I lost my virginity at 16 with my boyfriend

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My First Time

It was both our first times and im glad about it , although I’m a little bit ashamed to say that we did it at school. I met my bf as a freshmen in college. We were both freshies and I was currently dating a guy online. We didn’t have a relationship then, until we gradually became closer every passing month we spent time together (he became my bestfriend).

Rumors started circulating that he liked me and eventually I began liking him too. There was a time we both confessed that we liked each other and started behaving like we were in a relationship (although it wasn’t official). At that time, I felt distant towards the guy I was dating online, it seemed he really loved me and he wanted to marry me (and i was only 16 lol), around the time we were dating, he would frequently ask me to show him a picture of me naked because he wanted to SEE me. He told me I was beautiful even though I was a little chubby. So i sent him naked pics of me (which I didnt tell my bestfriend about) and we talked about babies LOL.

I broke up with the guy I was dating online on January 2016, and started to date my bestfriend. We officially became bf and gf on his birthday. But before were even officially dating, we already started to be a little naughty. I would ask him to stay at school a little longer telling him that I would miss him when he goes back home, I dragged him into an empty classroom asking for a hug and “to talk for awhile”. I really wanted to kiss him, so i made really close body contact while looking at him in straight the eye. He said, “dont get too close” and asked why, but I already knew the answer.

A few minutes later, we were already making out.

Days passed on and I became addicted to his kisses. We kissed almost in every classroom at school, in malls, and closed areas. We were getting intimately closer.

Me, being naughty and curious, I asked him if he ever masturbated before and he blushingly told me that he did (which I thought was cute and I already expected he did). I asked him if he watched porn and he also admitted that he liked japanese porn which I was secretly jealous about. He asked me if I ever touched myself and I lied and said no, because I was afraid that he would say that I’m a bad girl.

We soon discovered a classroom which was often empty around our break time. Thats the place were I first gave him a handjob and a blowjob. We were kissing and his thing was poking my stomach, I asked him if he was turned on and he said yes. It made me hot. I asked him if i could touch it and he said I could feel it. It was hard and looked about 5 or 6 inches long (he is 17 btw, we’re both Asians). I asked if he wanted to masturbate and he looked hesitant until he agreed only if I turned around. So I turned around, I could hear him beating his thing with his hands. But I couldn’t help it I turned around and looked at his thing, I watched him furiously stroke it, he was embarassed but he didn’t try to shift my focus from his thing. To my suprise, he ejaculated and gotten his cum all over me. He panicked and apologized, I told him it was okay (but I didnt tell him that I secretly loved it). He was relieved, then he asked me if I enjoyed watching him, I said yes. He then jokingly said “You can kiss it if you like”, he didnt know I wanted to do so. The next day, we kissed again and he was turned on again, thats when I asked him if I could kiss his thing. He agreed. I gave it a kiss, more kisses, a little suck, and thats when he gave in and told me to put his thing inside my mouth, and I did. He began telling me to lick his head with my tongue and guided my head with his hands and told me to bob my head up and down while sucking.

I knew I was giving him a blowjob but I didnt want to admit it. After a few minutes, he said he was going to ejaculate soon, I wanted to taste his cum but I retracted. His semen splashed all over my face. The next day, I gave him another blowjob and this time I swallowed it. Now, everytime I gave him a blowjob it is required that I swallow it and it tastes so addicting for me. He also offered to pleasure me by playing with my clit and by fingering me, for a few months we secretly were doing naughty stuff inside the classrooms, with me giving him blowjobs and with him fingering me.

I finally lost my virginity to him after a few months inside one of the empty classroom, and it was clumsy and painful. We still tried after a few weeks and it was still clumsy and painful, until we decided to buy a condom to be “Safe”. We started to have confidence and everything just felt great, although he is a little dominant and wanted me to tell him how his thing made me feel, how noisy my moans were. He would spank me sometimes and finger me until I couldn’t control myself anymore. He admitted that he liked submissive women. I dont mint, he made me love him even more.

I’m still 16 years old btw, and we still have sex in school and even in moviehouses. I just hope I would get pregnant and he wont cheat on me.

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