kyee16thl

    Woow…thats nice of you cumgulper…you seem like a nice guy

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:bf9ft808r9

    I cannot hate you for what you done. You did what you thought you had to do. You were in a foreign country and shit happens and we have to pay the consequences. You will always find assholes anywhere you go so just be careful and think before you act.

  • Reply Timothy Williams ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a great story made my cock really hard would love to hear part two would like to know did you have the baby are you riches for now are you fucking him for money all the time any pregnant women out there I would love to hear from you call me or text me at 1-209-324-7633