My step brother fucked me

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So I’m just turning 18 and in senior year of high school and my step brother is also a senior. He is a volunteer Firefighter and is kind of buff. Lately I’ve been thinking about him and before I go to sleep I make up a scenario of him saving me from a burning building or something like that. When I’m around him I get kind of anxious but he seems to not notice.

Mom and dad are always out with friends and partying, so my step brother and I are always home alone. One night I was touching myself and thinking of him fucking me. Then I hear the door open and I pull the covers over me really fast, luckily I had a shirt on still.He asks what I want for dinner and I just said pizza. I wondered if he saw me naked, most importantly if he saw me masturbating.
I put on some panties and walked downstairs (he’s used to seeing me in panties) he was in boxers. We were sitting on the couch waiting for the pizza, my mind clouded with thoughts of him seeing me masturbate. The timer rings on the oven and my brother gets up. I could see the front part of his boxers bouncing around so I could tell he had an erection. When I stand up he looked me up and down. We both move back to the couch with our plates. The tension was broke when he suddenly asked if I had a boyfriend and I shook my head no. Then nothing else was said until we were done eating. I layed my head on his arm as we weren’t even paying attention to the TV. He blurted out “you look fucking sexy”. I was surprised at what he said. I replied with “I think you’re hot”. He then put a hand on my thigh and made me really wet. We made out for a little then I sat on his lap and he picked me up and carried me up to his room and layed me down on his bed. He took my shirt off exposing my chest and grinded his cock against my panties through his boxers. He explores every inch of my body with his hands. I’m loving this and I throw my head back in pleasure. I brought my head up to his and whispered “fuck me hard, please… I want it”. He got excited by this and pulls my panties off and slides into me and begins to fuck me. I start to wince in pain then he starts licking my neck. The pain starts turning to pleasure. Eventually he pulls his cock out and he comes on my stomach. He then lays next to me, all tension has been broken and we cuddle with each other. We agree that we can fuck whenever we wanted. Hopefully mom and dad never finding out

I’ve had a couple of boyfriends and only 1 has fucked me and he didn’t feel anywhere near to where my step brother did.

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